RebelBetting Review with result stats & interview [2023]

Rebelbetting has been offering one of the best Pre-match arbitrage betting services since 2008.

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You came here to check if RebelBetting is really worth taking a try or if it’s just a new site that offers dreams that cannot be fulfilled.

I’ve been using similar sites since 2013 as a full-time smart bettor.

RebelBetting Review Summary

General Properties

Scanning speed: Industry top

Odds Accuracy: 9.1/10

Filters: 9.5/10

Pre-match/Live: Pre only

Bets displayed: 9/10

Customer Service: 9.5/10

Free Trial: 14 days

Recommended For

Experience level: Beginner to Pro

Zone: Europe, USA, Ca, Asia

Price/value: 9.7/10

Desktop/Mobile: Both, mobile-first interface

Sports: 10 + eSports

Pros of RebelBetting

  • 60+ bookies scanned + many of their clones
  • 13+ US betting sites covered
  • 2-week free trial for each RebelBetting service
  • Accurate odds both on arbs and value bets
  • Their user-friendly interface helps me and even beginner bettors to quickly figure out each RebelBetting tool
  • The auto navigate to bookie (redirection tool) is one of my favorites tool that can speed up your betting process and you can place significantly more bets
  • Good customer service, every time I contacted them I got a professional and fairly fast answer
  • Their value betting tool helps you calculate the right stakes depending on the size of the value and the size of your bank
  • Many guides for onboarding clients. Based on my experience, their guides are enough even for a total beginner
  • You can start making guaranteed profits right on the first day without spending on the software due to their free trial

Cons of RebelBetting

  • No in-play arbitrage betting or value betting scanner (requires way more experience and they want satisfied clients)
  • Some bookies still need to be implemented

I used RebelBetting for a longer period.

Here you will find out my experience with them.

What RebelBetting can truly deliver?

-> You can achieve the same success as many of their customers who have earned thousands and achieved sustainable side income from sports betting, even without previous experience.

-> Rebelbetting delivers what they promise – no more and no less.

You won’t become a millionaire with their secret tips, but they will guide you to start earning from sports betting based on proven methods.

If you are looking for a premium sure bet or value bet finder for an affordable price, RebelBetting is for sure one of your top options.

Check their calculator to see how much profit you can make based on your initial investment and some other factors.

Rebelbetting is scanning 60+ bookmakers including sites from Europe and 13+ from the US.

They are focusing on the two most profitable betting strategies: sure bets (for pre-match – arbitrage bets) and value betting.

You can get hundreds of overpriced odds and start beating the bookmakers even in the long run.

Their scanner is making only a few mistakes compared to other competitors.

RebelBetting is the only service with a 14-day free trial version for each of its services.

Interview with an active RebelBetting user

Here is a short interview between me and itzdarcore from Reddit.

He was very helpful and open to sharing his experience with RebelBetting’s value betting tool.

His results with the help of RebelBetting

interview results with rebelbetting value betting
itzdarcore RebelBetting user results
Over 10000 EUR profits with RebelBetting in 4.5 months
Number of Value Bets placed with the help of RebelBetting
Number of Value Bets placed with the help of RebelBetting

The interview itself:

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

[6:11 PM] Where and how did you hear about value betting for the first time?


Approximately five months ago, I came across a recommended YouTube channel known as “Caan Berry Pro Trader,” which had a substantial following.

As a person always searching for ways to earn money online, I began watching some of the channel’s videos on horse racing and value betting.

Prior to this, I had no knowledge of value betting.

However, the channel sparked my interest, leading me to conduct further research on the topic.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

I checked the betting history you shared with me and noticed that you are focusing on odds around 2.

Why is that and what do you think about other odds ranges?


I prefer to focus on odds around 2.0 because it allows me to avoid unfavourable variance that comes with higher odds.

While it’s true that I may miss out on some potentially larger wins by not betting on odds outside of this range, I find it more prudent to stick with odds that are more stable and consistent.

This approach enables me to have a clearer and more confident mindset, allowing me to make better decisions and minimize any potential risks.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

I assume you heard about RebelBetting on the Youtube channels mentioned above.

What made you the first and maybe the biggest step to really start this betting strategy?

What were your biggest motivation and the last push for trying it?


