One of the luckiest moments of my life was when I found a guy on a forum who was kind enough to share the best way to bet on tennis.

This moment was back in 2013 when I was a student and always asked my parents for money. My lifestyle changed when I started following these tennis betting strategies.

Best ways to win betting on tennis

Back then, bookies were pretty slow at figuring out the true possibility of a tennis outcome when the match was in-play.

Value betting is the best way to win in tennis.

In the following article, you can read about my tennis betting course.

In that document, I share the info you will need to succeed in tennis betting…I made over €90k with that strategy.

tennis betting system with high risk tolerance stats

Imagine you knew a player well and could easily spot if a bookie offered an overpriced odd.

I wasn’t one of those pro tennis betting gurus who knew everything about tennis.

So how did I succeed with the best ways to bet on tennis?

Way 1 for betting on tennis: Manual Arbitrage Betting

It’s insane, but each bookmaker is making a mistake when offering live odds for tennis.

Their biggest task is not only figuring out the real chance of a player before the match but refreshing odds accurately after each relevant and smaller change during the match.

My best way of betting on tennis back then was finding these overpriced markets by comparing odds between your local bookie and a sharp betting site.

I knew nothing about players, but fortunately, some betting sites offered pretty accurate odds even back then.

What is arbitrage or sure betting on tennis?

Sure, betting is the act of covering both outcomes on a sports market to exclude the risk of losing one of them.

To practice it profitably, bettors need to find odds that are wrong/overpriced.

By spotting these sure bets on tennis, bettors can bet on the other outcome with the right odds, fixing a guaranteed profit.

I have a complete guide on arbitrage betting if you think gaining a guaranteed, but smaller win on tennis betting is your thing.

f you want to focus on bigger returns, keep reading and find out how I earned enough from online tennis betting to finally buy my first home.

Way 2 for betting: Sure bet finder for tennis

It took me long months to gain experience, betting capital, and confidence in tennis betting.

These tennis betting strategies are not for the faint-hearted but are the best ways to earn from tennis betting. 

Finding these tennis betting opportunities manually was fun and profitable until I noticed I was missing out on something important.

Nowadays, sports betting without software is hard and almost impossible for most bettors. Back then, the situation was different.

You could profit from tennis betting without opting in for a paid service.

But the biggest jump in profits you can experience from tennis betting will come when you decide to take a small risk and pay for a tool.

This arbitrage betting software is capable of scanning hundreds of betting sites simultaneously.

I’m sure you won’t be able to check each tennis event for betting opportunities only manually.

I tried it for longer periods. I opened even 40+ tabs in my browser and individually checked each relevant in-play tennis event.

The biggest downside of this way of betting on tennis is that you can be 100% sure you will miss out on many opportunities.

You can’t check 20 tennis matches in every 3 sec like these tennis arbitrage bet software do.

As soon as I realized this and convinced myself, I opted for the in-play version of BetBurger and started placing 10-15 times more tennis arbs.

Way 3: long-term bet and win on tennis: value betting

I had two big mistakes regarding tennis betting during my value betting and arbitrage betting career.

If you believe me, you will avoid both if and accept my tennis betting advices.

The first was not using a tool to find tennis betting opportunities for too long.

Value betting on tennis is very similar to sure betting mentioned above.

Bettors who want to take advantage of overpriced odds have several ways to extract the available profit from them.

The difference between these two ways of betting on tennis is that you won’t cover the other outcome of tennis value bets.

After finding these tennis betting opportunities, you will only place a single bet on the overpriced odds.

This tennis betting method is based on long-term returns and simple mathematical/statistical facts.

Every time you bet on overpriced odds, you beat the betting site and the true statistical chance of that outcome.

If you lose, you lose your initial stake, but when you win, your payout will be significantly higher than it normally should be. 

You can read several of my articles on value betting, how to find value bets, the best bookmakers for value betting, and value bet finders.

This way of betting on tennis generated the most profits and helped me buy my first home.

Is it easy to bet and win on tennis?

Betting on tennis is not the easiest way to profit from sports betting. While team sports can offer a more predictable outcome, tennis as a singles game (with doubles, the situation is the same) is less predictable.

Some betting strategies, such as sure betting, offer insane amounts of betting opportunities on tennis. But to place these bets, you need to focus on not making mistakes by placing bets on markets where the odds could drop easily.

