6 Best Value Betting Software Tested: Value bet finders [2022]

I’ve been arbing and value betting since 2013. Choosing the most suitable bookmaker scanner service for value or sure betting is the most important, yet challenging step to success.

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OddsJam is the most advanced value betting software for betting sites in the USA and Canada.

7-day free trial!

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RebelBetting is the best value bet finder for bettors from the EU & UK. And also a great alternative for US bettors.

  • EU bookies: 60+
  • US bookies: 13+

14-day free trial!

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BetBurger is the best value betting software for EU & UK bookies. 200+ bookies and 41 sports covered.

US bookies: 15

Free up to 2%!

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Based on my experience, choosing the best value bet finder or sure bet scanner depends on your personal needs and the bookies you have access to.

After using the following services for many years I was able to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. If you need more info about them, for a well-researched decision, check my independent reviews for each of them.

Many of them offer a lot of value bets & arbs with an almost perfect scanning speed while covering nearly every bookmaker and sport.

Best Value Bet Finder Softwares – Top value & sure bet scanners

To find the best value bet software for your needs, I’ve built the following table to compare their most important properties. Below the table, you can find a summary of my recommendation for different cases.

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No.1 USA
No.1 – EU
No.2 – EU
Breaking Bet
Nr2 Football
Nr1 football
Nr. of
56+60+ (13+ from US)80+ 231 clones4960+71+
7+10+ eSports36 + eSports12FootballFootball
Markets Scanned9+6 +
Cross Markets
9 +
Cross Markets
Cross Markets
Cross Markets
Cross Markets
Value betsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableNoNo
API for
arb price
(1 Month)
$199€89 Starter/
€179 Pro
(2 weeks Free)
renewal for €16  
€19+for 3 basic bookie
€3- €12 €/bookie
In-play arb price
(1 Month)
€24.99included in
Pre-match value price
(1 Month)
Pro – €179
(2 weeks Free)
€79.99 €11.99
value price
(1 Month)
€149.99 €15.99
Free version7-day2 weeks FreeUp to 1%
60s delay
(2% on value)
Middle betsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Polish MiddlesAvailableAvailable
to bookie
AvailableAvailableAvailableWith VIP+
 Visit OddsJamTry RebelBettingVisit BetBurgerVisit
Breaking Bet
Visit OddStorm
Comparison table of the 5 best value betting software (updated: 14.07.2022)

I have tested all of the arbitrage and value betting services during my betting career and will try to guide you in the right direction.

If you need more information about specific services, keep scrolling, and you can find links to my dedicated reviews about each of them.

Based on my experience here is a short summary of the top choices for each category:

arbitrage bet finder flag

Down below you can read my detailed reviews about these services:

Best value bet finder software for USA and Canada

  1. OddsJam is covering the bookmaker available for users from the US and Canada.

Take a look at my ODDSJAM REVIEW

The Oddsjam Canada Plan will help Canadian bettors to start earning profits from arbing.

I have included the most important 20+ properties that can help you make your decision.

2. OddsBoom was the lighter and cheaper competition of OddsJam but in 2022 OddsJam acquired them and closed their platform.

They were scanning over 50 US bookies and displayed the highest odds on the main sports events by also offering arbitrage and matched betting services. By uniting with Oddsjam they became a faster and better performing service.

Free value betting software list

  1. Rebel betting: they are offering a 2-week free trial for their services. Visit RebelBetting
  2. BetBurger: They are offering free value bet services for a profit of up to 2% on each opportunity. Visit Betburger
  3. BreakingBet is offering its value betting service for free if you are opting in for an arbitrage plan. Their fee is so low, that I would consider them almost a free value bet service. Visit Breaking Bet

Best value betting software list

I’ve used all of these services mentioned above. Based on my experiences picking the right value bet service for your needs might not be the easiest decision.

Many bettors around the world have access to different bookmakers. For some of them, even the cheapest value bet finder service might be the pick.

1. BetBurger value betting In-play

BetBurger is the best and unfortunately the only value betting software for betting in-play. The majority of bookie scanners avoid building a tool for in-play because of several reasons.

The main goal of these services is to offer a guaranteed profit for their customers.

But placing bets after the start is going to place bettors in a harder situation:

  • the odds are moving fast
  • not many bookmakers can define the true lines and sharp odds when the matches are live (which is the most important factor of being profitable in value betting)
free value betting service betburger

Advantages of in-play positive EV betting software

  • Covers the most bookmakers compared to other services
  • You can set up your own filters
  • There is the possibility to compare slow bookies not only to Pinnacle (as other value betting services tend to do)
  • Each important betting market and sport is covered
  • Displays the most value bets compared to other services
  • The best in-play value betting service
  • Free soft for bets with profits up to 2%


  • Fairly expensive for someone without experience
  • Requires more experience because of the fast odds movements

However, if you are an experienced bettor, in-play value betting is the best way to:

  • avoid getting limited as long as possible
  • find significantly more value bets
  • find bigger mistakes

I have used BetBurger for many years because of the simple fact that they are the best-developed tool for finding odds discrepancies between bookies.

