RebelBetting Review 2021 – Arbitrage and Value Betting Software

RebelBetting Review 2021 – Arbitrage and Value Betting Software

RebelBetting is on the bookmaker scanner market since 2008. In this review, I would like to present this service from every possible angle.

Sports betting is offering a great income source for thousands of people. Strategies based on mathematics are the easiest and most guaranteed ways for generating profits in betting.

Services like RebelBetting are the main reason why profitable betting is so easy and sustainable.

But how? Let’s get into it!

What is RebelBetting?

The simplest betting strategies are one of the most profitable ones too. Even without any knowledge about sports, anyone can learn and profit from them.

Programs and services like RebelBetting are offering massive support for bettors. They are helping you to reduce the working time and increase the amounts of profits you can make.

These days betting strategies like matched betting, arbitrage betting, and value betting are hard to sustain without bookmaker scanner services.

Basically, RebelBetting is offering both an in-page service and a downloadable application too. They are offering several services with a wide variety of bookmakers and sports scanned.

General Data

  • Bookies scanned: 94
  • Sports scanned: 10 + Esports
  • Markets Scanned: 6 + Cross Markets
  • Available interface: Web / Downloadable app
  • The odds are accurate
  • Scanning speed is fairly fast

Keep reading and you can find out more details.

RebelBetting Sure Bet / Arbitrage scanner

Sure betting, or in other names arbitrage betting, is one of the most favorite strategies of smart bettors.

It is based on finding overpriced odds and generating guaranteed profits by covering every outcome. Their software is supporting this betting technique by scanning a lot of bookmakers.

When the algorithm is spotting price differences between bookmakers, the program is displaying the opportunities.

A lot of people already made a fortune with sure betting. RebelBetting has a big role in becoming successful with this strategy.

A simple example for a sure bet opportunity:

There is a football meeting between team A and team B. Hundreds of bookmakers are offering odds and betting lines for this match.

It is inevitable that some of them will have different information or opinion about participating teams and players.

One of them can offer an odd of 2.10 for scoring at least 3 goals on the match.

While other bookmakers might think this is unlikely, so they will offer an odd of 2.10 to the opposite outcome.

You might think this opportunity is rare. But in reality, thousands of these are appearing on a daily basis. Most of them are disappearing in seconds.

Some bookmakers are not fast enough in correcting these mistakes, so smart bettors can take advantage of them.

In this example, if you place 100 euros on both outcomes, you will end up with a profit of 10 euros, no matter how many goals will be scored.

RebelBetting is displaying these opportunities by comparing the lines and odds from a lot of bookmakers with each other.

Price of Sure Bet scanning service

No matter how much money you can make with a service, the subscription price is always an important factor.

Choosing the right service is not always about what they can offer. But the amount you need to pay for a monthly subscription is also influencing your choice.

rebelbetting sure betting price

The monthly subscription plan is the most commonly used. You need to pay €129 to get access to sure bets without restrictions.

Those who are not sure if this scanner is worth that much, have several options to choose from.

RebelBetting is offering its software for free with some limitations.

The maximum arb percentage displayed in their free version is 0.6% without any delay or speed limitations.

For actively betting on sure bets this percentage is low. But finding out and getting comfortable with every tool and setting you could need is a fair possibility for free.

If you are still not sure about the purchase, I would suggest trying out the one-week subscription plan.

An investment of €39 is nothing compared to the possible income you can generate with their tools.

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How to use the Sure Betting service?

First of all, you need to download their application. The first thing you need after launching the software is to log in with the account you already created.

In the next step, you will see a lot of arbitrage opportunities. You will see the profit % on each arb, the name of the event, and the bookies with the best odds.

Just after a few seconds, you will notice how those opportunities disappear and new ones are showing up.

Bookmakers are trying to keep up with each other because any mistake they make will cost them.

The longer they can’t correct overpriced markets the more bettors take advantage of them.

On the left side of each sure bet, you can see the possible profit, shown as the %.

rebelbetting surebet review

If you place 100 euros of stake in total for both outcomes the amount of profit you can generate is represented by that %.

Placing bets on a sure bet of 4% will result in a profit of 4 euros with a total stake of 100 euros.

This amount could seem nothing. A lot of bettors are placing accumulator bets with a possible profit of 500-900 euros.

What is the real difference between these betting styles?

Well, they won’t be winners in the long run. Basically, they are donating money to the bookmakers.

With arbitrage betting your profit is guaranteed.

Using bookmaker scanner services like RebelBetting will allow you to place tens, even hundreds of sure bets on a daily basis.

Making 80-120 euros a day with 50 bets is way better than placing 1-2 with 10 euros each and losing them, right?

This strategy is based on small but consistent profits that will add up to a decent income if you are persistent.

The main advantage of scanner services is they are allowing you to make money from betting without knowing anything about sports.

You need to learn only the basics, like how the odds are moving, how are they calculated, and the meaning of markets.

RebelBetting is built up in a way that after a short time even beginner bettors will find it easy to use.

They have built a system which is allowing you to automatically log into bookies you are using. Your account details can be introduced in their settings.