Correct I had heard about RebelBetting through the same YouTube channels mentioned earlier.

However, what really compelled me to take the first and most significant step towards implementing this betting strategy was my strong desire to earn money online.

The fact that RebelBetting offered a seven-day free trial.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see if this approach was something that could work for me.

After just three days, I had already made a profit of 100€, which immediately piqued my interest.

As I continued using the platform and observing my earnings grow over time, I became increasingly motivated to take this seriously and fully commit to the strategy.

Eventually, I upgraded to the “PRO” subscription and began to dedicate even more time and effort towards value betting.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

It seems you are satisfied with the services of RebelBetting.

Could you share the top 3-4 features that you like the most at RebelBetting?


  • Firstly, I really appreciate the fact that RebelBetting offers the possibility to access exchanges.
  • Secondly, the in-depth betting reports provided by RebelBetting are incredibly helpful in tracking my progress and identifying areas where I can improve.
  • The platform provides detailed information on my betting history, allowing me to analyze my performance and make more informed decisions moving forward.
  • Thirdly, RebelBetting offers a wide variety of bookies to choose from, which enables me to diversify my betting portfolio.
  • Finally, the active community of RebelBetting users is a valuable resource that I greatly appreciate. It provides a platform for users to share tips, insights, and advice, and it allows me to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for value betting.

Sam @Sportssmartbetting

Similar to any other service, RebelBetting also has some weaknesses. Which tools or settings did you miss from RebelBetting?


While I have had a positive experience with RebelBetting overall, there are a few tools or settings that I feel could be improved.

  • One of the main weaknesses I have noticed is the lack of a live value betting option.

This can be a disadvantage since some other betting platforms offer this feature, which allows users to take advantage of in-game fluctuations in odds.

  • Another limitation is the inability to directly access the bet slip on bookmaker sites like Bet365.

Instead, the platform takes you to the match page, which can be a bit inconvenient and time-consuming when placing bets.

  • Lastly, while I find the subscription price to be reasonable for the value provided, it is still one of the higher prices in the industry.

While I personally feel that the cost is worth it for the profits I have been able to generate using RebelBetting, I can see how it might be a deterrent for some users.

  • Overall, while these limitations are relatively minor in my opinion, I believe that RebelBetting could still benefit from some improvements in these areas to enhance user experience and make it more competitive with other betting platforms.
rebelbetting value betting sports used
Betting markets used by itzdarcore
rebelbetting value betting markets used
Markets used by itzdarcore

RebelBetting Testimonials

RebelBetting testimonials, user opinion and rating

DeveloperDog·5 mo. ago – From Reddit

“I’ve used it for years. Started with sure betting, but now value betting is more profitable per hour.”


rebelbetting testimonial of real user

itzdarcore·5 mo. ago – reddit

“Bought the sub yesterday, will keep you up to date if you are interested”

rebelbetting testimonial of real user


itzdarcore·3 mo. ago

“4.1k in profit”

rebelbetting testimonials from users
rebelbetting positive testimonial from real user

Try them for free with their 14 days free trial! No credit card is required

RebelBetting Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




Bookies covered from your country

Check which bookies they scan from your country!

RebelBetting Review
  • Price
  • Interface
  • Speed
  • Number of arbs


They are a good choice for beginners and experienced bettors too. Both the sure bets and value betting service of Rebelbetting are offering a high-quality service for an affordable price. RebelBetting has an application and a browser interface too, helping bettors for almost 14 years.

User Review
5 (2 votes)

My experience with RebelBetting

  • After being an arbitrage and value bettor since 2013, I genuinely find RebelBetting one of the top choices for many bettors.
  • I used RebelBetting for several months for football value betting. My best month with their help was around €2480 profits.
  • Their tools are a perfect pick for each European bettor who wants to focus on pre-match sure betting or value betting.
  • Their beginner guide, 14-day free trial, excellent interface, and quality betting opportunities are what make RebelBetting an outstanding choice both for beginner and experienced smart bettors
  • I have hands-on experience using each tool of RebelBetting, as you can see in the review video below. I found their software an excellent pick for pre-match sure betting. It has a fast and fairly accurate scanner (non of the bookie scanners work without mistakes). However, I’m focusing on in-play value betting, so I had to switch to one of their competitors.
  • I always liked their calculator, which can predict your possible future profits based on your betting activity

Sports betting offers a great income source for thousands of people.

