10 Best Tennis Betting Strategies & 7 tips: Tested [2022]

Mathematical tennis betting strategies and systems such as value betting or arbitrage betting can offer the most sustainable results, even for a living.

It can offer many opportunities for these profitable betting techniques due to fast-moving odds and player performance changes from one day to another.

Strategies based on mathematics are the easiest methods to beat the bookmakers and remain profitable even in the long run. 

In this article, I would like to share valuable information about possible ways to make money in tennis.

Best tennis betting strategies and systems

The best strategies for tennis are based on mathematics or a deep understanding of players.

arbitrage betting software

I would emphasize the following three techniques:

These are the most simple and easy-to-learn strategies. I already have a lot of articles about these, so feel free to read and learn about them.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

Two great bookies I noticed while using many betting strategies:

  • MyStake was always my favourite bookie for tennis betting. For in-play tennis betting, they are offering insane amounts of markets. For example next game, handicap, point, correct score, and many others even for smaller tournaments like ITF.
  • For US bettors BetOnline is a great bookie with high odds and a welcome bonus of $1000. Supported countries: US, CA, GR, NL, IN, ES, DE, BR.

1. Matched betting on tennis: easiest tennis betting strategy

Matched betting is a very basic technique that can generate a guaranteed profit each time, and it is based on taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses.

Most of the bookie offers have some roll-over requirements. But with matched betting, you can complete them without risking losing your initial deposit or the bonus itself.

Tennis is a fairly good sport for completing these requirements. Most of the matches or sets end in a short time.

The faster a bet is finished, the more times you can use your money for new bets.

This technique is not for making large profits on tennis. In the first year of matched betting, you can make a monthly 800 – 1200 euros, depending on a lot of factors.

Sounds interesting? Check my matched betting guide, and you can start taking advantage of these bonus offers. 

The main advantage you will experience is the sustainability and the lack of risk you need to take.

Oddsmonkey is offering a great service for making your learning period shorter. They are supporting your matched betting activity even at the beginner stage.

You can read my OddsMonkey Review here.

 2. Follow tennis betting tipsters with a long betting history

Following even the best tipster service is not a betting strategy, but it’s a viable option to follow tennis tipsters. The beauty of this sport is that you need to learn less about certain players than in football betting. 

I know guys who made hundreds of thousands of euros betting on tennis based only on their knowledge about players.

If you are following a tipster like this, you can make a decent profit in the long run.

I’m following a tipster platform for these purposes. Tipstrr is offering the possibility for individual bettors to offer predictions for their subscribers. Tipstrr best tipster site

Their only way to earn from this tipster service is if they are offering accurate predictions. These must be profitable in the long run too.

You need to follow the right tipster who is handling this as a business. This way you can be almost certain that you will make decent profits in the long run. 

Find a tipster who:

  • Has a betting history of at least 500 bets
  • Uses odds over 1.60 at least
  • Has an ROI (return on investment) of over 5-7%

In team sports, it’s not enough to know the main players. You need to follow the championship standings, motivations, new coaches, team owners, etc.

As an additional tip, I would mention the importance of betting on the highest odds possible every time.

Using a second or third bookie that has slightly higher odds in the same market will drastically boost your profits in the long run.

For tennis, Pinnacle is offering the most accurate odds every time, which are also very high. They are not available in most countries.

But 1xBet on the other hand is available worldwide with a very rich betting offer and a welcome bonus of 100% up to €100. With the promo code 1x_513614, you can get an additional €30.

For US bettors BetOnline is a great bookie with high odds and a welcome bonus of $1000. Other supported countries: US, CA, GR, NL, IN, ES, DE, BR

 3. Arbitrage betting on tennis: fastest money generating system

This strategy is based on finding wrong odds, and overpriced markets with the help of odds comparison services like sure bet finders. The bookmakers are making a lot of mistakes in tennis.

Those can cost them a lot because smart bettors are taking advantage of these loopholes.

