Odds Comparison Site for Football, NBA, Tennis [2023]

If you are here for learning about betting odds comparison sites and to find the best ones, you are at the right place.

I have used more than 10 sportsbook odds comparison software and here I will share my experience with the top ones.

OddsJam – odds comparison site for US & Canadian bookmakers

OddsJam is covering over 50 bookmakers available for US & Canadian bettors. You can find many tools and services on their site, but the main product they offer is the odds comparison for the most important sports.


  • Over 40 US-based bookies are covered
  • They are scanning international bookies too: Pinnacle, Bovada, and BetOnline -> you can compare bookies with Pinnacle for value betting
  • Comparing odds on 7+ different sports
  • Free access to some odds comparison tool
  • Excellent user interface
  • Place bets on the highest odds and recover the subscription fee with 2-3 bets
  • Apply filters with your bookies and sports: great odds comparison settings
  • Beat the bookmakers by spotting the highest odds


  • Some bookies still need to be implemented

If you need more info, check my detailed OddsJam Review

OddsJam odds comparison by sports

1. Super Bowl odds comparison

super bowl odds comparison nfl

2. NBA odds comparison

nba odds comparison basketball

3. NHL odds comparison

NHL odds comparison site ice hockey odds comparison

4. Soccer odds comparison

soccer odds comparison site

Why don’t all sportsbooks have the same odds?

Odds are representing the number format of the possibility of an outcome of a sports event. The bookies and odds providers are focusing on using the right historical data and algorithms to generate accurate odds.

Most of the time they are not able to use the same data and information as the other competitors. Information is kind in this industry.

The faster some bookies know crucial changes in team lineups or the player’s physical state, the more accurate betting lines they can offer.

Sportsbooks with the most accurate, sharp betting odds can offer bigger bonuses and higher odds. 

This difference in available information is causing sportsbooks can’t have the same odds all the time. Of course, the difference between them is fairly low.

But in many cases, some bookies are slow in reacting to important information. This can cause massive odds difference between bookies and sure betting opportunities for fast and smart bettors.

What is an odds comparison site?

Sportsbook odds comparison sites are the greatest tools that a smart bettor can have. They are scanning the bookmakers and comparing them with each other.

The majority of simple odds comparison sites are displaying the highest odds on each relevant sports event and betting market.

An odds comparison site is:

  • Getting data of odds and betting lines from many bookmakers (sometimes even from more than 200)
  • Processing this big data by finding the same outcome/odds at each bookmaker
  • Picking the bookmaker with the highest odds on each relevant betting market
  • Displaying these high odds for users by showing the market and the bookmaker with the best odds

How to effectively use a sportsbook odds comparison site?

I’m actively using similar websites since 2013. I started as every punter thinks it’s the best way. By following social media tipsters and low-quality tipster forums you can imagine my results.

The real difference in my success came when I started learning about the power of betting on the highest odds that are often overpriced. 

Winning in sports betting is fairly simple. You just need to place bets that have higher odds than the possibility of an outcome.

The other good way of profiting from these overpriced markets is by covering each outcome with a guaranteed profit. This betting technique is called arbitrage betting but it can also be applied to making guaranteed profits from bookmaker bonus offers.

There is a whole betting strategy based on these bonus offers and overpriced markets, it’s called matched betting. It is the most commonly used technique that is harvesting the bonus offers with the help of sportsbook odds comparison services.

Best use cases of betting odds comparison sites

1. Using tipsters but picking the highest odds

My personal opinion is that every bettor who wagers more than $1000 in a month should opt-in for an odds comparison site membership without thinking. 

Even with the simplest betting strategy, by betting on the highest odds possible, you can recover the subscription fee by wagering 300-400 dollars.

Using as many bookmakers as possible is essential for maximum profitability. But getting an average odd of 1.95 instead of 1.88 can mean a massive difference in the long run.

2. Combining football odds comparison sites with a database of statistics

Even a simple strategy like using football statistics databases can boost your chances of making a healthy profit. But combining a site that can offer accurate predictions based on percentages with the highest odds on the market can easily help you beat the bookies.

Even bookmakers can’t consider every piece of information. These mistakes and the high football odds can easily appear in second or third leagues. 

If you are using a trustworthy statistical database getting an advantage against bookies is possible and already proven.

3. Odds comparison sites and matched betting

As I already mentioned, matched betting is the simplest yet very profitable technique that can be practiced with this software.

