Oddsmonkey is one of the most beginner-friendly matched betting software – oddsmatcher in the industry.

You can easily make 30-40 times their premium membership subscription plan with their services. This is a review from a matched bettor!


Oddsmonkey is one of the industry-leading matched betting software for bettors from the UK. They are scanning more than 90 bookmakers with various bonuses. Their subscription prices are accessible to everyone because of the free trial.


  • 50+ sign-up offers worth approx. £1000* profit
  • A fairly fast odds scanner service
  • An easy-to-understand platform and filters
  • Earn ongoing profits with 60+ weekly reload offers
  • 7 days a week support from their team of matched betting experts
  • 37 tools for all experience levels
  • Access to an active Community of helpful matched bettors
  • Customizable alerts so you never miss a profit-making opportunity


  • Can’t complain about anything. The price/value ratio is excellent

Interview with an active OddsMonkey user

Here is a short interview between me, and DeadHaydenV2 from Reddit, who was very helpful and open to sharing his experience with experience with OddsMonkey.

DeadHaydenV2 Premium OddsMonkey account screenshot: proof of using OddsMonkey

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

Where did you hear about Oddsmonkey for the first time?


From a friend 😎

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

What made you the first and maybe biggest step to start this betting strategy? What were your biggest motivation and the last push for trying it?


I became interested in matched betting and was shown how much money was available to be made. For the amount that OddsMonkey charged a month, it was worth a punt in my mind.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

Based on your experience, what are the main advantages of using OddsMonkey? Which are the ones you think are essential for a beginner matched bettor?


For a beginner, all the welcome offers and the videos that teach you how to match bet. They explain what everything means and give step-by-step tutorials.

All the calculators they offer, plus the forums, are valuable for when you are not a beginner anymore.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

Similar to any other service, OddsMonkey also has some weaknesses. Which tools or settings did you miss from their platform?


I think after the welcome offers, they stop teaching you how to continue your matched betting journey with videos.

Everything then becomes a written guide which for some, is harder to learn.

Ironically enough OddsMonkey have literally changed their paid service this week, taking more money per month and now not even including casino offers.

I each place calculator, and BOG calculator are very useful and hard to work out without these tools.

Free Trial

Unlimited time – displaying matched betting opportunities from 4 bookmakers with bonuses worth £63.

The most important thing you should take into consideration is the high value they offer for a monthly fee this low. For less than £1.2 a day, you can earn over £34.99 each day.

Premium Membership

£34.99/month Or £249/year

  • 30-day money-back guarantee for monthly subscriptions

RebelBetting Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of matched bets:


Filter options:




What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is one of the leading matched betting services that focuses on the UK betting market. This betting technique allows you to convert bookmaker bonuses into withdrawable money.

They provide tools and guides teaching you how to use matched betting techniques for the most profitable outcome.

By following the matched betting tips from OddsMonkey, you can take advantage of every bonus offer without risking losing your initial deposit or the bonus itself.

Matched betting is the most famous smart betting technique because of its simplicity and profitability. I started my betting journey with this strategy, and in those years, it was called bonus hunting.

oddsmonkey matched betting win on football banner

Most bettors tried to track new bonus offers by following only email newsletters and by checking each bookie account.

Services such as OddsMonkey were the next step and big development in matched betting.

They transformed this betting strategy from an unprofessional way of making guaranteed profit into a system that can be learned and repeated easily.

How to use OddsMonkey? – Main tools

None of us started matched betting or other proven football betting systems by knowing every aspect of them.

We all needed to learn from those with more experience to successfully practice this betting technique.

If you have access to information created by professionals, your chances of learning a new point of view and techniques are way higher.

Most bloggers create articles about matched betting and other strategies without having real-life experience. I think the best is to avoid those so-called gurus.

1. OddsMonkey Free Tutorial & Guides

OddsMonkey offers a free trial for some of their tools for an unlimited time.

Oddsmonkey free trial tutorial videos

By completing these 7 steps and videos, you will learn and earn your first £63 by completing bonuses from four bookmakers.

