4 Sports betting analytics tools & software [2023]

In this guide, I share my experiences with the 5 best free & paid sports betting analytics software and site, along with my top 3 choices.

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ZCode System

  • Zcode Scores Predictor uses using advanced scores analytics formula that takes into account 80+ parameters
  • They are optimized to offer predictions based on analysis of over 10 000 previous football events

$7 – Trial

play the percentage football betting database statistical prediction site


Affordable and simple football statistics database. Displays prediction in percentages based on historical data.

7-day free trial!

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tipstrrr review


Tipstrr offers a platform where tipsters can’t manipulate their betting history. Each stat is reflecting their real result.

Free & Paid Football Analysis

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Finding sports betting analytics software that can offer stats and betting analysis tips is the best way to support long-term profitability. I’ve been sports betting since 2013 and used over 10 different betting software during this time.

The right sports betting analysis software can help you spot overpriced markets, and wrong betting lines, and also can offer accurate predictions based on historical data.

Sports betting analytics software & sites

1. Zcode System – football analytics software

ZCode System is one of the most advanced sports betting analytics software for football. They have a large database of historical football statistics which is updated with new information about tens of thousands of football events each year.

Their football betting analysis software is capable of using this data and predicting the real possibility of an outcome.

zcode football bet without losing

This soccer betting analytics tool has many services that can support different types of strategies. Most of their customers use their notifications, and sports betting analytics tools to double-check their decisions and find new betting opportunities based on overpriced markets and unforeseen in-play events.

ZCode System is one of the best, well-developed football betting analysis software (based on Artificial Intelligence and skilled bettors as well) that can offer the same statistics, trends, and historical data that most bookies use.

Beating the bookies based on a sports betting analytics tool and historical data is not enough in most cases if you aim for long-term profitability.

Advantages of ZCode System:

  • Football betting analytics tools for better decision making
  • More accurate tips based on analysis and the best football prediction algorithm
  • Affordable tool, for professional tipsters the lowest price for a quality analysis tool
  • In-play notifications based on your filters (dangerous attack, corners, etc.)


  • Requires a little bit of practice to figure out each of their tools (but you will get a guide for their services)


Notifications based on football analytics software/algorithm

The first one is fully customizable and you can get mobile app alerts on them. To start creating these betting analysis-based notifications, open the left side menu and click on Create notification.

You can see pre-game odds and lines movements, in-play odds and lines movements, in-play football stats, game time, momentum, and many more different things.

This sports betting analytics software gets in-play info with a very small delay which allows you to have a fast and accurate reaction to more events without the need to check all of them.

The second type is in-play notification.

You can activate this notification when clicking on the bell icon after the game. The main purpose is to get an alert when there’s an in-play line and the odds you were waiting for are available.

For example, the current total goals line is 3.5 and you don’t want to bet anything over the 2.5 goal line. You can quickly create an alert so the tool notifies you when and if the 2.5 goal line is available with the minimum odds you selected earlier.

2. OddsJam – odds analytics tool

Best sports betting analytics site in the USA & Canada

OddsJam is an excellent example of how important betting analysis software can be. Until 2021 sports bettors from the US & Canada did not have betting analytics software that can support this many strategies.

Advantages of OddsJam:

Arbitrage software: a betting odds analysis software that scans bookmakers and displays sure betting opportunities (odds discrepancies between bookmakers that offer a guaranteed profit if you cover each outcome on a market)

oddsjam review arbitrage

Positive EV betting: betting analysis tool that can define the true probability of an outcome and displays odds that are overpriced and can offer long-term profits

Low-holds: betting analytics software that spots bookmakers and markets with a low-profit margin. It is used by matched bettors or bonus hunters for complete bonus offer requirements without the risk of losing the initial deposit or the bonus itself

7-day free trial: for each betting analytics tool

Downsides of OddsJam:

Each betting strategy requires some level of learning and a little bit of practice to avoid mistakes (they offer a full guide on how to succeed with their software)


$9/day – In-play arbitrage bets – in-play betting opportunities are blurred; you can unlock them for $9 for a day

$199 – Sure bet finder & Value bet finder – Monthly

Need more info? Check my OddsJam Review.