Their value bet finder is based on a fast scanning tool that is capable of comparing odds between hundreds of bookies covering even smaller leagues on each available sport.

Compared to other services, BetBurger displays value bets from almost each relevant betting market. Only minor markets are not covered. These are irrelevant for serious value betting because bookies tend to limit accounts faster when betting on such odds.

I suggest trying a subscription plan of at least 1 week to figure out if this service is appropriate for your needs or not.

2. BetBurger value betting Pre-match

BetBurger will always be my nr. 1 pick for value betting. I’ve used their services for long years (still using them sometimes).

They are making mistakes many times, which is normal in this business. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to run a program without bugs and malfunctions.

But the amount of possibilities this value bet scanner is displaying is making them my top choice for the premium category.


  • Covers the most bookmakers compared to other services
  • Unlimited profit % on value bets
  • Free value betting software for bets with profits up to 2%


  • Fairly expensive for someone without experience
  • Requires more experience because of the fast odds movements

The pre-match value betting software has very similar pricing compared to its competitors. They don’t have a stake calculator such as RebelBetting (which helps you follow a money management strategy).

But on the other hand, you will get significantly more value bets because of the wider market, sport, and bookie coverage.

3. RebelBetting Value betting software

RebelBetting would be my second choice when looking for a premium value betting service. The amount of bookies/markets/sports scanned with their accuracy is making them a big competitor of BetBurger.

Their €79 starter pack for value betting is accessible to everyone. Not only because it’s fairly cheap compared to other services, but because they are offering a 14-day free trial.

Check their calculator to see how much profit you can make based on your initial investment and some other factors.

Advantages of RebelBetting

  • Value betting software for 60+ bookies
  • 2-week free trial with a slightly limited version
  • The odds are scanned accurately
  • User-friendly interface
  • Auto navigate to bookie (redirection tool)
  • Good customer service, willing to solve issues as fast as possible
  • Many betting guides for onboarding clients

Downsides of RebelBetting

  • No in-play value betting software (requires way more experience)
  • Some bookies still need to be implemented
rebel betting browser application value betting
rebelbetting value betting autosurf

If you are following their guides, you can make several times more than the price of a monthly plan.

The biggest advantage of this tool over its competitors will shine for those who are in need of a proper, well-working and proven stake management system.

You can pre-set your stake sizes which will be adjusted to each value betting opportunity, based on their edge over the bookies. This way you can lower the risk of running into a losing streak that can destroy your whole betting balance.

Still not sure about opting in (for free)? Check my RebelBetting value betting review for more info!

4. Breaking Bet: cheapest value betting software

In many forums or blogs Breaking Bet is not getting enough attention. Based on my opinion, at the moment, each of their betting services is underpriced compared to what they can offer.

Of course, with this low subscription price, you won’t get the number one value betting site. They are missing some value bets because their scanner and cross-market system need further development.

Advantages of BreakingBet

  • Most affordable value betting software
  • Focuses on many bookies available in Africa
  • Many value bets each day
  • Great filters and interface

Downsides of BreakingBet

  • Does not cover too many bookies
  • Not so many value bets as at premium services
breaking bet value betting service bookmakers

Breaking Bet is an excellent value betting software for those who are just starting to learn about value betting. They are focusing on the African bookie market, but many Asian and European betting sites are also covered.

Paying 12 euros for a subscription would be like getting free value bets.

5. OddsJam Value betting

  • OddsJam has opened its gates in 2021 as the biggest bookmaker scanner software for USA and Canada bookmakers.
  • They have both arbitrage and positive EV betting software
  • With a fairly accurate scanner algorithm, they can support even the experienced value bettors.
  • Check my OddsJam Review here!

Advantages of Oddsjam positive EV finder

  • Best value bet finder in the US by far
  • Covers the most US bookies for value betting
  • Focuses on the major sports
  • Betting guides from A to Z both written and video format
  • Excellent modern user interface

Downsides of OddsJam

  • Some bettors might feel their prices are too expensive (even though you can make over 3k USD/month with it)
oddjam review value bet

The best thing I like about OddsJam is their goal of developing more and more services that can help bettors make better decisions and more profits as well.

At the moment they are the fastest growing and fastest developing value betting service for the US betting market. They offer weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions as well.

Some services such as BetBurger and RebelBetting started focusing on the US market as well, but OddsJam is still the big player if you need access to each bookie.

Best value betting software: Scanning speed

These days many people are getting access to information about smart betting strategies.

The more people are placing bets on the same outcome at the same bookmaker, the faster the odds will drop. In this race, the fastest scanner service can mean more successful bets and profits.

