BetBurger Review 2021: 25+ facts & tips from an active user

BetBurger Review 2021: 25+ facts & tips from an active user

Betburger is one of the most useful and developed bookmaker scanner services. They are supporting a wide variety of strategies by displaying high-quality arbitrage and value betting opportunities.

They are scanning:

  • 80 bookmakers for pre-match betting, and 231 of their clone bookies (same or very similar odds and similar user interface)
  • 88 bookmakers for in-play betting, and 234 clones
  • 41 sports

1. What is Betburger? A Betburger review from an active user

The role of Betburger is to scan bookmakers and display any odds and line difference between them.

Bookmakers are offering overpriced markets on a daily basis. Without any exaggeration, you can see thousands of wrong odds every day.

Many strategies like value betting and arbitrage betting are based on spotting and placing bets on them.

These techniques based on mathematics have made a lot of people wealthy and some of them even multi-millionaire.

I’m not saying everyone can get to that level, but using services like Betburger, you can make a lot of money.

For many bettors, their prices could seem too high. Every time when a difference is big enough between them, the software is displaying it.

Smart bettors are following different strategies and placing bets on these wrong odds.

2. Is Betburger legit?

Some of their competitors are on the market for a longer time. But this fact is not a reason to think a service can’t be legit, even though they are not in this industry for 10+ years.

Based on my personal experience and a lot of reviews on forums Betburger is a legit and trustworthy company.

I have actively used their pre-match and in-play arbitrage services for several years.

Without any doubt, I can say I’m trusting their customer service and the arbitrage/value bets they are offering.

3. How does Betburger work?

Betburger is getting odds and line information from providers. Their algorithm is comparing these with each other based on the filters you are setting up in your account.

If the difference between odds is big enough for an arbitrage or value bet opportunity, it is displayed for the end-user.

Review of Betburger Pre-match arbitrage service

I think their arbitrage betting software for pre-match is in the top 3.


  • 80 bookmakers and 231 clones covered
  • 41 sports scanned
  • Most of the markets are scanned
  • New opportunities showing up very fast
  • Most of the time the odds are accurate
  • High number of arbs are displayed


  • You need to be fairly fast to catch the right odds before they could drop
  • Many bettors are using bots (software) to automatize their strategy. These programs will always place the bets before you

4. Betburger prices for Pre-match arb scanner

For many bettors, their prices could seem too high. To be honest, they are aiming for professional bettors.

Most of their services require some kind of knowledge in arbitrage and value betting.

  1. 1 day: €7.99
  2. 7 days: €44.99 (€6.43/day)
  3. 30 days: €129.99 (€4.33/day)
  4. 180 days: €649.99 (€3.61/day)
  5. 360 days: €1299.99 (€3.61/day)

For these prices you are getting:

  • Surebets
  • Pre-match comparison service
  • Middle bets
  • Negative sure bets (useful for matched betting)
  • Accounting
  • Sorting by ROI

    Try Betburger Now!

5. Review of Betburger Live arbitrage service

My betting strategies were based on their live arbitrage scanner. I succeeded to make thousands of euros by using only this service.BetBurger | Arbs service
Back in 2015-2016, their monthly subscription was way cheaper.

But as they got more expertise in this field, they started to offer a higher quality arbitrage betting software.

Pros of live scanning service

  • Displaying new sure bets fairly fast
  • 90% of the time the odds are accurate
  • Good filtering options
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Insane amount of arbs

Cons of live service

  • Requires a fair amount of experience in arbitrage or value betting
  • The sure bets are showing up and disappearing in seconds. You need to know how to use filters and which markets/bookmakers to watch
  • Sometimes a major crash can happen in their algorithm. In these situations, the service might show fake arbs and wrong odds. The software might display every arb with returns over 90%
  • These crashes are happening with only 1-2 bookmakers (the other ones can be used without any problem)

6. Betburger prices for Live arb scanner

Their live arbitrage scanner is very useful for experienced bettors.

The ones who have the needed knowledge can take full advantage of every tool.

This is the main reason for offering significantly higher prices compared to the pre-match scanner.

  1. 1 day: €12.99
  2. 7 days: €69.99 (€10/day)
  3. 30 days: €229.99 (€7.67/day)
  4. 180 days: €1149.99 (€6.39/day)
  5. 360 days: €2299.99 (€6.39/day)

For these prices you are getting:

  • Surebets
  • Live comparison service
  • Middle bets
  • Accounting

betburger surebet scanner price

If you have access to a lot of bookmakers then don’t have to be afraid of stake limitations.

In this case, opting in for a Prematch + Live subscription might be a good idea.

With this subscription plan, you will save up to 50% on Prematch.

Try Betburger Now!

7. Betburger User interface and Layout

Betburger has not changed too much in the past years. Their layout is almost the same as in 2016-2017.

It was created to offer easy access to every tool you would need.

The screen where you will see the arbs displayed is divided.

On the left side you can activate your filters, group your events (one arb per event), etc.

In the left column, you will notice the arbitrage/value opportunities.

By selecting an event in the right column you will see new opportunities only for that match.

The first step after opting in for a subscription should be setting up a filter with bookies and sports you want to use.