3. PlayThePercentage– football analytics tool

PlayThePercentage is a less complex but still very useful analytics software for football betting. This sports betting analysis tool is capable of calculating and displaying predictions in a percentage format. 

These sports betting analytics are based on tens of thousands of football events each year and a database.

Bettors and tipsters can benefit from these betting analysis tips by getting a fairly accurate picture of the statistical chance of an outcome.

play the percentage football statistics prediction

Advantages of PlayThePercentage:

  • Football predictions, tips based on analysis of historical data
  • They offer a betting strategy that generated over 20k Euros, based on betting data analytics
  • You can join a telegram group for predictions for this strategy
  • It supports tipsters and bettors with betting analytics displayed in percentage and betting line format
  • Will increase your success rate and ROI

Downsides of PlayThePercentage:

  • You need to have some experience in betting to spot betting opportunities and confirm it with this analytics tool

Pro Level price for a month: £9.99

Elite Level price for a month: £14.99

You can check my review of this football statistics software for strategies and other tips.

4. OddsBoom – odds analysis software (No longer available)

OddsBoom is a less complex sports betting odds analytics software. They are more affordable compared to OddsJam. Their analysis tools are focusing on odds comparison between bookmakers. 

The majority of the US and Canadian bookmakers are covered by OddsBoom.

oddsboom arbitrage betting US bookmakers

Advantages of OddsBoom:

  • Sports betting analysis software that finds the bookmakers with the highest odds for each market
  • Beat the bookies by always betting on the highest odds (many times they are also overpriced)
  • Increase profits by odds analysis and spotting wrong lines
  • Arbitrage betting software for covering both outcomes with a guaranteed profit
  • Bonus cruncher: betting odds analysis tool for matched bettors
  • Affordable tool

Downsides of OddsBoom:

  • Slightly slower scanning speed compared to OddsJam


$5 / 1 day

$15 / 1 month – Plus membership

$150 / 1 year – save 2 months’ worth of subscription

You can also check my detailed OddsJam Review

Sports betting analytics software explained

What is a sports betting analytics tool?

Sports betting analytics tools are software programs or platforms that use sports historical data and statistics to help users make informed and strategically proven decisions about which bets to place on sporting events.

These analytical tools typically provide a range of information and analysis about upcoming events, including team and player statistics, performance metrics, and historical data.

Some sports betting analytics tools may also use predictive modeling or machine learning algorithms to make predictions about the outcomes of upcoming games, such as ZCode System, which I mentioned above.

By analyzing the historical data from thousands of sports events, users can gain a better understanding of a team or player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the factors that may affect the outcome of a game. For an experienced bettor, this data can mean the edge against bookies.

There are many types of betting analytics tools on the market. The biggest difference between these represents their way of approaching sports betting.

Some analysis tools were developed for helping decision-making by offering better info on accurate odds, and outcomes before the event started.

Other services can analyze your betting history to improve your future results. Each betting analytics software has its role in increasing your betting performance.

I always placed a bigger emphasis on betting tools that can help me spot overpriced markets and wrong betting lines.

What is football analysis software for betting useful for?

One common feature of football analysis software is the ability to compare teams and players based on a variety of metrics, such as offensive and defensive efficiency, passing accuracy, and scoring rate. This can help football bettors identify potential mismatches or areas where one team may have an advantage over another.

Based on my experience, a well-developed football analysis software is based on historical data and Artificial Intelligence as well.

Another useful feature of football analysis software is the ability to track trends and patterns in a team or player’s performance.

For example:

These programs may show us how a team has performed against specific opponents in the past, or how a player’s scoring rate has changed over the course of a season. This insight can help us, bettors, make more informed betting decisions and spot betting opportunities where the bookies are overpricing the betting markets.

Overall, football analysis software can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to make profitable bets on football games. By providing detailed data and analysis, these tools can help users identify potential betting opportunities and wrong odds at bookies which leads to help us in making more informed decisions.

Using betting analytics software, tool example 

#1. Spotting overpriced markets

Sports betting analysis software and tools that can find outcomes with wrong odds will give you the best edge to beat the bookmakers.

Each betting outcome has a real probability of an outcome based on statistics and fresh info about teams/players. If you can find higher odds, you will have a higher payout for the same outcome. 

