I’ve been using and testing arbitrage betting software or sure bets finders since 2013.

This article is a summary of my experience and knowledge about the best sites, tools, and software to find arbitrage bets.

Top Recommendations

Besides the 9+ best paid & free arbitrage finders, here are my top 3 picks :

Nr.1 in EU & US


rebelbetting icon

Best pre-match arbitrage betting software

Focus zone: Europe & US, CA
Scanning speed: 4.8/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.8/5
Filters: 4.7/5
Bookies: 120+

14-day free trial

RebelBetting Review →

Budget Pre-match


surebet.com icon2

Beginner-friendly budget, pre-match sure bet finder

Focus zone: Europe & Africa, + many US bookies
Scanning Speed: 4.7/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.6/5
Bookies: 430+
Available for 12+ years

Free up to 1% profit

Surebet.com Review →

No. 1: USA & CA


oddsjam value betting new logo

Arbitrage bet finder with real-time scanning & total bookie coverage

Focus zone: US & CA
Great alternative: European bookies
Scanning speed: 4.7/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.8/5
Filters: 4.7/5

7-day free trial!
Promo code: Smartbet23
30% off for 3 months!

OddsJam Review →

You can check my in-depth analysis and comparison table by clicking here.

Here I share my experience and opinion about the best sites and software to find arbitrage bets…

so, you won’t need to try all of them.

Rebelbetting promo

List of best free arbitrage betting software & sure bets finder

Summary of best free & paid arbitrage betting software

rebelbetting icon

#1. RebelBetting

14-day free trial

Best Pre-match EU & US
Zones: EU, US, Africa, Asia
Bookies: 120+;
US bookies: 13+;
Sports: 10+;
Pre-match: Yes;
✓ Guides & supporting community;
Price: €99/€199;
✓ Low error margin, fast refresh rate;

surebet.com icon2

#2. Surebet.com

Free: no time limit, up to 1% profit

Cheap paid version + great Free version
Zones: EU, Africa, Asia
Bookies: 430+;
Sports: 37+;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: No;
Free-trial: Up to 1% on arbs;
Price: Only €9/€26;
✓ 100% Free value bets;

betburger arbitrage betting software logo

#3. BetBurger

Free: up to 1% profit, no time limit

Premium sports arbitrage betting software
Zones: EU, US, CA, Asia
Bookies: 80 + 230 clones(12+ from the USA);
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: Yes – up to 1% profit + delay;
Price: €129/€229;

oddsjam new logo

#4. OddsJam

7-day free trial

Premium arbitrage betting software for the USA & Canada
Zones: US, CA
US Bookies: 56+;
Sports: 7+;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: full access to each tool;

breaking bet review logo

#5. BreakingBet

Free: access to the platform, bet outcomes hidden

Good value for your $: affordable arbitrage betting software
Zones: EU, Africa, Asia
Bookies: 49 + 90 clones;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: No;
Price: €18.99;

Betonvalue arb finder icon

#6. BetOnValue

Free up to 1%, 20 min delay

Great for European Arbers
Zones: Eu, Asia
Bookies: 91+;
Sports: 78;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: Up to 1%;
Price: €50/€125;

betwasp review

#7. BetWasp

Free up to 1%

Focused on US & Canada;
Bookies: 41;
Best OddsJam Alternative;
Sports: 46;
Pre-match: Yes;
In-Play: Yes;
✓ Advanced filtering opportunity;
✓ Fast refresh rate: 2-3 sec in-play;
✓ Significantly more opportunities than at OddsJam

arbmate review

#8. ArbMate

Free: access to the platform, bet outcomes hidden

2nd fastest arbitrage betting software for football
Zones: EU, Africa, Asia
Bookies: 60 + clones;
Sports: football;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: No;
Price: €19+3-8€/bookie;

oddstorm review

#9. OddStorm

Best sure bet finder for soccer

Fastest arbitrage betting scanner for football
Zones: EU, Asia
Bookies: 71 + clones;
Sports: football;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: Yes;
Free-trial: No;
Price: €155;

Best arbitrage betting software in-depth comparison table

AccuracyNr. of
Nr. of BookiesSportsMarketsFiltersFree version
RebelBettingVisit Site +4.8/54.8/54.7/5120+106+4.8/514-days
SurebetVisit Site +4.4/54.4/54.4/5415+36+8+4.3/5Up to 1%
BetBurgerVisit Site +4.7/54.4/54.8/5310+3614+4.9/5Up to 1%
Breaking BetVisit Site +4.5/54.5/54.1/549+125+4.7/5No
ArbMateVisit Site +4.8/54.6/54.3/560+Football14+4.9/5No
OddStormVisit Site +4.9/54.6/54.5/571+Football14+4.9/5No
BetWaspVisit Site +4.7/54.4/54.7/5414614+4.9/5Up to 1%
OddsJamVisit Site +4.4/54.6/54.5/556+7+9+4.7/57-days
 Visit RebelBetting
No.1: EU & US
Visit Surebet
No.1 Budget
Visit BetBurger
Top In-play
Visit Breaking Bet
Visit ArbMate
Nr2 Football
Visit OddStorm
Nr1 football
Visit BetWasp
Visit OddsJam
Nr. of
US: 13+
+231 clones
10 + 8+9 +5+14+14+9+9+
sure bets
Value betsYesFreeYesYesNoNoYesYes
API for
arb price
(1 Month)
€99 Starter/
€199 Pro
€18.99 €19+for 3 bookies
€3- €12 €/bookie
arb price
(1 Month)
€24.99included in
14-days freeUp to 1%Up to 1%
60s delay
(2% on value)
Up to 1%7-day
Middle betsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
to bookie
YesYesYesYesWith VIP+
Best ForEU, US, CaEU, Afr., AsiaEU, USAfr, Asia, EUEU, AfrEU, USUS, CaUS, Ca
 Try RebelBettingVisit
Visit BetBurgerVisit
Breaking Bet
Visit OddStorm Visit BetWaspVisit OddsJam
An updated detailed comparison table of the best arbitrage bet finders (updated: 10.09.2023)

You can read in-depth reviews about each software or check the arbitrage bet finder searcher.

It will help you pick the best tool based on your country/activity: jump to the searcher.

best arbitrage betting software

Are you looking for the best premium arbitrage betting software without any limitations?

With the paid version of these services, you can find more arbs for higher returns.

Arbitrage Bet Finder Searcher Tool

I created this filter so you can determine which sure bet finder is the top pick based on the following criteria most bettors choose.

Select the:
→ Country or region you are from,
→ The timing of your sure bets (before the event or live betting)
→ Sports: some tools cover only football, while others almost each sport

Check the searcher here.

After selecting each filter:

The site will display my recommendations for your settings.

If you need more info about certain tools, scroll down or you can visit my in-depth review of each tool.

Check the searcher here.

Summary video of each arbitrage betting software:

It’s not the Mr. Beast style engaging video :))…

But you will find out every essential information about these services:

Best Arbitrage Betting Finders by Country

In the table below:

You can find my recommendation and the possible sure bet finder alternatives for each price range for some countries.

free sure bets finder software each continent

Choosing the cheapest arbitrage software is not always the best decision.

I highlighted the ones that will offer the best service for that pricing level in these countries.

USAOddsJamBetBurger, RebelBetting
UKBreakingBet or
ArbMateBetBurgerRebelBetting or
NigeriaBreakingBet or
KenyaBreakingBet or
IndiaBreakingBet or
South AfricaBreakingBet or
GhanaBreakingBet or
CanadaOddsJamBetBurger, RebelBetting
Other countriesBreakingBet or
ArbMateBetBurger or
Best sure bets finders by country

OddsJam alternatives & competitors

OddsJam is the biggest player in this arbitrage betting finder and odds comparison industry for US bookies.

As smart bettors, we always need to look for alternatives before picking the right tool.


Many OddsJam alternatives started to offer arbitrage betting software services for US and Canadian users.

For me, it seems that owners of sites like OddsJam see the big possibility and the growing target audience in these countries.

The best OddsJam competitors are still not scanning enough bookies…

This might be a big disadvantage for you when looking for arb services for smaller bookies.

oddsjam alternatives

Top websites like OddsJam:

  1. Best OddsJam alternative for pre-match:
    RebelBetting is the best OddsJam alternative because of the decent number of US bookies scanned, beginner-friendly pricing, an excellent arbitrage stake calculator, a user-friendly interface, and they display arbitrage betting opportunities with a low error margin.
  2. OddsJam free alternative:
    The best OddsJam free alternative/competitor is RebelBetting with its 2 weeks free trial period.
    However, the 7-day free trial of OddsJam should also be excellent to generate enough profits for a paid membership.
  3. OddsJam competitor for in-play betting:
    In my opinion, BetBurger is the top in-play OddJam competitor and alternative if you are looking for a site like OddsJam with more friendly pricing but fewer US bookies covered.

Free arbitrage bet finder reviews

1. RebelBetting review – best free arbitrage bet finder

Based on my experience, RebelBetting is the best arbitrage betting finder both for free or premium subscription plans.

RebelBetting Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




Benefits of RebelBetting

  • 120+ betting sites covered + many of their clone bookies
  • 2-week free sure bet software trial with a profit limitation of only 3.5%
  • Displaying sure betting odds with a high accuracy
  • User-friendly arbitrage betting app interface that is focused on mobile phones as well
  • Auto navigate to bookie (redirection tool) that opens the betting site with one click from their interface
  • Good/fast customer service, always willing to help with the usual Swedish kindness and professionalism
  • Many guides for a beginner sure bettors
  • Fast arbitrage bet finder scanner (fast refresh rate of the available betting opportunities)

Drawbacks of RebelBetting

  • In-play sure bet finder not available
  • Some bookies still need to be implemented (possible clone bookies)

Features & Tutorial video:

One of its biggest advantages is that new betting opportunities are displayed without any delay.

This is giving you a big advantage over similar arbitrage betting app providers with a free trial/version.

Check their calculator to see how much profit you can make based on your initial investment and some other factors.

They display new arbs instantly:

It means that paying subscribers don’t have any advantage over you in the matter of seeing new sure betting opportunities.

rebel betting browser application value betting

If you are using a scanner with delay, the other bettors will place the bets faster.

In this case, the odds are more likely to drop when you just start calculating the stakes.

RebelBetting is offering a free trial of 14 days for their sure bet service.

At the moment this is the only arbitrage betting service that offers a free trial for this long period.

→ You have the chance to test the full potential of their services for free.

These two weeks are more than enough for:

  • Figure out how their tool works
  • Get comfortable with each filter and stake calculator
  • Make enough profits to opt-in for their best performing premium service

→ For matched betting:

the free version of RebelBetting is one of the best solutions.

It covers 120+ bookmakers which should be more than enough.

→ From the list of sure bet finders mentioned in this article, RebelBetting is the only arbitrage betting software that has a downloadable app version.

Most of us are used to web app-style scanners, but this service is offering a Windows application as well (however, they advise using the web app soft).

RebelBetting User Interface & Layout:

rebel betting value bet screenshot

RebelBetting shifted from offering a downloadable app to entirely using in-browser services.

Their software is optimized both for mobile phones and PC as well.

Mac users can also take advantage of their services without experiencing any issues.

Each of their tabs is organized user friendly.

Even beginner arbitrage bettors can easily figure out the way of setting up their filters and start profitable sports betting.

Their profit tracker gives an additional advantage against bookies:

By opening the opportunity of keeping useful historical data in the right place with useful graphs.

You can easily snooze a match:

Hide a betting opportunity that you do not need.

You can also open their decent built-in arbitrage betting calculator for each sure bet.

The design helps users place bets in the fastest, optimized way.


RebelBetting Starter:

Price: €99/ month:

→ Value bets & sure bets included,
→ Great for beginners,
→ Works with a smaller bankroll,
→ Steady profit every month: ROI over 30%/month.

RebelBetting Pro:

Price: €199/ month:

→ Value bets & sure bets,
→ Maximize your profit,
→ The most profitable bets,
→ Access non-limiting bookies.

Compare Starter vs Pro Plans
Sure bet percentageUp to 3.5%Unlimited
Bet settlementYesYes
80+ bookiesYesYes
RebelBetting sure bet finder pricing plans
RebelBetting sure bet finder pricing plans

If you are thinking about opting in for a paying version:

-> The cheapest option is the Sure Betting Starter plan for 99 euros.

-> For a monthly subscription for their Pro version, you have to pay 199 euros

But you will get an unlimited number of sure betting opportunities

→ The free arb scanner has the same user interface.

It includes an arb calculator to markets and cross-markets on football which will help you in placing bets faster.

→ If you get comfortable with their sure bet version, I would advise you to start using their value betting software as well.

In my experience, if you invest a little bit of effort and time into understanding how their value bet tool works:

The possible profits will exceed the ones you could achieve in a sports arbitrage betting scene by approximately 50-60%.

And It is worth mentioning that if you can prove that you are not in profit after a month, you will get a free month in addition.

In my RebelBetting Review, you can find all the additional info and update I will have about them.

Product Updates:

  • Interview with three customers here

2. BetBurger review – Arbitrage betting finder for professionals

After using this sure betting software for many years, here is my summary:

In my opinion, BetBurger is the best premium/free arbitrage bet finder for in-play events.

It has a clean and friendly interface with a fast refreshing arb feed.

This will make your sure betting activity smooth…

And it will also maximize the profits you make per hour.

BetBurger Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




Pros of BetBurger

  • Best in-play sure betting software (based on my experience)
  • 80+ bookies + 231 of their clones scanned
  • Free arbitrage bet finder account up to a profit of 1% for an unlimited time
  • Fast refresh rate of odds
  • User-friendly interface for desktop users
  • Auto navigate to bookie (redirection tool)
  • Fast customer service (big team in the back office)
  • Many smaller local bookies are scanned that cannot be found at other sure bet finders
  • Excellent filters for sports, markets, and even leagues

Cons of BetBurger

  • You may experience many wrong arbs at busy weekends
  • Minor issues are not solved right away
  • It requires a bigger starting capital due to the monthly fee
  • Their arbitrage bet software is not optimized for mobile users.

BetBurger Features:

I’ve used BetBurger for many years, so I have a lot of experience with them; you can find some of them:

  • For the pre-match, their free sure bet finder has a delay of 60 seconds, which is not crucial but still not the best if you want to use a free tool only. You will miss most of the sure bets this way because others with a paid tool can spot these opportunities faster.
  • I have to mention their live betting arbitrage scanner with a free version for arbs that has a profit limit of up to 1%. It also has a 15 min time delay, which makes the free version almost worthless for successful in-play betting.
  • No arbitrage opportunity will stay up for 15 minutes in live betting.
  • Their free pre-match service is showing arbs up to 1% profit, which is higher than at RebelBetting.
  • The biggest advantage of BetBurger is the number of betting sites they scan: over 90 bookmakers.
  • But in the account setting, you can select 205 additional clone sites of these bookmakers.
  • For many of us, this option is a big help, because not everyone knows that a certain bookmaker is using the same odds provider as some more known bookmakers.
  • Sports betting API for developing automated sports arbitrage software
  • The number of sports scanned by BetBurger is insane. Even with the free version, you can have access to 41 sports.
  • If you are a fan of esports or some smaller sports, this could be your best solution for a free scanner service.
  • If you are using certain bookmakers, you can have the option to click on the odds at BetBurger and you will be redirected to that bookmaker.
betburger review general properties
BetBurger Properties summary

The match with the arbitrage opportunity will be opened as well.

At some bookmakers, even the bet slip will be opened right after a single click on the odds.

The free version includes an arb calculator too, which can be used for every new sure bet opportunity within a click.

betburger arbitrage bet finder bookmakers scanned
Bookmaker clones interface

In the free arbitrage scanner version of BetBurger, if you are clicking on odds, on the right side of the screen, it will open every arb for that event.

There you will find a sure bet calculator for that specific event and markets with stakes and odds already inserted.

I know for sure that BetBurger and Rebelbetting are the top services at the moment.

Because of this, I have made a comparison between them.

You can check it in my BetBurger vs RebelBetting article.

free arbitrage betting service
The sure betting software interface

BetBurger is definitely not the cheapest sure bet finder on the market.

But I know from my experience and the opinion of other experienced arbitrage bettors:

  • You will spot each betting opportunity
  • No matter which subscription plan you choose, you will earn at least 3 times more in that period.

If you are not sure about how suitable it is for your betting strategies or the bookies they cover, you can apply for a one-day or one-week subscription.

Both of these are excellent possibilities to get some experience in using their service.

You can test them while risking only a smaller amount as a subscription fee.

betburger arbitrage betting software filter interface
Advanced multifilter interface

One of their big advantages is the option to freeze your account for longer periods.

If you are not able to continue arbitrage betting for some days or even weeks, your subscription is not lost.

You can freeze it for that period, and when you return by clicking on the button unfreeze, you can continue betting and using their services again.

Proof of being a customer of BetBurger for many years:

You can find out how to earn the most with BetBurger from my tennis betting strategy.

me using betburger arbitrage betting proof

BetBurger Pricing


  • 1 day: €7.99
  • 7 days: €44.99 (€6.43/day)
  • 30 days: €129.99 (€4.33/day)
  • 180 days: €649.99 (€3.61/day)
  • 360 days: €1299.99 (€3.61/day)


  • 1 day: €12.99
  • 7 days: €69.99 (10/day)
  • 30 days: €229.99 (€7.67/day)
  • 180 days: €1149.99 (€6.39/day)
  • 360 days: €2299.99 (€6.39/day)

Product Updates:

  • Sportium is no longer LadBrokes clone – it’s scanned separately
  • Bet365 reserve bookie added to list – the odds for Bet365 (reserve) are aggregated from several sources at ones which leads to verified and up-to-date odds and less downtime in scanning
  • 09.02.2023 – New bookmakers added to the scanner, which favors users from Greece: NetBetGr (Live), Betshop (Pre-match & Live)
  • 20.02.2023 – Betslip navigation to Bet365 added to in-play section
  • 21.04.2023 – Winamax added to the available books – mostly sure bettors from Spain

For a more detailed description, I would advise taking a look at my BetBurger Review.

3. Surebet.com review – Arbitrage betting software – Pre-match

Based on my testing and experience, Surebet.com is the best beginner-friendly sure bets finder for pre-match betting.

This treasure was the first arbitrage bet finder I ever used.

I’m still using their sure bet calculator because of the easy way of opening it and introducing every data needed.

Surebet.com Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




My takeaway:

In my experience, their paid version is showing the majority of arbs accurately.

On the other hand, their monthly subscription is very accessible even for beginner arbitragers.

Right now, you can opt-in for even 25.90 euros for a month. 

surebet.com sure bets finder bookmaker filter interface
Betting site selection interface

Features and tutorial video:

Pros of surebet.com

  • Fast pre-match sure bet finder
  • The odds are displayed fairly accurately compared to their monthly fee & competitors
  • Excellent middle bet scanner
  • A well-developed redirecting browser extension
  • Affordable subscription plans for all kinds of levels
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • 180+ betting sites scanned all over the world

Cons of surebet.com

  • No in-play scanner (requires way more experience)
  • Minor issues are not solved right away
  • The filtering system could be better, but they are perfect for beginner-, mid-level bettors

Key Features:

  • Their free service can be used in the browser and it is showing arbitrage opportunities up to a profit of 1%.
  • It is important to mention that they are offering a Value bet service for free, without limitations (It’s not known for how long it will be available for free, but I would not wait too much for opening a free account). 
  • The delay on these arbs in the free version is less than 60 seconds, and in my experience, the displayed arbs are very accurate.
  • Their surebet software is scanning 86 bookmakers and many of their clone bookies (same odds different bookies), so in total, they are covering over 180 bookmakers!
  • They are scanning 60 different types of sports, which is more than enough for every smart bettor: even football 5×5, esports like League of Legends, Warcraft, Dota
  • From my point of view, these stats are hard to beat. Surebet.com is accessible, accurate, and fast enough to put your trust in them!
free arbitrage scanner service software


  • €8.9 – 1 week
  • €25.9 – 1 month
  • €69.9 – 3 months
  • €179.9 – 1 year

Need more info? Check my Surebet.com Review!

Product updates:

  • January 03, 2023: many new betting sites added
  • Improved scanning of Pinnacle odds
  • December 16, 2022: New sure bet types, added new bookies, faster scanning speed at TonyBet and Sisal
  • December 09, 2022: Totogaming and Betcity added to the scanner
  • Added new UTF events at Betfair

4. BetOnValue review

In my opinion, BetOnValue is the best arbitrage betting finder and odds comparison tool for many European bettors.

→ Their free service is showing sure bets up to 1% profit on them.
→ Sadly, the delay here is 20 minutes which is making this service almost completely useless on the free version.
→ In the free arb scanner, they are displaying arbs from 23 bookmakers. This number in the paying version is way higher.

BetOnValue Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




free arbitrage scanner service

The free version of BetOnValue is just a good marketing strategy to show the real possibilities in the paying version.

They are covering 32 sports, which is more than enough for most of the arbitrage bettors.

Pricing plans:

Free arbitrage betting software:

You get access to the standard limited number of bookmakers, with a pretty serious delay of 20 minutes on sure betting software.

The max profit on sure bets is limited to up to 1%.

This plan is perfect to analyze their sure bet finder filters, user interface, and betting sites you can have access to.

betonvalue arbitrage bets finder filters and sure bets
Filters and sure bets interface

Silver plan:

It’s a paid plan that costs €50 each month and will give you access to sure bets from all betting sites covered by BetOnValue.

The 3-minute delay applied to arbitrage bets will offer a limited opportunity.

Most betting opportunities will already disappear, but it’s significantly better than many arbitrage bet finders available in this price range.

Gold Plan:

The premium sure bets finder of BetOnValue has a monthly fee of €125.

This is priced very similarly to other services with similar opportunities.

This plan allows you to have access to each of their betting opportunity without delay.

You can use not only their sure betting software but the value bets finder as well.

betonvalue arbitrage betting software pricing plans

Benefits of BetOnValue

  • Scans and displays over 165 betting sites
  • Fast refresh rate of odds and sure bets
  • They cover each relevant sport (over 32).
  • You can try their services with the unlimited free trial period.
  • Professional redirection tool which saves you time by redirecting you to the betslip with a single click.
  • Fairly accurate arbitrage bets finder compared to other services.

Drawbacks of BetOnValue

  • Bet tracking not available
  • High monthly fee on gold plan without limitations.

One thing I really like about their services is their redirection tool.

When you click on the sure bet odds:

-> You are automatically redirected to the bookmaker website with the desired betslip already open ready to insert the stakes.

Another feature I find really helpful:

-> The opportunity of clicking on a match and their software brings up a screen with the odds from all bookmakers for that sports event and market.

This tool works as an odds comparison service as well.

It might be overwhelming to use this page as it shows too much information.

But for users who just want to shop around and find the second or third-best odds at alternative bookies, it’s a great tool.

5. OddStorm – football arbitrage betting finder

OddStorm is the fastest arbitrage betting finder site for football.

They are focusing on football as the best premium sure bet finder for pre-match and in-play as well.

They are the tool that you will need to use when a certain skill level is achieved in this smart betting industry.

OddStorm Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




Presentation and short tutorial video

Benefits of OddStorm

  • 71+ betting sites covered for pre-match/live sure betting
  • Fastest scanning refresh rate in the industry (1-3 sec in-play and 15 sec Pre-match)
  • Industry-leading in the number of markets/cross-markets covered in football
  • Professional interface and filter in windows app and in browser as well.
  • Professional redirection tool which saves you time by redirecting you to the betslip with a single click.
  • Customer service available via live chat and skype
  • Best sure betting software for professianals who are focusing on football only and need the ability to spot odds changes in the shortest time-frame possible.

Drawbacks of OddStorm

  • Covering only football
  • Fairly high monthly fee but still competitive in the premium arb finder service category

Key features:

  • OddStorm has slightly expensive subscription plans compared to the other services on this list. They are outstanding because of the scanning speed of the software.
  • A faster refresh rate at a sure betting software means more betting opportunities, and more time to place the bets. Both of these factors lead to more profits at the end of the day.
  • Their redirection tool (you can open bet slips with one click from their software) helps you place bets even faster while OddStorm remains anonymous.
oddstorm review basic properties


VIP (without redirecting tool)

7€/1 day; 50€/1 week; 155€/1 month;

9€/1 day; 63€/1 week; 195€/1 month;

VIP Plus (with redirection tool)

50€/1 month & 245€/1 month recurring;

290€/1 month & 285€/1 month recurring.

OddStorm Layout:

Oddstorm offers an arbitrage betting app both for a browser interface and a downloadable windows app as well.

By offering both platforms, users can figure out which suits their needs the best.

I always preferred the in-browser arbitrage betting finders because they do not force you to switch between applications.

From an app to a browser…

oddstorm arbitrage betting software layout

My advice:

OddStorm is definitely not the cheapest arbitrage bet finder software.

But if you are looking for the fastest sure bet finder and you are focusing only on football only, this is the top pick for you.

The faster you can find an arb, the more chance you have for placing each leg of your bet without facing relevant odds dropping.

With this new trend of covering more and more bookies, Oddstorm also became a potential tool for not only European users but US & Canadian sure bettors as well.

Do you need more info and insights about this software?

Check my OddStorm review and find out why they can be the most suitable premium service for a higher profit.

In summary, I want to say that OddStorm is the top tier one software for football arbitrage betting.

Despite their higher fees, when you consider taking sure betting seriously, there won’t be a faster and more accurate sure bets finder than OddStorm.

6. OddsJam Review

OddsJam is the most comprehensive arbitrage betting software in the US & Canada.

They offer the most complex and well-developed positive EV & sure bet finder besides many other calculators and tools for US bookies and smart bettors.

OddsJam Performance Measurement

Scanning Speed:


Odds Accuracy:


Nr. of arbitrage bets:


Filter options:




OddsJam short tutorial

Benefits of OddsJam

  • Cheaper than most premium arbitrage betting software from Europe
  • Covers the majority of important bookies from the US and Canada
  • Fast sure bet scanner: real time refresh rate on odds due to their own scraper system
  • A complete guide for beginner arbitrage bettors (hundreds of articles and videos)
  • They support 3 strategies: matched betting, arbitrage betting, positive EV betting (value betting)
  • Excellent user interface: probably the modernest compared to the other sure bet finders, which is also mobile friendly
  • Great filters for sports, bookies, and markets
  • A 7-day free trial for each tool (bank card required)

Drawbacks of OddStorm

  • No subscription plan for shorter periods such as one day/week for pre-match, but you can try them with the 7-day free trial
  • Many of their users complain about not being able to place bets above 3% because they disappear under a minute (As a sure bettor I can say that this situation is present at each software. This way of betting needs you to have funds already available at bookies and place bets fast)
oddsjam review arbitrage

Key Features:

They are offering a 7-day free trial, and you can try one of the following tools:

  • Sure bet scanner
  • Value bet finder
  • Low-Hold bets scanner
  • Highest odds on each main betting market
  • Matched betting tool
  • Different types of betting calculators

OddsJam changed its subscription plan and is offering a single plan for pre-match.

This includes access to their sure bets finder, value soft, low hold finder, and many other calculators and tools.

By covering most US bookies and the majority of Canadians as well in their services:

They are the top pick if you want to take advantage of bookie mistakes such as undervalued markets or odds discrepancies.

Check my detailed OddsJam Review to find out more about each of their tools for smart betting.

For many specific cases, there are better sure bet finders.

For example, if you need access to only 6-8 of the biggest US bookies, BetBurger or RebelBetting might be a better arb finder app alternative.

Arbitrage software interfaces & Layouts

Even after knowing their services for almost two years, I’m still amazed by their fast way of developing even their smallest and least important tools.

Both their design and functionality have gone through some serious changes.

This helped OddsJam in becoming a top-quality arbitrage betting app for the US and Canadian markets.

They are focusing on having a perfectly optimized in-browser site and services besides offering some tools for Android and iOS as well.

Their in-browser sure bet finder is perfectly optimized for mobile devices as well.

It opens the opportunity of using their services when you are not at home.


Plus Plan

Save $60 – ($99 / month)
Now $39/ month

  • Onshore sportsbooks
  • Low Holds Betting Tool
  • Middles Betting Tool
  • Free Bet Conversion Tool
  • Email alerts

Industry Plan

Save $100 – ($299 / month)
Now $199/ month

  • All features of the Plus Plan
  • Positive EV Betting Tool
  • Arbitrage Betting Tool
  • Parlay Builder
  • OddsJam Perfect Line odds

Product Updates:

  • Odds Screen added: Monitor Betting markets in real-time – check it here
  • Several calculators added
  • Free bet tracker added
  • Legalization tracker added

7. ArbMate

ArbMate is an excellent and surprisingly fast semi-automated sure betting finder software.

I’ve used their sure bet finder tool and filters for a few months.

If you are looking for a cheaper sure bet finder and alternative to OddStorm but with a relatively premium quality arb scanner, they are an excellent pick.

ArbMate Performance Measurement

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Their subscription plans and pricing is different from the competitors.

It might be a good point for users who want to use only a few bookies for their activity.

Sports Scanned: at the moment, they are scanning only football and Esports. But implementing basketball and tennis is also their mid-term goal.

Markets Covered: 14 different markets and combining them (cross-market arbs)


→ €19/month that includes: Pre-match + In-play arbs, Bet365, Bwin, Pinnacle
→ Need to purchase additional bookmakers you need with 3-12 euros/bookie

This type of pricing helps users/sure bettors who are not willing/can’t use 10+ bookies at the same time.

You will get a similar sure bet software like the ones with higher price tags but, in this case, with the option of paying only a fraction of their prices.

Benefits of ArbMate

  • 2nd fastest sure bet finder focusing on football only
  • 60+ betting sites covered + many additional clone bookies
  • Semi-automated arbitrage betting (redirection tool available for many bookies) for opening bookies & placing arbs faster
  • User-friendly pricing plan & interface: you pay for only the bookies you want to use
  • Cross-market arbs. Example: sure bets between home to win and handicap +0.5 on the second team
  • Friendly customer service: they answered fairly fast every time I had a question
  • You can change bookies in your subscription plan if you want to use a new one instead
  • In-play arbitrage bet scanning available with the second fastest odds refresh rate and low error margin

Drawbacks of ArbMate

  • Scanning only football (Esports too at some of the bookies, and basketball will be also covered sooner or later)
  • I noticed less betting opportunities here compared to premium sure bet finders
arbmate sure betting software user interface
User interface

I like this arbitrage betting site because:

  • ArbMate has the second-fastest arbitrage betting site for football
  • User-friendly subscription plan
  • Focusing only on football
  • Redirecting you to the bookie and opening the bet slip with one click with their chrome extension
  • Easy-to-understand settings on the well-organized filters tab
  • They offer an in-play scanner, which was my main priority when looking for a similar tool

Check my ArbMate Review for more info about their services and additional tools not covered in this short presentation.

8. BetWasp

After OddsJam, BetWasp is the only sure bet spotter tool that focuses on the US and Canadian betting sites.

They have a significantly lower subscription price for in-play scanner compared to OddsJam.

Based on my experience they also display significantly more sure bets compared to any other service that focuses on these countries.

betwasp user interface to calculate stakes

BetWasp is a side product of Betburger.

They launched this software in 2021 as a semi-automated arbitrage and value betting tool.

After selecting a betting opportunity and clicking on the bet button, the software is opening the bet slip and inserts the stake to bet automatically.

They are offering free access to their tools with up to a maximum profit of 1 or 2% depending on the strategy you choose.

Benefits of Betwasp

  • Semi-Automated arbitrage betting software with the need of a minimal human input (but you still need to select the betting opportunities you want to bet on).
  • A large coverage of betting sites scanned.
  • The fastest bookie scanning service at the moment.
  • A new way of approaching profitable and optimized sure betting tools.
  • Cross-market arb finder available. Example: sure bets between home to win and handicap +0.5 on the second team
  • Highly skilled customer service due to being the part of BetBurger team.
  • In-play arbitrage bet scanning available with an insanely fast refresh rate

Drawbacks of Betwasp

  • Requires higher experience level to work and start with but offers more betting opportunities as well.

Check my BetWasp Review for more information about their services and for a tutorial on how to use them.

9. OddsBoom Review

OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid. By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

OddsBoom is the cheapest arbitrage bet finder for bettors from the US. They are offering a free version of their services. This limited sure bet scanner displays arbs and matched betting opportunities with lower profit percentages.

Benefits of OddsBoom

  • Over 50 US-based betting sites scanned (a growing number)
  • International bookies: Pinnacle, Bovada, and some Bovada competitors like BetOnline
  • You can compare odds between Pinnacle + a local bookie for value betting
  • Accurate and fast scanner with a low monthly fee
  • Some Free sure bets are available
  • Excellent user interface
  • You can recover the subscription fee with 1 arbitrage bet
  • Odds comparison tool included in the subscription plan

Drawbacks of OddsBoom

  • Filters and scanning speed can be further improved
oddsboom arbitrage betting US bookmakers


$5 / 1 day
$15 / 1 month – Plus membership
$150 / 1 year – save 2 months’ worth of subscription

OddsBoom is offering many important tools for profitable sports and arbitrage betting in the USA:

→ Arb finder,
→ Matched betting software,
→ Highest odds on each market on the main sports events.

Visit my OddsJam Review and find out more about their new platform!

What are these free arbitrage bet finders or sure betting software?

Arbitrage betting finder software & sites are capable of scraping and scanning odds from hundreds of bookmakers in each 1-3 seconds.

These no risk bets are the surest ways to win in betting.

These arb finder sites are basic tools not only for arbitrage bettors but also for getting matched betting and value betting tips and new betting opportunities on hidden markets that are not available for other bettors.

Your starting capital and experience can influence how much you can make arbitrage betting, but both can be developed.

Value betting, on the other hand, is a little bit more advanced usage of these scanner services.

Arbitrage betting in the UK is the easiest and most profitable strategy that can generate 100 per cent winning bets with access to over 150 bookmakers.

With the help of the right strategy and a sure betting site, you can make thousands in a single month.

Learn more in my arbitrage betting guide if you need more info about the hows of this strategy.

Arbitrage betting software: free vs premium subscription

1. Maximum profit % on arbs

The free arbitrage finder apps display only arbs with a profit of a maximum of 1%. Some scanners have pushed this limit even lower.

Premium or paid versions of these scanner services don’t have any limitation in maximum profit margin.

The only exception under this are BetBurger or RebelBetting with their limited-time free trial period.

2. Delaying to display arbitrage bets

With a free version of an arbitrage scanner, you will experience significant delays.

The only exception is Rebelbetting, which is displaying every opportunity as fast as in the paying version.

Most free arbitrage betting services have at least a 60 second delay on bets.

Some scanners have a 15 or even 20 minutes delay in displaying arbs.

3. The number of bookmakers scanned

Most of the free versions of these scanner services are offered to show the arbs with the same bookmakers as in the paying version.

Their goal is to show you that they are capable of scanning those bookies.

An exception under this is BetOnValue, which offers only 23 bookmakers the free version of their sports betting algorithms software.

4. Markets and sports scanned

The arbitrage scanners that I will analyze don’t make a difference between the free and paid version in showing markets or sports types.

On the other hand, not all of them are scanning the same number of sports or markets.

How I used & tested these sure bet finders

Kindly notice that for better sure bets with higher returns and several times more profits, opting in for a premium subscription plan is recommended and almost inevitable.

Back in 2013, when I started learning about smart betting strategies, the first two techniques to make guaranteed money from betting were arbitrage betting and matched betting.

If you are in the same situation as I was back then, you probably are thinking about the high prices of the sure bet scanning services.

Back then I tried to find arbitrage bets manually, and I was lucky enough because in 2013 you still had good chances for that.

However, after 1 or 2 weeks of struggling, I realized that the money I can make this way is not worth that much time staying in front of the computer.

I already heard about sure bet scanning services, but in the beginning, I wanted to do it by myself.

I didn’t have the money to pay for good service, but I wanted to make the process faster and more profitable.

My best hope was in free arbitrage betting sites, and in the end, they were the key to my success in smart betting.

You can also check my article about betting analytics websites.

Conclusion: Best arbitrage betting software

Both the premium and free arbitrage betting finder software have their main role. Free sure bet finders are the entry point to figure out which software is capable of serving our needs and also give the opportunity to generate profits for a higher profit-generating premium arbitrage betting app.

Top Recommendation: RebelBetting

rebelbetting icon

#1. RebelBetting

14-day free trial

✓ Bookies: 120+;
✓ US bookies: 13+;
✓ Sports: 10+;
✓ Pre-match: Yes;
✓ Guides & supporting community;
✓ Price: €99/€199;
✓ Low error margin, fast refresh rate;

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What are these arbitrage bet finders or software?

These arbitrage bet finders display odds discrepancies between bookmakers in real-time. They can scan almost every sport type and event by covering the most important betting markets and display each sure betting opportunity between your filtered bookies.

Differences between free arbitrage software and a paid subscription?

The scanning speed, the number of bookmakers scanned and the markets are the main difference between a paying and free arbitrage betting software subscription plan. Opting in for a paid plan will allow you to make significantly more profits even in a shorter period.

What are the best free arbitrage betting software/finders?

After trying each arbitrage bet finder, based on my experience, RebelBetting has the best free arb finder, followed by surebet.com, BetBurger, and OddsJam.

Which is the best sure bet finder?

BetBurger and RebelBetting are one of the best sure bet finders. But many of these sure bet software from the list are strong competitors because of their quality services.

What app can I find arbitrage bets?

For pre-match arbitrage betting, RebelBetting has the best beginner-friendly app to find arbitrage bets. For in-play arbitrages, BetBurger and Oddstorm offer the best app.

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