The basic idea is to find these mistakes, bet on them, and cover the other outcome at another bookmaker.

breakingbet arbitrage banner

This way, no matter which outcome wins, if you calculated the stakes right, you will make a guaranteed profit on every tennis bet.

finding arbitrage bet manually

In the following review, you can read how to find free arbitrage bets.

For beginners, this technique might be dangerous for in-play tennis. The odds are moving very fast, and if you don’t know the right moment to place your bets, you might lose some money.

But if you are willing to learn enough, you will have better chances to delay getting limited by the bookies.

They don’t like bettors who are smart enough to spot their weak odds and lines. Unfortunately for them, spotting a bet placed on wrong odds in live betting is fairly hard.

If you are fast enough, you can make a decent and guaranteed profit from tennis.

4. Value betting on tennis: long-term betting strategy & software

This strategy is also based on spotting overpriced outcomes. If you have the goal to make a decent income even for a living from tennis betting, this could be your best option.

It is very similar to arbitrage betting.

Your basic task will be spotting the outcome with the wrong odds. With this strategy, you won’t need to cover the other outcome.

If you can pick bets where the odds are higher than their real probability to win, you can make good profits in the long run.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

If you are not familiar with value betting, you might be confused right now. Finding these odds might seem a hard task that requires a lot of experience.

Well, this is not the whole truth. There are several methods to find these opportunities without knowing too much about tennis.

A lot of services are offering value bets for tennis and for other sports too. I already mentioned Pinnacle Sports as one of the best bookmakers for getting sharp odds.

Tennis odds comparison between your bookie and Pinnacle (Pinnacle Sports Review) will guide you in the right direction for finding the wrong odds. They are not the only ones who can offer these true odds.

arbitrage betting software

Sometimes Bet365 and other soft bookmakers like WilliamHill can have decent lines.

RebelBetting is one of the best services for value betting. In the following article, I’m writing about tennis betting strategies including value betting as well as one of the top technique.

The easiest method to begin value betting on tennis is by using scanner services. Down below you can find my detailed table about the best arbitrage and value betting scanners.

Your only task is to set up the filters with the bookies you need and start making money.

5. Tennis betting strategy on dropping odds

I think tennis is one of the best sports if you are looking for different betting strategies. The odds are moving very fast before the match and in-play too.

These shifting lines and prices are opening insane opportunities for smart bettors. Even the best bookies don’t have the resource and knowledge to figure out the real chance of each tennis player. 

Of course, they can offer a fairly accurate odd, but in the end, the bettors will always have more information. 

This will always mean that a sharp bettor can spot the wrong odds. If you don’t have enough knowledge about players and calculating the real odds, don’t be afraid. 

  • Many sites are offering services for these strategies.
  • They are scanning every bookmaker and odds movement.
  • If a player has an odd that is wrong there will be at least one bookmaker that has better information about it.
hand pointing arbitrage betting

One of these bookies is Pinnacle. They were and still are the best in figuring out the sharp lines. Here you can check my Pinnacle Sports Review.

Every time a bookie is slow in reacting, they will offer an overpriced odd. Your only task is to follow bookies like Pinnacle and spot the opportunities when the odds are dropping enough.

In this situation, your only task is to find a bookie that has a slow reaction time. This way you can place a bet before the odds could drop. This tennis betting strategy is called „betting on dropping odds”, and it’s very similar to value betting.

6. Tennis betting strategy for pre-match

A lot of systems and betting techniques are based on placing bets before the start of the event.

When I’m writing about profitable ways of beating the bookmakers, I mean mathematical betting strategies.

Based on my experience a lot of experienced punters are putting trust in tennis betting analytics. Most of them are not successful in the long run.

The main reason for this is to avoid using the best odds possible for their picks. Those who can spot odds holding real value are the ones who can be successful in the long run.

Betting on tennis or any sport for a living is a dream for a lot of gamblers. Almost every punter is following some kind of strategy in the hope of winning.

Many pre-match techniques are following sharp lines or true odds offered by Pinnacle Sports.

It’s a general opinion that they generate the sharpest odds, closest to the real probability.

This is the main reason why so many prediction sites and tipsters are using them as a guideline.

For pre-match tennis betting, comparing each bookmaker with their lines is a proven, working system.