Strategies based on mathematics are the easiest and most guaranteed ways for generating profits from sports betting.

Arbitrage and value betting software like RebelBetting are the main reason why profitable betting is so easy and sustainable.

Try them for free with their 14 days free trial! No credit card is required!

RebelBetting Review: Quick summary

Rebelbetting review summary
  • Bookies scanned: 60+
  • Sports scanned: 10 + Esports
  • Markets Scanned: 6 + Cross Markets
  • Available interface: Browser (primary) / Downloadable app (not supported by each system)
  • The odds are displayed accurately
  • Scanning speed or refresh rate is fairly fast compared even to the biggest competitors

What is RebelBetting all about?

RebelBetting is one of the first smart betting-related software that compares betting odds between bookmakers and displays odds discrepancies or so-called sure bets, arbitrage bets.

RebelBetting is also capable of defining and displaying value bets or, in other names positive EV (expected value) bets that can offer long-term profits.

This software was coded by a small software development and sports bettor specialists team called Clarobet AB from Sweden.

The basic version of the RebelBetting application was launched in 2006 as one of the big and first pioneers in this arbitrage betting industry.

They got very popular even in the early days due to their capability of displaying arbitrage bets with excellent accuracy.

Nowadays, RebelBetting has customers from all around the world from each continent, and even from smaller countries where arbitrage and value betting are possible.

If you are not 100% how these work, you can check my dedicated article on how to find value bets.

Best countries for RebelBetting

Based on my experience bettors from the United Kingdom can benefit the most from using their services.

However, the majority of betting sites scanned by RebelBetting is available in most countries where sports betting is legalized.

In 2022 they started scanning bookmakers from the USA as well, so bettors from many states and even Canada can benefit from the services of RebelBetting.

How to use the RebelBetting arbitrage and value betting software?

Below you can find my introduction video to RebelBetting with a step-by-step guide on how to use their services.

The basic steps of using RebelBetting:

  • Opt-in for the free trial
  • Set up the required bookmakers in the Options section
  • The odds ranges, maximum/minimum profits, and starting capital settings are also helpful
  • When you select a sure or value bet at RebelBetting, you will find the recommended stake for that betting opportunity
  • After clicking on the bet button the software will redirect you to the right sports event
  • You should hide/log successful bets so RebelBetting will display only new opportunities

1. RebelBetting Sure Bets Review

Sure betting, or by other names, arbitrage betting, is one of the most simple yet guaranteed techniques to win your bets every time.

It is based on spotting odds discrepancies between bookies that are big enough to offer a guaranteed profit on your bets if you cover every outcome.

The RebelBetting sure bet software is scanning 60+ bookmakers for these arbitrage opportunities.

Pros of RebelBetting sure bet finder

  • 60+ betting sites covered
  • 13+ US bookies scanned
  • Fast sure bet finder (excellent refresh rate)
  • 14-day free trial for testing their tools
  • A low margin of error in displaying sure bets
  • Simple filters and a user interface that favors even beginner bettors
  • Includes a redirection tool for many bookies
  • Excellent, competent customer service
  • Video and written guides for new sure bettors
  • Simple yet effective sure bet calculator
  • Competitive price (even cheaper if you include the free trial)

Cons of RebelBetting sure bet soft

  • No in-play sure bet finder is available
  • Some bookies still need to be implemented
  • The filters are not so advanced as at other services

Here is a simple example of a sure bet opportunity:

  • There is a football meeting between team A and team B
  • Hundreds of bookmakers are offering odds and betting lines for this match
  • One of them can offer an odd of 2.10 for over 2.5 goals to be scored
  • While other bookmakers might think this is unlikely, they will offer an odd of 2.10 for under 2.5 goals

You might think this opportunity is rare.

But in reality, the bookies are making thousands of similar mistakes. The majority of these bets disappear in seconds.

But some bookmakers are slower in correcting wrong odds and smart bettors can take advantage of them.

In this example, if you place 100 euros on both outcomes, you will end up with a profit of 10 euros, no matter how many goals will be scored.

RebelBetting is displaying these opportunities by comparing the lines and odds from a lot of bookmakers with each other.

