Outplayed (Profit Accumulator)a fair oddsmatcher software for matched betting. Their system and interface are built up in a way that even beginners can easily use from the first moment. But based on my experience OddsMonkey is a superior matched betting tool. You will get more services on higher industry standards and lower prices.

Check my OddsMonkey review for more information.

Profit Accumulator/Outplayed affiliate system warning

If you are thinking about starting to promote the services of Outplayed or by their past name Profit Accumulator be aware that they have a strict and unnecessary verification process where you need to send a copy of your ID and proof of address + other similar confidential personal information.

When I started matched betting back in 2013 I was doing it by myself, so I was struggling with finding new bonuses and betting opportunities.

The matched betting and the guide system of Outplayed have helped thousands of bettors to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses.

Fair 4.1

Pros of Outplayed

  • You can earn consistent profits with a reliable matched betting software
  • They cover over 100 bookmakers and bonuses
  • Best onboarding system and video tutorials for beginners
  • New matched betting offers are uploaded every day
  • Full forum access for the largest matched betting community
  • Enhanced customer support, I never had issues with them
  • You get an all-in-one matched betting software with Profit Accumulator
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No forced contracts, you can cancel anytime

Cons of Outplayed

  1. Cost: Profit Accumulator is a paid service, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  2. Risk of loss: As with all sports betting, there is always the risk of losing money. Profit Accumulator does not guarantee success and users should be aware of the risks involved in sports betting.
  3. Limited availability: Profit Accumulator is only available to users in certain countries, and may not be accessible to users in other locations.
  4. Dependence on the software: Users of Profit Accumulator may become reliant on the software to find and place bets, which can limit their ability to make informed decisions on their own.
  5. Legal considerations: Users of Profit Accumulator should be aware of any local laws or regulations that may apply to online sports betting and ensure that they are complying with them.

My experience and opinion with Outplayed

Profit Accumulator is one of the industry-leading matched betting software for bettors from the UK. They are scanning every essential and even smaller bookmaker that is offering any kind of bonuses. Their subscription prices are accessible to everyone because of the free trial.

When I started using Profit Accumulator I was happy to get access to a matched betting software with so many guides and betting opportunities for free. They support not only professionally matched bettors but also beginners as well.

Free Trial at Profit Accumulator

Unlimited time – displaying matched betting opportunities from 2 bookmakers with bonuses worth £40.

Platinum Membership

£24.99/month Or £180/year – Cancel anytime

  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses & full access to all software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Diamond Membership

£39.99/month Or £300/year – Cancel anytime

  • 100+ bookie free bets & offers
  • 100+ casino bonuses
  • The daily new bookie offers
  • Daily new casino bonuses
  • All sports tools & software
  • All casino tools & software

OddsMonkey offers lower monthly fees and better services. Check them instead! Learn more about them in my Oddsmonkey review.

How to use Outplayed for matched betting?

What is matched betting?

You probably noticed that many bookmakers (almost all of them) are offering some kind of bonus for new and existing customers too.

These welcome bonuses and free bets are the main reason for many people to start betting. Doubling your first deposit or getting a risk-free bet is a big motivation for trying your luck.

But in most cases, the average bettor will lose the deposit and the bonus too in the long run.

For those who don’t want to risk their money, the best solution is a betting technique called matched betting.

I have matched betting guides covering this topic, so I will mention it only in a few sentences.

  • The only task you have to do is place bets at the bookmaker with the bonus offers and cover the other outcomes at another bookie.
  • With this technique you won’t lose, no matter which part of your bets comes out as a winner.
  • And besides placing bets without risk, you will complete the roll-over requirements for the bonuses.

What Outplayed is used for?

Their main two services are (besides many other useful ones):

  • Searching for new and existing bonus offers, so you won’t miss those without email notifications from the bookies
  • Offering matched betting opportunities: you can cover both outcomes of a market by losing only a very small percentage of your stakes


  • Betting on over 2.5 goals on odds of 2 at the first bookie
  • Covering the other outcome on under 2.5 on odds of 1.98
profit accumulator dashboard

Their main dashboard is user-friendly. Even without any experience, you can follow the instructions and navigate on their platform.

How do you use a Outplayed?

1. Profit Accumulator Free trial and Guide

They have built the free trial system to help every bettor start matched betting even with a low budget.

If you have enough funds to place the bets, with their trial version you can generate enough profits worth 2 months of Profit Accumulator Membership.

