Best tennis & football betting advice sites & services [2023]

Top football, tennis, and horse race betting advice sites and services represent the easiest and straightest route to getting fairly correct betting predictions. I have tested some of the best betting advice sites and services. 

In this article, I would like to share my experience with the ones I think are worth your attention.

Below you will find the 2 best sports betting advice sites and platforms and 8 of the best betting advice services, based on their betting history, along with my top 3 recommendations.

Top Football Advice

lemonado football tipster


  • Profit/month: 234€ (10€ stakes)
  • Tips/week: 38
  • Avg. Odds: 2.28

Price: 23€/month

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Famous football adviser

soccerrafa tipster icon


  • Profit/month: 247€ (10€ stakes)
  • Tips/week: 47
  • Avg. Odds: 2.49

Price: 13

Price: 23€/month

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Top Horse Racing Advice

underdog racing tips icon

Underdog Racing Tips

  • Profit/month: 602€ (10€ stakes)
  • Tips/week: 19
  • Avg. Odds: 17.8

Trial: 11.50€/month

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The best tennis advice sites and services can offer between 50 and 100 picks in a single week based on their in-depth match analyses.

In this article, I included betting advice sites and services that offer a platform only for verified tipsters who can’t manipulate their results.

I also have an interesting article on the best ways to win by betting on tennis. These strategies require finding the betting opportunities yourself with tools. But the potential profits exceed your imagination and definitely the ones from following a tipster.

Best football & tennis betting advice sites

Creating a betting advice site is fairly easy these days. Unfortunately, manipulating proof for betting results and bet slips by editing photos and videos is also getting easier.

So, finding a betting advice site or service that is trustworthy is not the easiest part of becoming a successful sports bettor. 

Both of the sports betting advice sites below have been in this industry for many years. 

They have developed these platforms, which are giving place for successful bettors who are willing to share their experience by offering valuable betting advice.

1. Tipstrr – best football betting advice site

One of the most famous and trusted betting advice sites is Tipstrr. 

Tipstrr, the top betting advice site in this list, offers a platform for anyone who wants to provide correct football predictions

This advice site will always guarantee the quality of service you pay for.

Tipsters who can’t offer valuable football tips and sustainable results won’t get subscribers.

You can also check my Tipstrr Review for a more in-depth description of this site.

tipstrr football betting advice site

The main advantages of Tipstrr:

  • Betting history for every tipster who gives betting advice
  • Many free and paid football betting advice services
  • Great filters for finding the best predictions
  • Great customer-friendly user interface

Betting history for each betting advice service

You can check the results of each football tipster profile. These are transparent, straightforward, and detailed graphs and stats which include each prediction.

A detailed and unchanged betting track record is the best sign and tool a football or tennis betting advice site/service can have. 

Anybody can set up a betting prediction website. But having a tipster profile with a long betting history that you know for a fact it is not manipulated, will be the only thing that you need. It will attract bettors who are looking for valuable and trustworthy betting tips and advice.

Many free and paid football betting adviser

On Tipstrr you can find profiles with different subscription fees. Many of their betting advisers start by offering betting tips for free, and after a successful period, they might switch to a paid service.

Sports with betting advisers at Tipstrr

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

Tipstrr is covering other sports like boxing, cricket, darts, E-sports, golf, greyhounds, handball, ice hockey, snooker, etc. But football, horse racing, tennis, and basketball betting advice are the most common on this platform.

