Sports Arbitrage Betting Calculator 2023

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Arbitrage Calculator

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How does the Arbitrage Calculator work?

An arbitrage betting calculator is capable of comparing the odds of two or more outcomes and calculating the possible profit edge if the bettor would like to place bets on both outcomes.

A surebet calculator is also capable of advising the stakes you need to place on each outcome based on your total stake and the odds.

This arbitrage betting calculator is designed to display the possible profits in percentages and the ROI (return on investment) you can achieve with the odds you found and believe as being good for a sure betting opportunity.

What is a surebet calculator used for?

A surebet calculator is the best and most accurate tool to determine or calculate if there is a potential big enough odds discrepancy between betting sites.

Arbitrage betting or sure betting is a risk-free approach to sports betting that can generate a guaranteed profit if the bets are placed on the right odds with the right stakes. This strategy requires bettors to place proportional bets on every possible outcome of a betting market.

Each bet should be placed at a different market with the right-sized stakes displayed by an arbitrage calculator. If each step is completed successfully no matter the outcome, you will generate a guaranteed profit by winning at least 1 outcome and having a smaller loss at the other outcomes.

An arbitrage bet profit is calculated: Total winnings – total stakes.

If you enter the odds for any two-way or three-way, or even more outcome and the total stakes in the Arbitrage Calculator above, it will calculate if there is an arbitrage opportunity and tell you how much you need to stake on each outcome in order to guarantee a profit.

How is a sports Arbitrage Profit Calculated?

An arbitrage bet is calculated based on the odds of at least two or more outcomes you are planning to place bets on.

The arbitrage betting calculator is taking into consideration the following factors in order to calculate the right stakes and profitability: odds, desired total stakes or fixed stake on one outcome. Some sports arbitrage calculators at arbitrage betting software are capable of calculating arbitrage bet stakes based on the desired profit amount or % on one side.

Arbitrage Betting Calculator Features

  • You can insert the odds of the desired sure bet
  • You need to insert the total stake in order to be able to fire the arbitrage calculator
  • You hit Calculate and the sure bet calculator displays the odds you need to place on each outcome
  • You can add additional outcomes if you want to place sure bets on a three-way arb or with more outcome
  • If you made a mistake you can hit reset and the arbitrage calculator restarts and sets itself to its default settings

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