OddsMonkey Review from a Matched Bettor

OddsMonkey Review from a Matched Bettor

Oddsmonkey is one of the most legit services for supporting matched betting. It is worth way more than the price of their monthly subscription. This is a review from a matched bettor!

What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is an online platform, a website that provides every information you might need for matched betting.

This betting technique is allowing you to convert bookmaker bonuses into withdrawable money.

They are providing tools and lessons to teach you how to use matched betting techniques without risking your money.

By following their steps you will take advantage of those offers without losing them.

Matched betting as a smart gambling technique has been known for many years. I started my betting journey with this strategy, and in those years, it was called bonus hunting.

Most bettors tried to follow bookies and their bonus offers by checking emails and opening accounts.

Services like OddsMonkey were the next step in matched betting.

They transformed this betting strategy from an unprofessional way of making guaranteed money into a system that can be learned and repeated.

But what are they offering?

Well, if you are familiar with sports betting, you already know that bookies are offering good bonuses for newcomers and existing clients too.

Placing a bet at these bookies and covering the other outcome at a minimal or no loss will allow you to withdraw most of these bonuses.

This betting technique by itself is easy. So, what is their added value in this industry? Oddsmonkey is offering a summary of every information you could need for successful matched betting.

And also, they are offering fresh information about new bonuses.

They are offering up-to-date bonus offers, but this is not all they can provide. If you need more support, you will find their guidance very helpful.

OddsMonkey is providing the exact method for these bonuses to guarantee the proper technique and profit on almost every opportunity.

No matter how much you know about sports or matched betting, even a newbie can make profits with their help.

Try OddsMonkey now!

Is OddsMonkey any good? Is it worth your money?

Oddsmonkey is one of the best services for supporting matched betting. It is almost impossible to find a customer with negative feedback about them.

Most of them are sharing positive feedback right after a short period. Think about it! Why would you post reviews about a service after such a short period of using it?

Well, a simple answer is that they are not only satisfied but their expectations were outperformed.

With a short review I would highlight the following strong points in my Oddsmonkey review:

  • They are offering an easy to understand and to follow training
  • Simple and very useful tools like profit trackers and odds calculators
  • Up to date bonus offers
  • Good customer service

But is it worth your money?

The value you can get from their service is way higher than the monthly or yearly subscription price.

You will earn many times more not only because they offer a tutorial and knowledge base from experts, but you will also find new bonus opportunities.

If you would work only by yourself, those offers probably won’t get in your attention. Missing out from opportunities like these is money lost.

The knowledge you can get about matched betting is insane. Only this information is worth more than a monthly subscription. You will have access to 100+ tutorials.

Are they legit?

A lot of websites are offering services about bookmaker bonuses and matched betting. Most of them can be very useful and some of them even free.

My opinion about them:

You can use free services with decent success. But as in every business the real value is offered by those who have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to offer quality service.

To have trust in a service, we need to know if they are legit or not. Well, we are in a lucky situation, because OddsMonkey is used by thousands of people.

You can find reviews on several websites and forums. I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to spend time reading about them.

It is hard to find negative reviews about their tools and services.

I think OddsMonkey is one of the most legit and useful services for matched bettors.

How much can I make with OddsMonkey?

Like in almost every other business, the more time and effort you put into them, the bigger your income can be.

In matched betting, your monthly profit can depend on several things.

OddsMonkey is displaying new and existing bonuses which are a colossal help for most people.

The time investment you should put in searching for new offers can be substantial. So, because of them, you won’t need to work on this.

But instead, you will need to open accounts and place the bets. If you are willing to invest your time, you can withdraw a lot of these bonuses.

Generally speaking, in the first year is very possible to reach a monthly 1000 euros of profits. If you are not sure about purchasing their service, you can opt-in for the free trial version.

A guaranteed 60 – 65 euros can be earned only by taking advantage of this free tool.

In the first months, it is likely to make well over 1000 euros if you have access to a lot of bookmakers.

Try OddsMonkey now!

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

Their monthly subscription is only £19.99. This premium service includes 50+ sign-up offers.

It can earn you up to 1000 – 1200 euros in a month. Besides this, they are displaying weekly reload offers too. This can get up to 60+ bonus offers in a single week.

If you can’t understand something, their 7 days per week support will clarify every essential information.

Their team is includes a lot of experts in matched betting, so any question will be handled well.

If you choose to pay for an annual subscription, you can save over £59 by paying only £180.

Based on my experience the time and effort you can save by using them are worth way more.

Any reason to use OddsMonkey for free?

Most of the time I am skeptical when a company or service is asking for my money on the internet.

If I can read a lot of good and detailed reviews about them, I may think about paying for a monthly subscription.

But even in this situation, I have some doubts. Services like OddsMonkey who offer a free trial are my favorites.

Checking every tool and their expertise in their domain without paying for it is an excellent opportunity.

Services willing to do this are aware of their value.

Try OddsMonkey now!


Using a service for free, only for a short time, and with limited possibilities can highly improve the trustworthiness for new customers.

With their free tool, you can get access to 3 guides that will drive you in the right direction.

Besides using their free version of the OddsMatcher tool, you will have access to a basic version of support.

Why should you use OddsMonkey?

None of us started matched betting or other smart betting strategies with knowing every aspect of them.

To successfully practice this betting technique, we all needed to learn from those with more experience.

If you have access to information created by professionals, your chances of learning a new point of view and techniques are way higher.

Most bloggers are creating articles about matched betting and other strategies without having real-life experience. I think the best is to avoid those “gurus”.

The main reasons you should use OddsMonkey:

  • You will place your bets with confidence because the knowledge you learn is from experts and based on practical steps
  • They are offering useful tools like betting calculators and spreadsheets to track your profits
  • New and existing bonuses are tracked

What is the Oddsmatcher?

It was the original product of OddsMonkey. Basically, they are searching for odds and betting opportunities perfect for matched betting.

A lot of people don’t have previous experience in betting. For them, this tool will mean a big step from being a total newbie to being profitable in sports betting.

Your only task will be to place those bets they display, and profit from bonuses.

Betting exchanges in OddsMonkey

For a lot of people betting exchanges like Betfair will cause confusion. Most matched betting tutorials are using lay bets for covering the other outcome of initial bets.

It is easy to understand why we cover every outcome, right? We don’t want to lose any bet when completing the requirements for these bonus offers.

But what does this lay betting mean?

Basically, you are betting against your initial bet. This type of betting will cover every other outcome.

If you are still confused, don’t be afraid. OddsMonkey has integrated exchanges in their system.

By using their service, you can place lay bets automatically and directly from their interface. In addition, your stakes for lay bets will be calculated automatically.

Your only task will be to connect your account with OddsMonkey and through their service you can place the bets by only clicking on a button.

By clicking on the button you can start your profitable journey in matched betting!

Try OddsMonkey now!



Is OddsMonkey worth the money?

Yes, they are one of the best in this industry.

Can you make money with OddsMonkey?

They are helping you to make money from matched betting, if you have access to a lot of bookmakers, you can make a lot of money with it.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

It depends on your needs. They have monthly and yearly subscription too.

OddsMonkey Review
  • Price
  • User Interface
  • Value of price/result
  • Customer Service

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