Tennis is not easy to bet on, but this is probably why many avoid it and don’t see the big hidden potential in many tennis markets.

Pre-match tennis betting is significantly easier than in-play, no matter what kind of system you want to follow. But the biggest downside you will face is not finding many opportunities, and bookies also tend to limit betting accounts faster.

While the tennis betting ways mentioned above can seem hard initially, I assure you that after getting enough experience, you could not imagine the amounts you can make.

The best advantage of these ways is that not even bookies can spot smart bettors focusing on in-play tennis betting.

It’s hard not only for bettors but for the bookies themselves.

This situation helps you stay under the radar for longer, resulting in more profits and less struggle finding a new bookie.

What is the most profitable way to bet on tennis?

In-play value betting on tennis is the most profitable way. While you practice this strategy, it won’t be uncommon to face many long-losing streaks.

But based on simple mathematical and statistical facts, when you place bets on odds that are higher than the true possibility of their outcome, you will generate long-term profits.

I don’t want to sell you the dream of betting on tennis and winning tens of thousands without risks and struggles.

I had had months when I barely made a 1-2% return on invested stakes. But when you face a good season and a luckier strike…ooh man…the amount you can make on a single tournament will exceed any other betting strategy you have ever tried.

How to bet on tennis and win: common misconceptions

1. Forget betting on big tennis favourites

While thinking about writing this article, I briefly researched what others say about how to bet on tennis and win. I know the best ways to win, but I wondered if others would share this information.

Well, It was surprising to see that top-ranking sites say such tips that you should place bets on big favorites such as Nadal and Djokovic when they play on their favorite courts.

The thing is that Nadal is better on clay than, and Djokovic is insane on grass.

But the most important thing is not betting on tennis and winning one bet at a time. You should focus on making guaranteed LONG-TERM profits by following only smart betting techniques. Each odd you place on these so-called tips will ruin your chances of winning. 

Do you know why?

Bookies are not dumb. They know these facts about players. Each odd already includes this information + the profit margin of the house. No matter how good these players are in their favorite tennis court coverage, they sometimes lose 1-2 matches.

You aim to find the odds when bookies do not consider one or more factors. And if you are not a pro in spotting these, your best chance will be following value betting software.

They compare the odds to bookies that offer more accurate betting lines. Every relevant discrepancy at your local betting site will be displayed, and you can beat the bookies with tennis betting.

2. Don’t focus on the server every time

Another piece of fake advice I saw online is to focus on the server because it has a higher probability of winning than losing. Well, from some point of view, yes. Most of the time, the server has a lower odd.

But you know what a tennis server also has?

Most probably odds with a bigger profit edge for the betting site. Betting on a tennis server and winning can be an excellent way to spot opportunities where the bookies undervalued their chance of winning.

It’s not uncommon for a betting site to offer an odd of 1.50 instead of 1.33 for the server. This often happens when the underdog can hold the service many times, and your bookie is slow in adjusting the odds.

Yes, in these cases, you should bet on the server, and you can get a real value on it.  

3. Don’t follow trends for too long

This rule can reduce the risks if you value betting on tennis. It’s not uncommon that you can spot players who are in a winning frenzy.

Bookies tend to undervalue these opportunities in case the underdog tennis player seems to dominate the event.

You can find many tennis value bets on these matches, but I have noticed that even these moments are not a reason for becoming greedy.

I know bettors who want to take advantage of overpriced odds when a player simultaneously breaks each serve and has significantly higher odds for the next break.

I know following the tips of a value betting software is the most profitable way to win in tennis betting, but increasing the stakes on betting opportunities like these can lead to bigger losses.

I advise staying put and using the same stakes you would normally place even if the player has an odds of 2.50 instead of 2. Value betting is about long-term profits and not about winning big quickly.


What is the best way to bet on tennis?

Finding overpriced outcomes and taking advantage of them with different strategies is the best way to bet on tennis and generate either instant or bigger but long-term profits. No matter which mathematical way you choose to bet on tennis, these exclude gambling and losing in the long run.

How to win betting on tennis?

To win betting on tennis, you need to focus on overpriced markets and betting opportunities when the bookie is making a mistake. The best ways to win betting on tennis are arbitrage betting and value betting, either before the match or in play.