Using football statistics websites is one of the most basic ways of trying to be profitable in betting.

But is this the solution?

You can boost your chances and start profiting by using these football stats sites by using the:

  • the perfect database for football statistics
  • accurate football predictions based only on statistics
  • football betting strategies and predictions on historical data

In this article, I will present some of the best tools you can try. 

AI football statistics Site

football bet statistics tools


Displays detailed statistics about future football events based on historical data. It can test your betting strategy.

✓ Stats based on 10.000 matches each year
✓ In-play notifications
✓ Backtesting your strategy

7-day free trial!

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Football Statistics Site

ptp icon football bet statistics tool


Affordable and simple football statistics database. Displays prediction in percentages based on historical data.

✓ Detailed stats and predictions
✓ You can apply filters based on your strategy
✓ Pure statistics without human errors

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Score stats/prediction

zcode system icon

ZCode System

→ Zcode Scores Predictor uses advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters

→ It is optimized to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the anticipated scores based on historical data/statistics.

Only $7 – Trial

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These football betting statistics are the perfect solutions if you want to take the next step in betting and start winning on football based on simple data.

Top Football statistics websites for betting, predictions

I’ve followed/used many football betting stats providers and websites.

Some of them can offer a fair amount of data about past events.

While others can change the way you place your bets and can also highly increase your profits.

Below you can find the best football betting statistics websites, databases and software.

1. Zcode System – AI football statistics website

Zcode System is one of the most advanced AI-based statistical tools for sports betting.

zcode system betting software

Advantages of ZCode System:

  • Football betting analytics tools for better decision making
  • More accurate tips based on analysis and the best football prediction algorithm
  • Affordable tool, for professional tipsters the lowest price for a quality analysis tool
  • In-play notifications based on your filters (dangerous attack, corners, etc.)


  • Requires a little bit of practice to figure out each of their tools (but you will get a guide for their services)


7-day Trial for $7!

Service Plan after free trial:

Membership Rates VIP Package $198 / month 

The Z Code System Membership includes:

  • VIP membership with instant access to all the Winning Sports Picks. All sports included!
  • Video tutorials help users to learn about the service and make predictions & picks easy to understand even if they know nothing of sports at all.
  • The comprehensive Guide, FAQ & Money management System. This chapter is also added with a full 100% blueprint for extra income even in the long run.
  • The well-trained, friendly support team
  • Bonus tools and Zlab Tools that we develop and keep updating
  • Access to over 120 winning systems, fully automatic and manual

The program is sold through Clickbank which provides a no-questions-asked refund guarantee of 60 days after the purchase so you can try it risk-free.

2. StatisticSports – AI football statistics site

StatisticSports is one of the most advanced football stats websites with historical databases and statistical software.

They get statistics from each football event, which leads to a database of tens of thousands of football matches each year.

Their system is capable of displaying predictions based on their and your own filters too.

Bettors and tipsters who start using these football stats for betting will be able to spot overpriced markets.

Tipsters who use similar databases are able to increase their stats and profitability by offering football predictions that are backed up by data.

statisticsports football without loosing backtesting

Advantages of StatisticSports:

  • Live events chart
  • Value game alerts from live matches
  • Backtesting: you have a strategy for corners or goals, and you can check how profitable it would be (based on historical data)
  • Historical Data from 2013
  • In-play line, stats, and odds notifications
  • Opponent comparison
  • You can preset notifications based on in-match stats
  • Best statistics user interface
  • Big community in telegram
  • Most comprehensive software for betting based on statistics
  • They also have a free trial of 7 days!

Downsides of StatisticSports:

  • Their Lite version costs the same as PlayThePercentage’s but for the premium services you need to pay slightly more

Try StatisticSports for free!


7-day free trial!

17.0 € / month – Lite

37.0 € / 1 month – Deluxe

77.0 € / 1 month – Platinum

1. Lite–football betting statistics tools

With their Lite subscription plan, StatisticSports is offering the following tools for their database.

  • Live events chart
  • Value game alerts
  • Momentum: will help you understand which team dominates
  • In-play odds

2. Deluxe – for advanced football betting stats

Each tool from the lite version +

  • Backtesting and notifications
  • Automatic spreadsheet for analysing notifications
  • Historical data from 2013 that includes almost 100% of football matches
  • In-play stats, lines, and odds notifications
  • Opponent comparison and statistics
  • Advanced search in their statistical database

3. Platinum – for experienced bettors with football betting stats

The plan includes the previous plans +

  • Unlimited notifications
  • 10 active notifications
  • Priority notifications: you will get them before anyone else does
  • Access to all the future features

3. PlaythePercentage – percentage-based football stats

In 2017, some guys who enjoyed betting on football wanted to replace their long research process with something faster and way more accurate.

