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Best Betting Tipster Services & Sites to Follow in 2022 – Top Tipsters

Top tipster services and sites represent the easiest way of getting accurate betting predictions. I have tested some of the best platforms, so I can share my experience about the ones I think are worth your attention.

The best tipsters can offer between 50-100 picks in a single week based on their in-depth match analyses.

In this article, I included tipster sites and services which offer a platform only for verified tipsters.

Best Tipster Sites and Services in 2022

Creating a tipster site is fairly easy these days. Unfortunately, editing photos and videos for fake betting results and history is also getting easier.

So, finding a tipster service with a good reputation is not the easiest part of sports betting. This list will mention my two favorite betting tipster platforms and services.

Both of them have been in this industry for many years, and they are giving a platform for skilled bettors who are willing to become professional tipsters.

1. Tipstrr – Free and paid professional tipsters

One of the most famous and trusted tipster sites these days is Tipstrr. They were founded in 2014 and have grown in popularity fairly fast.

Tipstrr best tipster site

Tipstrr, as the top tipster site in this list, is offering a platform for every bettor who wants to provide correct football predictions. This system will always guarantee that the best results will always get enough attention.

Bettors who can’t offer a sustainable result won’t get followers in the long run.

You can also check my Tipstrr Review.

The main advantages of Tipstrr:

  • Betting history for every tipster
  • Many free and paid tipsters
  • Great filters for finding the best tipster
  • Great customer friendly user interface

Betting history for every tipster

Transparent and detailed betting history is the most critical factor and the first thing I always check when looking for the best tipster service.

tipstrr review tipster service

A detailed and good betting track record is the best marketing tool someone can have. Anybody can offer predictions. But having a clean betting history with decent profits on a good reputation platform is a guaranteed sign for success.

Many free and paid tipsters

On Tipstrr everybody can find the best tipster to follow based on their budget. Many of their users start by offering a prediction for free, and after a long prosperous period, they start increasing their subscription fee.

At the moment, they had almost 4 million betting tips processed from tipsters with different experiences. If you want to spot their best, you need to check their betting track. In most cases, the subscription fee won’t mirror their true value.

Main sports covered by Tipstrr

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

They have many other sports like boxing, cricket, darts, E-sports, golf, greyhounds, handball, ice hockey, snooker, etc. But less popular sports have fewer data online, which means fewer experts in those fields.

Tipstrr covers many sports, but most predictions are based on famous ones.

Great Filters for finding the best tipsters

They have a different filter for every one of their sports. You can find the best free or paid tipster based on the following settings:

  • Tipster type: All, Premium, Free
  • Period: Lenght of betting history
  • Min Profit
  • Min ROI (%)
  • Min Tips
  • Min & Max odds

2. Betting Gods – Top Tipster platform with verified tipsters

Their main advantages are:

  • Many sports scanned
  • You can get free betting tips on a daily basis
  • The professional tipsters are experts in their field
  • You have a free trial option on every betting tipster
  • If you are not satisfied, their money-back guarantee policy is the strongest reason why you should choose one of their tipsters

Best tipster services on Tipstrr – most successful betting tipsters

1. Footballer Tips – top football tipster

  • Footballer Tips averages 355 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 6000 euros profit all time by giving over 3800 football tips (around 53 tips per week)
  • Having the low stake in mind, I think this result is more than surprising
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Both teams to score market on Betfair and Skybet
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Footballer Tips has an avg. odds of 2.59, which range can offer a great value for smart bettors

Check Footballer Tips!

2. UNDERDOG Racing Tips – top horse racing tipster

  • Underdog Racing Tips averages 508 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 13000 euros profit all time by giving 18 picks on average from 2016 until the present days
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Each Way on horse racing by using mainly Bet365 and Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Underdog Racing Tips has an avg. odds of 17, which is fairly acceptable in horse racing

Check Underdog Racing Tips!

3. Zenith – top football tipster

  • Zenith averages 251 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 6800 euros profit all time by giving 75 picks on average on every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on over/under markets on football by using mainly Bet365, Betfair, and Skybet as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Zenith has an avg. odds of 2.25, which is decreasing the number of losing bets in the long run

Check Zenith!

4. On Target Tips – Professional Horse Racing Tipster

  • On Target Tips averages 292 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 7800 euros profit all time by giving 47 picks on average on every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on the race winner by using mainly Bet365, 888Sports, Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • On Target Tips has an avg. odds of 10.3 

Check On Target Tips!

