BetOnline Review 2023: Best offshore US bookie?

Excellent 4.7

BETONLINE REVIEW SUMMARY is one of the most trusted offshore bookmakers for US bettors and gamblers. They are offering high odds and a wide variety of betting markets for sports fans.

On the other hand, their casino and poker interface is also one of the most trusted and used by US players.

It is fairly hard to find negative user reviews from the past few years. I have tested them and also researched user reviews on different forums. is licensed in Panama and is offering betting services since 2004. 

1. Advantages of BetOnline

1. Bettors from the US accepted

BetOnline is one of the few offshore bookmakers that accept bettors from each state of the US. 

Not many betting operators are welcoming US players because of the strict gambling laws. But BetOnline is focusing on offering a great platform, payment methods, and good customer service for gamblers from the US who choose to use them.

2. A large variety of banking possibilities

BetOnline is offering many different types of deposit and withdrawal methods. For many gamblers, some deposit methods like credit/debit cards are not available because of strict gambling laws.

For them, BetOnline is offering the possibility of using different kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Below you can find more detailed information about these banking options.

3. Competitive sportsbook services

Their sportsbook is what puts them in the top 3 in the US. They are covering the majority of sports events from the US on outstanding odds and a wide variety of betting markets. For soccer or international sports fans, they also offer betting markets by covering even smaller leagues too.

Many European bookmakers are offering more markets and sometimes even higher odds. But for sports fans, BetOnline became one of the top US bookies for offshore betting.

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2. Welcome bonuses at BetOnline

1. BetOnline Sports Betting bonus offers

  • Welcome bonus of 50% up to $1000
  • 5% boost on crypto payments
  • 100% up to $1000 on crypto deposit
  • 25% sports reload bonus up to $250
  • $50 free play for mobile users
  • Odds Boosts

2. BetOnline Casino offers

  • 100% up to $1000 for your first three deposits ($3000)
  • 20% monthly reload bonus on weekly bases up to $500
  • 10% weekly casino rebate
  • 100 free spins on the Game of the Week
  • Weekly challenges

3. Poker offers

  • 100% up to $1000
  • Crypto deposit boosts
  • Great tournaments with high prizes

3. Downsides of BetOnline

Writing a review only with the advantages of a bookmaker would not be fair. Each betting site has some downsides too. I think BetOnline does not have any major issues that should stop you from profiting from their bonuses and great odds. 

1. Customer service mistakes

There was a specific case when customer service could access the passwords of the users. This was a major issue back then. Based on my research this issue was solved.

2. Confiscated winnings

While lurking around in forums, I found some bettors complaining about getting their profits confiscated. Some of them had winnings over $10k. I’ve been betting since 2013, and one thing I know for sure is that every statement has two sides in this industry.

The bookies are defending themselves and the players want to force them to get their profits back. But in the reality, in most of these cases, bettors tend to have a suspicious activity or even cheat.

During these years I used tens of bookmakers and I noticed that each of them is making major mistakes. They might experience a delay of data from sports events that can help bettors to place bets on outcomes that are already winners. This strategy is called courtside betting.

Making profits with this strategy is possible to a certain level. But these profits are the results of cheating, and even though I like winning this way, I did not complain when my accounts were closed for this act. 

I think BetOnline is offering great services and I have 100% trust in them when I say they are not stealing money from bettors that were achieved rightfully.

3. Card payment fee

They are applying a 6% fee on deposits with cards. If you want to avoid this fee, I would suggest using crypto payments for 100% anonymous sports betting.

4. BetOnline odds Review

If you are an active sports bettor, getting access to high odds can make or break your long-term profitability.

BetOnline has the lowest profit margin in most cases compared to its competitors. I have checked several sports and events on Basketball, Football, Soccer, NHL to find out if they truly offer the highest odds.

betonline review bookmaker without verification

I have compared the profit margin and made a proper comparison between the two biggest US offshore betting sites You can check my Bovada vs Betonline comparison. 

My conclusion was that BetOnline has a slightly lower profit margin overall. A lower profit margin automatically means higher odds 

1. Basketball odds at BetOnline:

Spread Betting: BetOnline is offering odds price with a juice of ~4.5-5%

Win: on the winner of the match BetOnline is dominating with the highest odds by offering prices with a profit margin even below 3.30%. 

2. Soccer odds at BetOnline:

BetOnline is beating its competitor on almost every market on soccer. 

They have profit margins even below 3.7%

hand pointing arbitrage betting

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5. BetOnline Sports coverage review

BetOnline is covering a wide range of sports, but some of them like Gaelic games, handball, table tennis, and volleyball are not covered yet.

Based on my experience, for 99% of the bettors, the main sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, MMA, etc. are more than enough.

Since I’m actively betting, I placed only 10-20 bets on smaller sports. I think I could live without having access to these, but instead having high odds on the others.

6. Betting markets review

For regular bettors, the majority of bookmakers are offering enough markets. Some spread lines, handicaps, and futures are enough for most people.

But I prefer betting on smaller markets too. Those are offering the most possibilities. 

BetOnline is offering a wide variety of betting markets. Besides the usual spread betting lines and winner markets, you can find handicaps, totals, and correct scores on smaller quarter and half-time markets too.

7. Is BetOnline trustworthy?

I have checked on many forums and groups to find out if other peoples have the same experience with BetOnline as me.

BetOnline is one of the safest and most trustworthy offshore bookmakers and casino sites available in the USA. It’s not uncommon that players hold even six-figure balances here.

If you request a withdrawal with crypto, it will be processed very quickly. I prefer only crypto for depositing and withdrawing my funds. 

For many people using cryptocurrencies as payment methods might seem complicated and time-consuming. But it is worth your time and effort. You can save more on fees.

BetOnline is reputable and they are the only offshore betting site that hasn’t limited me yet. 

The only thing I should warn you about is their deposit bonuses. Some of them (the one with crypto for example) are requiring you to roll over for 14x. So, if you deposit the first time 100% crypto bonus for $1000, you have a ($1000+$1000)*14=$28,000 playthrough. I typically stick to the bonuses in the 20-30% range with a 6x-8x playthrough, which is easier to take advantage of.

8. Does BetOnline actually payout?

BetOnline is very safe and dependable for users who don’t want to cheat or abuse their bonuses. There were only a few complaints regarding not paying out customers. As I already mentioned, many of them were exposed as players who used multiple accounts or cheated in some way.

Is BetOnline Poker rigged at BetOnline?

Thinking that a bookmaker like BetOnline would rig their poker interface is a wrong mentality.

Every poker site makes money no matter if you win or lose a hand. This is called the rake. BetOnline does not need to increase the freq of coolers, they are running many tables with tons of cash, 100s of thousands of hands an hour. 

It would be a nonsense move to rig poker when they earn money anyway. Doesn’t matter who wins for them, they always get the rake.

9. How do you cash out on BetOnline?

You can payout by clicking on ‘Payouts’, then on ‘Request a New Payout’ in the “My Account” section. 

In the beginning, you need to give 24 hours for your payout requests to be reviewed before the processing time starts. They need to check if there was any unusual activity.

  1. Payout is processed Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. ET to 1:00 p.m. ET but this does not include holidays.
  2. Third-party payouts are not available and permitted.
  3. Players who generate winnings from a poker freeroll and have no previous deposits will be required to make a minimum deposit and also roll that amount over at least once in the sportsbook before their payout is approved.

10. Deposit methods – min and max

Similarly to other gambling sites without strict verification, they offer many payment processing methods, but the focus seems to fall on crypto transactions.

  • Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoincash, ripple: min – $20; max $100,000
  • Credit / Debit Cards: min – $50; max – $2500
  • Person to person: min – $100; max – $600
  • MoneyOrders: min – $300; max – $9000
  • Bank wire transfer: min – $1000; max – no max
  • Cashier checks: min – $1500; max – $15000

BetOnline accepts credit and debit cards by Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, JCB, and Diner’s Club

They also accept Amex deposits, if you already deposited at least five times

Card deposits have a 6% deposit fee. BetOnline is one of the only US betting sites charging any fee at all for card deposits. You can avoid this fee by using crypto payments.

