Table Tennis: 3 Profitable Betting Tips & Strategies (2023)

Table tennis is not the most famous sport for sports betting. Ping Pong matches are not getting as much attention as football, tennis, or basketball.

This situation is helping many table tennis bettors to take advantage of profitable betting strategies.

Strategies for table tennis betting

You can find tens of betting strategies for table tennis, the internet is full of fake gurus.

In most cases these Ping-Pong betting strategies are posted only in the hope that you will click on the links to bookies, so you will generate income for them when you start losing.

In this article, I included betting techniques that are proven mathematical betting strategies and are fairly easy to learn. With the help of these, you can start earning decent profits.

1. Arbitrage betting on table tennis

Many bettors don’t like taking risks if there is a possibility to play it safe and still make some profits. Their potentially favourite strategy might be arbitrage betting.

This table tennis strategy is based on odds differences between bookies.

It’s pretty common that bookies are missing crucial information about a player which results in overpriced markets.

A smart bettor can take advantage of these and generate guaranteed profits by placing a bet on the wrong odds and covering the other outcome at a different betting site.

  • You are following the Russian Liga Pro – Kutuzov vs Shirshov
  • Most bookmakers are thinking that Kutuzov has 50% to win the match
  • they are offering odds of 1.85 for both players
  • another bookie thinks that Kutuzov has only 40% to winning the meeting
  • They will offer an odd of 2.30 for Kutuzov and 1.85 for Shirshov.

In this situation:

  • you can place a stake of 100 euros on Kutuzov at odds of 2.30 and 124 euros on Shirshov at another bookie at odds of 1.85
  • No matter who wins you will make a profit of almost 5.7 euros.

This amount could seem small, but if you place 15 – 25 bets in a day, it will add up to a decent profit.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

If you are looking for an affordable/free arbitrage scanner you can check the following reviews I wrote: Best free arbitrage finder software

Finding the best scanner is not enough. A lot of bookmakers tend to limit too fast if you are making major mistakes. I have a dedicated article on how to find arbitrage bets and avoid getting banned for arbitrage betting.

Here you can read about the best bookmakers for arbitrage betting and use the ones that you have access to from your country/state.

This Ping-Pong betting strategy requires attention to the details if you don’t want to burn your betting account after 2-3 bets. Most bookies tend to find this kind of activity a suspicious one.

The following table tennis betting techniques might be more suitable if you just started betting on this sport.

2. Using bookies with the highest odds

Placing bets always on the highest odds possible will result in a drastic increase in your long-term profits on every sport.

Many bookies offer betting odds with a profit margin of 6-8%. You will see these with odds pairs like 1.86 – 1.86 on markets with two outcomes.

But if you have accounts at more betting sites, you can take advantage of odds differences between betting sites.


  1. 100 bets with a flat stake of $10 on average odds of 1.86 -> max winning will be $1860
  2. the same bets but using always the highest odds and getting an average odds of 1.90 -> max winning will be $1900

This difference might not seem a similar one but believe me when I say, after placing 1000+ bets you will see a massive difference in your betting balance

3. Follow trustworthy tipsters only

Following the best tipster sites and services, with a good and long history, can be a profitable strategy. Many bettors gathered an insane amount of knowledge, database, and experience about certain sports.

Some of them are not sharing their information and data with anyone. But many skilled bettors have opened individual accounts at tipster platforms like Tipstrr.

If you are picking the right tipster to follow (Min tips: over 500; Min odds: over 1.60) you can’t make too big mistakes.

Tipstrr best tipster site

The only tipster service I’m comfortable promoting is Tipstrr. Their interface is allowing you to choose someone who was profitable even in the long run.

Following the right tipster can offer you a fair side income without the time investment.

Unfortunately, they are not covering table tennis, but if you are interested in other sports too, you might want to take a look at it.

The biggest advantage of this service is that every individual tipster is forced to offer quality service. This is their only way to get followers. Do they need better motivation to offer quality predictions?

You can also check my Tipstrr Review.

I think paying 10-25 euros for quality tips from them is worth a hundred times more than those tipsters from Facebook and Instagram ads.

If you are able to place bets on the same odds as a profitable bettor on their interface, you will be a winner too.

tipstrr banner tennis

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4. Value betting on table tennis

This table tennis strategy is very similar to arbitrage betting but in this case, your only task is to spot the bookmaker with the wrong odds.

In football betting, it can be fairly easy, because we know bookies like Pinnacle Sports who are offering very accurate odds. Comparing lines and odds to theirs will offer long-term profits.

Pinnacle Sports is the best bookmaker for covering your arbitrage bets if you are focusing on major sports (Ping-Pong excluded).

Their odds are the best at the moment. I’ve been using them for almost 8 years and I think I couldn’t be this successful without them.

