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Best No Risk Matched Betting Software in the UK – Top sites 2022

Matched betting in the UK is one of the most secure betting strategies that also has the most extended history. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of bettors, have already earned a healthy and sometimes even massive and guaranteed profits with it.

Picking the right matched betting software in the UK might seem a challenging task. But the reality shows that the available sites offer very similar services with a similar price tag. This is true if you look at them by checking the whole picture in the long run.

This article will present the best matched betting sites for UK bettors. 

Best matched betting sites in the UK

1. OddsMonkey – best matched betting site in the UK?

Choosing OddsMonkey as your leading matched betting software won’t cause you any disappointments. They offer high-quality matched betting opportunities backed up with professional and well-functioning customer service. 

This is all that a matched bettor can need, in addition to a low monthly fee. They include every tool that a matched bettor from the UK can look after.

oddsmonkey oddsmatcher matched betting

OddsMonkey Properties Summary

Bookmakers Scanned: more than 90

Free matched betting software: 

  • 100% free for unlimited time
  • Step-by-step matched betting tutorial for your first four bonuses, worth £63
  • Free OddsMatcher software: unlimited access to matched betting opportunities between Betfred, Coral, Skybet, Smarkets, William Hill

Premium Plan: £19.99/month

Try OddsMonkey for free!

  • Free OddsMatcher software: access to matched bets for 90+ bookies; 100+ tutorials; access to Daily Offer Calendar (new bonuses)
  • 30 day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Dutching tool (arbitrage betting)
  • 37 tools for all experience levels
  • 60+ weekly reload offers
  • Access to an active Community of helpful matched bettors
oddsmonkey matched betting win on football banner

The user interface of OddsMonkey is built up so that even beginners will easily navigate on it. 

Try OddsMonkey for free!

2. Profit Accumulator – Top or second-best matched betting site in the UK?

Profit Accumulator has been the most significant rival of Oddsmonkey for many years. Both of them are offering a high-quality matched bet finder for UK bettors. 

To be honest, I think Oddsmonkey might be a little bit ahead of Profit Accumulator, but from the point of view of popularity, it is tough to make a choice.

These two top services offer similar tools with a similar price tag on them.

oddsmatcher by Profit accumulator matched betting tool matched betting service

Profit Accumulator Properties Summary

Bookmakers Scanned: 100+ bookmakers scanned, which might seem a fair difference between these two. But in reality, the additional bookies don’t hold too much value.

Free matched betting software:

  • 100% free for unlimited time
  • Step-by-step matched betting tutorial for your first two bonus offers, worth £40
  • Free OddsMatching software: unlimited free access to their matched betting tools, including Coral, Betfred, and Smarkets

Platinum Membership: £24.99/month

  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses
  • Video tutorials that ensure understanding every essential aspect of their matched betting software
  • New bonus offers are uploaded every day
  • Full forum access
  • Full access to all the software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Based on my research and experience, it seems Profits Accumulator is possibly the most well-known and trusted matched betting service among UK bettors. 

Their onboarding system perfectly supports beginners by explaining the entire procedure of matched betting.

3. Profit Maximizer – a good alternative for matched betting in the UK?

Profit Maximiser is among the pioneers of the matched betting site in the UK. They launched their services back in 2013, and they are trying to offer something different from competitors by focusing more on casino bonus matched betting

They also include simple matched betting software. But the possibility of making profits on casino offers makes them a good option for many bettors.

Making profits from casino offers is not a myth, but it is pretty different from matched betting on sports. You will have to accept that matched betting on casino offers is not offering you the same risk-free income.

Free matched betting tools for Uk bettors:

  • It’s not 100% free like at their other competitors. They require you to pay £1 for two weeks
  • If you want to have 100% access to their tools, you need to pay £116.40 for a yearly subscription fee

Automated matched betting software

It’s not fully automated, but they both have an in-built system that redirects you to the suitable sports event at exchanges. These automated tools will drastically reduce the time you need to spend with matched betting.

The matched will be opened automatically, so your only task is to place the bets with the right stakes from the matched betting calculator.

Which is the best free matched betting site & software in the UK?

I have opened an account at every one of this software and tested their tools. Taking advantage of the free version of a matched betting site is the best option for finding out if you can easily use them.

  • The first two sites are industry-leading matched betting software in the UK. Both have many years of experience behind them. 
  • Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator have a user-friendly interface and an acceptable refresh rate of matched betting opportunities.
  • If we are looking only at the free version of these matched bet finders, the possibilities at OddsMonkey are superior.
  • You have access to more bookies in their OddsMatcher tool, which results in more profits after finishing your tasks. 

Why is the best matched betting software needed for UK bettors?

Matched betting can be profitable in other countries, too, even with only 20-30 bookmakers available. The following bonus offers only at this number of bookies is not a big challenge. 

  • But bettors in the UK have access to way more than a hundred bookmakers.
  • Following this many, each day is almost impossible. Without a proper matched betting site, you will miss even hundreds of Pounds worth of bonus offers.
  • They are saving you a lot of time not only with monitoring every offer and bookmaker but with their OddsMatching/Matcher tool, and you can find matched betting opportunities too.

I think the fact that they are monitoring every bookie is worth the monthly subscription fee.

The other helpful part of these sites is their guides and the active community. These will help you learn even faster and gain more in the long run.

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Ist matched betting legal in the UK?

Matched betting is legal in every country where bookmakers have a legal license to operate. Matched betting in the UK is the most simple and legal betting strategy that can generate several hundreds of Pounds each month.

What is no risk matched betting UK?

No risk matched betting in the UK is the easiest betting technique that is allowing smart bettors to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses. With matched betting you can withdraw them without risking you initial deposit or the bonus itself.

How does matched betting work UK?

In the UK many hundreds of bookmakers have legal license. Following every bookmaker bonus manually is hard and time consuming. Many bookmaker scanner software are offering matched betting services. For as cheap as 20 Pounds you can get every bookmaker monitored and you also can get matched betting opportunities for UK bookmakers.

Best matched betting software in the UK?

There are many matched betting services and sites for UK bookmakers. But only two of them are the most famous and industry leading.

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