5 Algorithms to Predict Football Matches Correctly 2023

I have tried & put to test many sites that try to predict football matches correctly.

In the long run, I succeeded only with a few of these football prediction algorithms.

Below you can find the top 3 sites that predict football matches with the highest accuracy based entirely on historical data:

Score Prediction Algorithm

zcode system icon

ZCode System

→ Zcode Scores Predictor uses advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters

→ It is optimized to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the anticipated scores based on historical data.

Only $7 – Trial

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Reliable Long-run Profits

rebelbetting icon


→ It is an odds comparison tool that scans 60+ betting sites mainly from Europe & US.

→ Displays betting opportunity when odds are too high, overpriced
→ Mathematically proven to generate profits

14-day free trial

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#1 Football Prediction Platform

tipstrr football prediction site


→ Tipstrr offers a platform where tipsters can’t manipulate their football prediction history.
→ Each stat reflects their real result from previous football predictions.

Free and paid predictions as well

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Additional Football Prediction Algorithms

statisticsports icon


Free: 7 days

Goal: Football predictions algorithm based on historical data
Leagues: Each relevant league;
How it works: they display stat-based prediction based on your filters;
Bonus: you can backtest your strategy (is it profitable based on historical data) ;
Free-trial: 7 days;

ptp icon bet without losing


Free: 7 days

Goal: Football predictions algorithm based on pure stats
Leagues: Even third leagues;
How it works: you can compare upcoming matches based on their past results;
Stats: Predicted in %, you are able to apply advanced filters;
Bonus: Football betting strategy with their tool, ROI over 8%;
Free-trial: 7 days;

The only way to use tools and predict football matches correctly for long-term profits:

  • is by applying a proper staking plan and…
  • always betting on the highest odds possible.

This passion for football or any kind of sport offers many advantages.

I know a lot of guys, even among my friends, who know almost every player, their strengths and weaknesses too.

Most of these sports fans are not taking advantage of the massive knowledge they have gathered over the years.

The platforms and services I mention in this article are running their services to offer valuable information about upcoming events based on pure stats.

Sites that predict football matches correctly

In my experience, some bookmakers have the experience and information to become the best at predicting the outcome of a match.

But even they can be beaten by spotting over/undervalued markets.

1. Zcode System – football prediction site

ZCode System is one of the oldest (available since 1999) and the most advanced football prediction site and service.

They have built up a large database of historical football statistics.

zcode football bet without losing

These are updated daily with data from tens of thousands of football events each year.

Their football prediction software is capable of using this immense data and predicting football match outcomes with excellent accuracy.

This soccer prediction software has many services that can support various types of betting strategies and goals.

statistics algorithm to predict football matches correctly

Most of their customers use their notifications and sports betting analytics tools to:

  • support their future betting decisions
  • and spot new betting opportunities.

ZCode System is one of the best, well-developed football betting analysis software (based on Artificial Intelligence and skilled bettors).

It can offer statistics, trends, and historical data and pretty accurate tips for future events.

Well-developed AI sports betting software will be the future of successful sports betting, and some of them are already available.

zcode to correct football prediction algorythm

Beating the bookies based on a sports betting analytics tool and historical data is not enough in most cases if you aim for long-term profitability.

Advantages of ZCode System:

  • Football prediction software and site for better decision making
  • A well-established community and tool
  • More accurate tips based on analysis and the best football prediction algorithm
  • Affordable tool for professional tipsters, and the lowest price for a quality analysis tool


  • Requires a little bit of practice to figure out each of their tools (but you will get a guide for their services)

Try them with their $7 trial version!

2. Tipstrr – a platform with decently correct predictions

Many skilled bettors have opened individual accounts at tipster/prediction platforms such as Tipstrr.

Some of them can be followed even for free!

The biggest advantage of this platform is that tipsters can’t manipulate their betting history.

Tipstrr best tipster site

You can find the tipsters with a correct football prediction if you follow the ones with:

  • Min. number of tips in history: at least over 200-300
  • Min odds: over 1.6

Top tipsters mentioned on the home page of their platform offer the most value in the long run.

