Best VPN for sports betting & casino [2022]?

Sports betting abroad or being a smart bettor are the top reasons why someone would need a VPN for sports betting or using an online casino.

If you are from the US, licensed betting sites and casinos won’t allow you to use VPNs. Getting caught will lead to account closures and getting your funds confiscated. 

Besides many experienced bettors, I too advise using offshore bookies without a VPN. This solution is safer and will also save you some money. 

One of the best offshore casinos and betting sites are Betonline,, Wild Casino, and Super Slots. 

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You can read about them and their bonus offers in the following article.

!Attention: many betting sites don’t support using a VPN. Check the terms and conditions to avoid getting your accounts closed.

Best VPN for online sports betting & gambling

Express VPN – a fast VPN for accessing betting sites/casinos

ExpressVPN was my favorite VPN for bookmakers for various reasons. They are based in the British Virgin Islands so you won’t be afraid of getting your one-year subscription lost. This VPN service is far from any government that would want to stop its services.

Besides other security measures, the DNS protection, internet kill switch, and 256-bit AES encryption are offering anonymity and access to your betting sites without issues.

Betting sites won’t be able to track any data that could suggest them you are located in a country that they are blocking.

Having access to as many servers as possible is one of the most important factors for sports betting with the help of a VPN service.

ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers all around the world, giving access to IP addresses from 94 different countries.

As I already mentioned, speed and uninterrupted up-time are also major factors when choosing a similar service.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN is strong in both of these aspects, you won’t have to worry about not being able to bet because of a slow or interrupted VPN connection. 


Advantages of ExpressVPN for sports betting

  • Each operating system is supported
  • Fast and easy access to betting sites
  • High level of security and internet traffic encryption
  • Perfect online anonymity – personal data is not kept/logged
  • 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, so you can access the betting site from every country
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Downsides of ExpressVPN

  • Slightly higher price compared to other services
  • Could offer more control over advanced functionality

Will a VPN allow access to sports betting sites?

I’m sure you already have the experience of getting the following message from one of the betting sites you wanted to check: 

“Access to this website is prohibited in the USA” or any country you wanted to bet from.

A big part of betting sites is geo-locked so if you are not located in one of those counties they allow, you will not be able to access these sites or open an account.

For example, if you take a trip to Europe and want to place some bets on one of your favorite teams or tennis players, you will get the following message from Bovada: “Sorry, Bovada hasn’t come to your region yet.”

expressVPN matched betting multi accounting
  • Active sports bettors will often struggle with this situation if they also like traveling.
  • In these situations, sports bettors can take advantage of VPN’ (Virtual Private Network). 
  • These services can encrypt your search traffic and redirect it through an intermediary server. The biggest role of VPNs in sports betting is that you can choose the location of the desired server and this way betting sites no longer will block you from accessing your account.

If you are not using a low-quality VPN, betting sites will allow you to use them without too much hustle.

By accessing bookmakers and sports betting with a VPN you will have many new possibilities. Some of them will be legal, while other options should be avoided.

It’s a big difference between accessing your legal betting account while you are abroad or using a VPN for gambling activities that are not allowed.

For this, an excellent example would be accessing gambling sites in the Emirate, where sports betting is prohibited.

Before using a VPN to access the betting site from abroad, I advise checking the local regulations. If you are still not sure, the best is to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

How to access a betting site from abroad with a VPN

Accessing your betting account from other countries is fairly simple with a VPN and some basic steps.

1. Find a trustworthy and sustainable VPN for betting

2. Clear your cookies from your browser

3. Now open up your VPN app

4. Select the desired country or state you want to be seen by the betting sites

5. Try logging in to your betting account

6. It’s not uncommon to face some problems, even though the steps are simple. The customer service will help you change VPN protocols or any necessary setting to access betting sites without problems. 