But table tennis is a small sport and a lot of bookmakers are making mistakes. So, spotting the accurate ones is pretty challenging.

Placing bets only on overpriced odds and not covering the other outcome will guarantee an edge, a positive Expected Value.

Based on mathematics and statistics, if you can place bets on odds that are higher than the real probability of that outcome, your winnings will be significantly higher than your losses.

I have used the best value and arbitrage betting sites during the past few years. Down below you can find my detailed comparison table of the best arbitrage and value betting software.

Based on my experience, Bet365 tends to offer fairly accurate betting lines and odds on in-play Table Tennis matches.

For pre-match, they are also fairly accurate compared to other bookies, but if you want to avoid fast limitations I would advise focusing on in-play betting only.

Table tennis betting tips

In my experience using every market in this sport is not a wise idea. Most bookmakers are sensitive to bettors who start wagering aggressively on table tennis.

So, using only famous markets is the best way to avoid getting limited. I know it can be attractive to develop betting strategies in smaller markets.

They are offering way more opportunities and profits, but in the long run, it is not sustainable to bet on them. You will get your account limited in no time.

Think about it! Would a normal bettor place big stakes on the next-point winner?

In my experience, most of them are placing bets on match winners, handicap markets, total points, and games markets.

This is a good way to avoid being limited in crypto sports betting. Check my article about three good crypto bookmakers.

arbitrage betting software

1. Focus on match winner Ping-Pong tips

The easiest way to find overpriced markets with the least risk will be to focus on the match-winner market.

Bookies that offer markets for table tennis, will always grant the highest maximum stakes in this market. Arbitrage finders that scan table tennis tend to cover only this market.

The biggest advantage of focusing on the event winner market is that bookies handle wagers on this market with less attention.

For smart bettors, this situation can mean not only less stress but more profits as well.

2. Total games over/under offer great betting opportunities

In pre-game betting, not every bookmaker is covering this market. But bettors who have experience in table tennis betting can develop good strategies while the match is live.

While the match is in-play, players tend to have major performance fluctuations that lead to bookies not being accurate in offering odds.

Your only task will be to decide which betting strategy you will follow on these Ping-pong matches: arbitrage betting or value betting.

Over/under markets tend to offer many entry points on fast sports betting such as Table tennis, tennis, or volley.

By focusing on this market you will take higher risks on multiple levels: the odds are moving fast and the bookies tend to offer lower maximum stakes (they know they are not accurate, so bets on these markets drive more attention).

3. Total points and handicap odds are often wrong

An important Ping-pong betting tip that you should find out if whether your bookmaker is sensitive to points and handicap betting or not.

Both markets are similar to games over/under betting. If you follow a match, there will be plenty of wrong odds and lines on these markets.

The easiest way to test this is by checking the max stake on major tennis (WTA, ATP) leagues by hitting on the max button. If you can place a bet of 5000 euros on odds of 2 on a tennis player, but only 200 on Ping-Pong players, that’s a bad sign.

In case when the maximum stake on points or the handicap market is even below this (50-80 euros) I advise not placing Table tennis bets at this bookie.

4. Research additional information about players

It is important to keep in mind that table tennis is an individual sport. The more information you know about a player, the more advantage you can have against bookmakers.

Finding overpriced players is a great strategy, but you can gather additional information from another source too.

Most bookies don’t have the resources to do serious research about every player. The media is not speaking and writing too much about Ping Pong players, probably because they are not popular enough.

This missing information can put you at a big advantage. If you start researching on social media, you can find information about players that can help you make good money.

Finding out that a famous player has some problems or any kind of distraction in their personal life, that can affect their performance, you can place good value bets.

5. Avoid low odds

Another betting tip would be to avoid betting on small odds. I would not place bets on odds under 1.40.

In this sport, you will experience a lot of “surprise winners” so placing high stakes on low prices will mean unnecessary additional risks for a fairly low reward.

Even bookies can not offer an accurate prediction for table tennis matches, so placing bets on higher odds, around 1.80 or higher will have a very similar risk level but significantly bigger payouts.

6. Using multiple bookmakers

You will see that most bookmakers are offering significantly different odds on table tennis. If your table tennis betting strategy is based on finding overpriced markets, you should increase your chances.

Using more bookmakers will guarantee you always take the best odds possible. Tennis tipsters can have the advantage and long-term profits not only because of their knowledge.

Most of them are taking the best odds by using more bookmakers.

Placing table tennis bets is not the most usual bettor behaviour. Bookmakers can flag your account faster if they find out that you are attacking their weak lines.

By placing bets at different bookies you will decrease the attention you get.

7. Compare odds to multiple bookmakers

If you have the ability to define odds for yourself and to predict winners in table tennis, you can have a big advantage against bookmakers.

Even in this situation, you can check several bookmakers to make sure that your forecast is at least close to their odds.