After selecting a sure bet opportunity, you can click on the blue play button in the left corner and the bookies will open automatically.

rebelbetting value betting autosurf

This system is allowing you to act faster. Time is money in this business!

If you can place a bet faster than others, you have more chances to catch them before the odds could drop.

Guides for learning

Still not sure if you should subscribe or not? A lot of people think that these betting strategies require some special skill.

Some of them think learning arbitrage betting is possible only for those with deep knowledge of sports and mathematics.

Every time I start using a new service, I find myself struggling to find out how to properly set an account up.

A lot of the time learning every feature of service by yourself can take some hours or even days.

These days most services are offering decent learning materials. An accessible and easy-to-use guide is one of the most important parts for a new customer.

Even the best service could seem useless if it is not in the right hands.

Every time you start RebelBetting you will see the help tab in the top right corner.

rebel betting help guide

By clicking on it, you can check their free ebook. After learning enough about arbitrage betting, you can start using their tutorial videos on the website.

You will find out how to use every tool properly.

How much can you make with RebelBetting sure bets?

Every time a service asking for your money, this is the most important question you can have.

There is no correct answer for this.

If you want to make enough profits:

  • You need to have access to a lot of bookmakers (8-10 at least)
  • The more you work, the more bets you can place
  • The later your account gets limited, the more money you can make

Generally speaking, on a normal day you can place at least 5-10 bets. It depends on the period you are in.

In off-season, it is not a wise idea to place bets on the Chile youth league for example. You will get limited in a moment.

If you have a starting capital of at least 2k euros you can easily make 500 euros even in the first month.

The bigger your starting capital is, the more bets you can place.

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RebelBetting value betting Review

This value betting service has appeared in previous years. I think this is the best betting strategy you could ever practice.

The possible profits, in the long run, are 50% – 70% higher than at arbitrage betting.

It is also based on finding overpriced markets. They are using a complex algorithm based on mathematics.

The service can define the odds that are close to the real probability. Every outcome is compared to these odds.

If the service is finding overpriced odds at any bookmaker, their service will display them.

Their Value betting system is very similar to tipster sites, but in this case, you can be sure that the picks are based on mathematics.

Placing bets on these overpriced markets will offer you an edge over the bookmakers. In the long run, you will end up with decent profits.

Bookmakers are trying to offer lower odds than the real probability of the outcome.

RebelBetting is finding those opportunities where the bookies can’t react fast enough, so they make mistakes. Your only task is to pay attention to the program and place your bets.

Price of Value Betting Service

rebelbetting value betting price review

The starter pack will cost you €79. This is the best option for beginners. Based on historical data, the average profit/month is around 30% of your capital.

If you are not sure about purchasing a whole month or not, you can use the service for 14 days for free. Their trial version is not requiring credit card information.

So, if you are interested in value betting, RebelBetting’s value betting service is a must-try.

Try RebelBetting for FREE!

How to handle the Value Betting service?

Getting started with this service does not require downloading the software. You can access it in the browser too.

But for those who are in favor of the downloaded version, you can access it on that platform too.

Steps to follow

  • Log into the interface
  • In the setting > bookmakers select the bookies you can use
  • If you don’t want to place bets on certain sports or markets  like over/under or handicap, you can change these settings in Markets
  • When RebelBetting is displaying an opportunity, click on the tab with that particular bookie and search for the match/market
  • If the odds are still the same or even higher you can place the bets
  • Choose a corresponding staking system (money management)
  • If you set up the auto log-in “autosurf” tool, RebelBetting will open and log into your account with one click (a real time saver)

rebel betting review

Other strategies to use RebelBetting for

Matched betting with RebelBetting

If you are using their sure betting service, you might find out that some bookmakers don’t make enough mistakes.

These can be less useful for arbitrage betting. But a lot of them can offer bonuses to attract new customers and keep existing ones active.

With the Sure Betting service, you can take advantage of these bonuses. You can find arbs close to 0%.

Those won’t attract too much attention. You can stay under the radar for a longer time.

Extracting bonuses without risking your money is called matched betting. You can learn more about them here.

If you have a subscription plan for arbitrage betting, you should take advantage of these bonuses too.

Basically, they are free money on the table.

Middles with RebelBetting

Their software is capable of scanning middle bets too.

What are they?

You can find these types of bets on point or handicap markets (most of the time).

They can appear as an arbitrage opportunity, but with a little difference between outcomes.

For example:

Betting on over 160.5 on basketball and also covering the other outcome on under 161.5.

In this example, if the match ended with a total of 160 points, both of your bets will be winners.

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Rebelbetting Review – Conclusion

Rebelbetting is a good choice for beginners and experienced bettors. Rebelbetting has a fast scanning service that supports arbitrage, value, and even matched betting too. Their user interface is friendly, and the betting opportunities are displayed refreshed very fast.

RebelBetting Review
  • Price
  • Interface
  • Speed
  • Number of arbs


RebelBetting is a beginner-friendly bookmaker scanner service. You can start making money with sure bets and value betting without knowing too much about sports. Their guides will help you understand every necessary tool.

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