You don’t have to use the additional money to purchase their subscription. With their free version, you will generate enough to start and continue matched betting.

Profit Accumulator free trial matched betting tutorial

After completing these free tutorial steps you need to pay to get access to:

  • The list of additional bookies with bonus offers
  • Access to unlimited use of the Oddsmatching tool
  • Access to the betting forum
  • Many additional guides etc.

If you are a beginner in matched betting the first step after registering a free account is visiting their „Start Here” page.

Here you will find five tutorial videos with the steps for making your first guaranteed profits from matched betting.

By completing these step-by-step videos you will find out how to use matched betting to withdraw bonuses from Coral and Betfred bookies.

Completing these tasks you will make a profit of around £40 while also having access to their news section. They have hundreds of useful articles for matched bettors with all levels of experience.

profit accumulator matched betting news guides tutorials

Keep in mind that Profit Accumulator is focusing its scanning system and the business itself on UK-based bettors.

Many of these bookmakers are also available in many other countries. So, even if you are not living in the UK, they might be a good software for your matched betting activity.

After completing the first steps and taking advantage of your first bonuses in the free trial, you have gained enough profit to Upgrade to Platinum services.

2. Oddsmatching by Outplayed

Your possibilities of generating money with matched betting will only be limited by the time and money you are willing to invest.

oddsmatcher by Profit accumulator matched betting tool matched betting service

By paying for their services you will get access to a lot of new features:

  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses available for matched betting with Profit Accumulator
  • Easy to understand and video tutorials
  • New offers are uploaded every day
  • Full forum access
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Full access to all the software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime

With this plan, you can earn more consistent profits in the long run.

How much money can I make with Outplayed?

The amount of profit you can make with matched betting, in general, is influenced by a lot of factors.

  • Your starting capital (the more money you have from the start, the more bonuses you can use at the same time)
  • The time you can invest in betting (completing bonus requirements will not take too much of your time, but if you can bet more, you will generate more money)
  • The number of bookies you have access too

Only by using sports betting offers, they say you can have access to 1000 Pounds worth of free bets. This amount can be achieved even in the first month.

But to be honest, matched betting has some downsides too. You won’t be able to make this amount for 5 – 10 years.

Matched betting monthly income

If you get enough experience making more the 1000 Pounds a month is possible but fairly hard.

But after completing the majority of starting bonuses you will find out that you will have access to fewer free bets.

I had to mention this so later you won’t be disappointed.

Even though it is unlikely to build an empire from this income, I think making 1000 Pounds a month, with a side hustle like matched betting, is satisfying.

Approximately after a year of matched betting your monthly income will be around 500 – 700 Pounds if you can’t get access to a new account.

My personal opinion is that betting only a few hours for that profit is more than a perfect possibility.

Price: How much does Profit Accumulator cost?

Outplayed Platinum Membership: £24.99

Outplayed Diamond Membership: £39.99

Do you want to make more money?

Opting in for their highest membership will get you access to additional offers.

The main advantage is getting a guide on how to make profits even from the casino bonuses with matched betting.

Besides this, you will have access to daily new bookie and casino offers too.

Check my dedicated article about casino offers matched betting.

profit accumulator price

What does Outplayed offer for this subscription?

  • The list of bookies with free bets worth more than £1000 (you will get every detail you need to complete a free bet. And the amount of guaranteed profit you can make is also mentioned at every bookie)
  • Oddsmatching software: betting opportunities to complete the bonus requirements for every bookmaker
  • A lot of tutorials to get you from being a beginner to an experienced level
  • Different kinds of Calculators and software supporting various betting types
  • Profit tracker (you can follow the bonuses/ bookies you already finished with)
  • A large community forum with thousands of members who already got a lot of experience
reload offers profit accumulator

Outplayed Training

Profit Accumulator have broken their training into Beginner Offers and Advanced Offers. But that being said, the offers are placed in order of ease to cash out, and the videos are simply great. Take time, and you will see how to cash out the bookmaker promotions right in front of your eyes. They really do make it look so easy (well it is easy really!).


The dashboard at Outplayed is broken down into the following steps:

  • Beginner Offers – This is where you will start your training
  • Advanced Offers – More complicated bookmaker offers to cash out
  • Casino Offers – Fairly standard and as you would expect
  • Reload Offers – This is where the regular money is to be made
  • Bingo Offers – Again, fairly standard
  • Training Archive – A shed load of matched betting training material
  • Platinum Forum – The ultimate of matched betting forums!
  • Help & Support – No surprises here

Beginner Offers

Your training at Profit Accumulator starts with the Beginner Offers. Very simple and straightforward bookmaker promotions, more or less what you completed during week 1 of your matched betting tutorials here.