7. Live tennis betting system

The most profit can be made on in-play tennis betting. The biggest odds movements are generated by underdogs who can offer surprises even for the bookmakers.

Major odds movements and good opportunities are caused by unexpected events like game breaks or quality serving. Professionals are looking for these wrong odds and lines.

Their basic strategy is based on taking prices that are higher than the real probability to win them.

Based on mathematics, if you are placing bets on overpriced markets, you will end up in profit in the long run.

A lot of betting strategies are based on wrong odds. The most famous and simple techniques are arbitrage and value betting.

8. Handicap betting on tennis

Based on my experience, Pinnacle is offering the sharpest betting lines for handicap markets on tennis. When I was value betting on tennis, I used their lines for figuring out the real probability of an outcome.

I checked the handicap lines at Pinnacle, and if a bookie offered significantly higher odds I took advantage of them. This market is still offering hundreds of betting opportunities when tennis is on.

The most important tennis betting advice I can give for handicap betting on tennis is the following:

  • Find a bookie that is offering in-play markets for tennis
  • Use a bookmaker scanner service (like BetBurger) and compare your bookies with Pinnacle
  • Each handicap arbitrage opportunity above 1.5% is worth your money

9. Over/under and handicap betting in set

It is very similar to handicap betting, but with a little twist. Asian handicap betting bookies are making many mistakes in these markets. The beauty of this is the big number of entry points.

Having at least two sets is giving you the chance to spot many overpriced opportunities. If a bookie is making a mistake at one market, in 80-90% of cases you will find overpriced odds on the other one too.

Your only task is to choose which strategy you want to use:

  • Arbitrage betting for instant and guaranteed profit
  • Value betting for bigger long-term profits (but taking risks)

10. Next game betting on tennis

It’s one of my favourite tennis betting strategies. I have used this market for every betting system. If you want your money to work faster, this should be your number one tennis market.

In most cases, your bets will be finished in under 1.5 minutes. You won’t have to wait hours for a match to finish.

Even the shortest tennis match can offer 12 entry points on the next game market. Of course, it has many downsides too. Even Pinnacle can’t figure out every time who might be the winner.

The smallest emotion, injury of a player can have a large effect on this market. I often saw tennis players with intense emotions.

Just a hint: if the player is crying during the game, he/she won’t break that service. Been there, and profited from that.

Tennis betting tips

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting. I have been betting on tennis since 2013, and I can proudly say that this sport offered me the most betting opportunities and profits. In this topic, I would like to share some important tennis betting tips.

It has a lot of characteristics that are allowing even beginner bettors to make decent profits on it.

A lot of professional bettors made a fortune just from it.

If you are a beginner in betting, learning about a sport, players, or teams could seem difficult and time-consuming.

For some strategies this is true. A lot of professional gamblers based their profitability on their knowledge and experience in a certain sport.

Their edge against bookmakers comes from a long period of learning and sometimes even losing money.

1. Tennis is an individual sport, profit from it

It seems even the best crypto bookmakers are less likely to keep up with every information they might need. Missing minor information can have a big effect on the outcome of a match.

I know many bettors who followed the top 100 tennis players for many years. Knowing the personality of a player and the way they react to certain situations is a gold mine.

A small example would be Djokovic or Nadal. They might lose 1 or 2 sets in bigger tournaments. But they are like robots. If they are not injured, they easily come back and destroy their opponent.

2. Profit from fast-moving tennis odds

The players are gaining points in a relatively fast way. In tennis, you will see surprise points and game-winners (breaks). These moments are generating opinion differences among bookmakers.

Overpriced odds and outcomes can be used as a loophole for guaranteed money. Tennis is one of the best sports for these kinds of betting techniques. This dropping odds strategy is the basis of most smart betting techniques.

Even a single match can create over 20-50 entry points for great tennis betting systems.

3. Getting specialized in tennis betting is fairly easy

You will have to gather information about only two players in single tennis matches. If you are using the right sources, you can predict an outcome even better than a bookmaker.

