OddsJam Review (2022) Tested! honest opinion – video

OddsJam is the most advanced arbitrage & value betting software for beating the betting sites from the US and Canada.


Their arbitrage and value betting software is displaying hundreds of overpriced odds on daily basis. I’ve used many similar services since 2013 as a full-time arber/value bettor. I tested each significant tool at OddsJam and I recommend using it if you want fast and accurate software to beat the bookies.

Benefits of using OddsJam

  • Each significant sport covered
  • Cheaper than most premium arbitrage software (they focus on EU bookies)
  • You can get overpriced odds from each significant bookie from the USA & Canada
  • A fast refresh rate of odds (they display new betting opportunities almost right after they appear)
  • A complete guide for beginners
  • They support 3 strategies: matched betting, arbitrage betting, value betting
  • The most secure and sure way of making money from sports betting
  • Friendly user interface
  • You can try them for free right now!

Cons of OddsJam

  • Trustworthy but fairly new service
  • No subscription plan for shorter periods like one 1week for pre-match, but you can try them with the 7-day free trial


  • The fastest real-time odds comparison tool that displays odds discrepancies at US and Canadian sportsbooks
  • Their excellent interface, many user guides, and tips are helping you to start earning guaranteed profits even if you don’t know too much about these strategies
  • They support the two most profitable betting strategies: arbitrage & value betting

Active OddsJam users can make a monthly profit of around 10x-15x of the subscription fee (based on my experience and estimation).

Both subscription plans have a 7-day Free Trial!

$9/day – In-play arbitrage bets – live games are blurred; you can unlock them for $9 for a day

$199 – Surebets & Value bets – Monthly

$69 – Surebets & Value bets – Weekly

OddsJam Review
  • Price
  • Interface
  • Bookmakers scanned
  • Sports Scanned
  • Accuracy
  • Value/price


OddsJam offers access to each of its betting tools in a single subscription plan.  For a monthly $199 you can take advantage of their arbitrage and value betting tools. Besides these you can also use their odds comparison software to take advantage of bookie offers with matched betting. Still not sure about opting in? Try them now for free!

Subscribe to their newsletter, and you will get 3 sure bets every day for free!

It’s not what you are looking for? Please scroll down and check their competitor.

If you are looking for a reliable bookmaker scanner and overpriced odds at bookies in the USA or Canada, OddsJam should be your number one choice.

Start My Free OddsJam membership Now!

If you want to find out how to start a betting strategy that is easy to learn and you can earn significant profits without taking big risks, this is the article you need to read.

A stable and fairly decent profit from sports betting is enough for most people. Arbitrage and value betting are the best options for this goal, at least for some years.

Based on statistics, 97% of bettors will be at a loss in the long run. The remaining 3% are using strategies based on mathematics. OddsJam supports that 3% of smart bettors in finding overpriced and wrong odds.

Arbitrage betting Canada & US

oddsjam review summary

Smart bettors from the US & Canada have a great opportunity, because:

  • Online sports betting is getting legalized in more and more states in the US, which is still a fairly young market
  • In both countries, smart betting strategies are not too widespread
  • The majority of the bookmaker scanner services are not covering bookies from the US or Canada
  • Less smart bettors mean: more betting opportunities with better returns and less chance of getting your maximum stakes limited
  • OddsJam is scanning these bookies at a fairly fast refresh rate
  • By placing only a few sure bets you can cover the fee for the monthly subscription plan

OddsJam Alternatives and Competitors

Without any doubt, OddsJam is the most complex and best sure bet and value bet finder for US & Canadian citizens. However, for some bettors, their monthly fee might seem a little bit too high.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

If you have doubts about using OddsJam, you might want to visit my RebelBetting Review. They are scanning fewer US bookies (13+ and still expanding) but they have an excellent fast scanner and interface.

OddsJam Review: Supported Betting Strategies

If you live in the US or Canada, this OddsJam Review will help you change your sports betting results. Choosing the best route to become a successful bettor is not always obvious when no one guides you.

I’m living in a small country in Europe with only a few bookmakers, and I still succeeded in making thousands of euros every month.

This result was achieved with sign-up bonuses of $50 – $100 and by placing only fairly low stakes.

I don’t even want to imagine how much I could earn if I had access to bookies from the US or Canada and OddsJam.