  • You will place your bets with confidence because the knowledge you get is from experts and is based on practical steps
  • They are offering useful tools like betting calculators and matched betting spreadsheets to track your profits
  • New and existing bonuses are tracked

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2. OddsMatcher by OddsMonkey – how does it work?

OddsMatcher was the original product of OddsMonkey. They are scanning more than 90 bookmakers and searching for odds differences. These odds discrepancies between bookies are perfect opportunities for matched betting.

oddsmonkey oddsmatcher matched betting

Many people don’t have previous experience in football betting systems. For them, OddsMatcher and OddsMonkey are the perfect combinations of software and platform for learning to practice matched betting.

How to use OddsMatcher?

  • By clicking on the ⓘ sign, you will get a pop-up window
  • There you click on the calculator
  • If the bookies are still offering those odds, you can calculate the proper stakes in this window
  • Below you can see their supported bonus offers: Deposit bonuses, SNR free bets, SR free bets, risk-free bets
oddsmonkey matched betting calculator oddsmatcher

OddsMonkey’s matched betting calculator is pretty much the standard calculator for matched betting these days. It has all of the necessary functionality for basic backing and laying.

Simply enter the stake, bookmaker back odds, betting exchange lay odds, and commission, and it tells you how much to lay.

3. Betting exchanges integrated at OddsMonkey

For many people betting exchanges like Betfair can cause confusion. Most matched betting tutorials use lay bets to cover the other outcome of your initial bets.

Matched betting is based on covering every outcome on a market, so we don’t lose any of our funds while completing the requirements for these bonus offers.

How does Lay betting work?

Lay betting at exchanges is betting against an outcome. It is the simplest way to hedge your initial bet at matched betting.

If you are still confused, don’t be afraid.

  • OddsMonkey has integrated some exchange bookies into their system.
  • Using their service lets you place lay bets automatically and directly from their int
  • In addition, your stakes for lay bets will be calculated automatically.
oddsmonkey lay betting exchange

Your only task will be to connect your account with OddsMonkey and through their service, you can place the bets by only clicking on a single button.

  • Your only task is to click ‘Go to “Bookmaker name”’!
  • The software will automatically redirect you to the betting market at the bookmaker
  • Your task is to place the bet based on the odds and stakes displayed in the calculator.
  • In case the odds change, you will be alerted, and it will ask if you still want to place the bet.

This integrated exchange system is helping not only average or experienced matched bettors but it also makes bonus hunting easier for beginners.

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OddsMonkey Dutching Calculator

Another tool in the matched betting suite is the Dutch Search. This is a great feature used to find dutch bets.

We won’t cover the Dutching software in detail here, it’s a little complicated – but it simply allows you to place bets slightly differently to cover your betting positions in certain markets.

Advanced Calculators

The advanced calculators are there to help you with more unusual cases such as calculating:

  • Estimated value (EV) on a game or casino offer
  • The Each Way Bet calculator – helps you calculate the right stakes on each-way bets
  • Each Way – Reverse calculator
  • Risk-Free Equal Profit – to equal out profits on Risk-Free bets.

How much can I make with OddsMonkey?

Like in almost every other business, the more time and effort you put into matched betting, the higher your income can be.

In matched betting, your monthly profit can depend on several things:

  • The number of bookies you have access to
  • Your starting capital
  • How strictly do you follow the guidelines of OddsMonkey
  • Working hours

Generally speaking, you can still make around £700 – £900 of profits on average each month in the first year. If you are not sure about purchasing their service, you can still opt-in for the free trial version.

The guaranteed £63 profit earned with the 4 starting bookies will cover the subscription fee for 3 months.

The Free version of OddsMonkey – Free Trial

You will learn the basics of matched betting. The concepts of a back bet and lay a bet are explained, along with good explanations of a betting exchange.

Other basic information is covered, such as how to convert from fractional odds to decimal odds and how to use their Odds Matching software.

In their free version, OddsMonkey is offering:

  • unlimited access to Oddsmatcher with 2 free bookmakers
  • 7 Free tutorial videos
oddsmonkey free tutorial

The tutorials are very attractive and of high quality. Matched betting is complicated, and when you’re learning how it works, you absolutely must have a step-by-step video tutorial to take you by the hand, so that you can copy the process step by step.