You have to be careful and very confident in your strategy to not get insecure about your choice.

Tipstrr Review

Most table tennis picks and tips at services are putting too much trust in bookmakers when making a choice. If you want to be profitable with a table tennis strategy.

I think the best route is to find some bookmakers that are fairly good at defining winners. And compare your pick to multiple bookies.

How to win table tennis betting?

Winning with table tennis betting is fairly easy because of the many overpriced outcomes. Most bookies don’t have a proper algorithm to figure out the true chance of a player.

This situation creates many wrong odds and many great betting opportunities for wise bettors.

The biggest issue with winning at table tennis betting is that you can’t treat it as a long-term strategy.

If you start wagering on this sport with the betting strategies mentioned above, you will burn your betting accounts in a matter of days.

If you truly want to focus on table tennis only and make guaranteed long-term profits from it, you should consider betting on major Ping-Pong tournaments only.

Table tennis betting tips vs other sports

You can notice that a lot of table tennis matches are played on a daily basis. Even with that high volume, bookmakers don’t have enough information about leagues and players.

The lack of knowledge and information is making them vulnerable to smart bettors who are looking for dropping odds.

Most bookies are offering these small maximum stakes to lower their losses and risks against the smart betting activity.

An article you might be interested in: Basketball tipster sites

Odds and lines are created based on the history of matches and any information available about players. The algorithms can create more accurate odds on famous sports like tennis or hockey.

Their lines on popular sports are fairly close to the real probability.

On table tennis, it seems that the bookies can’t figure out how to generate these sharp odds. Most of them are making huge mistakes and they are offering overpriced markets.

Their mistakes with wrong odds are offering loopholes and big opportunities for smart bettors.

Individual sports like table tennis are harder to analyze and predict the winners.

For example:

A very similar difference in betting you can find between tennis and football betting. In football, most bookmakers can easily offer odds and fairly sharp lines.

They can access a lot of data, new information about most players, their motivation, line-ups, and so on. The leagues are big, and the risk and prizes for winning are fairly high.

These factors are helping bettors and bookmakers to predict winners more accurately.

On the other hand, table tennis is an individual sport in most cases. If the performance of a player is fluctuating, oftentimes bookmakers can’t keep up with it.

If the odds are not mirroring the real chance of a player, they can be exploited by betting strategies.

This effect is way more intense in table tennis. Most bookmakers don’t have enough information about players.

If you have enough experience and knowledge about Ping Pong players, you can have a fairly high chance of spotting overpriced odds.

Can you make money betting on table tennis?

Making money on betting is possible in almost every sport, as long as you can determine the winner in a more accurate way than bookmakers.

OR you can find a bookmaker or service that offers more correct lines and odds. Both possibilities will offer you profits in the long run.

Table tennis can be a good sport for making money, because bookmakers have different opinions about winners, way too often.

Generally speaking, there are two directions you can take if you want to be profitable in sports betting.

The basic idea of profitable betting strategies, which can be applied to table tennis betting as well, is to find odds and lines that are wrong, or overpriced.

Several factors will generate these wrong lines, but the ones I want to emphasize:

  • The odds are moving fast because the chances and points are changing very often
  • Bookies don’t have enough information about the players

Both betting factors are applied in table tennis betting. In pre-game betting, the odds are not moving so fast, but most bookies can’t determine the chance difference in the most accurate way.

pinnacle sports arbitrage friendly bookmaker

If you are searching for information on tipster sites or forums, you will find a lot of fans who have been following this sport for a long time.

Their commitment and enthusiasm for table tennis can help them to spot bet opportunities and overpriced players.

Oftentimes these fans can predict winners with a better chance than bookies.

I think BetBurger is the best arbitrage scanner service for in-play betting. Using them you can set up filters even if you are using their value bet finder (the most profitable betting strategy).

How do you predict a winner in table tennis?

No matter what kind of betting strategy you are following, predicting the winner can help to significantly increase your winnings.

The more information you know about players the more edge you can have against bookmakers.

As an example:

Tactics and playstyle are very important factors in every sport. Even in the e-games. Table tennis is an individual sport, so every factor has a higher influence on outcomes.

A lot of players in table tennis can experience difficulties against left-handed opponents. Some of them get too comfortable against normal playstyles.

Having a match against a player who is holding the racquet in a different way can cause confusion. Serving in a different and unusual way can make even an experienced player struggle against them.

If you know enough about some players, you have more chances to make money in the long run.

Tipstrr Review

But being realistic we have to see that it is very hard to follow and analyze hundreds of players. For this, you can find alternative ways.

The best method to predict a winner in table tennis is finding a bookie that can offer sharp odds. These days only a handful of bookmakers and services are able to predict winners in a fairly accurate way. One of them is Bet365. In the following article, you can find out how to make money at Bet365.