Check their profile, and if you spot words such as sharp bookmakers, Pinnacle, sharp lines, closing odds, etc.

tips based on football betting prediction algorithms

They focus on smart betting strategies and offer correct football predictions based on odds and statistics.

If you take a look at this betting history stat, you can notice such constant growth.

It’s important to mention it again that stats on this platform cannot be manipulated.

Profitability here is achievable only with the right approach.

star tips correct football predictions history

No one is able to see into the future and pick the winner every time.

But the overpriced odds and statistics-based predictions will generate an edge over the bookies.

This edge will also mean profits in the long run.

The biggest advantage of this service is that each tipster is forced to offer quality predictions that are profitable at least in the long run.

Offering good results and a predictable long-term betting profit is their only way to keep followers returning.

You can also check my in-depth Tipstrr Review for more info.

You can also check some of my recommendations for the best football prediction services.

The only tipster service I am comfortable promoting is Tipstrr.

Their interface allows you to choose someone who has been profitable in the long run and not only be lucky for 1-2 months.

Sometimes it can be hard to find reliable and hopefully correct football predictions that you can apply in your betting strategy even in the long run.

Pros of Tipstrr

  • Many predictable football tipsters
  • Betting history and stake cannot be manipulated
  • A detailed betting history for each tipster
  • Accessible subscription prices even with trial periods
  • Excellent user interface (best in the industry)
  • Advanced filtering options

Cons of Tipstrr

  • Customer support response might delay in some cases

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3. PlayThePercentage

The best route for success in sports betting is following applications or websites that offer correct football predictions based only on statistical data and overpriced odds-based alert services.

football betting statistics database Play the percentage

A good example of these sites would be Play the Percentage.

They display accurate football predictions shown in percentages.

These stats can be found for almost each relevant football market.

Down below, you can see a random football match I have selected in their services.

play the percentage football statistics prediction

Besides these data, their professional football prediction algorithm is capable of more complicated filtering.

This means finding matches that correspond to your special strategies.

Pros of PlayThePercentage

  • Simple yet effective user interface
  • Historical data from tens of thousands of matches each year
  • Even smaller football leagues are covered
  • Simple graph and percentage-based statistics
  • A welcoming Telegram community
  • Affordable tool for football predictions and better decision making
  • 7-day free trial

Cons of PlayThePercentage

  • No backtesting tool for an almost similar price such as StatisticSports

Do you think it’s promising?

Well, this is only 5% of what Play the Percentage is able to offer.

Check my detailed review of this football statistics database.

correct soccer predictions algorithms

After subscribing, you will get access to a football predictions strategy that:

  • has generated 18 thousand Pounds sterling profits in 8 months
  • this tactic is based on 4000 bets
  • it’s based on statistics from their site
  • proved with a complete history in an excel file – matches + stakes)

Don’t miss the opportunity of trying them right now for free!

hand pointing arbitrage betting

Get my 7-day free trial!

If you are betting as a hobby, then following football prediction sites and algorithms is a viable option.

But when your intentions are to generate profits in the long term too, you need to focus on tools based on mathematics which is the real key to success.

4. StatisticSports

I’ve been betting for almost 8 years, and in my experience, my strategies are as successful as my sources of data.

And to be honest, these days the most accurate data seems to be the one offered by programs and robots.

If their algorithms are functioning properly, then you can expect a growing income.

Pros of StatisticSports

  • 7-day free trial
  • Historical data from tens of thousands of football each year
  • Well-developed prediction algorithm based on pure data
  • Backtesting tool to check how accurate your football betting strategy is
  • In-play notification system to spot new betting opportunities

Cons of StatisticSports

  • Customer support response might delay in some cases
  • Most advanced football data might seem expensive for some bettors

A very similar football statistic service is StatisticSports.

They have a different and more advanced way of approach to statistical sports betting.

This service also has historical data from tens of thousands of matches each year.

statisticsports football without loosing backtesting

Their software is capable of backtesting your football betting strategy.

It will check if your football betting strategy for first-half corners, goals, etc. would be profitable in the long run.

This test is based on tens of thousands of matches and odds.

StatisticSports is also offering in-play signals based on your pre-selected filters.