OddsMonkey does have some video tutorials, but they could probably do with expanding their selection just a little bit and going into further depth just to make sure things are crystal clear.

Your initial sign-up offers at OddsMonkey are with Coral and Betfred. If you’ve completed our own matched betting training, you will appreciate that these were extremely easy to cash out.

After completing these two bookmaker sign-up promotions, you are then left to work your way through the rest of the new account offers.

Most of the time I am skeptical when a company or service is asking for my money on the Internet.

If I can read a lot of good and detailed reviews about them, I may think about paying for a monthly subscription.

But even in this situation, I have some doubts. Services like OddsMonkey, which offers a free trial are my favorites.

Checking every tool and their expertise in their domain without paying for it is an excellent opportunity.

Services willing to do this are aware of their value.

Using a service for free, only for a short time, and with limited possibilities can highly improve the trustworthiness of new customers.

With their free tool, you can get access to 3 guides that will drive you in the right direction.

Besides using their free version of the OddsMatcher tool, you will have access to a basic version of support.

How much does OddsMonkey cost? Subscription Price

Paying for a matched betting service does have its benefits, OddsMonkey is no exception. There is no doubt that they’ll help you to make money.

OddsMonkey has a large selection of training, a decent-sized forum, and a good selection of tools (which is their main selling point).

oddsmonkey price how much oddsmonkey cost actualized

Their monthly subscription is only £19.99. This premium service includes 50+ sign-up offers.

It can earn you up to 1000 – 1200 euros in a month. Besides this, they are displaying weekly reload offers too. This can get up to 60+ bonus offers in a single week.

If you can’t understand something, their 7 days per week support will clarify every essential information.

Their team includes a lot of experts in matched betting, so any question will be handled well.

If you choose to pay for an annual subscription, you can save over £59 by paying only £180.

Based on my experience the time and effort you can save by using them are worth way more.

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What OddsMonkey is offering?

Well, if you are familiar with sports betting, you already know that bookies are offering good bonuses for newcomers and existing clients too.

Placing a bet at these bookies and covering the other outcome at a minimal or no loss will allow you to withdraw most of these bonuses.

This betting technique by itself is easy. So, what is their added value in this industry? Oddsmonkey is offering a summary of every information you could need for successful matched betting.

And also, they are offering fresh information about new bonuses.

oddsmonkey matched betting win on football banner

They are offering up-to-date bonus offers, but this is not all they can provide. If you need more support, you will find their guidance very helpful.

OddsMonkey is providing the exact method for these bonuses to guarantee the proper technique and profit at almost every opportunity.

No matter how much you know about sports or matched betting strategies, even a newbie can make profits with their help.

New Account Offers

Having completed two sign-up offers in the introduction above, new matched bettors should be ready at this point to crack on with the many sign-up promotions.

As with my own matched betting tutorial, these start with the easiest offers first, then increase with difficulty until all of the offers are completed.

The layout for the new account promotions sections is extremely similar to the matched betting introduction above.

I.e. you can work through the offers one by one, and mark them complete when you have cashed out the bonus.

OddsMonkey has broken down the offers by way of bet type:

  • Bet X get X Sign Up Offers
  • Risk-Free Bet Sign-Up Offers
  • Rollover Bonus Offers
  • Multi-Step Offers
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Mobile Offers
  • Other miscellaneous offers

Existing Customer Offer Guides

You will spend a lot of time in this section at OddsMonkey; this is where you will find the regular ongoing offers that will keep your matched betting income flowing.

You are able to view this section from two different angles, either from a list of current offers or via their Daily Offer Calendar.

The Calendar is a fairly simple panel but full of information, but we found the list is much better to use. The offers are highlighted from green to yellow to red.

Green is the easiest of offers to cash out, while the red offers take a little more work. Offers with guaranteed profit are highlighted in blue, while potential offers are highlighted in black.

oddsmonkey review offers

Other Guides & Tutorials at OddsMonkey

1. Casino, Games & Bingo Promotions

The casino and games section follows the same format we covered previously.

Each promotion will have clear and concise instructions on how to cash out the potential bonuses one by one.