Great Filters for finding the best football betting advice

You can select the most successful football or tennis betting advice services by using the following filters:

  • Tipster type: All, Premium, Free
  • Period: Lenght of betting history
  • Min. Profit
  • Min ROI (%)
  • Min. Tips
  • Min & Max odds

2. Betting Gods – Football and tennis betting advice site

betting god best betting tipsters

Their main advantages are:

  • Many sports covered
  • You can get free betting advice daily
  • The professional betting advisers are experts in their field
  • You have a free trial option on every betting adviser
  • If you are not satisfied, their money-back guarantee policy is the strongest reason why you should choose one of their betting advice services

Best football betting advice services – profitable football betting advisers

1. soccerrafa

  • Monthly Profit: 296,79 €
  • ROI: 12.2%
  • Avg. odds: 2.50
  • Avg. tips per week: 57
  • Win rate: 46%
  • Profit1.911,20 €
soccerrafa football betting advice service

Benefits of following soccerrafa:

  • Long betting history that cannot be manipulated
  • A profitable adviser each month
  • A big number of bets = a more accurate result
  • The majority of predictions are posted 12-24 hours before the event

Drawbacks of following soccerrafa:

  • The majority of bets are placed only at Betfair

My thoughts about soccerrafa:

The big number of bets and the focus on Both teams to score markets results in simplicity.



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2. Footballer Tips

  • Monthly Profit: 256,13 €
  • ROI: 14.28%
  • Avg. odds: 2.59
  • Avg. tips per week: 42
  • Win rate: 45%
  • Profit: 3.071,50 €


  • An almost 2 years old betting history
  • A profitable tipster in 95% of the months
  • A big number of weekly predictions
  • The majority of betting advice is posted 3-12 hours before the event
  • Uses more bookies: Betfair, Pinnacle, 888Sport


  • None

My thoughts about Footballer Tips:

You need to have an active notification on your phone to catch each tip they give. But this football adviser can beat even sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle, which is the best way to predict football matches if you want long-term profits.




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3. Zenith

  • Monthly Profit: 193,09 €
  • ROI:10.3%
  • Avg. odds: 2.24
  • Avg. tips per week: 44
  • Win rate: 48%
  • Profit: 2.315,60 €


  • A more than 2 years old prediction history
  • A profitable football betting adviser in 85% of the months
  • Many tips each weak, so you don’t have to be afraid of missing some of them
  • Uses more bookies: Betfair, Bet365, 888Sport


  • Many bets are placed 1-3 hours before the start of the event. You need to have your notifications active all the time



Check the stats!

4. Lemonado

  • Monthly Profit: 183,84 €
  • ROI: 13.18%
  • Avg. odds:2.36
  • Avg. tips per week:33
  • Win rate:47%
  • Profit: 2.174,40 €


  • A more than 1-year-old prediction history
  • A profitable tipster in over 80% of the months
  • Many tips each weak, so you don’t have to be afraid of missing some of them
  • Uses more bookies: Betfair, Bet365, 888Sport


  • A big part of predictions is posted 1-3 hours before the start of the event. You need to have your notifications active all the time

My thoughts about Footballer Tips:

Lemonado gets an insane amount of followers each month and the percentage of returning subscribers is also very high which means satisfied followers



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5. Asian Football Betting

  • Monthly profit: 45,69 €
  • ROI: 7.48%
  • Avg. odds: 1.94
  • Avg. tips per week: 15
  • Win rate: 51%
  • Profit: 547,90 €


  • An almost 2-year-old betting history
  • 17 out of 22 months were profitable


  • No outstanding results, but fairly good compared to other football bettors
  • Only 15 weekly tips



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6. MisterTennis

  • Monthly Profit: 191,79 €
  • ROI: 21.45%
  • Avg. odds: 3.73
  • Avg. tips per week: 21
  • Win rate: 42%
  • Profit: 2.299,90 €

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Best betting advice services on Tipstrr

1. Footballer Tips – top football betting advice

  • Footballer Tips averages 355 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This football betting adviser has made over 6000 euros profit all time by giving over 3800 football predictions (around 53 tips per week)
  • Having the low stake in mind, I think this result is more than surprising
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Both teams to score market on Betfair and Skybet
  • A big part of the betting advice is posted on the day of the event
  • Footballer Tips has an avg. odds of 2.59, which range can offer a great value for smart bettors

Check Footballer Tips!