Their multifilter option is allowing you to use different setups.

Why is this useful?

You might want to compare Pinnacle (best bookie for arbing) with Bwin for tennis. Then another filter would be necessary to compare Bwin to Unibet.

Applying these settings will allow you to customize this arbitrage scanner to show only the necessary sure bets.

A lot of software is not allowing you this option.

By trying out and becoming experienced in filtering, you will understand why their service is more expensive compared to competitors.

Their multifilter option will save you an insane amount of time and struggle.

Focusing only on arbitrage opportunities that can be placed is a big advantage against bookies.

Main arb scanner screen

After firing up the main workspace, you won’t be distracted by too many buttons or filters. Only the necessary ones are accessible.

8. Free arbitrage software at Betburger

betburger free surebet scanner service

I think most of us would think at least twice about spending on a software that we don’t really know.

For those not sure about subscribing, Betburger is offering a free arbitrage betting software too.

After registering, you can have access to each of their tools.

You can check the settings, and the free scanner is displaying arbs up to a 1% profit.

Your filtering possibilities and the scanning speed are reduced. But for a lot of people, this option is useful too, for certain strategies.

Their free version is a big help for matched bettors.
BetBurger | Arbs service

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should use only the free version.

The amount of difference you can make with paying vs free ones is big.

Try Betburger Now!

9. Betburger Review: General advantages

• You can freeze your account. Working non-stop is not an option every time. But paying 200 euros for a monthly subscription and not being able to use it for 2 weeks is a big waste of money.

For these occasions, they are giving you the option to stop your account for at least 7 days. (unfreezing it before the 7 days period will lead to charging you with a one-day subscription)

betburger arbitrage scanner service freeze

  • Betburger is scanning hundreds of bookmakers from every part of the world
  • A big number of markets is scanned and with many cross market arbitrage bets
  • Perfect filtering system for almost every possible strategy (you can include/exclude leagues, markets, odds ranges, etc.)
  • They are offering Accounting if you want to keep a record of your sure bets
  • You can connect your Betfair and Smarkets accounts with Betburger
  • The Free Arb Helper option is allowing you to safely redirect to bookmakers in a faster way
  • The service is spotting almost every arbitrage opportunity in a very short time. Under 1-2 seconds they are displayed (I saw it when using their service and also checking the markets manually)
  • Betfair integrated: They are allowing you to connect your Betfair exchange account with Betburger.
  • This feature is speeding up the betting process.
  • You will have access to exchange odds directly from their service.
  • This is allowing you to place bets without delays directly from the interface of Betburger.

Try Betburger Now!


  • If you face errors their customer service is not helpful every time. If they have major problems, yours will be deferred.

From my point of view, this issue is only important for me if I’m using only 2-3 bookmakers.

When using several strategies, it’s not a big problem if the scanner for one bookie is not working properly.

Most of the times they are repairing these minor issues in some hours. These scanning and comparing algorithms are complex.

Even experienced programmers can struggle to find the issue. So I think in this industry these errors are acceptable sometimes.

  • It’s fairly expensive for a beginner arbitrage bettor

BetBurger | Odds Compare service

10. Betburger Surebet Calculator

Their calculator can be used manually by introducing stakes and odds or you can set up odds auto-update too.

Using this tool your workflow will be faster, because you won’t need to introduce every odd in a new calculator.

11. Betburger review: Value betting

Setting up filters between sharp and soft bookmakers is the basic strategy for value bettors.

But lately, they are offering Value Betting services too.

With a very similar calculation method, you can boost your income compared to arbitrage betting.

If you really want to be successful in sports betting you have to consistently follow good betting strategies.

Value betting is one of those, and based on my experience it is the most profitable one.

Placing bets on odds higher than their real probability will offer you an advantage over the bookies.
BetBurger | Value Bets

The value bet scanner at Betburger is offering you a quality service to spot these opportunities.

Their value betting service has a Pre-match and Live subscription plan too.

betburger value bet scanner service price

  1. 1 Month Pre-match: €79.99
  2. 1 Month Live: €149.99

They are offering a FREE plan for those who are unsure about subscribing.

The Free value betting service at Batburger is limited to display opportunities with profit up to 2%.

These are shown with a delay of 900 sec for pre-match and 60 sec in the live section.

You can subscribe and pay with different methods: Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, and Visa/Mastercard

free value betting service betburger

Betburger Review – Conclusion

Betburger is one of the best arbitrage and value betting software. 

Based on my experiences betburger could seem expensive, but in the right hands, you can make a lot of money with them. I have been using their service for several years.

For beginners, I would advise starting with a Pre-match arbitrage betting subscription.

If you get comfortable with bookmakers and their user interface, Live subscriptions or Value betting is the best option you can use.

By using their live services, you will have higher chances of delaying being limited by bookmakers.

Periodically you should check the odds at every bookmaker you choose. Sometimes the scanning is making mistakes.

By checking if the odds are accurate you can avoid false arbs.

By reporting wrong arbs and contacting customer service you will help them to solve these mistakes.

BetBurger | Value Bets

Try Betburger Now!

Betburger Review
  • Price
  • User interface
  • Quality of scanning
  • Number of arbs/values
  • Customizability

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