11. Payout methods – – min and max

  • Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoincash, ripple: min – $20; max – $100,000
  • Credit / Debit Cards: min – $50; max – $2500
  • Person to person: min – $100; max – $600
  • MoneyOrders: min – $300; max – $9000
  • Bank wire transfer: min – $1000; max – no max
  • Cashier checks: min – $1500; max – $15000

BetOnline is charging a $25 fee per standard check or $50 if you want the check to be delivered within seven business days.

How often can you withdraw from BetOnline?

Withdrawals can be requested for free once each month. BetOnline uses a system where you are given $50 credit towards withdrawal fees.

This should be plenty for most bettors. The most reliable (but slower) US method is via paper check.

How to deposit Bitcoin into BetOnline?

  • Log-in to BetOnline and go to the Cashier
  • Click on Deposit, select the cryptocurrency you want to use
  • Enter amount you want to deposit (in USD), insert your Promotional Code if you have one, and click „next”
  • You have to send only the amount displayed on the cashier screen to the crypto wallet address displayed here. The address can only be used once and has an expiration time

A “transaction completed” message will appear on the deposit page when done. It may take up to two hours to complete this transaction depending on the currency you used. With Litecoin this will take only some minutes.

12. Does BetOnline have an app?

Having a great mobile app or a mobile-friendly user interface is essential for most players. BetOnline is providing a mobile app to sports bettors and casino players.

The app is user-friendly it’s easy to use and navigate around while offering a fast interface. Having a fast app in betting is crucial. Even milliseconds could mean the difference between a winner and a lost bet.

13. Betonline Poker Review from users


„Never had issues there or heard serious legitimate complaints.”


„They’re legit, there’s just so many people playing poker now cause of the quarantines everywhere that their servers are overloaded.”


„I’ve played on there for over a year now and haven’t had any problems. I just did my biggest cash-out tonight so we will see how it goes but I’ve never had an issue. And they have even better tournaments on these days

*edit: cash out came through in less than 12 hours”

PROS of poker at Betonline

  • Best credit and debit card processing for US players
  • Most crypto payments are processed in 5 minutes
  • User-friendly poker software and interface
  • Fastest and smoothest Poker mobile app in the US
  • Top 5 traffic in the US
  • Over $1000 in bonuses
  • Private 100% bonus that can be completed fast for active players
  • New fast-fold games at lower limits
  • Possibility of depositing with altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin
  • New jackpot 3-player Sit and Go’s

hand pointing arbitrage betting

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  • The best tournament selection
  • Check payout might seem high for some players
  • Not tough enough on their crackdown of HUDs
  • Fast-fold is only available at low limits


14. BetOnline Poker Game Limits

GameMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
No-Limit Hold’em.01/.02$5/10
Fixed-Limit Hold’em.05/.10$1.50/3
Omaha. 01/.02$5/10
32 Card Draw.10/.25$5/10
Poker game limits at BetOnline – BetOnline review

15. Customer Service

The customer service at BetOnline still has a bit to learn. In some cases, players reported rude and arrogant discussions with the customer’s service. They are doing a decent job most of the time, and this is why they are so successful in this industry

The company offers live chat support, phone support, and four different departments for email support (general, poker, casino, and skill games). 

Players who have already deposited have access to live chat support. Response times are not the fastest on live chat and email, but at a bookmaker this big it is not a surprise.

You can also check my article on BetOnline payout speed and rules.


BetOnline Review is one of the most trusted offshore bookmakers for US bettors and gamblers. They are offering high odds and a wide variety of betting markets for sports fans.

Is BetOnline Payout easy?

BetOnline is very safe and dependable for users who don’t want to cheat or abuse their bonuses. There were only a few complaints regarding not paying out customers.