You can get notified about matches that have many corners, many goals, many dangerous attacks, etc.

statisticsports correct football prediction software notifications

Unfortunately, it only scans soccer, so if you are interested, you can check my NFL betting systems article to find out the best tools and techniques for American football betting strategies.

5. Pinnacle sports – most accurate football match predictions

The best betting site for predicting football outcomes correctly is Pinnacle (Pinnacle Sports Review) or bettors on exchanges like Betfair.

They can predict the outcomes the most accurately.

Both platforms contain odds that are closest to the real possibility of its outcome.

If you find sites that offer tips and predictions with odds with this high accuracy, you can have a chance to beat the bookmakers.

It is achievable by finding other bookies that offer wrong/higher odds than the ones mentioned above.

accurate odds for football prediction algorithms

These betting sites have a prediction algorithm based on better, more accurate data and also input from bettors.

They change the odds more frequently and in a more sophisticated way compared to other bookies.

This situation creates odds that include the most information about that outcome.

These bookies are excellent when combined with odds comparison services.

Betting on these odds will result in almost a guaranteed loss of profits in the long run.

They offer very accurate football predictions but with a low profit margin on each outcome.

How to predict football matches correctly?

Being familiar with statistics and probably with bookmakers and odds too can mean advantage over bookmakers if this experience is used in the right way.

If you are interested in sports betting and are trying to make profits from it, you are in the right place.

I will present you with several proven football betting systems that can generate guaranteed profits even in the long run.

Predicting a football match accurately is not an easy task even for the best bookies.

Even professional tipsters or experienced bettors need to follow some strict steps to correctly predict the winner of a match/outcome.

Predicting football matches correctly can be challenging, as there are many variables at play that can influence the outcome of a game.

Missing a piece of important information, such as odds fluctuations, can be a crucial factor in long-term winning.

Some tips for improving your chances of correctly predicting the outcome of football matches include:

  1. Stay up to date on team news: Injuries, team selections, and other news can all impact the outcome of a game.

    Make sure to stay informed about what is happening with the teams you are interested in betting on. This way of predicting outcomes is crucial when not following odds comparison tools or statistical databases.

  2. Analyze the form of the teams: Look at how each team has been performing in their recent matches. Are they in good form or struggling?

    This can give you an idea of how they might perform in future games. Professional gamblers with bigger stakes and a smaller volume of bets need more information for a correct prediction because of risking a bigger stake.

  3. Consider the team’s style of play: Different teams have different strategies and tactics that they use on the pitch.

    Understanding how each team likes to play can help you make more informed predictions. Algorithms that don’t scan in-play stats need your experience and analysis of live events for achieving a successful result.

  4. Look at the head-to-head record: How have the teams performed against each other in the past? This can give you an idea of how they might fare in future matches.

    Prediction algorithms such as PlayThePercentage are the best in offering these services.

  5. Use statistical analysis: There are many websites and tools that can provide you with data and analytics to help you make more informed predictions. Use these resources to your advantage in each possible situation.

    Bookies offer odds way beyond their statistical possibility of winning. You need tools to beat them in the long run.

  6. Take odds into serious consideration: some bookies are slower than others. Spotting an overpriced market is the easiest and fastest way to generate long-term profits.

It’s important to note that no matter how much research and analysis you do, there is always an element of luck involved in sports betting.

It’s important to gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

The main steps of predicting football matches correctly:

1. Know the teams, at least on a basic level

If we are speaking about predicting a football match only based on our knowledge and statistical data, the right source for information is an essential element.

Being profitable in the long run means that your betting strategy can offer more accurate results than the odds offered by bookmakers.

arbitrage betting software

Some bookmakers are almost unbeatable in calculating the real possibility of a winner.

Their odds can be so accurate that even a profit margin of 2 can be achievable for them.

This kind of bookmaker is Pinnacle Sports.

Most tipsters and smarter punters are basing their strategy on the lines and odds offered by them.

But even with these true odds, you can take advantage of your knowledge.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of players can offer you a big advantage in live betting.

While the match is in play you can look at the stream and can check how the players are performing.

On the other hand, other bookies and crypto bookies like MyStake and BetOnline are offering fairly high odds on many markets besides great bonuses.