RebelBetting Price: Sure Bets – Arbitrage betting

No matter how much money you can make with a service, the subscription price is always an important factor.

Choosing the right service is not always about what they can offer.

The monthly subscription fee is a top influencing factor even for successful bettors.

As of 16.01.2023, they include both sure betting and value betting tools in each of their plans.

Below you can find the pricing and the difference between RebelBetting prices.

RebelBetting Starter:

€99/ month

  • Value bets & sure bets included
  • great for beginners
  • works with a smaller bankroll
  • steady profit every month: ROI over 30%/month

RebelBetting Pro:

€219/ month

  •  Value bets & sure bets
  •  Maximize your profit
  •  The most profitable bets
  •  Access non-limiting bookies
Compare Starter vs Pro Plans
Sure bet percentageUp to 3.5%Unlimited
Bet settlementYesYes
80+ bookiesYesYes
RebelBetting sure bet finder pricing plans
RebelBetting sure bet finder pricing plans

You need to pay €99 to get access to the RebelBetting Starter plan, which is perfect for beginners with a smaller bankroll.

Those who are not sure if they can take full advantage of the starter plan, have the possibility to use their services for free.

How to use the RebelBetting Sure Bet service?

You have two options:

  • Using them in your browser
  • Downloading the RebelBetting application

Arbitrage betting in browser

The browser version is functioning similarly to its competitors.

Down below you can see how to add additional bookies to the selected ones. After clicking inside the bookmaker’s area, this dropdown menu will appear.

rebelbetting web app surebetting

3. RebelBetting value betting software Review

The RebelBetting value betting service has appeared in previous years.

Based on my many years of experience this is the best betting strategy you could ever practice.

Rebel Betting Value betting profits

The possible profits with value betting are 50% – 70% higher than at arbitrage betting.

Value betting is also based on finding overpriced markets and wrong odds.

They are using a complex algorithm that can define the real probability of an outcome. Simply: the true odds.

Every odd at bookies is compared to these true lines.

If the RebelBetting value betting soft is finding overpriced odds at any bookmaker, their service will display it.

Pros of RebelBetting value betting

  • 60+ bookmakers (+many clones)
  • 13+ US bookies scanned
  • Fast value bet finder algorithm
  • They focus on helping bettors make long-term returns
  • Money-back guarantee if you can’t profit from value betting (you have to prove it)
  • You can log your value bets
  • Betting history available
  • 14-day free trial for testing their tools
  • One of the first value bet finders in the industry
  • Excellent and simple user interface
  • Includes a redirection tool for the majority of bookies
  • Video and written guides for new value bettors
  • Simple yet effective stake calculator
  • A competitive price

Cons of RebelBetting value betting

  • No in-play value bet finder is available
  • Some betting sites still need to be implemented
  • Clone bookies are not displayed
  • The filters are not so advanced as at other services

Placing bets on these overpriced markets will offer you an edge over the bookmakers.

By taking advantage of these opportunities with a proper staking strategy, you will have good profits.

RebelBetting with its value betting tool is displaying opportunities where the bookies make mistakes and can’t correct them fast enough.

Your only task is to pay attention to the software and place your bets.

RebelBetting Value Betting Price

As of 16.01.2023, they include the value betting tool in their starter plan as well. Below you can find the pricing and the difference between their plans.

RebelBetting Starter:

€99/ month

  • Value bets & sure bets included
  • great for beginners
  • works with a smaller bankroll
  • steady profit every month: ROI over 30%/month
RebelBetting Pro:

€219/ month

  •  Value bets & sure bets
  •  Maximize your profit
  •  The most profitable bets
  •  Access non-limiting bookies
Compare Starter vs Pro Plans
Sure bet percentageUp to 3.5%Unlimited
Bet settlementYesYes
80+ bookiesYesYes

The starter pack will cost you €99. This is the best option for beginners.

Based on historical data, the average profit/month is around 30% of your capital.

If you are not sure about purchasing a whole month, you can use the service for 14 days for free.

Their trial version does not require credit card information.

So, if you are interested in value betting, RebelBettingis the perfect service for learning this strategy.

How to use the RebelBetting Value Betting service?

Getting started with this service does not require downloading the software.

You can access it in the browser too.

