Profit Accumulator Review 2021: Best Software For Matched Betting?

Profit Accumulator Review 2021: Best Software For Matched Betting?

Profit Accumulator is one of the top leading softwares for supporting matched betting. Their system and interface were built up to help anyone profit from sports betting.

You can get enough knowledge in their system to become from a total beginner to a successful and profitable bettor.

New to matched betting and Profit Accumulator?

What is matched betting?

You probably noticed that many bookmakers (almost every) are offering some kind of bonus for new and already registered customers too.

These welcome bonuses, free bets are the main reason for many people to start betting. Doubling your first deposit or getting a risk-free bet is a big motivation to try your luck.

But in most cases, the average bettor will lose the deposit and the bonus too in the long run.

For those who don’t want to risk their money, the best solution is a betting technique called matched betting.

I have a lot of articles covering this topic, so I will mention it only in a few sentences.

Basically, the only task you have to do is place bets at the bookmaker with the bonus offers and cover the other outcomes at another bookie.

With this technique you won’t lose, no matter which part of your bets comes out as a winner. And besides placing bets without risk, you will complete the requirements for the bonuses.

What Profit Accumulator is used for?

Their main two services are (besides many other useful ones):

  • Searching for new and already existing bonus offers, so you don’t have to do it all day long
  • Offering betting opportunities: if you cover the other outcome on these bets, you won’t lose much/anything from the bonus


  • Betting on over 2.5 goals on odds of 2 at the first bookie
  • Covering the other outcome on under 2.5 on odds of 1.98

profit accumulator dashboard

As you see their main dashboard is user-friendly. Even without any experience, you can follow the instructions and navigate on their platform.

Does Profit Accumulator really work?

Matched betting is a very simple yet profitable technique. I say simple because anyone can learn it by reading about it for at least a couple of hours.

This strategy was my main income source for several years, even though I knew nothing about sports betting, how the odds are moving. To be honest, I knew nothing about the majority of sports.

Back then services like Profit Accumulator were unavailable. But at the present they are the best solution for beginner matched bettors.

They are offering you a guide on how to start and then a lot of additional tools that will make your betting activity constant and successful.

The answer to this question is a 100% Yes! Profit Accumulator is essential for matched bettors. It is helping them to generate a decent monthly income even without previous experience.

Try Profit Accumulator fro free!

Is Profit Accumulator UK legit?

Based on my experience and the review of a big number of users they are a legit business. You can trust them with your time and money too.

New users can take advantage of their refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the service you got, they will refund your first ever payment to them.

I’m 100% sure that only a very little percentage of their users are asking for any kind of refund. Only by following the first tutorial videos, you can place bets with self-confidence.

So at the moment, you pay for their services you will already know what is the service capable of.

They are a fair business. Every word they say on their site is only the simple truth based on personal experiences and user feedback.

They have exceeded 100 000 paying members and based on their feedback they got a review of 4.9 points of ot 5. Even the best services and products are struggling to keep this level.

But when you are subscribing for Profit Accumulator, you are paying to get access to new information. This will help you to generate 40 – 50 times more than the monthly price.

How do you use a Profit Accumulator?

  • If you are a beginner in matched betting the first step after registering a free account is to visit their „Start Here” page.

Here you will see five tutorial videos about the steps to make your first guaranteed profits from sports betting.

By completing these step-by-step videos you will be capable of taking advantage of the bonuses at the bookmakers of Coral and Betfred.

Completing these tasks you will make a profit of around 40 Pounds.

Have in mind that Profit Accumulator is focusing their scanning system and the business itself of UK-based bettors.

But if you have access to many bookies available in the UK, Profit Accumulator is for you too!

  • After completing the first steps and taking advantage of your first bonuses in the free trial, you have gained enough profit to Upgrade to Platinum services.

By paying for their services you will get access to a lot of new features. Your possibilities of generating money with matched betting will only be limited by the time and money you are willing to invest.

Try Profit Accumulator fro free!

Do you have to pay for Profit Accumulator?

They have built the free trial system to make it possible for every bettor to start this opportunity. If you have the money to place the bets you will generate enough profits to pay for 2 months for their services.

