Top 5 Value Betting Strategies and Tips (2023)

A good foundation for long-term success is learning Value betting strategies and tips from those with experience.

Value betting is one of the most profitable long-term strategies only if you know the small secrets to avoid the big mistakes.

In this guide, you will find tips for beginner value bettors and hopefully, some advice that even experienced players can also implement.

1. Value betting strategy by using services

Before getting into value betting tips and strategies, let’s speak about identifying value betting opportunities.

Finding true value bets is not as simple as using a service, and that’s it.

A lot of services are available to scan bookmakers for overpriced markets.

value betting tips: how to chose a service

Using these tools will help you a lot but being capable of setting up your own filters properly will mean the difference between an average value bettor and a successful one.

For a good value betting strategy, you need a lot of experience, and deep knowledge about the sport you are betting on.

Some value betting services like RebelBetting display betting opportunities in such high quality that you don’t even need to have serious previous knowledge about teams and players.

Most value bet finders have a simple business model:

-> they compare odds between soft and sharp bookmakers.

The odds from a soft bookmaker (the one that makes the most mistakes) are compared to sharper bookmakers (those with the ability to define true odds in the best way).

value betting strategy common mistakes

In some cases, this model of comparing local bookies to sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle or betting exchanges like Betfair will fail.

Even these bookies can have loopholes and mistakes that will have the most impact on value betting activities.

Comparing soft bookmaker odds to more than one sharp bookie will increase the chance of finding actual value bets.

Your task as a smart bettor is to identify the best odds range and staking strategy to maximize your value bet profits.

Major value betting tip:

-> It is very important to have a proper betting history and money management strategy to reduce the effect of variance/long losing streak.

value betting tips to avoid variance

In some cases, even sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle Sports can’t define the true probability of a smaller market or sports like esports.

With a proper betting history and filtering, you will be able to spot these markets and exclude them from your value betting strategy.

2. Step-by-step value betting tips

The web is full of value betting strategies and tips for beginners without the right step-by-step explanation of how you really do it.

Here are some value betting tips that will put you on the right track:

  • Placing value bets on odds between 1.40 – 3 can reduce your variance. The higher odds you use, your variance will increase.
  • If you decide to run after higher odds, your value betting strategy needs bulletproof sports betting bankroll management
  • Using higher odds requires a higher value % as well for an optimized long-term result
  • If you are placing bets before starting the event, the closer the starting time you have, the more accurate odds you will find at sharp bookmakers (these are called closing lines/odds)
  • Avoid small leagues/tournaments even when you see good value bet opportunities
  • Bookmakers will limit your account later when you are focusing on major events only
  • Create a database from your bets and make calculations. Filter the bets and find the worst and the best odds and markets (you need a big sample to get accurate results, more than 1000 bets)
  • If the services display value bets with huge mistakes, it could mean that the sharp bookmakers have some very reliable insider information about the match
  • Their analysis could lead you to take the bet, thinking that you just found a big value. However, in reality, your bet may be almost a guaranteed loss. These bets are called value traps.
  • Avoid most of them by ignoring huge value bets (I would say the ones with a profit % above 8%)
  • Use a good staking strategy that will reduce your variances. In the long run, a good money management strategy can mean the difference between an average income and a good profit.

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3. Value betting strategy with bots

Placing value bets with automated scripts is already present and will also be the future.

Many software developers have made services that are placing bets without the need for human interaction.

There are many bot types, and they can follow different football betting strategies.

Some of them are getting value betting tips from scanner services and placing the bets automatically.

value bet tips to place more bets with less risk

Other more advanced software calculates the true possibility of odds themselves without needing external services.

Value betting strategies placed by bots have many advantages, even in smaller sports like table tennis betting. A great, newly developed semi-automated betting tool is BetWasp.

The robots place those bets every time after certain criteria without any feelings, excluding the majority of human errors.

If you follow a profitable betting strategy with the right filters and a good staking strategy, a betting bot can outperform a human.

4. Value betting strategy based on the manual searching

Value betting with the help of scanning services is the easiest way of starting without experience.

On the other hand, finding wrong odds or wrong lines manually is one of the hardest.

A bettor who wants to find value bets without the help of services needs to have enough experience to define the correct odds for certain outcomes.

To be able to do this, you need years of experience in smart betting and deep knowledge of the sport.

One way of finding values manually is the same tactic as the services are the percentage football statistics database

Comparing odds and lines to sharp bookmakers to see which outcome has wrong odds is still a viable technique.

In many situations comparing odds to sharp bookie odds is not enough.

Even the sharp bookies are making mistakes.

To make money from manual value betting strategies you need a good understanding of statistical modelling, mathematics, and smart sports betting techniques.

Another strategy to find value bets manually is by becoming professional in one sport.

value betting tips for manual searching

Learning every aspect of it, learning about players, teams, and leagues, can get you to a level where you can define odds better than the bookmakers.

Not in every market, but in some leagues and markets, it is possible to become professional.

This level of knowledge is very hard to learn, and you need very good analytical thinking to find opportunities.

Value betting strategies based on manual search have a big advantage over the ones based on paying services.

You have a big chance that your bets are not shown in those services, so the bookmakers are less likely to flag your account for smart betting activities.

Tennis value betting strategies are one of the bests for learning a lot and getting professional in a specific field.

The number of players and influencing factors is not as big as in football or basketball prediction.

On the other hand, taking this route of value betting requires not only reading about value betting tips but paying attention to each sign and opportunity on matches.

arbitrage betting software

Being professional in one sport takes a lot of time, and the best way to learn this kind of value betting strategy is by betting with the help of tools.

On the road of betting, you will notice trends and mistakes in many markets and sports.

These mistakes can often guarantee a good income source without the risk of being limited.

The best value betting opportunities are those that cannot be scanned and displayed by services.

Using premium services will guarantee way more profits even in a short period of time.

Check my detailed table of the best arbitrage and value betting software.

5. Value betting strategies and tips to beat the variance

If you are interested in value betting, the first thing you need to learn is that positive EV betting is different from matched betting and sure betting.

You can still use arbitrage betting software to spot new opportunities.

In value betting, you can experience big ups and downs in luck and betting balance.

This phenomenon is called variance in betting.

At the end of the road, value betting is way more profitable than other strategies, but we need to learn how to act when experiencing a long losing streak.

value betting tips and strategies to avoid variance

Those who are unaware of the real potential of this betting technique can lose motivation and confidence in value betting.

If you plan to be a value bettor, your strategy needs to be proven good.

You need to follow it no matter how the variance is affecting you.

If you want to be profitable and follow the best value betting system, building a database from your bets and filtering and analyzing them is the best solution in the long run.

Conclusion: value betting tips

Value betting is the best strategy because it generates the most profits faster than arbitrage betting or matched betting.

Value betting has its own advantages and downsides too.

Follow value betting strategies if your risk tolerance is higher and you can deal with greed and a longer period of failure.

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What are good value betting tips?

Value betting tips are suggestions and advice on how to effectively identify and place value bets, maximize profits, and minimize risks in betting.

What is a value betting strategy?

A value betting strategy is a systematic approach to finding and placing bets on overpriced markets to maximize long-term profits.

Can you provide some value betting tips for beginners?

1. Focusing on odds between 1.40 – 3 to reduce variance
2. Employing bulletproof bankroll management if targeting higher odds
3. Avoiding small leagues/tournaments
4. Creating a database of your bets and analyzing them
5. Ignoring huge value bets with a profit % above 8%
6. Using a good staking strategy