From this idea, they have created and developed this excellent, simple, yet powerful football stats website called Play the Percentage

What this website is capable of?

In short, they are gathering statistical data about football matches in the past/present. Based on this comprehensive data about:

  • number of corners
  • goals
  • cards
  • referee stats
  • head-to-head results
  • championship results, etc.

they can predict the chance of many outcomes on the same level as the bookmakers and many times way more accurately.

BetOnline with its welcome bonus of $1000 is a great bookie for taking advantage of these statistics (US bettors accepted).

These predictions are displayed by using simple graphs which show the chance of the outcomes in percentage.

With the help of this software, you can follow these statistics, and predictions, and you can make a more accurate and well-informed betting decision. 

Most bettors are making decisions by following tipsters that are not trustworthy in many cases.

The other group of bettors has too much self-confidence (unfortunately) and a lack of information about the teams, players, and different kinds of statistics. 

Unfortunately, I was one of them, but later down the road started following only smart betting strategies.

Play the Percentage is gathering data from tens of thousands of football fixtures by covering over 200 leagues from around the world every year. 

Could you overperform their historical data with your own knowledge? Well, I have already proved that I’m not able for that. 

How does this football bet prediction & statistics database work?


Football betting statistics and predictions for matches in the current day

After subscribing, you can click on the Members Home menu item, and you will be redirected to the main page of their services.

Here you will find a list of the matches at the current day that can hold some kind of value for smart bettors. 

play the percentage football betting database statistics prediction

Here you can select and check every statistic as follows:

  • Head-to-Head data about these matches
  • Card Shark: predictions about the possible number of cards: every 10 minutes, half-time, full-time, home team, away team, etc.
  • Corner King: number of possible corners on every possible market: half-time, full-time, by teams, after 37 minutes, etc.
  • Bet Builder Picks

Head-to-head football betting statistics and prediction

This is the perfect tool if you want statistics about a specific football match.

Under the Head-to-Head menu item, you need to select the following options for your match:

Region: Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. 

League, Season, Home Team, Away Team

Form: the number of matches you want the statistics to be based on (I like to use at least 5 or All league games), more matches mean a more accurate statistical data

play the percentage football statistics prediction

After choosing these settings, by clicking on the View h2h stats, you will get a complete database and predictions with percentages. 

I think it is very easy to understand and analyze this data.

It can offer a strong basis for any kind of value betting strategy, tipster service, or simple betting activity. 

Play the Percentage football statistics website

The following tools are basically helping your betting activity only by grouping the betting markets.

They are displaying every match that corresponds to your filters.

  • Card shark: every data for card number about a specific event. This can be selected from almost every possible league around the world
  • Corner King: Similar tool with very detailed statistics and predictions but for corners
  • Pro Acca Assassin: It displays every match that is corresponding to the following filters: Period of time, Form (Number of matches in the past), Min Percentage (statistical chance of that outcome), Bet Markets (you can choose 15 different markets)
play the percentage football statistics prediction site

Stat ninja: Similar to the one above, but you can select more markets for a more complex database

InPlay Engine: In-play football statistics site, predictions, alerts, signal

I think this is one of their most powerful tools.

They are displaying every match that can be interesting with many good betting opportunities in play.

But the real advantage of this tool is in their telegram group.

They are sending automatized alerts and signals for the most interesting in-play matches.

These Alerts have different channels for different markets: 

  • PTP In-Play Corner Alerts
  • PTP First Half In-Play Alerts

These alerts are based on pre-match football statistics and in-play stats.

So, you are getting the most accurate data about corner or goal predictions. 

Pre-match statistics are also a strong part of their services.

But when the match is on you will get more precise and predictable data about the current performance of players/teams.

How to join these Play the Percentage telegram groups?

After subscribing, you will have a detailed guide on how to join the simple PTP (play the percentage) telegram community and these alert services too.

Based on my experience these, groups and channels are worth the subscription fee by themselves.

The user interface at Play the Percentage

As you can see from my screenshots, their layout is not focusing on the most modern, futuristic design. 

In my opinion, this is a big advantage of this service.

The owners and developers of this fantastic statistical tool focused more on the utility and efficiency of their service.

They are simple bettors like us, intending to create a complex, useful, yet easy-to-use website for bettors who want to optimize and increase their betting results.

