Breaking Bet Review 2021: Tested! Honest opinion!

Breaking Bet Review 2021: Tested! Honest opinion!

Finding the best arbitrage scanner or value bet software for your needs is not an easy task. But I’m 100% sure that Breaking Bet is the best scanner service on the market for many bettors.

They started operating in 2018. But to be honest, after I started using their services I was surprised about the quality they can offer.

Building up a scanner requires experience in this industry and a lot of time/money.

Most bettors have noticed the odds differences between bookies. Some of the simple punters are searching for the best possible odds.

They want to get the highest payouts possible on accumulator bets.

breaking bet review

But unfortunately, in 97% of the cases, they can’t be profitable in the long run even with this strategy.

After losing too much on sports betting a little part of these bettors start to research new strategies.

Fortunately, even after 5 minutes of researching, you can find articles about profitable betting strategies.

For them, scanning software like Breaking Bet can mean the first step to becoming successful and profitable in sports betting.

How to use Breaking bet?

Services like Breaking Bet were created to support smart betting techniques based on mathematics. If you are reading this review, you probably know at least the basics of arbitrage and value betting.

Both of these strategies are based on:

  • Bookmakers offering wrong odds
  • Placing bets only on opportunities with wrong odds will guarantee long-term profits.

Sports betting has two main approaches and Breaking Bet is allowing you to follow both.

1. Taking no risks and lower profits with strategies like arbitrage betting

This was one of the most popular ones. Finding odds that are overpriced and covering the other outcome at another bookmaker is the simplest and yet profitable technique.

2. Taking risks by facing variances like with value betting

With value betting the potential income is significantly higher. You are not covering every outcome.

Placing bets only on opportunities with wrong odds will guarantee long-term profits.

If you are familiar with other scanner services, you won’t have difficulties with their user interface.

Even for beginners, the layout of the page is very friendly. Every setting is easy to access, and they are organized in a logical way.

If you face any issues, I’m sure the customer service will solve your problems in a short time.

Breaking Bet Review: Pre-match arbitrage scanner

Their website was based on Pre-match scanning. Based on my experience the odds are scanned and displayed correctly in 98% of cases.

breaking bet review

Don’t get me wrong, this percentage is pretty high. Most services are scanning too many markets and bookies. This is making their service more vulnerable to major scanning issues.

Having 100% trust in the odds displayed is never a good idea in this industry. Periodically you should check them at every bookmaker you use.

At the present, there is no scanner service without at least minor issues.

If you are accessing your profile, under the settings, you can make adjustments and filters for your strategy.

They are scanning 12 sports only. This could seem a low amount, but based on my experience is more than enough.

breaking bet sport scanned

I have been using similar services from back in 2013. I noticed you can find arbitrage and value betting opportunities in almost every sport.

But I was surprised when I saw the setting you can see above. With other services, I never noticed an option to show arbs only in breaks.

Try Breaking Bet Now!

Sports like tennis, table tennis or basketball are very fast. If you don’t have enough experience it’s a good idea to avoid live arbitrage betting on them.

Or at least you should wait for longer breaks.

For example, breaks after impair game numbers in tennis are way longer

But do you need a scanner to cover all of them?

I don’t know every bookmaker. I haven’t used all of them.

But believe me when I say this: being a smart bettor on minor and not-so-popular sports is a dangerous game.

Most of the bookmakers will limit you in a very short time if you start winning on events that are not mainstream.

Also, you will find lower maximum stake limits from the start.

On the print screen below you can see that Breaking Bet is having the most essential and useful markets and settings.

breaking bet review

Their Pre-match arbitrage scanner is based on simplicity and professionalism.

Bookmakers scanned

At the moment they are scanning 49 bookmakers. This amount is not enough for most arbitrage users.

But if you take a look at the picture, you will notice many bookies that are used in some regions only.

breaking bet review bookmakers scanned

Some of these bookies are popular in Nigeria for example. So, Breaking Bet might be one of the best scanner services for Nigerian arbitrage bettors.

Having in mind that their service was released only in 2018, I think they have a bright future ahead of them.

Adding new bookies and supporting new customers with a high-quality scanning service will always help the growth of the service.


I think their main advantage over the competitors might be the friendly subscription price for their services.

  1. 7 days: 3.99€ (renewal price 3€)
  2. 30 days: 11.99€ (renewal price 10.5€)
  3. 90 days: 32.99€ (renewal price 28.99€)
  4. 180 days: 57.99€ (renewal price 52.99€)
  5. 365 days: 108.99€ (renewal price 101.99€)

Try Breaking Bet Now!

Breaking Bet Review: Live arbitrage scanner

Live arbitrage betting is becoming the solution for avoiding stake limits for as long as possible and still making a guaranteed profit.

Based on my experience their service is scanning the bookies on a quite accurate level. In-play arbitrage scanning is causing the most issues for services and bettors too.

The odds are moving so fast, that spotting a real arbitrage opportunity that won’t drop in seconds is hard. In fast sports, like tennis or basketball, you will see many sure bets.

But in most cases finding the ones with a decent return and low risk for dropping odds is not easy.

Breaking Bet is showing a decent amount of arbitrage opportunities. When using their service I was a little surprised.

With the bookies in my filters, I cannot find any fake arbs.

I call fake arbs those on smart markets like tennis sets/points where the odds are already dropped.

I cannot check every bookmaker and market, but the general experience was the following:

  • Decent scanning speed (new opportunities and odds changed were displayed in 2-3 sec)
  • The odds were accurate
  • Not too much

Bookmakers scanned & Price

At the moment they are scanning the following 32 bookmakers.

breaking bet value betting service bookmakers

The subscription prices are the same as for their Prematch service.

If you are opting-in for the second subscription package you can have every service with a decent price reduction too.

breaking bet review price

Try Breaking Bet Now!

Value betting at Breaking Bet

No matter which subscription plan you choose, value betting will be available for free. At other services, you have to pay for this service.

At the moment, value betting is the best and most sustainable strategy.

If you are planning to avoid being limited by the bookmakers, you should start getting experience with this technique.

breaking bet value betting service

Bookmakers scanned

The bookies scanned for Prematch will be available in the Value betting section too.

Breaking bet calculator

Their calculator is integrated into every arbitrage and value bet opportunity. By clicking on the calculator, the odds will be introduced automatically.

This will help you to save much time because you don’t have to make calculations.

Breaking Bet Review: Conclusion and general opinion

Breaking Bet is the perfect arbitrage scanner service for a big audience. Many bettors are not using too many bookmakers.

If your strategy is based around 2-3-4 bookmakers paying 100 – 200 euros for a monthly subscription is very expensive.

I was in that situation. Every time I paid that amount for only a handful of bookies felt like a waste of money.

If Breaking Bet is scanning the bookies you need for your strategy you should try them without thinking.

Their subscription plans are accessible even for beginner bettors. So, you should try them without thinking too much.

Try Breaking Bet Now!

Breaking Bet Review
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Layout
  • Number of arbs

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