Tipstrr Review 2023: Check Why I trust them!


Tipstrr is the best tipster service and platform on the market but for a unique reason. You can pick which tipster you want to follow based on their track record like on any other platform.

But on Tipstrr no one can manipulate their betting history or stake size.

Each tipster profile mirrors the real results no matter if they are successful or not. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

I’ve been betting on different sports since 2013 and I faced many scam services on social media and forums.

If you are looking for an affordable and trustworthy tipster platform, then Tipstrr is a top choice.

Benefits of using Tipstrr

  • Cheaper than most tipster services
  • You can find the best tipster for your needs with their filtering system
  • Many tipsters on 18 different sports
  • A detailed betting history of each tipster
  • They can’t manipulate the betting history: if they are not successful, you will see right in the first moment
  • A big variety of subscription fees: each tipster offers different monthly fees (Free plans, £1, £5 up to £25 for the best ones)
  • Friendly user interface
  • Excellent filter options to find the right tipster
  • You can sign up for free right now!

Cons Tipstrr

  • The tipsters are focusing only on Football and Horse racing, some of them on Basketball
  • Not every tipster is offering a free trial for their services

Following a tipster service is the first of many bettors without too much knowledge about a sport.

Even with a good betting strategy, it is hard to remain profitable in the long run. So, picking the right tipster or prediction service will have a crucial effect on your profitability.

Tipstrr user reviews and testimonials

Balazs said on Jul 18 2022:

“Good site with couple of tipsters that are worth following especially the horse-racing session.

Biggest advantage that you can see the tipsters historical results which cannot be manipulated.”

J S said:

Clearly those that are moaning are losing or have other motives. The site is genuine as the odds portrayed are the odds you could get.

The reason for this Tipstrr Review

I’ve been following different top tipsters platforms and some prediction sites too. The main thing I’ve noticed is that most of them are manipulating their results.

This is the main reason why they get so many new subscribers. Many people don’t have enough experience to scam services.

Currently, I don’t have any information about cases on Tipstrr when tipsters got the chance to manipulate their results. I think this is the most important factor when looking for a prediction service.

What kind of services does Tipstrr provide?

Tipstrr provides only the platform with strict rules that make it possible to follow tipsters who cannot manipulate their betting history. 

Tipstrr best tipster site

Let’s suppose that you’re looking for information on the football market and thus go to the menu item. The first thing you see is the list of “Recommended Tipsters’. These are tipsters who require the payment of a monthly fee from you. 

Free tipsters can also be followed, but Tipstrr focuses on pushing successful tipsters with a paid subscription. This subscription is based on monthly payments.

What exactly is Tipstrr?

tipstrr review tipster service

Tipstrr, as I’ve already mentioned offers a platform for different tipsters, and they can display their own picks. The majority of tipsters are focusing on horse racing and football markets, but other sports are covered too. 

Although many other sites are offering very similar services with money-making strategies and strategies for betting, Tipstrr is fairly different. 

The reason is that their tipsters are almost forced to offer quality picks. It’s because their performance is monitored so that each of their clients can track the returns on investments (ROI) that the tipper earns. If a tipster isn’t making money, it’ll lose the chance of getting subscribers. 

Which tipster to follow on Tipstrr?

Footballer Tips3918%908€Sign up
soccerrafa5117.5%1134€Sign up
Zenith4813.7%844€ Sign up
Lemonado2715.5%529€Sign up

In a short snap, Tipstrr will show you much data about the betting history of available tipsters. 

You can find out: 

  • What tipsters’ total cash profits are based on standard stakes of 10 Pounds
  • What their ROI they have (return on investments)
  • Their average monthly earnings
  • It is also possible to see how long tipsters have been actively engaged for
  • The bookmakers they are using
  • The majority of markets they are using
  • When are the picks posted

It’s not an easy task to choose the right tipster. But you need to think rationally. In the end, a tipster who has made 100 Pounds of profit per month over six months could offer more value to you than someone who has earned 600 Pounds, however only been active for a single week. 

The cost of subscriptions is listed in the same spot to let you know what you are getting for that money.

Like I said, not all tipsters will charge you, and there’s an option on Tipstrr to find and follow free betting tipsters. You can view all the above information, but without the subscription costs. 

If you’re hungry to cash in, then you may be a part of Tipstrr pro. It works exactly in a similar fashion. However, the tipsters you’re allowed access to are considered the true milkers of the world of betting, which means your earnings can increase.

It is reasonable to expect to be paying higher for the services they provide; however, theoretically, you’ll be able to be more successful on a regular basis.

In the end, the market for football I have mentioned is just an illustration. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the realm of a different sport, then there are many games to choose from, from your most well-known sports to new possibilities like E-Sports.

Top tipsters on Tipstrr

Here I’ll present some of the top tippers on the website to give you an idea of what’s available. I will also include Free tipsters in this list, so you can take 100% advantage of Tipstrr.

1. Footballer Tips – top football tipster

  • Footballer Tips averages 355 € profit/month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • Over 6000 euros profit all time based on 3800 football tips (around 53 tips per week)
  • Having the low stake in mind, I think this result is more than surprising
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Both teams to score market on Betfair and Skybet
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Footballer Tips has an avg. odds of 2.59, which range can offer a great value for smart bettors

Check Footballer Tips!