Check my article about crypto betting sites to read more about them.

2. Get professional in only certain leagues

Concentrating your time and knowledge on every league and player could be a waste of time.

A lot of factors are changing rapidly, and it would take too much effort to follow every change.

A lot of professional tipsters and smart bettors are recommending learning and developing deep knowledge in a single league or in a small number of leagues.

This attitude and strategy will help you to research more statistics, watch more matches, and to find more information in that certain league.

Think about it!

If you research every piece of information about players that will play in future matches, and you follow the statistics too for a longer period, you will almost feel who has the bigger chance to win.

football betting statistics database Play the percentage

Predicting a football match is not only based on statistics, the information you find on the internet, and the true odds.

These factors are very important in the long run and will offer a strong basis for your betting strategies and your success.

But in my experience, having the knowledge and the years of experience by watching matches on stream and betting on them can offer you some kind of sense for predicting the real winner.

Relevant articles:

Following predictions can be profitable only with betting on high odds.

Take a look at my articles about Asian handicap betting sites and the best crypto bookmakers.

I’ve placed a lot of bets on basketball, and I’ve watched a lot of matches in almost every league possible.

From the smallest teams to the NBA, I’ve watched all of them.

After 1-2 years of betting, I started to realize that I’m gaining more and more knowledge in some leagues.

For example, my favourite leagues were German, Italian, and Spanish.

Only by watching the streams and how the players perform do I come to know the real value of an over/under bet.

3. Place fewer football bets and focus on positive Expected Value

Some betting strategies like finding arbitrage bets or value betting require a big volume to generate decent profits.

Following value betting strategies is almost identical to predicting outcomes by yourself.

It is based on finding odds and lines overpriced.

Bookmakers are making a lot of mistakes because new information appears and they can’t be fast enough every time.

Every time they are a little bit late and they are not dropping the odds at certain markets, smart bettors are taking advantage of them.

Predicting an outcome accurately is not the right way to follow every time.

Mathematical betting strategies will always outperform tipsters and experts, at least 99.99% of them.

Bookmakers can make big profits or losses depending on how correctly they can define odds.

When so much money is in play, you can imagine that they will make any effort possible to make those odds as sharp as it is possible.

So, finding outcomes that are at wrong odds compared to these sharp bookmakers will guarantee a mathematical edge over bookies in the long run.

With this betting technique, you don’t need to have too much experience and knowledge in sports.

You just need to know which bookie is offering very accurate odds and have to find another one that is making mistakes compared to them.

Value betting requires a bigger volume so mathematics can increase the chance of being really profitable.

On the other hand, if you want to take picks by yourself and use these sharp odds only for guiding you need to focus on quality over quantity.

Figuring out how to win in football betting seems like some kind of art. A lot of bettors proved that being smarter than the bookmakers is possible.

Bookies are using algorithms for creating and offering odds.

And sometimes, while betting in-play you can have an advantage over them if you can spot opportunities that a bookie will realize way later.

Concentrating on these opportunities will help you generate profits in the long run.

Taking bets that hold real value is the best route if you want to predict the outcomes by yourself.

4. Bet in-play for a more accurate football prediction

In my experience beating the bookmakers, in the long run, is not an easy task.

Before the start of the match, most of them are offering odds very close to real probability. Some bookies are very sharp and the odds offered by them will be copied by most bookies.

So, after a very short time, you will find out that most bookies are offering odds very similar to each other.

In pre-match betting, the real chance to remain profitable in the long run is by using odds comparison sites.

This way you can see any discrepancy, any difference between bookmakers.

I strongly believe that in pre-match betting, the only viable way of beating the bookies, in the long run, can be based on mathematics.

Taking the wrong odds will guarantee an edge over bookies and will generate profit for you.

No matter how accurately you can predict an outcome, bookmakers have more resources.

They can use it to analyze matches and gather information about players and teams.

This information and their profit margins are included in the odds offered, so if you place bets before the match you will most probably play their game.

I’m not saying that it is possible to beat them before the match only by analyzing statistics and knowing a lot of information about the team. I’m saying that it is very unlikely to predict an outcome more accurately than most bookmakers.