But for those who are in favour of the downloaded version, you can access it on that platform too.

rebel betting review filters

Steps to follow: RebelBetting Value Betting

  • Log into the interface
  • In the settings > bookmakers select the bookies you can use
  • If you don’t want to place bets on certain sports or markets  like over/under or handicap, you can change these settings in Markets
  • When RebelBetting is displaying an opportunity, click on the tab with that particular bookie and search for the match/market
  • If the odds are still the same or even higher you can place the bets
  • Choose a corresponding staking system (money management)
  • If you set up the auto log-in “auto-surf” tool, RebelBetting will open and log into your account with one click (a real time-saver)

RebelBetting Free trial

RebelBetting is offering a free trial of 14 days for all of their services:

on both platforms (application/web) without any limitations.

At the moment RebelBetting is the only arbitrage & value betting software that is offering a free trial without delaying arbs or reducing the maximum profit %.

Other strategies to use RebelBetting for

Matched betting with RebelBetting

If you are using their sure betting service, you might find out that some bookmakers don’t make enough mistakes.

These can be less useful for arbitrage betting.

But a lot of them can offer bonuses to attract new customers and keep existing ones active.

With the Sure Betting service, you can take advantage of these bonuses. You can find arbs close to 0%.

Those won’t attract too much attention. You can stay under the radar for a longer time.

Extracting bonuses without risking your money is called matched betting. Check my following article and you can learn more about matched betting.

If you have a subscription plan for arbitrage betting, you should also take advantage of these bonuses.

Basically, it is free money on the table.

Middles with RebelBetting

Their software is capable of scanning middle bets too.

What are they?

You can find these types of bets on point or handicap markets (most of the time).

They can appear as an arbitrage opportunity, but with little difference between outcomes.

For example:

Betting on over 160.5 on basketball and also covering the other outcome on under 161.5.

In this example, if the match ended with a total of 160 points, both of your bets will be winners.

RebelBetting Guides for learning

Still not sure if you should subscribe or not? A lot of people think that these betting strategies require some special skill.

Some of them think learning arbitrage betting is possible only for those with deep knowledge of sports and mathematics.

Every time I start using a new service, I find myself struggling to find out how to properly set an account up.

A lot of the time learning every feature of service by yourself can take some hours or even days.

These days most services are offering decent learning materials. An accessible and easy-to-use guide is one of the most important parts for a new customer.

Even the best service could seem useless if it is not in the right hands.

By clicking on the product menu item, you can check their free ebook and helping guides.

After learning enough about arbitrage betting, you can start using their tutorial videos on the website.

You will find out how to use every tool properly.

If you are using the browser version (which is working in each operation system/browser) you can find an in-depth guide in their menu.

It will redirect you to a ton of helpful articles full of images and videos.

rebel betting help for beginners

How much can you make with the RebelBetting arbitrage bet software?

Check their calculator which is capable of giving you an average possible profit based on your initial investment and some other factors.

Every time a service asks for your money, this is the most important question you can have.

rebelbetting profit calculator

There is no correct answer to this.

But here is a short calculation you could make with RebelBetting value betting:

  • Starting Capital: €4,000
  • Average ROI: 6%
  • Number of bets placed/day: 15
  • Average stake: €50

Monthly profit: the 6% of (15bets * 30 days * €50) €22,500 is €1,350

If you want to make enough profits:

  • You need to have access to a lot of bookmakers (8-10 at least)
  • The more you work, the more bets you can place
  • The later your account gets limited, the more money you can make

Generally speaking, you can place at least 10-15 bets on a normal day. It depends on the period you are in.

In the off-season, it is not a wise idea to place bets on the Chile youth league for example. You will get limited in a moment.

If you have a starting capital of at least 2k euros you can easily make 500 euros even in the first month.

The bigger your starting capital is, the more bets you can place.

If you take advantage of betting brokers, you will have to possibility of extending the lifespan of your betting activity as well.

There are two main methods you can make more with RebelBetting.

Either you increase your starting capital somehow and place bigger stakes or start placing more bets with smaller stakes.

The success of value betting with RebelBetting or any other tool is based on placing thousands of bets to counter the variance.

This way the possible profit you can make with their tools stands in direct proportion to the time and money you are capable of working.

Best countries for using RebelBetting

RebelBetting is not a sports betting provider so they do not fall under any strict regulation.

They are not restricting access from any country, so no matter where you are from, if you have access to bookies that they scan, you can subscribe to RebelBetting Sure and Value betting software.

As I already mentioned the possible profits you can make with their services are in direct proportion to the time and money you want to invest.

As per RebelBetting:

If you use their sure betting software, a bankroll between €2,000 and €10,000 is optimal and can be enough to cover the majority of betting opportunities they display.

How many betting sites you can use, according to RebelBetting:

Successful sure betting requires both a decent bankroll and a larger number of betting sites.

When practicing it with a small bankroll, you have to take more steps into consideration.

You need to avoid having a too big balance at one bookie and getting other accounts out of funds.

Most beginner bettors starting using the services of RebelBetting can fund around 4-7 betting accounts.

If RebelBetting includes 1-2 bookies more times than the others, you should keep enough money on those accounts to cover each good arbitrage bet.

The first thing you need to build is a list of the available betting sites in your country that should include exchanges, even betting brokers, sharp bookies, and soft ones.

After that, check the list of bookies RebelBetting is scanning (60+ worldwide and 100+ of their clone bookies; 13+ from the US) and find out if using RebelBetting is worth it or not.

If they cover at least 5-8 of them, then opting for at least a beginner plan is suitable.

The best countries for using RebelBetting are the ones with many betting sites, such as the UK, Nordic countries, Greece, Italy, and many other European countries.

However, even if they scan only a few (5-10) of your bookies, RebelBetting is one of the best solutions for pre-match arbitrage and value betting.

RebelBetting in the USA

As the betting market gets bigger and bigger in the USA, the big players in the smart betting industry, such as RebelBetting started scanning more and more US bookies as well.

US betting sites at RebelBetting:

  • BetOnline
  • BetMGM
  • Bodog
  • Bovada
  • Barstool
  • Fanduel
  • Ceasars (WilliamHill)
  • Foxbet
  • Draftkings
  • BetAnySports
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Everygame (Intertops)

Right now there are 3 major value and arbitrage betting software in the USA and RebelBetting is one of them.

Does RebelBetting work?

Even without knowledge about sports, anyone can learn and profit from simple betting strategies like arbitrage & value betting.

The RebelBetting sure bet software was their first product for smart bettors.

With this tool, they are able to compare odds between bookmakers.

Yes, RebelBetting is working perfectly and has already helped thousands of bettors in becoming profitable.

Every time the odds difference is large enough this software is displaying it by showing the:

  • bookmakers,
  • sports events,
  • markets,
  • and odds that are creating an arbitrage or value betting opportunity.

Browser interface at value betting:

rebel betting browser application value betting

Profiting 80-120 euros a day with 50 sounds better than placing 1-2 accumulators with 10 euros each and losing them, right?

This strategy is based on small but consistent profits that will add up to a decent income if you are persistent.

The main advantage of scanner services is that they are allowing you to make money from betting without knowing anything about sports.

  • RebelBetting is built up in a way that after a short time even beginner bettors will find it easy to use
  • They have built a system that allows you to automatically log into the bookies you are using
  • Your account details can be introduced in their settings
  • After selecting a sure bet opportunity, you can click on the BET button and the bookies will open automatically.

This system is allowing you to act faster.

If you can place a bet faster than others, you have more chances to catch these opportunities before the odds could drop.

In their browser version, you will have a very similar system.

Check my screenshot below:

rebel betting value bet screenshot

RebelBetting alternatives?

RebelBetting is still one of the top arbitrage betting software for pre-match.

However, some of their competitors are offering very similar services and sometimes even for less money.

You might want to check my articles about BetBurger or ArbMate.

I also have an in-depth guide with each arbitrage bet finder I have ever used.

RebelBetting application

!! Please notice that the browser version is better and available for every user! the windows app is an older version of their software.

After downloading the app from their site, you need to log in with your credentials already created.

On the left side of each sure bet, you can see the possible profit, shown as the %.

rebelbetting application sure bets

The % represents the profitability of each sure bet opportunity.

If you place 100 euros in total for both outcomes, the profit you can generate is shown by that arb %.

This amount could seem like nothing.

But these profits will add up really fast if you find sure bets with a profit of 3-4 euros after every 100 euros wagered.