I already mentioned people who follow many players. But knowing the dynamics of tennis is also enough to profit from it. After several months of arbitrage betting on tennis, you can figure out how certain markets and odds are moving.

If you see a player being destroyed, but the odds for the break are not dropping enough, it can create great opportunities. I think BetBurger is by far the best sure bet finder for in-play tennis betting.

4. Focus on In-play tennis betting strategies

If you are following a tennis event in play, you will notice a lot of opportunities for making money. Many strategies for tennis are based on live betting by watching the stream and reacting to certain mistakes or events.

5. Wait until a break

Don’t place bets while they are still playing. The odds can move in any direction. If you are not lucky enough you might lose a good portion of your profits.

I made the mistake of being greedy after seeing massive wrong odds. If you are value-betting, it might be a possible option to place bets on them. But for other strategies, like arbitrage betting, this is a guaranteed route to disaster.

6. Place tennis bets when the number of games is odd

The breaks between games are significantly longer when the number of games in that set is odd (2-1; 3-2; 4-1; etc.).

Both tennis players are taking a longer rest, so you have more time to make calculations and place your bets.

7. Know which outcome has the wrong odds

This will require more experience and knowledge about tennis. But if you can spot the wrong odds, you can place the first leg of your arbitrage bet on the overpriced market.

Tipstrr Review

This way you will reduce the chance of running into dropping odds on the other outcome.

As an example: you place your first bet on Djokovic on odds of 2.10.

His opponent Tsitsipas originally had an odd of 2 (which was wrong). But unfortunately, you place your first bet too late, and the odds on Tsitsipas dropped to 1.80.

No matter who wins you will lose 3% of your total stakes.

If you can spot the overpriced market (in this case Tstitsipas), your first bet should cover that outcome. And the risk for the odds to drop on the other outcome will decrease to almost 0.

Check my detailed review of the best arbitrage betting software. 

How do you bet on tennis?

A lot of punters are following tipsters or prediction sites. This way of betting on tennis can be fairly profitable even in the long run.

But to avoid scam sites and bad tipsters you should be aware of some basic rules. Here you can read about tipsters and their role in the betting industry.

Generally speaking, there are two main tactics for tennis betting:

  • Pre-match betting
  • In-play betting

Those are used by thousands of professional bettors. If you are willing to learn, you can bet on tennis for a living.

Tennis was the first sport I realized significant profits on. For a lot of people, tennis can seem boring to watch but for me, it was the most interesting and fun sport to follow and to bet on.

The fact that I succeeded in making tennis betting a profitable income source makes it more likable for me.

My basic betting strategy back then was arbitrage betting but later I realized that it is more profitable to switch to value betting with tennis betting too.

Why is tennis good for a value betting strategy?

The fact that tennis is not a team sport (except in doubles) is making tennis one of the best sports for making money with value betting.

tipstrr banner

  • A lot of bettors made a fortune and made tennis betting for a living after learning enough and getting experience.
  • The downside of tennis being an individual sport is having higher chances of performance fluctuation. Keep reading for detailed information about tennis value betting.

What is value betting in tennis?

Value betting is one of the most profitable and sure ways of making money with sports betting. This technique can guarantee you significant profit in the long run.

How does value betting work?

Value betting is based on taking the best odds possible for an outcome, but that odds have to be higher than the true chance of winning it.

In short, you need to find odds and betting lines that are overpriced and the payout is higher than it should be.

What does this mean in tennis betting?

Tennis betting advice:

To be a winner in tennis betting, in the long run, the most guaranteed way is to have better information about the match than the bookmaker does.

You as a bettor don’t need to know tennis better than all of the bookmakers.

Your information about the players has to be more accurate only against one bookmaker, the one you are betting on.tipstrr banner

To make it more clear here is a short example:

  • You find a tennis match at WilliamHill where the bookie thinks that both players have a 50%-50% chance to win.
  • This would give you an odd of approximately 1.88 for both players.
  • Knowing a bookmaker that is more accurate in defining odds will put you at an advantage. One of the best sharp bookmakers is Pinnacle. In this case, they will share odds of 1.55-2.55 for players in this match.
  • Knowing and trusting in Pinnacle’s odds, if we take the odds of 1.88, we will have an advantage over our bookmaker.

