If you are looking for the cheapest and still competitive odds API, check the following site.

Besides the pro plans they have the following accessible plans as well:



500 requests
per month

All sports

All bookmakers

All betting markets

Historical Odds


$25per month, USD

20,000 requests
per month

All sports

All bookmakers

All betting markets

Historical Odds


$49per month, USD

90,000 requests
per month

All sports

All bookmakers

All betting markets

Historical Odds

Sports betting API free

The best thing about this odds API site?

You can use their data even for free which will help you build your script without an initial investment.

By getting 500 sports betting data requests per month with their API, you can make sure their data feed is what you are looking for.

With this free betting API, you will get data with all sports, bookmakers and markets.

Bookmakers covered in this sports betting API

  • US Bookmakers
    DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, Bovada, MyBookie.ag and more
  • UK Bookmakers
    Unibet, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Bet Victor, Paddy Power and more
  • EU Bookmakers
    1xBet, Pinnacle, Betfair, Unibet and more
  • Aussie Bookmakers
    Sportsbet, TAB, Neds, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Unibet and more

Odds API covered for the following sports:

  • Football odds API: NFL, College Football (NCAA), CFL, Aussie Rules (AFL)
  • Soccer odds API: EPL, EFL Championship, German Bundesliga, UEFA Europa & Champions Leagues, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, French Ligue 1 and much more
  • Basketball odds API: NBA, US College Basketball (NCAA), WNBA, Euroleague
  • Baseball odds API: MLB
  • Ice hockey odds API: NHL, SHL, Hockey Allsvenskan
  • Cricket odds API: Test matches, IPL, Big Bash and more
  • Rugby league odds API: Aussie NRL
  • Golf odds API: Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open, The Open Championship
  • Tennis odds API: All Grand Slams
  • Politics odds API: Next US President odds
  • And more

See the full list of sports →

Oddsjam API for sports betting/bookmakers

If you are looking for an API for real-time odds OddsJam is one of your best choices. They offer sports betting-related API for over 50 betting sites from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more.

Types of sports betting API at OddsJam:

  • betting odds
  • injury reports
  • schedules
  • rankings
  • results

The API from OddsJam includes the most comprehensive data, that can be the basis of many different types of applications, services, businesses, or software for yourself.

If you are looking for a fast, clean, and detailed sports betting API which one could be better than one that uses OddsJam itself for its successful services?

What OddsJam API can offer?

  • A collection of dynamic APIs
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Different types of sports data
  • Support for implementing the betting APIs so you can take care of the business part

Strengths of OddsJam sports betting API

  • Fastest data sharing – no delayed information, which can increase the quality of your sports API based service/software
  • Accurate player news, injury reports, and odds
  • API data shared from thousands of serves, that can send over one million odds each minute
  • Sports betting API in a well-structured XML and JSON format
  • A well and professionally formatted API documentation and support 
  • Drop-in widgets for users who don’t have coding skills but want to use sports betting APIs

List of betting-related APIs at OddsJam

1. Pre-match and in-play betting odds API

This data will include detailed information about the main betting lines, alternate markets, and props from over 50 of the biggest betting sites in the world

2. Futures from major betting sites and leagues

3. Deep Links

You will get betting APIs directly to the right market and lines. It will increase the conversion rate of your readers.

4. Reports and results 

5. API for historical odds, schedules, and other additional sports data

UK betting site odds API

OddsJam is a US-based company but they are focusing on API for betting sites from the UK as well.

Many bookmakers from the UK have a license in many US states, so they have become an important part of OddsJam as well.

  • 888Sport
  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • BetFred
  • Bwin
  • LadBrokes
  • Unibet
  • William Hill

For a complete list and more info, you can contact OddsJam.

What is a betting odds API? 

API means “Application Programming Interface.” With sports betting odds/bookmaker API, you can develop different applications, tools for a website, or anything that requires odds data. 

Most sports betting APIs are used to display real-time scores, team statistics, odds movements, and game predictions.

Developers have many opportunities how to utilize betting APIs. Many smart bettors use APIs only to screen betting lines. 

While others use this odds API data to develop new strategies or support existing ones with new algorithms and odds comparisons.

Talented developers make programs with these that can use the provided API data to place automated bets without user input.

The betting odds APIs are used for many purposes by betting syndicates, bookmakers, individual bettors, and even tipster sites. 

The data flow can support services that can create value and profits for the end-user.

How does the sports betting API work?

APIs are created in the right format to share data and communicate with other devices or execute processes. The software developed for different purposes use function calls which are codes that order the API to make an action. 

