BetWasp Review 2023: automated arbitrage betting software

Arbitrage betting and value betting are getting harder and harder. These days the fastest bettors are making the most money.

If you are able to take advantage of arbitrage & value bets before the majority of bettors, you have the high ground. The new tool developed by BetBurger is introducing a new level and style of Arbitrage and Value betting.

Before you read more about this semi-automated arbitrage betting software, I want to mention that you will have access to a limited number of betting sites. If these bookies are not what you are looking for, I would advise checking my BetBurger Review. It’s not as automated as BetWasp (only a redirection tool to sports events) but you can get access to overpriced odds from over 280 bookies.

Automated arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is a very profitable strategy but it has many downsides too. Time-consuming is the biggest issue with sure betting.

You need to stay in the form of the PC for long hours almost every day. An automated arbitrage betting software that is working properly can help you replace human input with betting algorithms.

The downside of these automated betting bots is that they are hard to find, and in most cases are not for sale. Most arbing bots are developed by programmers who are also bettors.

Some arbitrage betting software like Betwasp is offering an alternative that can be purchased for a fairly low price. (At least compared to an arbing bot that would be developed by someone for thousands of euros)

How to develop automated arbitrage or value betting software/bot?

The majority of software developers who have little knowledge about the above-mentioned strategies and try to make an automated betting bot will fail.

It’s not because they are bad at coding. Developing a bot that is capable of placing bets and generating long-term profits without the risk of destroying your betting capital with bugs requires fast and accurate betting data.

Many bettors try to scrape betting sites then compare those and finally place the bets. For this, you need a well-written bulletproof code.

The majority of developers will fail in writing an automated arbitrage betting software because of the simple fact that it need months of coding to get it to a level that can offer a sustainable performance.

BetBurger opened the doors and offered a major help for automated arbitrage or value betting developers by giving access to their API. Of course, it’s not cheap, but in the right hands it can be the difference between months of struggling or days of intense coding in the right hands.

I also have a relevant article about sports betting API for US bookies.

What is BetWasp?

BetWasp was developed by BetBurger with the intention of placing arbs and value bets faster. 

If you are new to the world of smart betting, you can read my articles about arbitrage and value betting. 

These are the most profitable and best methods to earn a lot of money from sports betting. 

The good news for beginner bettors is that they are easy to learn and they don’t require so much investment right at the start.

What is BetWasp really capable of?

BetWasp is scanning 15 bookmakers at the moment for arbitrage and value betting opportunities. This tool is capable of placing bets automatically with minimal human activity.

A semi-automated arbitrage betting can significantly increase the number of bets. Based on a not-so-long statistic the majority of bettors can place at least 30% more bets using this or similar services.

Is Betwasp a completely automated arbitrage software?

No, it is not, and I think it should remain this way. A fully automated arbing software or bot would place every bet that is included in your filters.

If you are not a complete beginner in arbitrage betting you probably know that even the best bookie scanners are making mistakes.

Many times they have a bug or error which is causing them to display arbitrage opportunities with completely wrong odds or markets.

I oftentimes see arbs with an odds of 1.85 for example while at the bookmaker the real odd is 1.63. I’m not a developer so I can’t give answers to why these mistakes happen.

But if you are using a semi-automated arbitrage betting software like Betwasp you can spot obvious mistakes and errors. Only with minimal human input, you can reduce your losses from these error bets.

Is Betwasp the ideal betting software for a bookie?

This platform was developed by a company with many years of experience in this industry.

As a half automated software (betting with one click: the soft is opening the bookie, betslip, calculating the stakes, and placing the bet) Betwasp is supporting betting strategies like arbitrage or value betting.

The profitability of a bettor with this technique highly depends on the speed and the accuracy of using the right stakes.

So, I think Betwasp is a fairly good solution for ones who are looking for an automated arbitrage betting software. Of course, it’s not completely automated, but it’s a big step from placing bets only manually.

How to use BetWasp?

  • Make an account on their website: here
  • Download the BetWasp application and install it on your computer
  • Log in with your account 
  • Set up the filters: choosing the Bookies, Sports you need, and a lot of additional filters like arb’s per cent, match time, odd’s value, etc.
betwasp automated arbitrage betting software filters
  • Click on the little human in the top right corner of the screen and open the Account settings
  • Here you can set up the bookmaker accounts you will use

How to set up your bookmaker profiles in BetWasp?

1. Under the Account at the bookmaker, you can choose the first bookie you will use with their software

2. At the right side of the Person Profile section, there is the opportunity to Create a Profile

After clicking on it a new tab will show up. This section is for more professional smart bettors.

Here you can set up a Proxy server if you are using one to change your IP address. If you don’t need one, you can skip this step and close the window.

betwasp arbitrage and value betting software settings

3. Returning to the Account window scrolling down you will see the Account Access Settings

Here you will need to introduce the Username, Password, and Currency of your bookmaker account. I think it’s fairly straightforward what you need to do.

I need to mention that I trust BetWasp 100%, and I’m not afraid of introducing my betting account data to this tool. They have built up a big business and credibility for a good reason. Your data is 100% safe. I would not write this review if I would have any doubts about it!

4. By scrolling down, you need to set up the settings for your browser

At User Agent you need to select the browser type and the operating system too. Below that you should select the country your betting account is from.

4. Setting up the betting strategy

You need to select the amount of stake the program should place on your bets. This can be set up by different staking methods, like flat staking, percentage of your account balance, fixed win amount, etc.

How to bet with BetWasp?

After finishing with the settings for every additional bookmaker you want to use, you can start making money. The interface is very similar to BetBurger, so it will be familiar if you already used them.

By clicking on a betting opportunity, a new tab will appear at the top of your window. 

There you will have several opportunities. If the preset stakes are okay for your needs, the only thing you need to do is click on: ON ALL

By pressing this button BetWasp will automatically open the bet slips and place all bets.

If you need, you can change the amount you want as stakes on each leg of your bet.

BetWasp Pricing: automated arbitrage betting

The pricing could seem fairly expensive, but I think for a professional bettor with a tool like this won’t take more than 4 – 5 days to recover the amount for a monthly subscription. 

Down below you can the tools and options you will get for a monthly subscription.

betwasp surebet arbitrage price

BetWasp Pricing: value betting software

Their positive EV betting calculator prices are significantly lower. For an automated betting software that can save you a lot of time, I think it’s more than fair.

betwasp value betting software price

Bookmakers Scanned at BetWasp

At the moment they are scanning only the following 18 bookies. If you are using these and you were satisfied with the performance of BetBurger then BetWasp is the next step to profits.

betwasp bookmakers scanned

Bet365 module will be using a browser to authorize and place bets, so you will see Chrome browser running on your PC when you select Bet365 bookmaker. 

Continue working in the BetWasp app without doing any actions in that Chrome browser.

Conclusion: BetWasp Review

BetWasp is one of the best and most accessible software for placing more arbitrage and value bets by automating the majority of betting. Despite the fairly high subscription prices, you can place significantly more bets with BetWasp.

BetWasp Review
  • Speed
  • Odds Accuracy
  • Interface
  • Price

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.