Matched betting in Canada is starting to get more and more attention. But matched betting in the USA is offering a great income boost for beginner bettors.

oddsjam arbitrage value matched betting USApromo code2

1. Arbitrage betting with OddsJam

Have you ever thought about making profits from sports betting, no matter which team/player wins?

  • Fortunately for us bettors, the bookies are making many mistakes
  • They are offering overpriced outcomes on a daily basis
  • You can take advantage of these wrong odds by covering both outcomes

You can generate a guaranteed, risk-free profit by placing a bet on the wrong odds and covering the other outcome at another bookie.

The following facts are allowing you to find these sure bets:

  • Big competition between bookmakers. They want to offer the best odds possible
  • Not every one of them is getting the same information and data about teams and players
  • Some of them can’t react fast enough to fresh information/events. The odds won’t reflect the real probability of the outcome
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns
  • Most bookmakers are offering an odd of -185 Moneyline for Milwaukee and +165 for the opponent team
  • Key players are missing from the home team -> They are adjusting the odds to 1.72 – 2.30
  • Some bookmakers are reacting slower, so they are still offering the original -139 – +165 pair of odds
  • You place a bet on Milwaukee with $300 on odds of -139
  • You can cover the other outcome at another bookie on odds of +165
  • By placing $190 on Phoenix Suns, you can make a guaranteed ~$21 profit, no matter who wins.

This income was realized with a cumulative stake of only $500. Imagine how much profit you can make with larger stakes and placing 10 – 20 bets a day.

It’s not over-exaggerating to say that making $3000 – $4000 of profits from your couch is possible. 

I’ve been a successful sports bettor for over 8 years now. I always tried to use the best bookmakers and the most accurate bookmaker scanner services.

Based on my experience, OddsJam is the appropriate software for value and arbitrage betting in the US.

Smart betting strategies like sure betting won’t be available for too many years. Unfortunately, the bookies are getting smarter too.

The US betting market is offering big possibilities for arbitrage and value bettors. But similar to most European bookies, arbitrage betting in the USA will get famous too.

Bigger competition means less chance for sustainable and profitable sports betting. Don’t wait too long as I did!

oddsjam review arbitrage

Middle bets

Their software is capable of scanning and displaying middle bets too.

oddsjam review middle bets

What are these middle bets?

You can find these types of opportunities on point or handicap markets (most of the time).

They can appear as an arbitrage opportunity, but there might be a point difference between the lines.

As an example:

  • Placing bets on over 150.5 on an NBA match and covering the other outcome on under 151.5

If the match ends with a total of 150 points, both of your bets will be winners.

You have the opportunity to place simple arbitrage bets and win a little percentage on every of your bet. If you get lucky by winning both of your outcomes, your winnings can be even higher!

OddsJam Price reduction

Click on the following button and you can get a price reduction of 15% with my OddsJam promotion code: SmartBets22 (I got this code only for 3 months, you should hurry up! :D)

OddsJam Application – App store

Taking the next step toward success will always require new ideas and having the desire for continuous development. This is not different in the industry of smart betting as well.

OddsJam launched its free player prop betting app in 2022 that allows you to easily analyze & find player props with the best value across the major sports such as NFL, MLB, and NBA as well.

This betting app helps your player prop research easy by consolidating all of the sports betting data you might need for proper decision-making.

By having access to different filters such as the number of matches you want the statistics from, home or away matches, Over or under markets, etc.

This app will give you a new way of analyzing your betting opportunities based on real, statistical, and free data.

Positive EV or Value betting

Value betting represents my main profit source from sports betting. I started this betting strategy too late but still succeeded in practising it as my main income source.

The strategy is based on placing bets on outcomes with overpriced odds. Based on this odds comparison site and simple mathematics and statistics:

  • The chance of an outcome can be calculated based on statistics
  • This % is converted to betting odds
  • If you find higher odds than the real probability of it, you can beat the bookmakers in the long run

When Value betting, you are not covering the other outcome. This way, you are taking risks, but in the long run Value betting is the most profitable betting strategy.

By placing bets with Positive EV (expected value) displayed by OddsJam, you can make 50% – 60% more in the long run than with arbitrage betting.

With a simple example: you can work enough and in a month, you can easily earn over $2500 with arbitrage bets.

Value betting with OddsJam could generate you at least $2500 – $3200 on average with less invested money.

Kindly notice that the profitability of value betting depends a little bit on your luck and the betting opportunities you take.

I mentioned -in the long run- because if you are not covering every outcome, you will lose some of your bets.

oddjam review value bet

Example of value betting:

With a simple coin toss example, you could understand how profitable you can be with this strategy.