Basically, you don’t have to use additional money to purchase their subscription. With their free version, you will generate enough to proceed with this activity.

Of course, after completing these free options you have to pay to get:

  • The list of additional bookies with bonus offers
  • The betting opportunities to take advantage of these bonuses
  • Access to the betting forum
  • A lot of guides etc.

How much money can I make with Profit Accumulator?

The amount of profit you can make with matched betting, in general, is influenced by a lot of factors.

  • Your starting capital (the more money you have from the start, the more bonuses you can use at the same time)
  • The time you can invest in betting (completing bonus requirements will not take too much of your time, but if you can bet more, you will generate more money)
  • The amount of bookies you have access too

Only by using sports betting offers, they say you can have access to 1000 Pounds worth of free bets. This amount can be achieved even in the first month.

But to be honest, matched betting has some downsides too. You won’t be able to make this amount for 5 – 10 years.

If you get enough experience making more the 2000 Pounds a month is possible.

But after completing the majority of starting bonuses you will find out that you will have access to fewer free bets.

I had to mention this so later you won’t be disappointed.

Even though it is unlikely to build an empire from this income, I think making 1000 Pounds a month, with a side hustle like matched betting, is satisfying.

Approximately after a year of matched betting your monthly income will be around 500 – 700 Pounds if you can’t get access to a new account.

My personal opinion is that betting only a few hours for that profit is more than a perfect possibility.

Try Profit Accumulator fro free!

Can you make a living with Profit Accumulator?

Back in 2010 – 2014 making a living with matched betting was fairly easy. Not only in the home of sports betting (UK) but in other countries too matched betting has offered a fairly good income source.

But with the new regulations in many countries, it is a hard task to make a living only with Profit Accumulator or from matched betting in general.

The new trend for offering smaller and fewer bonuses is making the matched bettor life harder.

Based on the feedbacks of several matched bettors from the UK, the first year is very profitable. It can offer you enough income even for a living.

But based on my personal experience I would not advise leaving a job only for matched betting.

After completing the first welcome bonuses and free bets the profits will drop. And in most cases that amount won’t be enough to support a decent level of living.

What Profit Accumulator free trial can offer?

  • Access to tutorial videos to start matched betting and win your first 40 Pounds
  • Matched betting opportunities between Betfred, Coral vs Betfair
  • Free stake calculator for Free bets
  • Access to their newsfeed

Try Profit Accumulator fro free!

Price: How much is Profit Accumulator per month?

Platinum Membership: £24.99

Diamond Membership: £39.99

Do you want to make more money?

Opting in for their highest membership will get you access to additional offers.

The main advantage is getting a guide on how to make profits even from the casino bonuses.

Besides this, you will have access to daily new bookie and casino offers too.

profit accumulator price

What do you get for this subscription?

  • The list of bookies with free bets worth more than £1000 (you will get every detail you need to complete a free bet. And the amount of guaranteed profit you can make is also mentioned at every bookie)
  • Oddsmatching software: betting opportunities to complete the bonus requirements for every bookmaker
  • A lot of tutorials to get you from being a beginner to an experienced level
  • Different kind of Calculators and software supporting various betting types
  • Profit tracker (you can follow the bonuses/ bookies you already finished with)
  • A large community forum with thousands of members who already got a lot of experience

reload offers profit accumulator

Can I use profit accumulator on my phone, do they have an app?

Many people can’t stay enough in front of the computer to place bets. Traveling hours by metro or buses will make you wonder about the possibilities to spend your time more useful.

Happily for us, Profit Accumulator now has a Mobile App. You can use their matched betting services on your phone.

Their integrated in-app Oddsmatcher (the tool that is displaying the betting opportunities) is allowing you to continue betting and earning money wherever you are.

Conclusion: Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator is the necessary tool for bettors who want to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses with matched betting. The amount of time and energy you can save with their Oddsmatching and Signup/Reload Offers tools is worth way more than the price for a monthly subscription.

Try Profit Accumulator fro free!

Profit Accumulator Review
  • Interface
  • Odds Refresh Speed
  • Bonus Offers
  • Guides

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