Each VPN service is slightly different from its competitors. Either their prices or the countries they provide can be different.

expressVPN matched betting multi accounting

Choosing the top VPN service for online betting comes down to the following properties:

  • It can offer secure access to websites
  • Has fast speed without interruptions (one of the most important factors when I’m looking for a VPN for sports betting)
  • Has a fast responding and experienced customer service team
  • Offers you full anonymity even after stopping your subscription (stores no data about your searches, etc.

Here is a summary of one of the most recommended VPN-s for sports betting. My experience with ExpressVPN is surprisingly positive, but this review also reflects my research and the opinion of other users on Reddit and other forums.

The hand on experience will offer the most information and value when looking for the best VPN for gambling or online sports betting.

How to find the best VPN for safe online sports betting

Choosing a VPN for online sports betting and getting access to betting sites is more complicated than finding one for all-day usage.

Below you can find the top factors each bettor has to take into consideration when looking for a VPN service:

  • Server location: for many, it might sound an obvious factor but I still want to mention that having a wide variety of server locations is a deciding factor. Some cheap VPN services might offer 5-10 servers for a country. In case you are betting from the US, this palette of servers is not enough. Choosing a server that is located close to your address can reduce the chance of being spotted even more.
  • Speed and reliability: a fast VPN is one of the most important factors even for average bettors. On this site, I promote smart betting strategies which require a fast internet connection that can offer almost real-time access to odds as they appear. Even a half a second delay can cause long-term losses or be unable to generate profits. I advise paying more for a VPN service when sports betting if you can get a better speed from it. It will save you time and eventually a lot of money (personal experience).
  • Privacy:  A VPN service for bookmakers that has a strong cloaking ability like 256-bit encryption will help you avoid every unwanted attention.
  • Simplicity and help: Even if you have much experience behind you, simple VPN software can be a big help in setting up and using it on daily basis. On the other hand, using a VPN for bookmakers is not the most average goal. So, when you face issues, fast and expert customer service will make a big difference.

Access betting sites from abroad with a free or paid VPN?

I’ve been in the sports betting industry for over 8 years and had to use VPN services many times to access betting sites or other sites such as Netflix.

In the beginning (like everyone) I started looking for free solutions and free VPNs to access betting sites. After hours of research and failed attempts I had to conclude that I will need to opt in for a premium VPN if I want to place bets.

Of course, I have found many free VPN services that worked both as an in-browser or application. A free VPN has many downsides, such as even google noticing your VPN, having a slow service, and in most cases the complete lack of feeling private and safe.

On the other hand, each free VPN will offer access to a limited number of servers or even countries. This is unacceptable for sports bettors who want an exact location with fast access and full anonymity.

One of the biggest downsides of these services is the big number of users who want to take advantage of this free VPN. Opening a betting account from an IP already used by someone else can easily lead to a closed account.

If you get lucky and find a free VPN that seems to be fast enough even for sports betting, you never can be sure about your privacy. When using such sensitive data as bank account passwords, betting site usernames, and passwords, even a slow VPN is better than one with the risk of privacy issues.

I have also created an article where I write about techniques on how to hide gambling transactions.


Can betting sites detect VPNs?

While many betting sites will allow bettors to use VPNs, others will block you from playing when a VPN is detected. If a betting site detects VPN usage and it’s prohibited in the terms and conditions, you can get your betting account closed and in some cases your funds confiscated. Some VPN services can bypass these verifications.

Can Casinos Detect VPN Usage?

Many online casinos will allow using their services even with an active VPN. In most cases, if a betting site or casino flags you for using VPN services they might immediately terminate or limit your account. Checking the terms and conditions of a betting site or casino before using a VPN is an important step to avoid complications that could include the loss of your funds.

Can I use VPN for accessing betting sites in the USA?

Licensed and regulated betting sites in the US are forced by state laws and regulations to only accept players who are physically located in the state. 
Licensed betting sites such as FanDuel would lose their license if they would accept bettors who use their services outside the state with the help of a VPN.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

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