2. UNDERDOG Racing Tips – top horse race betting advice

  • Underdog Racing Tips averages 508 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This adviser has generated over 13000 euros profit overall, by giving 18 picks on average from 2016 until the present days
  • The majority of the picks are placed on Each Way on horse racing by using mainly Bet365 and Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • The majority of betting advice is posted on the day of the event
  • Underdog Racing Tips has an avg. odds of 17, which is fairly acceptable in horse racing

Check Underdog Racing Tips!

3. Zenith – top football betting advice service

  • Zenith averages 251 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This tipster has made over 6800 euros profit all time by giving 75 picks on average every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on over/under markets on football by using mainly Bet365, Betfair, and Skybet as the main bookmakers
  • Most football betting advice is posted on the day of the event
  • Zenith has an avg. odds of 2.25, which is decreasing the number of losing bets in the long run

Check Zenith!

4. On Target Tips – Professional Horse Racing betting adviser

  • On Target Tips averages 292 € profit per month with the basic stakes of 10 euros per pick
  • This horse racing adviser has made over 7800 euros profit all time by giving 47 picks on average every week
  • The majority of the picks are placed on the race winner by using mainly Bet365, 888Sports, Betfair as the main bookmakers
  • The majority of picks are posted on the day of the event
  • On Target Tips has an avg. odds of 10.3 

Check On Target Tips!

Best football betting advice

1. Place football bets on the highest odds possible

The majority of bettors avoid or don’t know the fact that if they play by the rules of bookies. 

The most important advice you should take for football betting is to always find the highest odds possible for your bets. Even if you are not an active value bettor, finding the best odds possible will mean the difference between being profitable in the long run or losing no matter what you do.

2. Use odds comparison sites

Odds comparison sites like OddsJam will help many bettors in spotting betting opportunities that will generate long-term profits.

They are displaying the highest odds for each betting market at US and Canadian bookmakers.

A very similar site for bettors outside these countries is RebelBetting or Both of them display overpriced markets and sure betting opportunities.

Best tennis betting advice

1. Learn in-play tennis betting

Tennis betting generated the most profits for me. Focusing only on pre-match bets is the biggest mistake a bettor can make.

My top advice to tennis bettors is to take advantage of the fast in-play odds movements. Most bookies can’t keep up with many breaks or sudden changes in outcomes. 

They will offer overpriced odds on many markets as a set handicap, over/under markets, game-winner, etc.

These markets will generate the most profits in the long run. Check my value betting guide if you are interested in this topic.

2. Watch the stream while betting on tennis

It’s surprising how many bookies make massive mistakes while the matches are in play. It’s not uncommon that a betting site is late and is not noticing that a point is already scored. 

These betting opportunities create wrong odds and betting lines. Of course, you won’t get rich from these mistakes. Most of the time they will void your bets if you overkill.

But based on my advice for tennis, these opportunities can boost your long-term profits.

Getting excellent betting advice is not enough for long-term profits. Check my article about the best crypto betting sites to get the highest odds possible every time you place a bet. They also accept regular payments such as bank cards, wire transfers, etc.

Facts about sports betting advice sites

Football advice sites are online platforms that provide information and tips to help bettors make informed decisions about football bets. Here are five facts about football advice sites:

  1. Football advice sites offer a range of information and resources, such as team statistics, head-to-head records, and player profiles.
  2. Some football advice sites may provide tips and predictions based on statistical analysis and expert opinions.
  3. Football advice sites may also offer tools and features such as odds comparison, odds tracking, and statistical analysis.
  4. Some football advice sites may be free to use, while others may require a subscription or charge a fee for access to certain features.
  5. Football advice sites are not a guarantee of success, and bettors should always be aware of the risks involved in sports betting. It is important to use these sites as a source of information and not to rely solely on their recommendations or predictions.

If you do not understand some of the terminologies I mentioned above, check my tennis betting abbreviations and terminology article.


Where to find football betting advice?

Trustworthy football betting tipster platforms and odds comparison sites are the best tools you can find for football betting.

Where to find football betting advice?

Tennis betting tipsters with a long and successful betting history combined with an odds comparison site are the best ways to find valuable tennis betting opportunities.