Most betting API providers have proper or at least basic documentation with instructions for how to work with the shared data.

Sports betting or gambling APIs use codes and algorithms to execute calculations and GET requests to retrieve data from other APIs. 

The data feeds from different odds and score APIs can display real-time scores and odds movements as well.

Who needs sports betting API?

The majority of sports betting odds APIs are used by developers or smart bettors to retrieve scores and odds data that can be displayed in applications.

The betting odds APIs can also be used by traders who might need statistics and odds for historical analyses and more accurate betting predictions.

Why is an API for sports betting important?

A sports betting API can be used for applications and websites that can generate an income from getting active paying users.

Many odds comparison services and sports event score sites are making insane profits by displaying well-organized information.

On the other hand, betting odds APIs can be used for homemade scripts and automated betting software. These can make calculations based on the API data and execute commands such as placing bets even simultaneously at several bookmakers.

Expectations towards betting odds APIs?

I have learned coding by myself based on tutorial videos and free courses on Youtube and other platforms. Based on my experience, even a beginner developer can take advantage of betting odds APIs. You can follow some guides and documentation to succeed.

Advanced scripts and automated betting software require more knowledge. But a basic tool that uses odds APIs can be developed without being an expert.

Traders and smart bettors who are well motivated in making profits and have coding skills can benefit the most from sports betting APIs. You can make software that can offer value but requires knowledge both in sports betting and coding as well.

What are some examples of using sports betting APIs?

How expensive are sports betting odds/API providers? 

The price of odds providers and API is also changing between providers, some of them might be cheaper with the same offer, while others are expensive even though they can offer lower quality. 

Checking more betting API providers is a must before picking the right one for your needs.

Developers who decide to use sports betting odds API scraped from bookmakers or 

An open-source website or application will have a very low API cost.

However, these betting APIs will not have customer support provided because of the simple fact that they don’t want to reveal their identity.

Betting software developers who use a paid and legit API for odd and betting sites their own data management and customer support team will face higher monthly fees for the premium service.

These premium sports betting API providers have customer support, you will be able to call them, and you will also get good documentation, etc.

The amount of data and the type of it will also change the price of the betting API. If you want to develop an app or site that requires data from many markets, leagues, and betting sites, the API for these betting odds will cost even more.

Downsides of free betting odds API

  • Most of the time these free betting APIs are scraped from bookmakers which are not allowed in many cases
  • You will get delayed odds and that can cause you to miss many betting opportunities
  • Not accurate odds or stats in many cases
  • No customer service
  • No proper documentation about the API data

How much does using betting APIs cost?

The price of accessing sports betting APIs can have a wide range and it depends on your needs. Access to odds/betting API can have a pricing tag anywhere between $200/mo to $2000/mo. Some betting odds APIs might be cheaper even as cheap as $15/month but with serious downsides for some users.


Which bookmakers offer an API?

10bet, 888Sport, 888Sport (Canada), Action24/7, BallyBet, Barstool, bet365, Betfair, Betfred, BetMGM, betParX, BetRivers, Betway, Bet99, Borgota, Bwin, Caesars, Casumo, Coolbet, Circa Sports, Circa Vegas, Comeon!, Desert Diamond, DraftKings, DRF, Elite SportsBook, Elite SportsBook, Fanduel, Four Winds, FOX Bet, Golden Nugget, Hard Rock, Ladbrokes, LeoVegas, OddsJam, PointsBet, Royal Panda, SportsIllustrated, Sports Interaction, Sugar House, SuperBook, theScore, TwinSpires, Unibet, WilliamHill, Wind Creek, WynnBET

Does Bet365 have an API?

Some odds providers have a fast and accurate API for Bet365, which offers the opportunity of developing betting software or services based on their odds and stats.

Do betting sites have APIs?

Almost each betting site has an API, some of them will give access for free to affiliate partners, while other betting APIs are accessible only to third-party API providers.

Does Fanduel have an API?

The Fanduel API is accessible at the major API providers from this article. As one of the biggest betting sites in the USA, the API of Fanduel is an important part of many businesses and software.

Does DraftKings have an API?

The major providers give access to DraftKings API. The demand for big betting site APIs such as DraftKings is in a fairly big increase since 2012 as online gambling is getting more attention in the USA.

Does Ladbrokes have an API?

Some providers offer many UK-based betting sites as well. They are offering API for Ladbrokes and many other trustworthy bookies.

Where to find live odds API?

The main betting site odds API providers are focusing not only on pre-match odds and statistics, but they offer live odds API as well. The ones mentioned in this article can offer fast and accurate live odds API.