Matched betting on Stake Not Returned (SNR) Free bets? How?

Bookmakers are offering various kinds of bonuses for existing and new customers. Most of them you can exploit with the betting technique called matched betting. SNR free bets are one of the easiest bonuses to complete with this strategy.

In the following article, I will share any information you will need to take advantage of them.

What does Stake Not Returned (SNR) free bet mean?

The easiest way of explaining how an SNR free bet works is by showing an example. If you place a normal bet at a bookmaker, you are risking a specified stake to make some profits.

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If your pick ends up as a winner you will get back a total amount of:

your stake * decimal odds of your bet. So, if you place 50 euros on odds of 1.50, your payout will be 75 euros.

But, bookmakers are offering free bets called Stake Not Returned, which means the following:

They are offering you the opportunity to place a bet without risking your own money.

The stake for this free bet opportunity is limited and you can use it on whatever odds you want (most of the time). If you win, the payout will not include the stake they have offered.

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So, with the previous example an SNR free bet would be the following:

You can place a free bet with a stake of up to 50 euros, and choose to place it on odds of 1.50. If you win, your winnings will be 25 euros only.

How can you get a Stake Not Returned Free bet?

Most bookmakers are offering this bonus to welcome their new customers. Normally they need you to place a qualifying bet.

The requirements for this are well specified in the terms and conditions. The maximum stake should be equal to the Free Bet’s amount almost every time.

A lot of the time they can specify the minimum and maximum odds for your first bet. This qualifying bet means a bet that should be placed with your own money.

oddsmonkey matched betting win on football banner

If you lose this, you will be eligible for the Free Bet promotion.

For example:

You are a new customer with an opportunity for a Stake Not Returned Free bet. Your first qualifying bet has to be 20 euros on odds of at least 2.

Unfortunately, your first bet will be lost and you can place a free bet of 20 euros, without using your own money.

These Free Bets are offered not only for new customers. You will get a lot of offers on different events and sports with the same rules.

Common practice is getting SNR free bets for important football matches, Esports, or for random matches on weekends.

Stake Not Returned free bet in Matched Betting

The main purpose of matched betting is to convert free bets into real money. Most of these bonuses have some kind of weakness.

Matched bettors are exploiting them with betting based on mathematical betting strategies. SNR free bets are one of the most common bonus types and they are very easy to exploit.

Most of them do not require any roll-over requirements, so you can take advantage of them in just a few minutes.

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How to place qualifying bets for SNR bonuses?

Matched betting strategies got very famous because of several reasons. It is offering you the opportunity to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses without risking losing your money.

The easiest techniques to place qualifying bets are the following:

1. Laying your bet on a close match

This technique is the most common and one of the less risky. The basic strategy is to find a market at your bookmaker with the SNR free bet, where the odds are very close to Lay prices at exchanges.

For example:

In the match between Italy and Spain, you can see that Netbet offers an odd of 2 for the market of both teams to score.

stake not returned matched betting

If you lay this bet (you place a bet against Both teams to score) with a stake of 20.57 at Betfair or another Exchange, no matter which part comes out as a winner you will win a bet.

Your total loss on these bets will be approximately 0.56 euros. If the bookmaker does not have other requirements, you will be entitled to the free bet.

matched betting stake not returned

2. Placing arbitrage bets close to 0%

This method is very similar. Placing arbitrage bets is based on placing a bet at a bookmaker and covering the other outcomes at another one.

From the point of view of a qualifying bet for SNR free bets, the result is the same. You can find a lot of free arb finders too that cover most of the bookmakers.

Using them you will find opportunities even better than the one above. If you don’t want to find arbs close to 0%, you can use this calculator by

Finding opportunities with a loss close to 0 can take a little bit more. In a lot of situations taking a loss of 1 – 2 euros on a free bet is totally acceptable.

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For example:

you place a bet on odds of 2.10 with 20 euros (at the bookie with the SNR bonus). You can cover the other outcome on odds close to 1.80 or above and you will lose only 1.3 – 1.4 euros on these bets.

stake not returned matched betting

How to use Stake Not Returned (SNR) free bets with matched betting?

Bookmakers are offering these bonuses with different conditions. Often times you will get these free bets only if your qualifying bet is lost.

On the other hand, a lot of bookies are offering them for larger sports events or without any strict requirements. So, sometimes you can be eligible without the need of losing your first bet.

To make those losses on qualifying bets worth you need to follow a different staking strategy when using these Stake Not Returned bets.

With the following matched betting technique, you can get the most profit out of it:

You will need to use the same techniques I already mentioned. Covering the other outcome at exchanges by laying them or placing arbitrage bets.

In my experience, the easiest way to proceed with SNR free bets is by using and learning how to fin arbitrage bets.

In this situation, you will need to cover only the profits you can get. Covering the whole winnings is not possible, because you won’t get any stake back.

To maximize the profits from Stake Not Returned free bets:

  • Your initial bet at the bookie with the bonus has to be on odds above 5 or 6. The higher the odds are, the more profits you can end up from this bonus
  • You need to use an arbitrage calculator like the one from only for finding odds pairs with a loss very close to 0%
  • You place the free bet of 20 euros on odds of 6 for example
  • Stake of 20 EUR * Odds of 6 = 120 EUR => Profit = 120 EUR – Free bet stake of 20 EUR = 100 EUR
  • At another bookmaker, you have to cover only the profit
  • You find an odd of 1.16 so your stake will be => Profit/odds at another bookie => ~86 EUR
  • If your bet at your bookie with the bonus wins: Your Winnings of 100 EUR – 86 EUR cover bet stake = Profit of 14 EUR
  • If the cover bet wins: 86 EUR * 1.16 = 100 EUR – the stake of 86 => 14 euros of profit.

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