From the start, the number of menu items and filters could seem a little too much.

But after 5-10 minutes of testing, you will become comfortable with using all of their tools.

Play the Percentage Price

They have two different subscription plans. And you can try both of them for free for 7 days.

Pro Level price for a month: £9.99

Elite Level price for a month: £14.99

play the percentage prices football statistics tool

How to use these football statistics sites/software?

  • Avoid every feeling, you need to focus on placing football bets based only on statistics
  • Think about football stats as a long-term strategy – you are beating the bookmakers by predicting the outcomes more accurately
  • You need to be consistent by placing bets only on matches/odds offered by PTP or StatisticSports
  • You can’t make conclusions after 1-2 days of making no profits – this is the way how value betting strategies work
  • If you are not following the strategy or stop betting you will fail
  • During 234 days of testing this strategy they had: 91 losing days, 12 days breaking even, 13 days without any bets, and only 118 winning days
  • They were able to maintain a win rate of 50% with odds over 2!!

You can have access to the whole detailed strategy on their blog by clicking here.

Strategies for football statistics sites/software

Strategy 1:

Almost every football stat website is offering fairly accurate statistical data for future events and that’s it.

Some of them are offering acceptable predictions too.

But most of the time these are not backed up with proper historical data.

Play the Percentage is different

They have launched their new tool called: First Half Goal System

I think this is the most exciting information you will read from this article and today in general.

PTP has already proven its value in the betting industry statistics

But they wanted to offer something more for the same price.

They truly believe that PTP can beat the bookmakers, and this strategy can prove their point.

  • This betting system has been running privately for over a year
  • It generated over 2000% Profit in almost 8 months
  • They turned 1000 pounds into 20000 with around 3000 bets (the more bets = more accurate data and strategy)

Check the following graph! – You can also download the complete betting history in Excel from their Blog (it’s insane)

If you want to use it:

  • you need to join their Telegram Tips Channel
  • they are posting a list of games each day
  • you have to place the bets on the posted odds (you can find more info on their blog)

Based on my experience both MyStake and BetOnline are offering great in-play odds for these strategies.

play the percentage football betting strategy

Strategy 2:

While using the statistics focus on the markets: first-half goal, second-half goal, 4 corners HT, and 4 corners FT.

Filter the games in Statninja 3 times: 100% for 3 games, 90% for 5 games, and 80% in the last 10 games.

  • When you meet all the criteria, you will have a list of games.
  • You then look at the game in play and need to have a look at how the match is playing out
  • My average odds were 2.05 based on 103 picks


  • I’m trying to avoid matches with red cards.
  • Never place bets on a single match.
  • Don’t bet on 1st vs last in the table.
  • trying to avoid African leagues, because the stats may be good but the probability of scoring a goal is not so great as for example in a European league

Strategy 3:

  • When you have a match, with already 4 corners scored but you see, that there is a probability that they can get a few more, you have to take the opportunity
  • Once I did o 9.5 corners at the end of HT there were 12 corners scored.
  • but mostly I do 4 corners at HT

You have to place bets only on those opportunities which have a good chance to win, based on their statistics.

Conclusion: Football statistics websites

PTP and StatisticSports are the perfect football stats and prediction databases/websites for every bettor and tipster who need to predict the outcomes more accurately. These football stats can highly increase your chances and profits if you are using them for the right betting and staking strategy.


Where can I find stats for betting?

Football betting databases of statistics such as StatisticSports or PlayThePercentage are offering great analytical data, predictions, and a good source of stats for your bets.

Where can I get football stats for betting?

Football stats from databases and software based on historical data such as StatisticSports are the best source for improving football bets. In this article, you can find out which football statistical software is the best.

What are the most important stats in football for betting?

Head to Head statistics on football is the best signs to spot betting opportunities on a future event. The stats from goals, corners, attacks, and cards are the most important markets for statistics.

Which app is best for football stats for betting?

Football statistic apps such as StatisticSports can offer the most value for betting for a good reason. In this article, you can find the biggest advantages of similar applications based on football betting data.

How are bet statistics & predictions used in soccer betting?

Bettors who use soccer statistics databases and software are able to spot betting lines and markets where the odds are not representing the real value of that outcome. Spotting these betting opportunities can generate long-term profits.

Which football statistics database site is the best?

Based on my experience, StatisticSports is the most complex and effective football stats database site. They are offering not only a database of 95% of football matches but a tool that can test your betting strategy and send notifications about important events.