2. UNDERDOG Racing Tips – top horse racing tipster

  • Underdog Racing Tips averages 508 € profit/month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 13000 euros profit all time by giving 18 picks on average from 2016 until the present days
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Each Way on horse racing by using mainly Bet365 and Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Underdog Racing Tips has an avg. odds of 17, which is fairly acceptable in horse racing

Check Underdog Racing Tips!

3. Zenith – top football tipster

  • Zenith averages 251 € profit/month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 6800 euros profit all time by giving 75 picks on average on every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on over/under markets on football by using mainly Bet365, Betfair, and Skybet as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Zenith has an avg. odds of 2.25, which is decreasing the number of losing bets in the long run

Check Zenith!

4. On Target Tips – Professional Horse Racing Tipster

  • On Target Tips averages 292 € profit/month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 7800 euros profit all time by giving 47 picks on average every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on the race winner by using mainly Bet365, 888Sports, and Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • On Target Tips has an avg. odds of 10.3 

Check On Target Tips!

Can you really earn money by following tipsters on Tipstrr? 

In sports betting, nothing can offer guaranteed profits except you cover every outcome. I’ve highlighted a few tipsters from a variety of sports with an impressive profit over the long run and ROI. But there’s one thing you need to remember every time. 

Their betting history is just a sign of the success of each tipster. Someone who has earned a steady profit for a long time is bound to make winning bets, regardless of being ‘in the know’ or having a good betting strategy they follow. 

Check Footballer Tips!

If you follow their tips instead of applying a scattergun strategy to your bets, you’re more likely to finish in a good position. Understanding the amount of money you have to bet is crucial too. 

If a tipster earns a profit but only wins 20 percent of their bets, the minimum amount you need to pay for is to make a loss on four stakes per spin to claim the winnings when it happens. 

How do you pick the top Tipsters to follow? 

Finding the best tipsters on Tipstrr is easy, and finding the most effective ones to follow takes some more research. The site’s layout can provide a hand by clearly breaking down the various markets for sports and displaying the key information clearly and consistently. 

However, there are other things to think about that go beyond headlines. Certain of them are common items to look for in prospective customers, while others are unique for each person. 

1. How much money do they cost for you? 

  • Don’t overpay for a tipster. After all they are bettors too, and they also can make mistakes sometimes. 
  • No one will offer matched bets and guaranteed wins on this platform. 
  • It’s a simple question. However, you’d be shocked by how many people don’t add it to their calculations. 
  • Long-term performance beyond the fundamental statistics of return on investment and profit, it is always recommended to check out the long-term performance of tipsters.

2. When are the new tips published?

In this case, we’ll examine another aspect to think about that appears crucial, but many people seem to ignore it. Tipstrr lets you look into the time frames that each tipster publishes their tips. 

If their tips are released while you’re on the commute and are not able to place the bets, it’s not worth subscribing to a tipper who makes impressive profits. 

Even if tips are posted well ahead of time the even, the odds change quickly, and something that provides worth could quickly shift in the opposite direction. 

3. Knowledge 

The final thing I’d like to discuss is the selection of a reliable tipster is a personal preference; however, for us, it’s important to be aware of the bets we’re placing. 

Tipstrr is not offering guaranteed bets; therefore, why would you follow a tipster in Darts since they’ve got impressive statistics when you’ve never been to a Darts match before? 

If you’re following a tipster in a market that you know well, you might be able to tweak your stakes according to your own knowledge to increase the returns and reduce losses. 

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Is Tipstrr reliable? 

The straightforward and short answer is yes. Tipstrr was established in 2006 and has seen a rapid increase throughout the time, with Natural Intelligence purchasing the company in December of 2019. 

There are some negative reviews about them on TrustPilot. But the majority of those have not figured out how this tipster site works. Most of them are complaining about the automated recurring payment system.

On the other hand, most reviews paint this platform under a positive image, with the majority of users rating Tipstrr as excellent or great while there are some negative reviews. 

There’s the impression that certain users have entered with unrealistic expectations, for instance, the prediction of horse racing winners not happening all, which is often.

Conclusion: Tipstrr Review

Tipstrr, as I’ve already mentioned offers a platform for different tipsters, and they can display their own picks. Every one of them is verified by Tipstrr. The majority of tipsters are focusing on horse racing and football markets, but other sports are covered too.


Is Tipstrr any good?

Tipstrr is a good or if not the best tipster platform. They have proven their trustworthiness by creating a tipster platform where anybody can offer tips without having the chance to manipulate their results.

Who is the best tipster in Tipstrr?

There are many tipsters on Tipstrr who have made several thousands of pounds of profit. The list of the top tipsters is long, however, the best ones like Footballer Tips or Zenith seem to be reliable even in the long run.

Is Tipstrr trustworthy?

After knowing Tipstrr I can say without a doubt that Tipstrr is the most trustworthy tipster platform I know in the industry. They do not allow tipsters to change/manipulate their betting history which is the main reason why this platform is so successful.

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