2. Product Guides

Here you will find various guides on how to get the most out of your bookmaker accounts and exchanges. It will also cover general advice on how to get the most from the tools that OddsMonkey provides.

3. Advanced Tips & Guides

You can find organized and methodical guidance in many areas, including:

  • Dealing with account restrictions (gubbing)
  • Dutching
  • Eachway place matching
  • Price boosts
  • Tennis retirement and matching rules
  • Underlaying / overlaying bets on the exchange
  • Extensive coverage on Accumulator bets
  • Misc & Extra

Is OddsMonkey any good? Is it worth your money?

Oddsmonkey is one of the best services for supporting matched betting income. It is almost impossible to find a customer with negative feedback about them.

OddsMonkey is a sports betting software that helps users find and place bets on a variety of sports and events. Here are five advantages of using OddsMonkey:

  1. Increased profits: By helping users find the best odds on a particular event or market, OddsMonkey can potentially increase their profits.
  2. Speed and efficiency: OddsMonkey can quickly scan the market and identify the best odds, which can save time and effort compared to doing it manually.
  3. Convenience: With OddsMonkey, users can place bets on multiple bookmakers from a single platform, which can be more convenient than visiting multiple websites and placing bets manually.
  4. Advanced features: OddsMonkey offers a range of advanced features, such as odds comparison, odds tracking, and statistical analysis, which can be helpful for more experienced bettors.
  5. User-friendly interface: OddsMonkey has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate, making it suitable for users of all levels of experience.

It is important to note that while OddsMonkey and other sports betting software can be useful tools for finding and placing bets, they do not guarantee success, and users should always be aware of the risks involved in sports betting.

Most of them share positive feedback right after a short period. Think about it! Why would you post reviews about the service after such a short period of using it?

Well, a simple answer is that they are not only satisfied but their expectations were outperformed.

With a short review, I would highlight the following strong points in my Oddsmonkey review:

  • They are offering an easy-to-understand and to follow training
  • Simple and very useful tools like profit trackers and odds calculators
  • Up-to-date bonus offers
  • Good customer service

But is it worth your money?

The value you can get from their service is way higher than the monthly or yearly subscription price.

You will earn many times more not only because they offer a tutorial and knowledge base from experts, but you will also find new bonus opportunities.

If you would work only by yourself, those offers probably won’t get in your attention. Missing out from opportunities like these is money lost.

The knowledge you can get about matched betting is insane. Only this information is worth more than a monthly subscription. You will have access to 100+ tutorials.

Is OddsMonkey legit?

A lot of websites are offering services about bookmaker bonuses and matched betting. Most of them can be very useful and some of them are even free.

My opinion about them:

You can use free services with decent success. But as in every business the real value is offered by those who have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to offer quality service.

oddsmonkey matched betting win on football banner

To have trust in a service, we need to know if they are legit or not. Well, we are in a lucky situation, because OddsMonkey is used by thousands of people.

You can find reviews on several websites and forums. I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to spend time reading about them.

It is hard to find negative reviews about their tools and services.

I think OddsMonkey is one of the most legit and useful services for matched bettors.

Conclusion on OddsMonkey Review

In conclusion, OddsMonkey is perfectly suitable your choice of matched betting service both for beginners and experienced bettors as well who are looking for an odds comparison service.

I would actually recommend that you sign up for both services. OddsMonkey for its slightly superior suite of software, and Profit Accumulator for its slightly better selection of offers and busier forum.

For the sheer amount of money these websites can make you, the extra £19.99 is really a drop in the ocean. All it takes is one extra free bet to make that back.

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Is OddsMonkey worth the money?

Yes, they are one of the best matched betting software in the industry. With the free trial option of OddsMonkey, you can earn your first £63 without opting in for a premium plan.

Can you make money with OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey helps you to make money from matched betting, if you have access to many bookmakers, you can make a healthy profit in the first year. This can mean a monthly profit of around 500-800 euros.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

Oddsmonkey has monthly and yearly subscriptions as well. Their monthly premium service costs £19.99. But you can have access to many of their tools even for free.

OddsMonkey Review
  • Price
  • User Interface
  • Value of price/result
  • Customer Service