If you are aiming for pre-match betting, I suggest following bookmaker scanner services and taking overpriced odds.

football betting statistics database Play the percentage

Betting in-play, on the other hand, will generate a lot of moments when your analysis of players and the possible outcomes can shine.

In-play betting is the best possibility for punters who want to predict matches by themselves.

A lot of action, injury, cards, or goals can happen that cannot be foreseen.

These moments or trends will offer an advantage over bookmakers.

With a short example: you are analyzing a match with statistical tools.

You make a conclusion that in the first half it has an 85% – 90% chance of at least 4 corners being scored.

Bookmakers are giving an odd that is too low, so placing the bet pre-match would be a waste of money.

The match starts, and you see that the teams are performing well. In the minute of 35-37, the teams have only 3 corners in total.

Based on your pre-match prediction, there should be at least 4 corners in the first half.

If you watch the stream and the teams are pushing for a goal, the playstyle is very fast and aggressive.

They have a lot of dangerous attacks; you can foresee that a new corner is possible.

Taking the right odds at this moment is very crucial.

Even the best and most accurate prediction can lead to a long-term loss if the odds are not high enough.

tipstrr banner tennis

Taking odds above 1.70 – 1.80 will guarantee that you can recuperate a possible loss fairly fast without risking having too long losing streaks.

5. Place bets after knowing the closing odds and line-ups

Placing bets only based on your prediction CAN be profitable.

I personally know bettors, very successful in the long term too.

It’s only because they have a lot of knowledge and they know how to analyze statistics.

The more you know about a team and about players, the more correct predictions you can have. Analyzing statistics before the match, most of the time is based on historical data.

A lot of the time these statistics do not include the present lineups and injured players or the ones not playing.

arbitrage betting software

If you are following statistics like this, you can have a big surprise when even the “best bet” won’t be a winner. Some players can have a big impact on the chances to win an outcome.

This is a big reason why the odds are moving so much right before the match.

After the bookmakers get the final lineups, the possible outcome can change a lot.

This is another reason why I highly recommend taking bets only in play.

If you have enough knowledge about players, you can make conclusions about pre-match analyses.

You can learn how accurate those predictions were and you will have more chances to make the right choices.

Researching information about injury lists, missing player lists, or any vital info, like changes in team management, will have a big impact on your success.

Knowing this information before the start will help you to predict more correctly the outcomes after using statistical software too.

6. Know the motivation of teams: more correct predictions

On the other hand, the motivation to win a match can lead to big differences between teams.

Most prediction sites and software are not taking this into consideration, which will have a big impact on your results.

If a team has already got enough points to easily win the championship, most probably, their playstyle won’t be so aggressive.

Tipstrr Review

Some teams, for example, from time to time don’t have enough financial resources to pay their players.

Think about it, would you give 100% of your power and knowledge in a match when your salary wasn’t paid for several months?

Well, some committed and professional players are still playing at 100%, but a lot of them can lose their motivation.

A simple statistical site won’t include this information in its predictions, which will cause big differences in results.

Can tipsters predict football matches correctly?

Not every free or paid football tipster site and tipster is legit and predictable.

But you can find some profitable tipsters for sure.

If they can prove that their betting history is extended enough, they can be legit and their betting performance can be predictable in the long run.

Tipsters, in general, have an important place in the industry of sports betting.

Most of us were in an unpleasant situation when we wanted to try sports betting because, without any experience, it’s more like gambling.

Back in 2013, when I started to learn about sports betting, my first step was to follow some tipsters.

Who is a predictable football tipster?

football statistics database

These days almost anybody can be a football tipster who offers betting advice, suggestions, and tips for football events.

Most tipsters start their activity by offering free advice on free platforms.

Sadly, most of them are just motivated football fans, hopefully with substantial experience and knowledge about football teams and players.

The success and profitability of a tipster can be determined by the return on investment (ROI), which is the most accurate indicator of success.

How to find tipsters or football algorithms to predict football matches correctly?

The main problem with following a tipster is that anybody can claim to be a professional in giving betting advice.

The only thing needed for a motivated football fan to become a tipster is to set up an account at tipster sites or make a well-designed website.

Making social media accounts and paying for some ads can already put you on the map as a football tipster.

