Review 2022: With video – Cheap sure bet finder

Excellent 4.78

SUREBET.COM REVIEW SUMMARY (+short video below)

The main product of is the arbitrage betting software. They focus only on pre-match sure betting, which allows them to offer arbitrage opportunities with a low error margin.

I started using them back in 2013, and they had a quality service even then. With their Surebet software, I made several thousands of euros. Having in mind their affordable prices they are one of the best alternatives for pre-match sure betting.

Includes free access to sure bets (up to 1%) and value bets without limitation

Sure bet plan price

€8.90 – 1 week

€25.90 – 1 month

Sure bets + Middle Bets

€9.90 – 1 week

€27.90 – 1 month


  • Fast pre-match sure bet finder
  • Accurate odds
  • Excellent middle bet scanner
  • Well developed redirecting extension
  • Affordable prices


  • The filtering system could be better, but they are still completing all of the basic needs

Bookmakers scanned at is scanning 93+ popular and big bookmakers worldwide, and they are also covering many clones of these bookmakers. sure bet finder software bookmakers

In most cases, these clone bookies offer the same odds or very similar ones. At some of them, I experienced a slight difference because they could cut the odds by increasing their profit margin.

In total, is scanning 189 bookmakers. They are focusing on the European, African, and Asian markets and covering some bookies from different continents.

Sports scanned covers all major sports that every bettor could need. But in total, they are scanning 60 different types of sports/events. review sure bet finder software site

They include smaller eSports categories, like Overwatch, Warcraft, etc. These betting types don’t have a broad audience, but not many arbitrage bet finders cover these.

Like their competitors, they display the majority of sure bet opportunities from major sports like Football, Tennis, Hockey, etc.

Filtering options

Their filtering options are the only thing that would support a little bit of development.

At the moment, you can change the displayed sure bets based on the following filters:

  • You can sort sure bets based on: age, start time, profit, ROI
  • Number of outcomes: 2 or 3 (which is standard)
  • Profitability of your sure bet: Profit range and ROI
  • You can select the time of the event: to be any time, in 12 or 16 hours, or in how many days
  • Bookmakers you need
  • Required Sports
  • Advanced sure bet filters: exclude quarters, bets with a possibility to return stakes (DNB), or similar sure bets with lower profit calculator

Since 2013 I have used many arbitrage bet finders. The bookies I’m using are covered only by premium services. But when I need a sure bet calculator, I’m still opening the one that has. 

I’m using it for a good reason: it covers many arb opportunities, with different outcomes, and the user interface is still straightforward. calculator sure bet finder calculator

It is designed with the most basic html coding system, which makes it very user-friendly. When using a sure bet calculator, you need to act fast without distractions and unnecessary tools.

I have used over 10 sure bet scanner services, and I’m still focusing on their calculator.

Similar to other competitors, they insert the odds and stakes for the current match after clicking on the calculator icon. This way, your work is half done, and it saves you a lot of time.

Redirection tool – sure bet browser extension has a browser extension to redirect you to the bookmaker and open the bet slip with the proper bet.

How to use it?

  • Select an event or odds by clicking on it on the interface of 
  • The browser extension of the sure bet will open an information panel, and this can automatically redirect you to the bookmaker
  • This software will open the bookmaker and the event you need. In addition, it will also open the bet slip with the correct odds redirection tool review

Developing a similar service is a challenging task. Many bookmakers are changing the way they offer odds, making it reasonably hard to develop a redirection tool for every bookie without any errors or issues.

Many bookmakers can navigate bettors to the Event and Bet slip too. For others, they can help you redirect only to the sports event. I think this method is also beneficial, and it will save you many seconds of searching. 

This will help you place significantly more sure bets before they could disappear.

For some bookies, is not offering either of these options. But to be honest, I’m surprised how many of them are covered (even compared to the most expensive competitors).

Value Bets at

They are offering a free value bet scanner for all users. No limitations applied to these opportunities.

I checked many of these opportunities, and they offer bets that are overpriced compared to other bookmakers. I found many cases when instead of 2.44, a bookie offered 2.77. 

In many cases, these opportunities are not enough to create a sure bet opportunity, but you can take advantage of them with the right strategy.

Middle Bets at

Middle bets can highly boost your winnings if you choose the right betting opportunity. You can find many of these best in basketball and other sports which offer total points or handicap markets.

In these markets, the line difference between bookies can be significantly big. middle bets scanner software

For example, I saw a middle betting opportunity on basketball where the first bookie offered the odds of 2.15 for over 77.5 points in the first half.

The other bookie was offering an odd of 1.917 for under 79.5. This betting opportunity is a sure bet by itself with a guaranteed profit of 1.35%. In the case the first half ends with total points of 78 or 79 (which has a reasonably high chance), both of your bets will be winners.