I’m not saying they are the best, but their lines are fairly okay in most of the matches. Some bookmakers are making way more mistakes.

How do you identify a winner in table tennis?

Most of the time simple score sites are not useful for finding good betting strategies. But I found out that has an amazing feature for table tennis betting.

They have built a database by pulling the odds for some players from bet365. And based on this database they are offering free table tennis tips about future matches.

In the picture down below, you can see an example. Bet365 is offering an odd of 1.44 for Alov R. which would mean that his chance of winning is 69%.

But based on their database, this player has an 83% chance to win the match.

Unfortunately, is not providing these odds and statistics for every match and league. Sometimes even for a month, you can’t find a match with odds in their interface.

But the ones you can find will offer a good advantage and those tips will be free.

I tested this betting strategy for table tennis and some leagues and odds ranges are very profitable. You can make even 4% – 10% ROI in the long run without too much effort.

Identifying a winner this way becomes easier, but you have to take into consideration the following:

  • You can’t know how big their sample of data is
  • Those statistics are not the most accurate data
  • Performance fluctuation is high in this sport
  • You need a big sample before betting with serious stakes
  • Variance can hit harder in this sport

How often does the Favorite win in table tennis?

In table tennis, it is about knowing how often the favourite wins, because most bookmakers are making a lot of mistakes.

They can offer odds of 1.50 or 1.60 for a player, but in reality, the chance of winning could be 50% for both of them.

So statistically speaking with the strategies I mentioned it does not matter if you are placing bets on favourites or not.

The important step is to place bets on overpriced markets.

Best Countries and Leagues for table tennis strategies

Ping Pong is not the most popular sport with the most money. This is a good reason why you can’t get really good coverage and high maximum stakes from bookmakers.

In my experience the best leagues to bet on are:

  • Russian Liga Pro
  • International Setka Cup
  • Ukraine Win Cup
  • International TT Cup

These leagues are covered by a lot of bookmakers, so you will have the chance to compare odds, find the highest ones, and choose the best values.

  • Russian Liga Pro

With my value betting strategy, I realized the lowest ROI on the Russian Liga Pro. Until now I didn’t figure out what was the issue because I used the same strategies as in other leagues.

  • International Setka Cup

Betting in this table tennis league was not so easy, because I cannot find enough value bets. I think my ROI was barely over 2% after some hundred bets.

  • Ukraine Win Cup

In some odds ranges (between 1.6 – 2.10) sometimes I succeeded to make a profit of 6%- 7% of ROI. I found a lot of bets, but I think this is not the best league for table tennis betting.

  • International TT Cup

My table tennis betting strategy was the most successful in this league. My bets between odds of 1.50 – 2.50 were fairly profitable in the long run too.

I found a lot of value bets, so if you are focusing on the wrong odds, I think you will have a chance to repeat my success.

Is Table Tennis Betting Legitimate?

Most of these leagues are taking place in Russia or Ukraine. We know that betting on sports that are not team-based has some advantages and downsides too.

Placing bets on individual players will always include the risk of running into fixed matches.

You can find information about fixed matches in bigger sports like tennis or even football.

So thinking that every table tennis match will be played fairly without any cheating is not a good idea. You have to take into consideration that even the best value bet and ROI (return on investment) can be destroyed by fixed matches.

If you are afraid of running into these kinds of matches I would suggest choosing a less risky sport or placing only arbitrage bets.

You can check my detailed table about the best arbitrage scanner services here:

Best value betting software

Why should you bet on Table Tennis?

These days a lot of bettors are using strategies based on mathematics. The more bettors try to take advantage of wrong odds, the harder it will be to find them.

A lot of smart players are using betting bots, scripts that are automatically placing bets if some criteria are met.

One of the best tools on the market is BETWASP. Check out my review about them.

Fighting with them and trying to place bets faster on famous sports is becoming harder and harder.

Table tennis is still an almost untouched area. You can find a lot of mistakes and opportunities.

Finding an edge over bookies is fairly easy in this sport if you can predict winners.

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If you prefer anonymous crypto sports betting, you can visit my article about the best bookmakers and the advantages of crypto betting.

Feel free to check my articles about the best Asian handicap betting sites and corner betting sites.


Which are the best table tennis betting strategies?

The best table tennis betting strategy is to spot overpriced betting odds and take advantage of them with one of the betting techniques called sure betting or value betting. These Ping-pong betting strategies can generate either guaranteed or long-term profits.

What are the best table tennis betting tips?

1. Focus on match winner Ping-Pong tips
2. Total games over/under offer great betting opportunities
3. Total points and handicap odds are often wrong
4. Research additional information about players
5. Avoid low odds
6. Using multiple bookmakers
7. Compare odds to multiple bookmakers

How do you identify a winner in table tennis?

Focus on wrong odds for long-term profits and not on predicting the winner.