Almost every bookmaker is offering some kind of bonus. Not taking advantage of these would mean leaving free money on the table.

These odds comparison sites are displaying betting opportunities with fairly overpriced markets.

Simple example: OddsJam displays that you can bet on a tennis player on odds of +100 and cover the other player at another bookie at the same price of +100.

This way no matter which player wins, you will have the same amount on your betting balances. But a part of your roll-over requirement is completed without taking risks.

4. Arbitrage betting with odds comparison sites

These sports odds comparison sites are not limited to displaying barely overpriced odds. If a bookie is too slow or makes a significant mistake, you can find very overpriced odds.

They are including NBA odds comparisons, football odds comparisons, and basically, for almost every sport you can imagine. 

Staying with my previous example: in some cases, bookies might have very different ideas about an outcome of a sports event. 

The first bookie might offer odds of +110 (2.10 decimal odds) for the first player, and the second bookie the same +110 for the second player. 

In this case, you can cover both outcomes with the same stake and you can make a guaranteed profit of 5% of your total stakes.

5. Odds comparison sites and value betting

As I already mentioned, each market has a possibility of an outcome. If you can determine the chance of these, you can beat the bookmakers by placing bets on higher odds. These are called value bets. 

Figuring out the true chance of a sports outcome is not easy. But some bookmakers like Pinnacle are capable of this in the most accurate way.

You can set up filters on these sportsbook odds comparison services to compare the odds between Pinnacle and another bookie. Each time an odds comparison site displays a betting opportunity you can take advantage of it.

This example is an oversimplification of value betting. If you are interested take a look at my value betting guide.

Sportbook odds comparison US & Canada

At the moment there are two key betting odds comparison sites in the US. As I already mentioned, OddsJam is covering almost every bookmaker from the US. They are focusing on offering a quality service and also expanding their scanner.

NFL & SuperBowl odds comparison

Figuring out who is going to win the Super Bowl is one of the hottest topics between bettors who are focusing on NFL future bets. Many people are following this sport, but bettors from the US are the most invested in this topic.

Giving a correct, or at least an accurate answer to this question is challenging. Most of the time the opening odds for SuperBowl are released around the end of January or right at the beginning of February.

Generally speaking these odds on Super Bowl don’t show too many fluctuations until the spring or until around the end of April/May. In this timeframe, the top college football player is selected for the NFL Draft.

These possible changes in teams are causing good odds changes.

Using odds comparison software for NFL and Superbowl can mean the real difference between a successful bettor and someone who loses all the time. 

NFL odds comparison sites like OddsJam is displaying the bookies, teams, and outcomes that have the highest odds.

Figuring out who will be the final winner is tricky and for most bettors, it’s almost impossible. But taking the highest odds on NFL with the help of an odds comparison site can highly increase your long-term winnings.  


What are odds comparison sites?

Odds comparison sites are tools that scan various bookmakers and compare their odds for different sports events and betting markets. They help bettors identify the highest odds available, enabling them to maximize their potential winnings.

How do odds comparison sites work?

Odds comparison sites gather data on odds and betting lines from multiple bookmakers, process this data to find the same outcome/odds at each bookmaker, and then display the bookmaker with the highest odds for each relevant betting market.

Why should I use an odds comparison site?

Using an odds comparison site allows you to bet on the highest odds possible, which increases your potential winnings and long-term profitability. They can also help you find overpriced markets, identify arbitrage betting opportunities, and practice matched betting.

Can I use odds comparison sites for various sports?

Yes, odds comparison sites typically cover a wide range of sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer, and more. They can help you find the best odds for each sport, enhancing your betting experience and potential profits.

Are there any downsides to using odds comparison sites?

While odds comparison sites are generally beneficial, some may not cover all bookmakers, and there may be a delay in updating odds, which could affect your betting decisions. However, these drawbacks are usually outweighed by the advantages of using an odds comparison site

Is there a cost to using odds comparison sites?

Some odds comparison sites offer free access to basic features, while others may require a subscription fee for advanced tools and services. However, the subscription fees can usually be recovered quickly by placing bets on the highest odds and maximizing your winnings.

What is value betting, and how can odds comparison sites help with it?

Value betting involves placing bets on outcomes with higher odds than the actual probability of the outcome occurring. Odds comparison sites can help you identify value bets by allowing you to compare odds between bookmakers like Pinnacle, known for their accurate odds, and other bookies.