Your training will begin with a basic matched betting introduction followed by signup offers for Coral and Betfred. The great thing about Profit Accumulator is that you will find many videos, and the training is second to none. Furthermore, the forum is full of people ready to help you at any time.

Each section can be marked as complete, and also has an offer rating. This makes the whole training process very organized. It’s simply a case of logging in every day and crossing the offers off, step by step.

Advanced Offers

The advanced offers section follows a similar system, you’re encouraged to work through each section one by one.

It should take you about a month to work your way through the beginner and advanced offers. But if you’ve already completed the tutorials here, you would have covered 90% of the offers here.

Casino / Bingo Offers

A good mixture of various casinos, games, and bingo offers to cash out from. Not all of the promotions are guaranteed profit, but they can be fun to work through, and it’s not uncommon to hit a large win. One good example would be when we hit a £250 bonus from a £5 risk-free offer with William Hill.

Reload Offers

This is where you will spend a lot of your time. It is essentially the regular offers that bookmakers offer to keep current customers enticed. Obviously, we will use our previously learned techniques to cash all of these out risk-free.

Outplayed – Reload Offers

As you have seen before, the offers are presented in a clean manner. You can simply mark the offers off as complete allowing you to keep organized and focused.

Training Archive ProfitAccumulator

This is a very useful section as it holds all training material, which can be accessed at any time.

A comprehensive training suite at Profit Accumulator

Platinum Forum – Outplayed

If there’s any reason to be signed up to Outplayed, the matched betting forum is it. Fact. The forum is absolutely buzzing with activity, from fellow matched bettors, to experience ACCA bettors, to administrators.

Tens of thousands of like-minded individuals in the Profit Accumulator forum

Any help, assistance, or advice you need, you will find it here. You will find threads contributed by thousands of people on subjects such as:

  • How to make £1,000 per month, thread maintained daily by admin
  • How to keep bookmaker accounts open
  • Each offer has its own dedicated thread
  • This makes it ideal to discuss areas that you are unsure about
  • Accumulator training threads
  • Price boosts
  • Horse Racing Threads
  • MANY MANY More

We honestly can’t stress how useful this forum is, especially for new matched bettors. We found that we had so many questions to ask, but 99% of them have already been asked before.

Matched Betting Tools & Software at Outplayed

Odds Matching Software

For many years up until around April 2016, Profit Accumulator had licensed the Odds Matching software directly from OddsMonkey.

Everything was fine until OddsMonkey entered the matched betting arena at this time. Due to one reason or another (which hasn’t come to public knowledge), there was a major disagreement between the two organizations.

Since then, Profit Accumulator have had to develop their own Odds Matching solution from scratch.

Odds Matchings Software from Profit Accumulator

Whilst they have performed an excellent job in very little time, they do have a few shortfalls:

  • No dutching software
  • Bookmaker coverage not as good as OddsMonkey
  • They do have Match Catcher software (i.e. Racing Software), but this is an extra £9.99 p.m.
  • No Tennis matching software
  • No Eachway Matcher

Accumulator Software

Whilst not yet released, Outplayed has announced that Accumulator software is due to be released any moment now.

By using Accumulator Software you can easily make profits of £1,000 per month.

The EV shows you the estimated value from each ACCA. That’s £14.82 profit by placing just one accumulator. Imagine placing ten of these each day…!

You can save the ACCAs you’ve placed, and the Accumulator Software will keep you right throughout

Matched Bet Calculator

Profit Accumulator have integrated their own calculator into the Odds Matching software

The great thing is that when you click the visit bookie/exchange website, the links will take you directly to the retrospective game/market. This will save you a lot of time.


There are some fantastic spreadsheets over at Profit Accumulator, to help you with:

  • Bet365 Horse Racing refunds, and how to lock in a guaranteed £4 profit on each race
  • Accumulator Spreadsheets
  • EachWay bets
  • Horse Racing Extra Places
  • Record keeping spreadsheets

More than enough spreadsheets to help you keep track of your matched bets.

Does Profit Accumulator really work?

Matched betting is a very simple yet profitable technique. I say simply because anyone can learn it by reading about it for at least a couple of hours.

