Spreadsheets for Matched Betting: Track your profits!

Spreadsheets for Matched Betting: Track your profits!

Why would you need to track your bets in a spreadsheet?

No matter what kind of betting strategy you are following, tracking your bets will always help you increase your profits.

I’ve been betting for long years and after my experience, noting your bets in a simple excel spreadsheet can highly improve my ROI (Return on Investment) and reduce the variances.

On the other hand, time is money. A well-designed and built betting database in an excel spreadsheet will keep your data organized.

Working with that data will speed up your workflow. In no time you can find all the information you need.

Value Betting Spreadsheet

For example:

After a long period of value betting, I realized my profits are not growing at all.

In that period my main focus was on football betting and the bookmaker had a good detailed history of my bets. I started to build up a football betting spreadsheet based on my history.

It was a simple excel file that included leagues, markets, odds, and the winner/loser outcome.

After using the filter option in that excel sheet, I started to search for markets that are not profitable.

After 5 – 10 minutes of filtering and researching, I found out that my corner bets were in a massive loss.

And another thing I realized that betting on odds under 1.40 was barely profitable, or even in a loss. Well, you can imagine my results after avoiding these markets.

Just as a reminder, if you are building or using a betting tracker like this, you need to have as many bets as possible. A small sample of bets can easily lead you to wrong conclusions.

So, an excel tracker like this will help you monitor your profits and losses in certain markets or leagues.

For example:

this football betting spreadsheet increased my ROI (return on investment) from 0.6% to almost 4% in the long run.

Arbitrage Betting Spreadsheet

Tracking your bets if you are arbitrage betting has a different role. While in value betting, you can filter them and increase your profits, with arbing you will use it for another purpose.

Based on my experience tracking your balance at every bookmaker will help you to:

  • Figure out which account will need more deposits
  • Where do you need to withdraw some money from
  • Which bookie has more soft lines and odds

Why is the last point important?

Building a database of your balances, noted periodically (every week for example), will end up in a spreadsheet that can offer information about bookmakers.

If you are familiar with value betting you know that some bookmakers are making more mistakes, while others are offering sharp odds.

If you notice that you have to deposit money at the same bookie every time, and at another, your only task is to withdraw, you can jump to some conclusions.

Think about it! If you are withdrawing more from a bookie (over a longer period) than your total profits from arbitrage betting, why would you cover the other outcome?

Value betting is more profitable than arbing, but not at every bookie. An arbitrage tracker like this can help you switch to a more profitable strategy.

Matched betting spreadsheet

Based on my experience building or using a premade betting template for matched betting is crucial. Making notes on a paper about your bonuses is not the most efficient way.

If you start using more and more bonuses and bookmakers, you will notice that using at least an excel spreadsheet is a must.

How do I keep track of matched betting?

The easiest way of tracking matched betting is using a prebuilt excel template that includes every information about:

  • Bookmakers used
  • Date of registering the account
  • Username and password
  • The amounts of deposit, actual balance, moned to withdraw
  • Bonus types and the amount of them
  • Sports used
  • Pending bets
  • Profits realized with that bookmaker

Using a worksheet that includes your betting records will optimize your workflow. In the long run, you can experience that the amount of time searching for data will get very short.

A lot of the matched betting services are offering built-in spreadsheets that can automatically track your winnings.

You can place bets through their services and the spreadsheet or database will record them. No matter what strategy or workflow you are following, you will need a database of your bets and bonuses.

To be honest, using a service like this could help you a lot, but I like to store my data and history in the same worksheet.

I don’t know how you feel, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with a service that could have access to my personal data for the betting accounts.

Because of this, I’ve built a matched betting profit tracker in excel.

How to make a betting spreadsheet?

To build a database and a good betting template, the first thing you need to do is to sort out every data type you will need.

In the list above I already mentioned almost all of them you could need for matched betting.

For other kinds of strategies markets, odds and leagues could be necessary too.

I have built an excel file that will help you record your bets and every information regarding your matched betting activity.

I think using a database that can be found only on your computer is way more secure than uploading it to another site. A lot of bettors prefer to track their bets at specialized services.

Those can offer more tools without investing too much time in logging your bets.

I think that experienced bettors or people who know how to use excel should build their own spreadsheets.

Below you can see a screenshot of the spreadsheet that is downloadable for free. I think the data given is enough for every matched bettor.

matched betting spreadsheet template

The information you need to introduce will help you track your income, bonuses, and bookies connected to your matched betting activity.

As additional information, I would like to mention that you can secure every profit tracker that includes personal data.

You can protect the excel file with a password and nobody can access the data to your accounts.

If you check other tracking services or excel files created for tracking bets, you will notice that most of them can seem very complicated, hard to understand, and to use.

Here you can download this spreadsheet for free, by clicking on this button.
Download Spreadsheet

For a lot of bettors using these matched betting templates can offer motivation. Some of them will include most of your bets, your stakes, and other types of data.

After my experience, these kinds of databases are useful only for beginner bettors.

If you are increasing the number of bookmakers you will use simultaneously, the simpler the database, the faster the work will be.

OddsMonkey matched betting spreadsheet

If you prefer a more complex way of tracking your bets, you can try the profit tracker from OddsMonkey.

Their service will provide you access to graphs based on daily, monthly, and even all-time profits.

oddsmonkey matched betting spreadsheet profit tracker

You can add new data only by clicking a single button and you will be provided a lot of statistics. In their profit tracker spreadsheet, your matched betting activity will be displayed visually.

The data you will get will help speed up your workflow and focus more on income sources that generate more money.

If you click on the following links, you can read my review about two cheap/accessible Matched betting services.

With their guides and software you can have access to a lot of bonuses without searching.

They offer the best tools for making a lot of money with minimal effort!

Profit Accumulator review! OddsMonkey review!

Team Profit matched betting spreadsheet

Another great spreadsheet that can serve you well is the one created by TeamProfit. The more complicated a spreadsheet is, the harder it is to use.

But on the other hand, TeamProfit’s matched betting spreadsheet is including so much data and function, so you can follow your performance way better.

TeamProfit has created the spreadsheet template to:

  • Help you track your profits and losses
  • Include your balance at every bookmaker
  • Help calculate your stakes
  • Display profits in graphs
  • Link to a ton of bookmakers that offer bonuses

You can download it here.

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