This basketball betting course will skyrocket your profits.

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The strategy/course was never revealed for the big audience and it is based on specific basketball markets where almost every betting site makes mistakes.

By purchasing the course you will get:

Introducing the Course

After successfully making a full-time income and 13% ROI with the help of this in-play basketball betting strategy for 2.5 years I started focusing on sharing my experience on this website.

This is the main reason I decided to share this basketball betting strategy because it won’t affect my future betting profits.

It will give YOU the opportunity to earn profits with a technique that bookies will flag/spot extremely hard.

Basketball Betting Course Excel History

Here is a downloadable history for the basketball course:

The main points of this strategy

  • In-play basketball betting strategy/course
  • Value betting strategy that focuses on long-term returns
  • Does not require opting in for a paid value betting service
  • I generated an ROI (return on investment/wagers) of around 12-14% with it in the long run (for every 10.000 euros staked I made a profit of around €1300)
  • Check this page with each relevant article on value betting in case you are not familiar with this betting strategy.
  • 1 on 1 consultation only if you purchase the strategy while it’s in the early bird stage


basketball betting course seminar tutorial

Efficient betting method

In order to easily practice this value betting strategy you will need to use two screens.

This will help you compare betting markets faster and find more overpriced betting markets.

You can use the strategy with one screen as well, by dividing it with two separate browsers opened.

basketball betting course resources needed

Resources needed for this strategy

Access to Bet365: Their fast live stream is a great help for this technique, but it is not essential. If you can access their site, it is enough for success.

Fast Internet Connection: To beat the bookies with this technique, you need to see live streams and odds changes without delay.

Fast PC: Your PC must have to handle browsers with even 16-20 open tabs. 8GB RAM is a must, but the more you have, the better.


basketball betting course testimonial
basketball betting course opinion

What if you are not satisfied with this basketball betting course?

In case you can’t make profits with this strategy you have the following options:

  • Contact me in private (via email, Reddit, Discord) and will walk you through each step and will figure out what was the problem
  • If I can’t help you, I’ll return 50% of the purchase price and give you one of my other strategies for Free (football or tennis)

Betting Course/Strategy Pricing

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Payment methods

Automatic payment gateway under construction. Until then, contact me and will share the payment information you need for the following methods:


Join my Patreon channel and download the strategy right away ($75 + Taxes, so it has a higher price). After downloading the strategy make sure you unsubscribe from my Patreon, so you won’t be billed in the next month.

Need more info? Check my article on NBA betting systems or NBA betting algorithms.

You can contact me on the following platforms:

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I make my money back after purchasing this basketball betting course?

After buying this basketball betting course you will have to warm up your betting account, as stated in the strategy. This will take up to 2-4 days. After that it can take up to 3-10 days to make your money back based on how seriously you take the rules I mention.

How much do I need to start this basketball betting strategy?

It depends on your goals, but this betting course and the steps work with a starting balance of €100 deposit + €100 bonus. But an initial starting capital of €400 is essential for growing your profits faster.

I know nothing about basketball strategies. Will this course be enough for me?

To earn the most with the help of this basketball betting course you will need to understand what value betting is about and also need to know the rules of basketball.

Does this basketball betting strategy/course take a lot of my time?

Yes, in order to generate a healthy profit with the help of this basketball course, you will need to stay in the front of your PC when there are at least 3-4 major events live.