With arbitrage betting, you can cover both outcomes on these opportunities and make a guaranteed profit. Positive expected value betting, on the other hand, is based on placing bets on these wrong odds and expecting a long-term profit after several hundreds of bets (the most profitable strategy, based on my many years of experience).

#2. Statistical betting analytics software

They will give you a good estimation of a fairly accurate statistical chance for an outcome. This information needs a supplementary experience from your side.

Statistical analysis will give you an excellent starting point and betting analytics software like PlayThePercentage will offer feedback on how viable your strategy is.

Advantages of sports betting analytics tools

Sports betting analytics tools can provide a number of advantages for users, here are six of them:

  1. Improved Decision Making: Analytics tools can provide users with valuable insights and information that can help them make more informed decisions when placing bets. These can offer an advantage against bookies and also other regular bettors. Only a low percentage of players have the necessary knowledge about teams to remain successful in the long run. Others need similar tools to sharpen their betting decision and avoid big mistakes such as betting on lower-than-average odds.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Analytics tools can automate and streamline various aspects and steps of the sports betting process, allowing users to place bets more quickly and efficiently. This can not only increase the volume of bets, but it also helps you pick odds that would drop in the following minutes. Higher odds mean more profits in the long run.
  3. Better Risk Management: Analytics tools can help users identify and manage potential risks associated with sports betting, which can help them minimize losses and increase profits. Stats and odds comparison tools will display the real value of each outcome. This way bettors can figure out if an outcome provides enough advantage against bookies or not.
  4. Access to Real-time Data: Analytics tools can provide users with real-time data and statistics, which can help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the sports betting world. Fresh information means a better decision-making opportunity in sports betting. This is why I avoid pre-match betting in most cases. In-play is the moment when you have each essential data available.
  5. Increased transparency: Analytics tools can help users to have a better understanding of how their bets are performing, which can help them identify patterns and improve their betting strategies over time.
  6. Better Understanding of the market: Analytics tools can provide sports bettors with a better understanding of the sports betting market, which can help them identify opportunities and stay ahead of the bookies and other players. Knowledge is power in this betting industry, which easily results in additional profits.

Downsides of football analysis software for betting

Football analysis software for betting can be a useful tool, but it also has its downsides. Here are three potential downsides to consider:

  1. High cost: Some football analysis software can be expensive and require a significant investment, which may not be feasible for all users, especially beginner bettors who don’t have the funds nor the experience for a similar investment.
  2. Complexity: Some football analysis software can be complex and difficult to use, which can be a barrier for bettors who are not familiar with data analysis or statistics. For them, I would advise taking a look at my article on how to find arbitrage bets.
  3. Limited scope: Football analysis software may only focus on a specific league or competition, which can limit the possibilities of the analysis and the insights that can be gained from the data. This way many bettors might miss excellent value betting opportunities on smaller but still popular markets such as corner handicap or next-corner markets.
  4. Human error: Data analysis and prediction software are only as good as the data that’s been fed into it, sometimes human errors can happen during data collection and might affect the accuracy of predictions and analysis.
  5. Overreliance: Some users may rely too heavily on the software and not use their own judgment, this can lead to poor decision-making and potentially poor results. These tools might be developed with high efficiency, but they still make some mistakes. This is why I always paid attention to figuring out new ways of betting without these tools. Check my value betting guide and start figuring out how to spot overpriced markets (mostly on in-play events).
zcode system icon

ZCode System

  • Zcode Scores Predictor uses using advanced scores analytics formula that takes into account 80+ parameters
  • They are optimized to offer predictions based on analysis of over 10 000 previous football events

$7 – Trial

Conclusion on sports betting analytics software and tools

Betting analytics software such as OddsJam is capable of displaying overpriced markets and betting opportunities that offer an edge against bookies. Football analysis software and tools like Zcode System can test your strategy based on historical data from hundreds of thousands of football matches.


How to use analytics in sports betting?

Analytics in sports betting can be used to spot overpriced markets, wrong betting lines, or betting opportunities with great value. Many analytics software is focusing on offering this information.

Which are the best sports betting analytics sites?

ZCode System and services that can process sports data correctly are the best sports betting analytics sites. Other analytics sites and software mentioned are also capable of offering fairly accurate predictions.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.