This betting technique named value betting is proven to be one of the most profitable ones.

The strategy itself is working on every sport if you can find bookmakers with sharp (the most accurate) odds.

Is tennis good for betting strategies?

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting. Sports like football have way more attention and followers than Tennis. But in my experience with a good strategy, tennis can generate more profit.

A lot of punters gained enough information about tennis players. This knowledge can guarantee them an edge over the bookmakers.

In short, some bettors have enough experience to decide in a more accurate way the chance of a tennis player winning the match.

Gaining that amount of knowledge about tennis can take a while and it needs a lot of experience. Fortunately, as I said we can find bookmakers that can offer more accurate odds than the others.

But why is tennis so good for betting?

  • It is easy to understand and learn the rules
  • Most bookmakers are covering every main tournament
  • Tennis is in the top 5 of the most followed sports so the statistics are really accurate and the bookmakers are letting you place big stakes
  • Strategies like Arbitrage betting and Value betting are harder to notice in live betting
  • The matches are finished relatively fast, so after a winner bet you can place new bets faster

Most profitable tennis betting strategies

Generally speaking, tennis rules are easy to learn and we can find a ton of statistics about players.

If you are practising mathematical betting strategies like Arbitrage betting or Value betting then tennis can cause your hard times.

In pre-match betting, every betting technique is easier to follow. The odds are not moving so fast, so you have more time to make calculations and decisions.

If we are talking about how easy tennis betting is in-play, well there are differences between strategies.

1. Arbitrage betting in tennis

Arbitrage betting is very similar to value betting. It is based on the same technique of finding overpriced odds, but in this case, the bettor is covering the other outcome at another bookmaker.

This betting technique is generating guaranteed profit with very low risk. On the other hand, in live tennis betting, the odds are moving really fast.

Arbitrage betting requires enough time for calculating the right stakes and placing bets for both outcomes. So, betting on tennis with this strategy is not easy.

You have to find the right time, for example in breaks, to place your bets.

2. Value betting in tennis

Value betting, on the other hand, is an easier task for a bettor. You do not need to calculate stakes. Your task is to find value bets and determine whether they are true values.

Besides these, you just need to place the bets with a stake that you already know from your basic money management strategy.

If you are planning to start value betting with tennis or in general, have a look at the Software that RebelBetting has to offer. For a fair price, you will get a scanning service that will boost your income.

Check my detailed RebelBetting review and learn more about how to profit from value betting.


How do you always win in tennis betting?

The only betting strategy that can guarantee profit from every bet placed is arbitrage betting.

As I already mentioned, this betting technique is based on finding overpriced markets and covering the other outcome at a different bookmaker.

The fact that you always win with this betting strategy can make it seem the best one you ever heard about. But the fact is that it has a lot of downsides too.

The biggest disadvantage of sure betting on tennis and on sports, in general, is that bookmakers don’t like smart bettors.

Making guaranteed money from sports betting and always winning in tennis betting makes you a bettor who is not welcomed by most bookmakers.

Most bookies are limiting maximum stakes, closing accounts, and taking away bonus offers if they catch you for arbitrage betting.

You can find more detailed information about how to find arbitrage bets and how to avoid being limited in these articles.

Working tennis betting strategy:

Finally, let’s mention some tennis betting strategies.

Lately, I found out that Pinnacle is not the only one with accurate, sharp odds. Some bookmakers like Bet365 are getting great pros in defining the real probability for tennis players to win.

Even in live betting, their odds are getting smarter and sharper. Personally, I don’t like placing bets before the start of the match.

A lot of betting strategies are offering good ROI (return on investment) for tennis betting in pre-match, but in my experience live betting has more advantages:

  • Odds are moving fast, so bookmakers are making more mistakes
  • In tennis especially they can’t flag your account so fast for dropping odds betting

My most basic tennis strategy for live value betting:

  • Compare odds with Pinnacle using scanner services
  • I’m taking value bets above 1% but below 6% to avoid a fast limitation
  • Small tournaments like Challengers or ITF are a “No go zone”. Your maximum stakes will be limited faster
  • I don’t take odds under 1.40 and above 3 to reduce the variance
  • Placing odds in breaks between games will make your value bet more accurate

Find out which software is the best for your needs. Down below you can check my detailed comparison table of the best arbitrage and value betting sites.