This strategy was my main income source for several years, even though I knew nothing about sports betting, or how the odds are moving. To be honest, I knew nothing about the majority of sports.

Back then services like Outplayed were unavailable. But at the present they are the best solution for beginner matched bettors.

They are offering you a guide on how to start and then a lot of additional tools that will make your betting activity constant and successful.

The answer to this question is a 100% Yes! Profit Accumulator is essential for matched bettors. It is helping them to generate a decent monthly income even without previous experience.

Is Profit Accumulator UK legit?

Based on my experience and the review of a big number of users Profit Accumulator is a legit business that offers the most reliable and high-quality matched betting software. You can trust them with your time and money as well.

New users can take advantage of their refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the service you got, they will refund your first-ever payment to them.

The best way to find out if Profit Accumulator is worth your money and whether it is legit or not is by checking their score on Trustpilot. More than 1600 active users took the time to write a review, and they got an insane 4.9 stars out of 5.

is profit accumulator legist trustworthy trustpilot score

I’m 100% sure that only a very little percentage of their users are asking for any kind of refund. Only by following the first tutorial videos, you can place bets with self-confidence.

So at the moment, you pay for their services you will already know what is the service capable of.

They are a fair business. Every word they say on their site is only the simple truth based on personal experiences and user feedback.

But when you are subscribing to Outplayed, you are paying to get access to new information. This will help you to generate 40 – 50 times more than the monthly price.

Can you make money or a living with Outplayed?

Back in 2010 – 2014 making a living with matched betting was fairly easy. Not only in the home of sports betting (UK) but in other countries too matched betting has offered a fairly good income source.

But with the new regulations in many countries, it is a hard task to make a living only with Profit Accumulator or from matched betting in general.

profit accumulator review matched betting software

Is it worth using Outplayed full-time?

The new trend for offering smaller and fewer bonuses is making the matched bettor’s life harder.

Based on the feedback of several matched bettors from the UK and my experience, the first year with Profit Accumulator is very profitable. It can offer you enough income even for a living. But based on my personal experience I would not advise quitting your job only for matched betting.

After completing the first welcome bonuses and free bets the profits will drop. And in most cases that amount won’t be enough to support a decent level of living.

Can I use Outplayed on my phone, do they have an app?

Many people can’t stay enough in front of the computer to place bets. Traveling hours by metro or bus will make you wonder about the possibilities to spend your time more useful.

Happily for us, Outplayed now has a Mobile App. You can use their matched betting services on your phone.

Their integrated in-app Oddsmatcher (the tool that is displaying the betting opportunities) is allowing you to continue betting and earning money wherever you are.

I also have a dedicated article for casino offer matched betting, that can be practiced with the help of Profit Accumulator.

Conclusion: Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator is a necessary tool for bettors who want to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses with matched betting. The amount of time and energy you can save with their Oddsmatching and Signup/Reload Offers tools is worth way more than the price for a monthly subscription.

In conclusion, and it is my personal opinion, Profit Accumulator are the ultimate pioneers of the matched betting industry. Regardless of their software being slightly behind sure betting services in speed, it is more than what you need.

The main selling point we feel for Profit Accumulator is the forum. Being able to tap into so much matched betting knowledge and experience is invaluable. And the great thing, is that it’s constantly buzzing with activity.


Can I Cancel my Outplayed membership?

Not only you can cancel your membership, but they are offering a full refund if you are not satisfied with their services. I strongly believe that only a very low percentage of their customers are asking for a refund.

How long is the free trial at Outplayed?

There is no time limit for the free trial version of Outplayed. You can use the basic bookies as long as you need.

Can you use Outplayed outside the UK?

Outplayed is scanning many bookmakers. So, for many bettors outside UK, they can offer similar services. The only thing you need to check is the list of bookmakers that have a license in your country.
I think if you can have a match of at least 30% of what Outplayed is scanning, it is worth purchasing even for bettors outside of the UK.

Is using Outplayedr easy?

Yes, they are offering video tutorials on their onboarding platform. They also offer many articles about their tools and matched betting in general.

Can you make money with Outplayed?

If you have access to bookmakers from the UK, you can make thousands with the help of matched betting and Outplayed.

Can I use Outplayed on my phone?

Profit Accumulator now has a Mobile App. You can use their matched betting services on your phone. Their integrated in-app Oddsmatcher is allowing you to continue betting and earning money wherever you are.

Outplayed Review
  • Interface
  • Odds Refresh Speed
  • Bonus Offers
  • Guides