Tennis Betting Strategies: 3 profitable systems to win big

Tennis Betting Strategies: 3 profitable systems to win big

Tennis is offering a lot of opportunities to make good profits. Strategies based on mathematics are one of the easiest methods to beat the bookmakers and remain profitable even in the long run. 

In this article, I would like to share some valuable information about possible ways to make money on tennis.

Why should you bet on tennis?

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting. It has a lot of characteristics that are allowing even beginner bettors to make decent profits on it.

A lot of professional bettors made a fortune just by learning enough about tennis.

If you are a beginner in betting, learning about a sport, players, or teams could seem difficult and time-consuming.

For some strategies this is true. A lot of professional gamblers based their profitability on their knowledge and experience in a certain sport.

Their edge against bookmakers comes from a long period of learning and sometimes even losing money.

Several reasons why you should bet on tennis:

  • Tennis is an individual sport

Bookmakers are less likely to keep up with every information they might need. Missing minor information can have a big effect on the outcome of a match.

  • The odds are moving fast

The players are gaining points in a relatively fast way. In tennis, you will see surprise points and game-winners (breaks). These moments are generating opinion differences between bookmakers. Overpriced odds and outcomes can be used as a loophole for guaranteed money. Tennis is one of the best sports for these kinds of betting techniques.

  • Getting specialized is fairly easy

In single tennis matches, you will have to gather information about only two players. If you are using the right sources, you can predict an outcome even better than a bookmaker.

  • In-play tennis betting strategies

If you are following a tennis event in play, you will notice a lot of opportunities for making money. Many strategies for tennis are based on live betting by watching the stream and reacting to certain mistakes or events.

How do you bet on tennis?

A lot of punters are following tipsters or prediction sites. This way of betting on tennis can be fairly profitable even in the long run.

But to avoid scam sites and bad tipsters you should be aware of some basic rules. Here you can read about tipsters and their role in the betting industry.

Generally speaking, there are two main tactics for tennis betting:

  • Pre-match betting
  • In-play betting

You might think I’m speaking about too general and obvious things, but keep reading and you might learn new strategies.

Those are used by thousands of professional bettors. If you are willing to learn, you can bet on tennis for a living.

Pre-match betting on tennis

A lot of systems, betting techniques are based on placing bets before the start of the event.

When I’m writing about profitable ways of beating the bookmakers, I mean strategies based on mathematics.

Based on my experience a lot of experienced punters are putting trust in tennis betting analytics. Most of them are not successful in the long run.

The main reason for this is avoiding using the best odds possible for their picks. Those who can spot odds holding real value are the ones who can be successful in the long run.

Betting on tennis or any sport for a living is a dream for a lot of gamblers. Almost every punter is following some kind of strategy in the hope of winning.

Many pre-match techniques are following sharp lines or true odds offered by the bookmaker named Pinnacle Sports.

It’s a general opinion that they generate the sharpest odds, closest to the real probability.

This is the main reason why so many prediction sites and tipsters are using them as a guideline.

Live betting on tennis

The most profit can be made on in-play tennis betting. The biggest odds movements are generated by underdogs who can offer surprises even for the bookmakers.

Major odds movements and good opportunities are caused by unexpected events like game breaks or quality serving. Professionals are looking for these wrong odds and lines.

Their basic strategy is based on taking prices that are higher than the real probability to win them.

Based on mathematics, if you are placing bets on overpriced markets, you will end up in profit in the long run.

A lot of betting strategies are based on wrong odds. The most famous and simple techniques are arbitrage and value betting.

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

The best strategies for tennis to win big are based on mathematics.

I would emphasize the following three techniques:

  • Matched betting
  • Arbitrage betting
  • Value betting

These are the most simple and easy-to-learn strategies. I already have a lot of articles about these, so feel free to read and learn about them.

I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. Unfortunately, a lot of tipsters are sharing picks based on their personal opinion and a small experience.

Following them may not be the best idea. To be honest I have to admit that a lot of tipsters are extremely talented. Some of them are sharing well-researched and good tennis tips.

If you can find a tipster like this, you might make profits even in the long run.

But based on my experience if you can win on tennis based on your own knowledge, in the long run, you will have higher chances to succeed.

The amount you can make with a strategy is different.

Matched betting as the most simple tennis betting strategy

Matched betting is a very basic technique that can guarantee to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses.