  1. At the moment OddStorm has the fastest scanning algorithm. It’s not a surprise, because they are an active member of this industry since 2006.
  2. Based on my experience and the opinion of other competitors, ArbMate is taking second place in the race for the fastest arbitrage scanner service.

In general, the other three software have a very similar refresh rate.

Free value betting software vs paid value bet finder

Most of us tried to find a tool that can display overpriced odds and has a very low price or even it is free.

The goal of value betting is generating money from bets and being persistent in it to fight the variance. In this activity, the monthly fee of the software we use can have a major impact on our profitability.

Below is a short list of the influencing factors for choosing a paid tool over a free service:

1. Scanning speed

The refresh rate/scanning speed of each software is different. Some services offer the same speed for their free version as for the paid subscription. In these cases, the length of the free trial is what limits your possibilities.

Other services, such as BetBurger, have a free version for an unlimited time. They are focusing on giving access to odds but with a significant delay in displaying new betting opportunities.

The first type of trial might be perfect for making enough profits for a paid version, which should be the ultimate goal if you are serious about value betting.

The second type of speed limit might be acceptable for some pre-match matched betting, or spotting sports events with odds movements.

2. Profit margin on value bets

At the moment, 90% of value bet finders have some type of limitation on their free version. Otherwise many people would try to exploit the free trials.

One of the most common ones is limiting the maximum profitability of each value bet. BetBurger is offering value bets with a slight delay (60s) but up to a maximum profit of 2%.

The profit margin and the feed delay have the largest impact on your long-term profitability. I advise opting in for a lower level of paid subscription or for a shorter subscription period.

The faster you can place bets on a higher profit margin, the more profits your can make with less variance as well.

3. Limited number of bookies

This type of free trial is not as common as the above-mentioned differences between a free or paid service. On the other hand, it might be a crucial point in choosing software over another, if you are focusing on bookies that are not available in their free trial.

Top positive EV value bet finder: Odds Accuracy

I used all of these scanners and the one sure thing I can say is that all of them are making mistakes. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not their fault.

The bookies can make changes and the algorithms can malfunction sometimes.

  • I’ve been using BetBurger for long years and sometimes they are struggling with delayed scanning or wrong odds/arbs displayed.

Scanning a bookie with that speed in play is not an easy task. That’s why most of their customers are recurring subscribers.

I’ve experienced downtimes of even 1-2 days at some bookies they are scanning.

You could ask: why am I their affiliate partner?

Well, they have active and relatively fast customer service. The developers are solving the majority of bugs and errors in a fairly short time. And the quality of their scanner is very high.

I want to share honest and real-life experiences about the services I promote.

And about BetBurger I can say, that they are worth every penny you pay for their services. I’ve spent thousands of euros subscribing to their live and pre-match services too.

Value bet finder: Price

The plans for subscription are very different between these services. From €11.99 to €229.99 you can find all kinds of prices. 

Based on your priorities about pre-match or in-play, sure bets, or value bets the choice is very personalized.

Some bettors might get the best scanner for €11.99 if they are scanning the right bookies. BreakingBet is the cheapest one for sure.

On the other hand, if you need more specific ones, you might get them only at OddStorm or BetBurger.

BetBurger vs OddStorm

They are very similar scanning services. Both of them are in this industry for a long time.

Choosing the best is a hard task. OddStorm is scanning only football and Esports, while BetBurger is covering almost every sports event.

Both of them are covering a similar number of bookies for a subscription price close to each other.

For someone who is arbing and positive EV betting in-play on more sports, the obvious choice could seem to be BetBurger.

If your activity is based only on football, and you already have the experience and money to play big, OddStorm might be the best solution. Their scanning speed is beating every competitor. 

If you are willing to pay an extra fee, using their auto navigation tool will boost your productivity and profitability.

It is opening the bet slip and the stakes from the calculator are inserted too. 

Your only task is to click on the place bet buttons. This tool by itself is giving you a big advantage against other bettors.

How to choose the best value betting software for your needs?

1. Check which value bet finder covers your local bookmakers

It’s the most important factor when choosing the best software. Even the monthly fee is less important if the value bet software covers an important betting site.

2. Choose the Best Price

Most of the time the monthly subscription price is the biggest factor in choosing the right service (at least for many bettors).

For beginners:

  • I suggest starting with free arbitrage scanners
  • Upgrade to cheaper services like ArbMate, Breaking Bet, or even Surebet.com (you can read my short review about their services in the following article)
  • After getting enough experience you can upgrade to BetBurger or RebelBetting with a one-week or even monthly subscription
  • For more experienced bettors I suggest checking out OddStorm

3. Use the software with the best scanning speed

The refresh rate of the value betting software is an important factor, but it is getting more role when you get more experience.

Using a service with a faster refresh/scanning rate means having higher chances to place a bet before the odds could drop.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting and switched to full-time value betting. Each software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.