If you toss a coin, you have 50% to win your guess. This would mean you can get a price of 100.

If you win you get a profit of 100% of your stake. After 10 coin tosses, you would win only 5 bets based on statistics.

So, you would end up with the original starting balance.

If the payout would be 110% every time you win:

  • after 10 bets you could have $50 of guaranteed profits with flat stakes of $100 on each bet.

Bookmakers scanned for arbitrage betting from Canada & US

Down below you can find the majority of bookmakers scanned by OddsJam. You should check their actualized list too because they are covering new bookies fairly often.

  • Barstool
  • Betfair
  • Betfred
  • BetMGM
  • BetRivers
  • Betway
  • Bodog
  • Bookmaker
  • Borgota
  • Bovada
  • Bwin
  • Caesars
  • Casumo
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Four Winds
  • FOX Bet
  • Parx
  • Pinnacle
  • Points Bet (Colorado)
  • Points Bet (Illinois)
  • Sugar House
  • Twin Spires
  • Unibet
  • William Hill
  • Wind Creek

Offshore sites like Bovada are not covered. These Bovada competitors are also offering some great betting offers. You can use some of these betting sites without verification. These anonymous betting sites are allowing US bettors too.

Guides for learning

In their Blog section, OddsJam is offering more than 100 articles about their service and betting strategies in general.

  • You can start earning from sports betting even if you have never placed a single bet before.

Their filters section is allowing you to select the bookmakers, odds and markets you might need for your betting strategy.

This option is coming in handy when you are not using every bookmaker. Getting notifications from unwanted bookies and markets can get annoying.

  • You can turn on/off email notifications for every service.
  • You can remotely check how many opportunities are available even without opening the site itself.

How much is OddsJam? OddsJam Cost

OddsJam cost price

OddsJam Price: Arbitrage Plan

You can subscribe to their monthly plan by paying only $99. You will have access to unlimited arbitrage opportunities and email alerts too if you need them.  This subscription plan is also including access to middle bets at every Onshore sportsbook. Check their list here.

For each of their plans, they are offering a 7-day free trial. You can try their software without any risk.

OddsJam Price reduction

Click on the following button and you can get a price reduction of 15% with the promotion code: SmartBets22

Get My Free Trial!

Still not sure about subscribing? You might find this $99 too much for a monthly subscription.

Just a hint: here in Europe I’ve been using software that costs $220 a month. And they have generated triple their subscription prices even in my worst months.

OddsJam Cost: Industry Plan

By paying $199 per month you will have access to every possible tool and bookmaker.

With this subscription plan, you get access to:

  • their Positive EV bets (value betting scanner)
  • offshore bookies like Pinnacle, BookMaker (sharp bookie, accepts US bettors), Bovada, Bodog, 5Dimes, MyBookie, BetAnySports, BetUS, BetOnline, Betcris

If you are unsure about your purchase, don’t worry! They are offering a free trial for 7 days. Betting on sports with these strategies is free money on the table.

Is OddsJam Legit?

OddsJam started operating only in 2021. But based on the feedback of their active users and my experience with them:

 I can say that OddsJam is a legit service and arbitrage bettors from the US & Canada never had a better tool for this activity.

Opinion of other OddsJam users

oddsjam testimonial
oddsjam new testimonial

source: OddsJam.com

OddsJam Review – Conclusion

  • OddsJam is the best arbitrage and value betting software for bettors from the USA or Canada.
  • This software is the most advanced tool for scanning your local bookies for overpriced odds and sure bets.
  • The fact that they are the only arbing software does not mean lower quality.
  • Even beginners can learn these strategies from their guides
  • Every bookmaker you have access to in the US or Canada is covered and scanned in a fairly fast refresh rate.
  • The community on the discord channel is worth the monthly subscription fee alone.
  • Oddsjam is sending news about their newly implemented tools on weekly basis.
  • You will get notified about new major sports events and good opportunities
  • With an average arbitrage betting software, you can make at least 6X or even 10X of the monthly subscription price
  • Fastest sports betting API

OddsJam Price reduction

Click on the following button and you can get a price reduction of 15% with the promotion code: SmartBets22 (I got this code only for 3 months, you should hurry up! :D)


Arb Delay


Max profit/arb

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Price: arbitrage betting


Price: value betting


Free trial

7 days



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Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting and switched to full-time value betting. Each software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.