We all have seen these kinds of tipsters, or sometimes scammers who are willing to say and make proof about anything to get your trust and your money.

arbitrage betting software

Want to figure out how to find trustworthy tipsters? Read my article about the best basketball prediction site or Best horse racing tipsters.

On the other hand, you can find some really experienced and skilled tipsters who can bring a real difference to your betting results.

If you want to find legit football tipsters, you need to check the following points:

  • How long is their betting history
  • Whether you can find real social proof of their betting activity

The first and most important thing to check is the social proof about the tipster’s website and the tipster too.

Some comment screenshots on the website’s landing page or social proof section are not what I meant. Those proofs are very easy to edit from fake photos.

Even social media comments are not enough for trustworthy proof. You can easily pay someone to get these dummy comments.

I think that the best way to get credible proof about a service is by researching in forums, blogs, Facebook, and Reddit groups that are not related to them.

Tipstrr Review

For example:

Recently I found some comments about Blogabet, a service you may have heard of. They are giving an interface for tipsters to display their picks.

The user posted the following about Blogabet:

A lot of the tipsters are manipulating results to have higher ROI:

  • Changing staking systems after 1-2 months so the site will display a higher ROI than the realistic one
  • Taking picks right before a goal, so in the statistics, it will appear as a winning bet, but a follower could never place these bets
  • Taking odds and picks before the bookie posts the odds for that match. The other drawbacks of following tipsters:
  • Most of the time, you can’t catch the bets at the same odds, which can result in your loss
  • If the tipster is successful, the number of followers is higher. This results in a faster drop in the odds of the picks. Even with automatic bet placement, the chance of catching every bet at the same odds is not too high.

Placing bets after tipster predictions are only a viable strategy if you are catching almost every bet at the same or higher odds.

Which tipster site has correct football predictions in the long run?

I think this is the most interesting and controversial question on this topic. Some football tipsters can maintain a decent level of ROI in the long run.

They even can have trustworthy proof of the performance completed.

But the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no.

To evaluate the profitability and predictability of a tipster, you need to check some really important factors:

The whole betting history of the tipster:

  • First of all, how long is the tipster’s betting history? You can find a lot of tipsters who seem to be the best of the bests for around 1-2 years, which might seem very good. But in this industry, the fact that you are profitable for 1 year is not real proof of being constant in the long run too.
  • The number of tips in the betting history is the other big factor. Some tipsters are profitable for 2 years, but with only 60 picks and that performance has no real credibility

The average odds provided:

  • Betting on lower odds is more predictable. By this, I mean odds between 1.6-2.30 for example
  • On the other hand, picks with higher odds can cause a larger variance, which can be profitable in the long run, but they are less predictable

A good way of checking if the tipster is predictable and is on a good road is by checking the closing lines of Pinnacle.

play the percentage football statistics database

For example their closing lines are very close to the real probability, and they can give you a good idea about how much trust you should put in the tipster.

Most profitable bettors in sports betting, in the long run too, are putting their trust in bookmakers with very sharp odds like Pinnacle Sports.

The betting strategy named Value betting is based on finding overpriced markets and outcomes.

Consistently finding and betting on these mispriced odds can guarantee a profit.

Betting on higher odds than the Pinnacles closing line is proved to be a money-generating strategy.

A lot of tipsters have their strategy based on this technique, and they can be predictable.

  • You can find football tipsters with a relatively long betting history and a decent 3%-5% ROI after 1000+ picks.
  • You can be almost certain that their experience and success are based on getting the best odds possible too.

Smart betting with strategies that can generate profit, in the long run, is based on mathematics

In my experience and according to the opinions of many smart bettors, a betting strategy that is not based on mathematics has a very low chance of being sustainable.

Following tipsters can have the following benefits:

  • You don’t need to have too much experience in sports betting
  • The tipsters will be the ones to spend the time on researching and not you
  • You can use a good money management system

How to predict a straight win in football?

Finding a good tipster that can predict football matches correctly and can be followed for a longer period is not easy.

Most of them will be influenced by emotions, or they don’t stick to a strategy.

Using common-sense while choosing a tipster is the basis of not getting scammed.

