Which are the best markets for arbitrage betting?

As an arbitrage bettor, one of your main goals is to maximize your profits without taking too big risks for getting limited by the bookmakers. A good way of increasing your income from arbitrage betting is by placing bets on the best markets in those sports.

Which are the best markets for arbitrage betting?

The best markets for arbitrage betting are the ones with the highest maximum stakes that are offering enough arbitrage opportunities. These markets are offering the safest way of betting without getting limited too early. For detailed analysis keep reading.

Best markets on football for arbitrage betting

Football has the most followers, with approximately 4 billion people worldwide. The number of matches taking place, and the number of people betting on football make it one of the best sports for mathematical betting strategies.

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Placing sure bets on football is generating millions of euros of profits for smart bettors. Arbitrage bettors are the ones with the safest betting technique that can generate a decent income.

To find the best markets on best sports for arbitrage betting we have to determine the influencing factors for it.

What makes a market the best for smart betting?

  • It is used by a lot of normal bettors, so the bookmakers can’t flag you very fast as a smart bettor
  • The market has fair maximum stakes
  • Fast-moving odds in live betting – more chance of finding wrong odds or wrong lines
  • Market with a lot of mistakes
  • Markets that are finished in a shorter period – bets for the first half or for a period of time can offer you the possibility to turn over more money on a single match

1. Match winner betting market

The market with the most bets placed, so it is harder to flag you as a smart bettor. The maximum stake is the highest in these markets, but the odds are not moving fast enough.

You can find a lot of arbitrage opportunities, but this is not the one with the most mistakes. Placing sure bets on first-half outcomes is a relatively good way of not blocking your money for too much time.

If your bankroll is big enough, I think you don’t have to pay attention to placing bets only on short-period markets.

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2. Goal handicaps betting market

This market is moving faster, and in my experience, this is one of the most profitable ones. Bookmakers are making a lot of mistakes in handicap markets. The maximum stake is fair, and a lot of normal bettors are using this market.

Based on my experience, BetBurger is one of the best in-play arb scanners for football, and ArbMate is their cheapest fairly advanced competitor.

3. Goal over/under market

It is the second most used market by normal bettors too, with a big number of arbitrage opportunities. The maximum stakes are fairly high and the chance of getting limited fast is okay.

4. Corner over/under market

In my experience, this is one of the fastest markets for football matches with a lot of arbitrage opportunities.

This market is not as common for normal bettors, but bookmakers won’t get suspicious if you are not betting on odds or lines with very big and obvious mistakes.

The maximum stakes on corner markets are lower, but most of the bookmakers still have a fair offer. I used both soft bookmakers and Asian ones with betting brokers.

Corner betting was one of my top money-generating sources.

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5. Other markets

The other markets like corner handicap, number of cards, or next corner in live betting can offer good arbitrage opportunities.

The mistakes in these markets can be bigger, and you can find a lot of arbs, but taking advantage of these can harm your account faster. A lot of bookmakers are not so sensitive to smart in-play betting activity.

If you are experiencing that you don’t have problems with limitations at bookmakers, you can try other markets too.

Best markets on tennis for arbitrage betting

1. Match/set winner

This market has the biggest maximum stake with a large number of bets on them. In pre-match and live betting as well, you can find a lot of arbitrage bets. The odds are moving fairly fast, so you can place a lot of arbitrage bets on these markets.

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Most tennis matches are finished in almost an hour, so you can use your money on new sure bets more often than at football betting. The more rollover you can make, the more profit you can generate.

2. Handicaps and over/under

At most bookmakers, the maximum stake size is a little bit lower in these markets. Because of the fast odds movement, a lot of sure bet opportunities are happening in live betting.

In pre-match betting, if you find arbitrage bets on match winners, you probably will find handicaps too. These markets are common to bet on by punters too. If you are placing bets on normal arbitrage %, up to a maximum of 3%-4% in live betting, the limitation at bookmakers should come a little bit later.

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3. Game winner

Game winner market is one of the best for arbitrage betting. In live betting, you can find a lot of opportunities. Your bets on game markets will be finished in 2-3 minutes, most of the time.

Keep in mind that this market is not the most common among normal bettors. Your maximum stake will be lower than at match/set winner. I would suggest avoiding arbitrage bets with over 6% return.

Best markets on basketball for arbitrage betting

1. Match winner

The maximum stake in pre-match betting is high and a lot of normal bettors are following basketball matches. In live betting, you can you will easily figure out how to find arbitrage bets more often because the odds are moving relatively fast. If you are not experienced, I would advise waiting for breaks before placing bets.

2. Over/under and handicap on the match, half, and quarters

In pre-match betting, a lot of bookies are offering markets only for the match over/under. If you see arbitrage opportunities on smaller markets I wouldn’t bet on them, your account can be limited in no time.

Over/under and handicap betting on basketball offered the most money for me. In live betting, you will see a lot of arbitrage opportunities, on almost every market and match you will see odds and line differences.

These are making over/under markets one of the bests for smart betting. But not necessarily the best for arbitrage betting, because the odds and lines are moving so fast, that you can place bets only in bigger breaks.

Value betting, on the other hand, is a good way of making money with basketball betting strategies. With handicap markets on basketball, you will find the same situation.

3. Basketball Quarter and half winner bets

This market is the best for live betting. You will find a lot of sure-bet opportunities with great returns, but the market is moving very fast.

If you want to place only arbitrage bets, you need to have experience with basketball. I would suggest waiting for breaks before placing arbs. You will find these markets with lower maximum stakes, so your chances of being limited by bookies are getting higher.

Best markets on hockey for arbitrage betting

1. Match winner, over/under, and handicap betting on hockey

As most of the time, the match-winner has the highest maximum stake. Hockey is a very popular sport worldwide, so your betting activity won’t be that suspicious from the start.

Odds are moving fairly quickly because a lot of score changes happen in live betting. If you are arbitrage betting on hockey, you should check the rules and differences between bookmakers. Match winner market can only be for normal time and with overtime too.

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Placing arbs at bookmakers with different rules can make you big losses if you lose both of the outcomes. This applies to every market mentioned in the title.

2. Bets on hockey periods

The markets on periods are a very good source for arbitrage betting. You will find a lot of mistakes on the period winner, over/under, and handicap markets. The maximum stake here is not so high, so I would avoid placing bets with too high % sure bets.

The odds are moving fairly fast, but even if you have a little experience, you can try to place bets on these markets. Waiting for breaks makes your sure bet less risky to place.

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By clicking on the following link, you can find out which are the best bookmakers for arbitrage betting. These are the best options if you want to find arbitrage friendly bookmakers.


If you are an arbitrage bettor, I think your biggest goal should be to avoid getting limited by the bookmakers. The more you can delay being flagged as an arbitrage bettor, the more money you can make.

In the long run, avoiding big % sure bets with obvious mistakes will generate more profit if your account stays under the radars. I think that the best markets for arbitrage betting are the ones with the lowest risk of being limited early.

Placing bets on match winners and over/under, and handicap markets on big leagues will help you maintain your profitability.

No matter how you choose your markets and stakes, bookmakers will always find smart bettors. Our goal is to delay that moment.

In the following article, you can read about the best free arbitrage betting finders.


Best markets on football for arbitrage betting?

Winner, handicap and over/under markets on goals and corners.

Best markets on tennis for arbitrage betting?

Set/match winner, over/under, handicaps and game-winner.

Best markets on basketball for arbitrage betting?

Over/under, handicap and winner market in: quarters, halves and on match markets.

Best markets on hockey for arbitrage betting?

Match winner, over/under, and handicap

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