Is it worth paying for betting tips?

I think there is no general answer to this question. Paying for betting tips might be the only possible route for one bettor, while many don’t need this kind of service.

The difference between paying and free betting tips can be very significant. Like in every other business, most end-users assume that a free service has low quality.

It’s not different from offering betting predictions for free, and I already know that there is no such thing as freebies and free tipster or prediction services in the majority of cases.

Tipstrr Review

Everyone who has enough knowledge and experience in this industry can post tips every day. No one will only analyze matches for hours to make someone happy with a quality tip.

Most tipsters are offering a prediction for free with the intention of getting enough subscriber base, so later they can switch to paying clients.

Are the best free tipsters worth following?

This is a more accurate approach to free betting tipsters. Many bettors would like to realize some income from offering betting tips. But in this industry, the majority of bettors are becoming smarter.

If you want to become a successful tipster, having a long betting history with trustworthy proof is necessary.

Some free tipsters who have a long betting history might be worth following. But these tips have a side that you might not already hear about. Some prediction services with a big follower base can have a major impact on odds movements.

Unfortunately, even if you can find a betting tipster offering free services and still with high quality, you might fail. And it won’t be because their picks are not good enough, but the odds at bookies won’t allow you to win in the long run.

The majority of bookmakers are getting smarter and faster in reacting to bettors. It’s already common that a tipster with a big follower base can cause major odds movements.

Are free tipsters useless?

Thousands of bettors follow many professional paid tipsters. But the free ones can have a subscriber base over tens of thousands of bettors. So, if they are trustworthy many of these bettors would take their picks.

If you are lucky, you might be able to place the bets on the same or very similar odds. But in most cases, you will face significantly lower odds. Following tipster service is only viable in the long run if you can place the bets on the right odds.

If you take lower odds with a large bookmaker profit margin on it, you are doomed.

Are paid tipsters worth it?

Following paid tipsters can be profitable even in the long run if you are using a proper staking system, and you can place the bets on the same or higher odds as the tipster.

With paid betting tipsters, you have a significant advantage over most bettors. They have a way smaller follower base. But this by itself does not mean that following them will make you money in the long run. 

Many tipster platforms are allowing bettors to manipulate their results. It can be done quickly if you can delete losing bets or post picks with odds that are way overpriced compared to the real lines/odds.

Following paid tipsters from Facebook, Instagram, telegram, Twitter groups have an almost 100% chance for failure. I don’t even want to mention proofs of results in the format of photos or print screens. 

But I want to emphasize how easy it is to falsify betting results even if they are using a video as proof. You can change data in your browser in just 2-3 minutes, and you don’t even need programming skills. Modifying data in a betting history is the most basic yet relatively effective way of fooling many bettors.

Using betting platforms that accept only verified tipsters is the only „ safe” way to follow paid tipsters.

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Where can I find a good sports tipster with a high hit rate?

Finding the tipsters who you should not follow is insanely easy. I’m not exaggerating when I firmly believe that at least 98% of tipsters are worthless.

Every tipster on individual platforms offers betting predictions intending to get money out of it somehow. The majority of them won’t even profit in the long run.

Also, all tipsters and prediction sites can easily claim a winning rate of over 80%, and their betting history can be changed without any control. I’ve been betting since 2013, and I know for sure that there is no long-term strategy that can guarantee a hit rate around 70%-80%.

Even the best football tipster who can catch overpriced markets will struggle to have an ROI of over 10% in a more extended period.


Are paid tipsters worth it?

If you make the proper research about a paid tipster they can worth it in the long run. Checking their overall profit, number of picks, average odds are the best filtering options you can use.

What is the best football tips site?

Tipstrr is offering a site where tipsters can’t manipulate their tips. This is offering more credibility to the platform and its tipsters too. On Tipstrr football and horse racing are the most active sports.

Best tipster services on Tipstrr?

1. soccerrafa: 278,23 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
2. Footballer Tips: 283,21 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
3. star tips: 732,64 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
4. Zenith: 128,18 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
5. sagat: 133,04 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
6. rcapunter: 175,22 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake 
7. Lemonado: 109,64 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
8. .DOUBLE’Z: 100,06 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
9.,138,58 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake
10. FOOTBALL BY PISTOL126,58 € monthly profit based on 10 €
 avg. stake

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