Best value betting software

Can you do tennis betting for a living?

The most simple and honest answer is a strong YES. Tennis betting can be profitable enough to make it a living. I have a very similar article about matched betting for a living.

The question you have to ask yourself is: are you capable of learning enough about tennis betting?

What does it take to earn enough from tennis betting?

  1. Good betting strategy. I suggest arbitrage betting for the safe but smaller income and value betting for bigger variances but for way more money.
  2. Access to a lot of bookmakers. The more bookies you have access to, the better odds will be available for tennis betting. And not to forget that you can use another bookie if your account is limited.
  3. A decent capital is only for betting purposes. I would say that 1k euros are enough for making good profits even for a living.
  4. A lot of perseverance in times when you face variance for a longer period.

Sports betting for a living could seem very fun as a lifestyle and income source. You don’t have a boss, you can wake up anytime and you can do whatever you want.

But taking it seriously and living only from the betting winnings can make it less interesting. Making tennis betting a living can be very stressful, to be honest.

You will face several weeks without any significant income. It really can happen, because variance is not your friend every time.

To be a professional “gambler” in tennis, your main goal should be to learn enough from players and the trends in this sport.

Value betting is a very good strategy for tennis, you will find a lot of wrong odds and wrong lines on total or handicap bets.

You can take advantage of them, but a lot of experience is needed to make it really profitable.

Let me explain why:

Betting strategies like value betting can be practised easily in team sports without too deep knowledge about the sport itself. In the long run, you can make a lot of money if you take odds above the true probability.

But in tennis, your winnings can be increased significantly if you are experienced. You can find a lot of wrong odds in live betting, but based on my experience, you have to take into consideration the stage and trend in the match.

For example:

  • I see a lot of “wrong” odds for example on the markets of the serving player. Pinnacle is giving small odds for the next game server while at my soft bookmaker
  • I see an odd way higher for that player
  • A scanner service will display that odd for a good opportunity
  • It’s true that for arbitrage betting that odd can be a gold mine. But if your main activity is to make a living with Value betting, most of the time you don’t mix up strategies.

There are examples when a player seems to be in a very bad physical or mental state. These states can be realized only if you are watching the stream, but they can have a major impact on your results.


Why should you bet on tennis?

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting. The fast-moving odds while in-play betting on tennis offers many overpriced odds and excellent entry points for tennis betting strategies.

Is tennis good for betting?

Yes. Tennis is one of the best sports for online betting due to the fact of big differences between players and fast-moving odds while the matches are in play. Tennis betting offers the best opportunities when unforeseen events happen.

What is the most profitable tennis betting strategy?

Value betting is the most profitable tennis betting strategy. You can make enough profit even for a living by spotting overpriced markets and wrong betting lines. Strategies based on in-play tennis can generate the most profits in the long run.

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

Value betting is the easiest and most profitable strategy to bet on tennis and win big in the long run. It is based on placing bets on outcomes that have higher odds than the possibility of that tennis outcome.

Is tennis betting easy?

Tennis rules are easy to learn and we can find a ton of statistics about players. But betting on tennis is not the easiest way to make money. The odds are moving fairly fast while the match is in-play. Pre-match tennis betting is easier because you have more time to figure out the real chance of an outcome.

How do you always win in tennis betting?

The only betting strategy that can guarantee profits from every tennis bet placed is arbitrage betting. Tennis is a good sport for sure betting and always making profits. However, you need some experience to spot outcomes with a true value.

Can you make tennis betting for a living?

A lot of smart bettors are making enough money from tennis betting even for a living. With the right tennis betting strategy such as value betting, you can earn a decent income while learning more and more even about the tennis players.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting and switched to full-time value betting. Each software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.