Prices at

  • They offer a free sure bet scanner with limited profits on each opportunity up to 1%. 
  • The Valubets software is 100% free without limitations

Professional plan:

Includes access to sure bets and value bets without limitation

€8.90 – 1 week

€25.90 – 1 month

€69.90 – 3 months

€179.90 – 1 year

Professional + Plan:

Includes access to all of their tools: value bets, sure bets, middle bets

€9.90 – 1 week

€27.90 – 1 month

€74.90 – 3 months

€194.90 – 1 year

Alternative & Competitor sure bet finders

For some bettors, is not the optimal sure bet finder. For example, if you are looking for an in-play scanner you might want to read my ArbMate Review or Breaking Bet Review. Both of them are great competitors of and have a similar price as

Sure Betting Explained

How do sure bets work?

Sure bets are betting opportunities that can appear when bookmakers have a different opinion about the possibility of an outcome of a sports event.

Sure betting or in other names “arbitrage betting”, “arbing”, “safe bets” can only be practised by simultaneously covering each outcome of a market. Sure bettors can make a profit on almost every bet if they are placed on the right odds.

Sure bets can appear when the odds difference between bookies is significant enough for the same outcome.

As I already mentioned for a successful surebet you need to place bets on different outcomes at different bookmakers by covering each possibility. Surebets are simple odds discrepancies that can generate long-term profits in the right hands.

It might sound like an excellent income possibility and it is for many bettors who take the time to learn about the positive and negative sides of it as well.

How to calculate sure bets?

Sure bets or arbs can be calculated manually, but fortunately, each arb finder such as offers dedicated calculators for each possibility. 

Finding a sure bet is possible not only in markets with two outcomes but even where 5-8 outcomes are also possible.

For the sake of simplicity, most people who practice smart betting will focus on sure bets where only two outcomes are possible. This way covering each outcome will require less time, effort, and money.

Sure bet calculators are one of the most important tools in arbing. With their help, you can find out the right stake size almost instantly.

Using a surebet calculator is more than simple. You need to insert the odds of each side of the outcomes and the desired stake for one side. For example, if you want to place a stake of $100 on one player, you can fix that and the calculator will display the desired stakes for the other outcome. 

Surebet types

There are two big types of sure bets: pre-match and in-play arbs.

Sure bets that appear on sports events before the start are called pre-match surebets. These can appear on upcoming events soon, such as matches on the same day or for some hours, or even on events that will be played on many days. 

Live sure bets or in-play arbs are the most common and appear the same way when there is any information or opinion difference between bookmakers. These will create odds discrepancies and surebets as well.

Beginner arbers should start with pre-match surebets because of the slow odds movements and more time for making the right calculations and placing the bets.

In-play sure bets on the other hand will always create more opportunities, bigger mistakes, and bigger profits as well.

Surebet Example

Surebets can offer profits from sports betting without risking losing your funds. But a simple and effective strategy like this always comes with downsides as well. 

Some of them are getting your betting accounts limited or placing surebets on the wrong odds or with inaccurate stakes.

Surebets can generate profits not only in the long run but even after your first bets. If you are looking for a get-rich-fast scheme, sure betting is not the one you are looking for. 

This betting strategy will generate a profit of 1% – 5% of the total stake of each bet. In most cases, this will mean 3-15 euros on each surebet. 

The strength of this strategy comes from placing hundreds and even thousands of sure bets each month, so the profits can add up.

Surebet example:

Event – Daniil Medvedev vs Novak Djokovic

  • Odds for Medvedev to win on BetOnline 2.10, odds for Djokovic to win on Bet365 2.20.

Place one $10 on Medvedev to win on BetOnline and $10 Djokovic to win on Bet365:

 Total stake – $20

 Potential wins BetOnline – $21

  •  Potential wins Bet365 – $22

It does not matter which tennis player will win the match, you just made guaranteed profits on this surebet – if Djokovic wins you make $2 and in case Medvedev wins you make $1.

If you even out the odds even more, you can make the same profit on both outcomes.

Which Sports Bookies Offer the Best Surebet?

Unfortunately, only a few bookmakers allow placing surebets. Sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges are the only real supporters of this smart betting activity.

Sure bettors will always end up in profits and this will hurt the bookies with overpriced markets and wrong betting lines.

I have a dedicated article about the best betting sites for sure betting such as betting agents (they give access to bookies that are not available for each bettor) and sharp betting sites.

For finding overpriced markets and surebets your only goal is to use sure bet finders such as and use your local bookmakers. Each of them will make many mistakes and healthy profits for you.

Conclusion: Review

I can recommend for each bettor looking for affordable sure-betting software for pre-match betting and middle bets. Each of their services is working correctly; I haven’t found wrong odds for a long time.

Their user-friendly interface and professional sure bet scanner made me satisfied and very profitable each time I used them. Review Summary
  • Scanning speed
  • Nr. of arbs
  • Interface
  • Price

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting and switched to full-time value betting. Each software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.