About Sport Smart Betting

This website was created with the intention of helping sports bettors to learn about smart betting strategies like arbitrage, matched, and value betting.

Understanding these methods can make your betting activity an income source and not a waste of money.

About Me

I started betting at the beginning of 2013. Like most of us, I tried to follow tipsters, I tried to analyze sports events myself. After a period of unsuccessful tries, I had to figure out that my knowledge is not enough for winning.

I started researching ways of making a guaranteed profit from sports betting. My first step was matched betting combined with arbitrage betting. For several years I continued this way of betting, but making money got harder and harder, bookmakers got faster in catching arbitrage bettors.

This was the moment when I started learning about value betting. From then on my main activity is based on value betting and finding new strategies to make money from smart betting.

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