You are currently viewing Best basketball tipster & prediction site: NBA & NCAA Tipsters

Best basketball tipster & prediction site: NBA & NCAA Tipsters

Finding the best basketball tipster can be tricky if you are not using the proper platform. You can find the best performing tipsters & predictions for NBA and other basketball leagues on tipster platforms with an inbuilt filtering system. 

Keep reading and find out how and where you can find these services.

I have analyzed, been a customer, and followed many tipster sites. I’ve been betting professionally for over 8 years, and if you accept only 1 advice from me, it should be this:

Stop following tipster forums, groups, and services from social media! It’s very hard to spot the reliable ones.

List of Best Basketball tipsters: Top NBA Tipsters

Richard Kévin2011.8%1459€Check it!
HighOddBet1418.6%2547€Check it!
BasketValue176.7%1638€ Check it!
Sports Insider3410.5%776€Check it!
The NBA Tipster66.49%835€Check it!
HOOPS_BET2611.7%1442€Check it!
The NBA Tipster115.7%329€Check it!

Which is the best basketball tipster & prediction site?

Based on my experience, following a single tipster site is riskier than finding a platform where many tipsters can share their picks. Every individual is motivated to offer great picks to get new subscribers and keep the existing ones returning on these websites.

I think one of the best tipster sites is Tipstrr. Here you can find bettors who have been profitable for a long time. 

You can apply filters like: 

  • Minimum profit
  • Min. ROI (%)
  • Min. Nr. Of tips
  • Min and max odds

Based on these filters you can spot tipsters who were profitable in the past even after several hundreds of bets.

NBA, NCAA, European basketball predictions and tipsters

These leagues are getting the most attention from the majority of basketball tipsters. So, if you are a fan and a follower of these, Tipstrr might offer you the best services. 

Many tipsters are just sports addicts, and they want to share their experiences with others. They will offer 14 day free trials or a very low subscription fee so you can access their predictions easily.

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Who is the best basketball tipster? Best NBA tipsters

Basketball is a popular sport, but unfortunately not as popular as football. This is the main reason why the number of tipsters is fairly limited.

I have selected the best basketball tipsters based on the following filters:

  • Betting history at least 12 months
  • Min nr. of tips: min 1000
  • Min profit 200 euros (with an average stake of 10 €)
best basketball tipster filter

Down below, you can see the top basketball tipsters on Tipstrr. 

1. Richard Kévin

  • 84,86 € monthly profit based on 10 € avg. stake (7.6/10 units)
  • ROI: 10.06%
  • Avg. odds: 5.30
  • Avg. tips per week: 20
  • Win rate: 28%
  • Profit: 1.198,82 €

2. HighOddBet

  • 101,53 € monthly profit based on 10 € avg. stake (4.7/10 units)
  • ROI: 17.12%
  • Avg. odds: 5.16
  • Avg. tips per week: 14
  • Win rate: 31%
  • Profit: 2.315,11 €

3. BasketValue

  • 45,26 € monthly profit based on 10 € avg. stake (10/10 units)
  • ROI: 6.52%
  • Avg. odds: 2.76
  • Avg. tips per week: 17
  • Win rate: 42%
  • Profit: 1.561,30 €

4. Value Basketball

  • 102,35 € monthly profit based on 10 € avg. stake (10/10 units)
  • ROI: 7.05%
  • Avg. odds: 2.69
  • Avg. tips per week: 34
  • Win rate: 41%
  • Profit: 813,80 €

5. Around The Orange Ball

  • 46,65 € monthly profit based on 10 € avg. stake (9.6/10 units)
  • ROI: 4.45%
  • Avg. odds: 1.90
  • Avg. tips per week: 25
  • Win rate: 55%
  • Profit: 1.149,58 €

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The Best Free Basketball Predictions

Many bettors can’t trust the majority of tipsters. Almost everyone had some kind of experience with tipsters found in Facebook groups, random websites, or Instagram ads. 

To be honest, I also followed some guys, but I was fortunate enough to find bettors who were experienced and wanted to offer quality bets.

This is the main reason why many tipsters on Tipstrr are offering a free trial so anyone can get access to free basketball predictions. I think these freebies are a good way to help newcomers to gain some experience and trust.

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But I always thought that if I’m able to make money with the help of service, I must honor their job in some way.

This is why I think opting in for a subscription of 10 euros is nothing compared to the knowledge and quality basketball predictions you can get there.

You can achieve success in sports betting in several ways. Some people are trying to place value bets (obviously overpriced markets), while others have enough knowledge to spot wrong odds where even the bookies can’t.

The best tipster sites that can offer valuable predictions are using one or both of these strategies. 

How do I get real betting tips?

As I already mentioned, you can get real betting tips if you are following trustworthy tipsters who have a long betting history with many bets. 

The more predictions a tipster has offered, it will show you the more accurate data about the profitability and stability of picks.

I think the first thing we all need to accept is that those ads on Instagram or Facebook about tipster services that can guarantee you to 10x your money will cost more than the monthly subscription.

The best way you can get real betting tips and predictions is by opening an account at trustworthy tipster platforms that are in this business for a long time (Tipstrr) and following individual tipsters.

How to find the best basketball tipster site ? How to pick the best NBA tipster?

If you want to make sure that you are following the right basketball tipster, you need to follow a fairly strict filtering method. 

  • A fairly long betting history: almost anyone can build up an ROI of 30-40% after a good winning streak. But the skilled tipsters can generate profits even after 500-1000’s of predictions.
  • Verified history: I have heard many bad reviews and rumors about tipster platforms that are allowing tipsters to modify their betting history. How much trust would you have in a basketball tipster after noticing that after a fairly long losing streak it’s suddenly getting insane profits? 
  • ROI (return on investment): This is one of the main profitability metrics. It means that after every 100 units (100 euros for example) how much profits can they generate. Based on my experience, every ROI above 5% is worth following.
  • Profit/Loss: It’s a similar metric to ROI, but in this case, the profitability can be displayed on a monthly or overall basis
  • Minimum odds: the lower the odds you aim, the more chance you got to win an individual bet. But based on my experience odds around 1.80-2.40 are better in the long run. With these, you will have a bigger room for finding bookies with a fair mistake.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge.