Free Bet conversion calculator explanation

Bonus amount: The total amount of the free bet. The calculator will use this data as you stake at the bookie with the bonus.

Back odds: The odds you use at the bookmaker with the bonus.

Hedge odds: The odds at the other bookmaker where you cover the other outcome.

The free bet conversion calculator will display:

Hedge Stake: the stake you need to cover the other outcome at another bookie

Possible profits: the profit you will gain no matter which outcome wins

Profit %: Possible profits * 100 / Bonus amount -> the higher it is, the more profits you can earn. Below you can find some explanations on how to increase the profits from free bets.

Stake not returned free bet conversion calculation example

Betclic offers HUF €100 free bet. I place a bet on a 3.0 odd, so I can win €300, I can’t lose because they’ll give the money back, so the profit can be €200.

Now either I cheer for it to come true, or I take out two-thirds of €100 free bet as guaranteed profit!

I do the latter. 🙂

At another bookmaker, I hedge/cover the €200 on a 1.50 odd. (3 and 1.5 are the base of a zero-sum odds pair) €200 / 1.5 = €133.3 must be placed at the other bookmaker.

In both cases, I will have a profit of €66.7! So from such betting insurance, you can get at least 60% (in this case almost 67) guaranteed as profit.

The bigger your odds, the bigger your profit can be, but the more money you’ll need at the other bookmaker to hedge…

For example, with a 5:1.25 odds pair, the guaranteed profit is €80, but you’ll need €320 at the other bookmaker to hedge.

In summary, when you’re working with SNR free bets betting bonuses, it’s crucial to maximize their use and hedge your bets wisely with other bookmakers.

This will help you extract the most value and minimize your risks. Take your time to research the available bookmakers and their bonuses, find good odds pairs, and create a well-thought-out strategy.

By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of making a profit from betting insurance and other opportunities. Remember that discipline and proper bankroll management are key factors in achieving success in the long run.

How to use a SNR Free Bet Conversion Calculator?

When you play with a bonus, you don’t need to focus on specific sports; you should bet on good odds, but avoid those that could be “traps” (like tennis, but it can also happen in basketball or ice hockey that one bookmaker includes overtime points/goals, while another does not).

Thus, your over/under bet could be a winner or a loser at both bookmakers.

When you start spinning the bonuses, you should try to maximize the use of the first deposit! (these opportunities won’t come back!)

If you start with little money, it’s worth starting where they offer small bonuses, because you can at least use them to the maximum.

If you deposit to two bookmakers, it may happen that after 1-2 bets all your money moves to a single bookmaker where you haven’t spun the bonus yet, so you can’t request a payout.

So far, you haven’t lost, but if you don’t have more capital to “fill up the other side”, you’ll be in trouble because you either wait until you have money or start playing “realistically” to progress… Which, of course, will no longer be a guaranteed return game.

The more money you have at more bookmakers, the faster you can finish with free bets.

The more good odds pairs you find, and the more stakes you can afford. I can’t tell you how long it will take, and if an account is emptied (you’ve moved the bonus from there), it’s worth going to the next bookmaker and registering and depositing.

I don’t know which bookmakers’ bonuses are available to you, but if you can collect them, I’ll help you get started (in the recommended order).

About betting insurance or hedge bets: it can be a starting bonus (as in the case of Betclic or Sportingbet), but the bookmaker can also offer it at other times.

Indeed, if you lose, you get your stake back.

However, this can also be converted into guaranteed profit if you hedge it elsewhere!

The recipe is to put the insured amount on the highest possible odds, preferably in arbitrage. The odds should be at least 3! Then, at another bookmaker, we cover the expected profit.

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