Most of these offers have some roll-over requirements. But with matched betting, you can complete them without risking losing your money or the bonus itself.

Tennis is a fairly good sport for completing these requirements. Most of the matches or sets are ending in a short time.

The faster a bet is finished the more times you can use your money for new bets.

This technique is not for winning big on tennis. In the first year of matched betting, you can make a monthly 800 – 1200 euros depending on a lot of factors.

The main advantage you will experience is the sustainability and the lack of risk you need to take.

Oddsmonkey is offering a great service for making your learning period shorter. They are supporting your matched betting activity even in the beginner stage.

Even without any knowledge, you will be able to make decent profits from betting.

You can read my OddsMonkey review here.

Arbitrage betting on tennis for a living

This strategy is based on finding wrong odds, overpriced markets. The bookmakers are making a lot of mistakes in tennis.

Those can cost them a lot because smart bettors are taking advantage of these loopholes.

The basic idea is to find these mistakes, bet on them, and cover the other outcome at another bookmaker.

This way no matter which outcome wins, if you calculated the stakes right, you will make a guaranteed profit on every tennis bet.

In the following review, you can read how to find free arbitrage bets.

For beginners, this technique might be dangerous for in-play tennis. The odds are moving very fast, and if you don’t know the right moment to place your bets, you might lose some money.

But if you are willing to learn enough you will have better chances to delay getting limited by the bookies.

They don’t like bettors who are smart enough to spot their weak odds and lines. Unfortunately for them, spotting a bet placed on wrong odds in live betting is fairly hard.

If you are fast enough you can make a decent and guaranteed profit from tennis.

Some tips for this strategy:

  • Wait until a break

Don’t place bets while they are still playing. The odds can move in almost any direction. If you are not lucky enough you might lose a good portion of your profits.

  • Place bets when the number of games is odd

The breaks between games are significantly longer when the number of games in that set is odd (2-1; 3-2; 4-1; etc.).

Both tennis players are taking a longer rest, so you have more time to make calculations and place your bets.

  • Know which outcome has the wrong odds

This will require more experience and knowledge about tennis. But if you can spot the wrong odds, you can place the first leg of your arbitrage bet on the overpriced market.

This way you will reduce the chance of running into dropping odds on the other outcome.

As an example: you place your first bet on Djokovic on odds of 2.10.

His opponent Tsitsipas originally had an odd of 2 (which was wrong). But unfortunately, you place your first bet too late, and the odds on Tsitsipas dropped to 1.80.

No matter who wins you will lose 3% of your total stakes.

If you can spot the overpriced market (in this case Tstitsipas), your first bet should cover that outcome. And the risk for the odds to drop on the other outcome will decrease to almost 0.

Win big on tennis with value betting

This strategy is also based on spotting overpriced outcomes. If you have the goal to make a decent income even for a living from tennis betting, this could be your best option.

It is very similar to arbitrage betting.

Your basic task will be spotting the outcome with the wrong odds. With this strategy, you won’t need to cover the other outcome.

If you can pick bets where the odds are higher than their real probability to win, you can make good profits in the long run.

If you are not familiar with value betting you might be confused right now. Finding these odds might seem a hard task that requires a lot of experience.

Well, this is not the whole truth. There are several methods to find these opportunities without knowing too much about tennis.

A lot of services are offering value bets for tennis and for other sports too. I already mentioned Pinnacle Sports as one of the best bookmakers for getting sharp odds.

Comparing tennis odds between your bookie and Pinnacle will guide you in the right direction for finding the wrong odds. They are not the only ones who can offer these true odds.

Sometimes Bet365 and other soft bookmakers like WilliamHill can have decent lines.

RebelBetting is one of the best services for value betting. In the following article, I’m writing about value betting in tennis betting.

There you can read about RebelBetting too.

A detailed review you can find here.

They are on the market for long years, so the bookmaker scanning service they can offer will mean a big difference for you.

I think their monthly subscription fee is friendly even for beginners.


Why should you bet on tennis?

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting. It has a lot of characteristics that are allowing even beginner bettors to make decent profits on it.

Is tennis good for betting?

Yes. It can offer a lot of possibilities and loopholes for smart bettors.

What is the most profitable betting strategy?

Value betting is the most profitable betting strategy. You can make enough profit even for a living.

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

By following profitable betting systems like matched betting or value betting.

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