Using bookmaker scanner services like RebelBetting will allow you to place tens, even hundreds of sure bets on a daily basis.

rebel betting review
rebel betting review

RebelBetting User Reviews, Opinions

Positive Opinions

rebelbetting trusted verified company, excellent reviews
  1. Brian: “I’ve been using the value betting software for approximately 2 months, and I have earned approximately 60% ROI!”
  2. Fulvio Barroero: “The system calculates all your bets and gives you detailed statistic reports by the bookmaker, by sport, and by kind of bet.Very very GREAT!!!”
  3. Northstar: “I’ve been using RebelBetting Value Betting Pro service for about 7 months and have made more than 5000 euros profit. Started with 1000 euros.”
  4. SP Charamza: “Great tool to increase your betting profit. The price is not the cheapest, but it’s absolutely worth it. Rebelbetting offers you an astonishing amount of bets which you can filter due to a really easy options handling.”

Negative Opinions

  1. Lee: “- The ‘Profit Guarantee’ doesn’t take the subscription fee into consideration so if you’re starting out small (as you should be to test for yourself) you may see negative numbers overall but NOT be covered by this”
  2. H Collins: “Most of the bookmakers suggested for the arbs have a reputation of not paying out. Considering you need a large bankroll to make a good profit I wouldn’t risk it with these bookmakers.”

Source: Trustpilot

Summary of using RebelBetting

RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage software that allows users to find and place arbitrage bets, which are bets that guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of an event.

Here are five main advantages of using RebelBetting:

  1. Increased profits: By automating the process of finding and placing arbitrage bets, RebelBetting can help users take advantage of more opportunities and potentially increase their profits.
  2. Speed and efficiency: RebelBetting can quickly scan the market and identify arbitrage opportunities, which can save time and effort compared to doing it manually.
  3. Convenience: With RebelBetting, users can place bets on multiple bookmakers from a single platform, which can be more convenient than visiting multiple websites and placing bets manually.
  4. Risk management: RebelBetting includes risk management features, such as stop-losses and alerts, which can help users mitigate their risk and protect their profits.
  5. Advanced features: RebelBetting offers a range of advanced features, such as odds comparison, odds tracking, and statistical analysis, which can be helpful for more experienced bettors.

It is important to note that RebelBetting and other sports arbitrage software can be useful tools for finding and placing arbitrage bets.

But they do not guarantee success and users should always be aware of the risks involved in sports betting.

RebelBetting bookmakers list

10Bet, 188bet, 1xBet, 32Red, 3et, 5Dimes, 888sport, Asianconnect, ATG, Bet365, Bet9ja, Betanysports, BetClic, Betfair, Betfred, Bethard, BetInAsia, BETISN, Bets10, Betsafe, Betsson, Betway, BetWinner, Boylesports, Bwin, Casinostugan, Casumo, Comeon, Coolbet, Coral, Dafabet, Danske Spil, DiamondSportsBook, DraftKings, Expekt, Etoto, Fun88UK, Gamebookers, GiocoDigitale, Interwetten, Intertops, JenningsBet, Jetbull, LeoVegas, Marathonbet,, Matchbook, Merrybet, Mobilbet, NairaBET, NapoleonGames, Netbet, NoAccountBet, Nordicbet, NorskTipping, Novibet, Paf, PartyPoker, Pinnacle, Rivalo, SBObet, Scandibet, Smarkets, Snabbare, SpeedyBet, Sportingbet, Sportmarket, Stoiximan, Suprabets, SvenskaSpel, Tipbet, Tipico, Titanbet, TLCBetUK, Unibet, Veikkaus, William Hill, WilliamHill SE.

  • BetOnline
  • BetMGM
  • Bodog
  • Bovada
  • Barstool
  • Fanduel
  • Ceasars (WilliamHill)
  • Foxbet
  • Draftkings
  • BetAnySports
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Everygame (Intertops)

Kindly notice that this list is changing from almost one day to another.

Conclusion: RebelBetting value betting, sure bets, Lite

RebelBetting is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced bettors for pre-match betting. Both the sure bets and EV bets calculator service of RebelBetting offer a high-quality service for an affordable price. RebelBetting has an application and a browser interface too, helping bettors for almost 14 years.