If you find websites with tipsters who are performing very well and promise straight wins on your football bets, you should be a little sceptical.

In this industry, if something looks too good to be true…then most probably it is.

Many tipsters are manipulating their result graphs by deleting lost picks or changing the stakes, resulting in better ROI.

For a quick example, I would mention tipsters who are placing bets at Pinnacle and their return on investment is very high, like 15%+.

If you know that a tipster website is giving these kinds of opportunities to tipsters, you should be more careful.

  • A good tipster will give only a few picks, and it is possible to even skip some days
  • You should find tipsters with a history of more years, most preferably 2+ at least
  • The more picks they have, the more trustworthy and predictable they are
  • Avoiding tipsters with too high ROI would be a wise idea (the realistic ROI is between 5%-10% at soft bookmakers)

After reading this article you might have the feeling that I’m against tipster services.

Well, to be honest, I don’t like any kinds of betting techniques that are close to the gambling style.

In my experience finding a reliable, trustworthy tipster is a hard task. A lot of them are manipulating the betting history to get more clients.

You need to be fairly experienced in ignoring these kinds of tipsters. This is why I only advise using big and reputable platforms like Tipstrr.

Following proven and profitable smart betting strategies is the way of betting that I want to promote.

Any strategy that is profitable in the long-run has my full support. I’m totally against any gambling activity.

Gambling, in general, has ruined a lot of lives and made a lot of people lose everything.

Use proper prediction services for statistics

Statistics and historical data are the basis for any kind of prediction in sports betting. The odds and the lines are generated basically from this data.

The more accurately you want to predict an outcome, the more and better statistics you will need.

You can find a lot of services that are offering graphs and data about players and teams.

Most of them are very useful and can give you the right direction. But some services are offering even more tools that will give you an advantage over bookmakers.

play the percentage football statistics database

The volume of data can be very different between services. Some of them are offering numbers only for a few years while others can be an important part of your betting activity.

The more in-depth information service can offer, the higher chances you will have to accurately predict an outcome and remain profitable in the long run.

How do you predict a football match and win?

Predicting outcomes can have other roles than winning a bet.

For several betting strategies, like Betfair scalping or sports trading, predicting the possible winner can generate profits in a different way.

These strategies, for example, are based on small odds movements.

A lot of bettors can make a living from knowing which market is most likely to win, and this will offer them an edge.

Betting on markets when we expect the odds to drop can generate only small amounts of profits if we are closing our bets in time.

But correctly predicting which side of a market will drop in a shorter period is not an easy task.

Betfair scalpers and traders have a fair knowledge of trends, statistics, and techniques to generate small profits from these odds movements.

Tipstrr Review

These small 3 – 5 dollars on each trade can add up to a decent income if you take into consideration that placing 20 – 30 trades a day is normal for an experienced bettor.

Sports betting offers numerous ways of winning a lot of money.

The main reason for failing to profit from this great opportunity is not following proper strategies based on mathematics and not having the right money management system.

A proper staking strategy will make the difference between very successful and smart bettors who bet on dropping odds and an average one. 


Can tipsters offer profitable and correct football predictions?

Some football tipsters can maintain a decent level of ROI in the long run, by offering fairly correct football predictions backed up by statistics and checking closing sharp lines at the most accurate betting sites.

Which is the most accurate prediction site?

PlayThePercentage and Zcode System are the most accurate prediction sites for football betting. These sites can predict the scores for upcoming events accurately based on historical data and algorithms.

How can I predict a football match correctly?

Predicting football matches correctly is possible by defining the real probability of an outcome. For this, smart bettors can use odds comparison services or tipster platforms that compare the odds with sharp lines and try to offer correct predictions.

Which site can predict football matches correctly?

ZCode System is one of the best sites to predict football matches correctly with the help of a football statistical database. They are analyzing data from tens of thousands of football matches each year. Football predictions based on similar data can be the most accurate and excellent source for decision-making while betting.

How do you predict a football match correctly and win?

Predicting football matches correctly and winning, in the long run, is possible by learning about statistics and understanding the value of odds. Each bettor who can find slightly overpriced odds or wrong lines has more chance of having more accurate predictions and making more profits.