Pinnacle is the most important and basic bookmaker for each smart bettor. I started using them back in 2013 and they are one of the reasons why I succeeded in sports betting.

Pinnacle Sports Review: Summary

Pinnacle Sports Review
  • Sports covered
  • Odds
  • Trustworthiness
  • User interface


Pinnacle has managed to accept arbitrage and other smart bettors without risking losing their profits.

At most bookmakers, arbing/matched betting/value betting will make the bookies lose in the long run. But Pinnacle has transformed these betting activities to their advantage.

They are offering one of the highest odds in betting while being very accurate about the likelihood of the outcome.

Pros Pinnacle Sports

  • Very low profit-margin -> High odds
  • High maximum stakes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Not limiting winning bettors
  • Accepting bets fast in-play
  • Trustworthy for many years with an excellent reputation
  • Never had issues with payouts
  • Fast reacting bookie
  • Most accurate bookmaker on Asian handicap markets
  • Excellent in-play odds
  • Bets are accepted very fast compared to other Asian bookies
  • They don’t limit even for pre-match arbitrage betting

Cons Pinnacle Sports

  • Not so many markets covered (they are focusing on the ones where they are able to predict the real chance of the outcome)
  • Poor user interface/design
  • Poor or non-existent stream for matches
  • No bonus offers

Pinnacle Sports Review: arbitrage-friendly bookmaker

Every bookmaker is making mistakes and offers overpriced betting opportunities.

In general, if a bettor is taking advantage of these wrong odds too many times, the average bookie starts to limit the maximum stake on that account.

This is the main reason most smart bettors can’t use these bookies for too long.

On the other hand, Pinnacle started a different business model.

They accepted that arbitrage bettors cannot be avoided, so their marketing strategy was to welcome them.

pinnacle review sharpest bookmaker accurate odds

Even back in 2010 – 2013, a bookie who was not limiting you was a big advantage for arbers.

This fact by itself has led a lot of bettors to open a Pinnacle account.

You might think that accepting smart bettors will ruin their profits.

But generally speaking, an arbitrage/value bettor only takes overpriced odds. So every time, a market or an outcome got too much attention Pinnacle started to correct and optimize the odds.

Most bookies are slow at reacting to these betting activities.

But if you start using Pinnacle you will notice that if you place a bigger amount as a stake the odds will start to drop.

This strategy is bringing their odds and lines the closest to real probability.

Does Pinnacle Sports close winning accounts?

Even though Pinnacle is arbitrage friendly, they are limiting accounts with a too-long winning streak.

But in reality, this needs further inspection.

As I already mentioned they welcome average smart bettors. Even if you wager big amounts on normal arbitrage bets you won’t face limitations.

Sometimes your Pinnacle balance can grow too big. But even in these moments, you don’t have to be afraid of getting limited.

The only real reason some bettors face limitations is finding their weak spots.

A lot of smart bettors have found weak lines and sports at Pinnacle. Even with this strategy, Pinnacle can’t control every sport and odds with 100% accuracy.

pinnacle review betting markets football

Finding a market with wrong odds and the arbitrage scanner services can’t scan these mistakes will generate you massive income.

To be fair, these strategies are the rarest to find, and you need a lot of knowledge about a sport and smart betting in general.

Are you from the UK? You might want to check my article on how to access Pinnacle in the UK.

Betting odds and lines at Pinnacle Sports

Their way of defining odds is different from the competitors. Because of accepting a big amount of arbitrage bettors, their lines are getting better and better as time goes.

The odds Pinnacle offers are very close to real probability.

If a bookmaker can define odds in a very accurate way, they have the possibility to offer high odds by reducing their own profit margin.

What does this mean?

Most bookies for an over/under market will offer an odds pair of 1.85-1.85 or better ones can offer almost 1.88 – 1.88.

Because Pinnacle is so accurate, you will often see odds with a profit margin close to 2%, for example, 1.96 – 1.96.

Even for average bettors, Pinnacle is one of the best choices if you are looking for good odds.

Pinnacle review high betting stakes

The same situation applies to betting lines.

Right now the majority of my income is coming from value betting. But when I’m actively practicing arbitrage betting, my most basic bookie is Pinnacle Sports.

They are offering:

  • Best lines and odds, which are close to real probability, but not overpriced in most cases
  • The peace of mind of not getting your account limited
  • High maximum stakes
  • Accepting bets fast even in in-play betting
  • They are 100% trustworthy (you will get your money every time)

Sports Covered at Pinnacle

They cover 19 sports including Esports too. Besides these, you can find betting opportunities for Politics and even Entertainment.

For example:

Right now you can bet on which organization will be the first to send humans to Mars. Well, I think waiting that long for a bet to end is not the best idea.

But if you have insider information, this kind of bet can seem like a good & long-term investment.

sports covered by Pinnacle Sports

Markets Covered

Unfortunately, Pinnacle is not famous for offering a wide variety of betting markets. Their business model is focused on offering good and very accurate odds.

The basic markets like:

  • 1×2, goal, point, corner over/under, and handicaps are available with a decent point range

But if you are looking for specific markets like correct score, player stats, or something similar, you won’t get too many of them.

Layout & user interface

Pinnacle is not the best-looking bookmaker for sure. Their main target is to offer sharp odds for smart players.

My opinion is that this strategy allows them to focus more on odds and less on how the website looks.

Their new interface is built up in a logical way. You can find every bet type and match you need in a moment.

Betting markets variety

Compared to soft bookmakers Pinnacle is not number one in offering a large variety of betting markets. They are focusing on the market where they are able to define the real probability of the outcomes.

They are covering the main & most important markets like:

  • Event winner in the quarter, third, half-time, full-time, set, etc.
  • Handicap, over/under totals on goals, points, corners, set, half, etc.
  • You might find smaller markets too, but these are the ones Pinnacle Sports is focusing on

Bonus Offers at Pinnacle Sports

They are not offering bonus offers for a good reason. The high odds and low profit margin on each betting market are allowing them to attract many bettors.

For bettors who are looking for fat bonus offers, Pinnacle is the worst option for sure. But if you are a smart bettor, you will profit more from high betting stakes.

How do I deposit/withdraw on Pinnacle Sports?

For depositing money the main possibilities are the average ones. Unfortunately, right now there is no option to deposit cryptocurrencies.

Deposit Methods at Pinnacle

With Euro

  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Multibanco
  • Neosurf
  • MuchBetter
  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • Paysafecard (fee: 3.45%)
  • Bank Wire
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Sofortuberweisung

Pound Sterling

  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • Paysafecard (fee: 3.45%)
  • Bank Wire
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Sofortuberweisung


  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Neosurf
  • MuchBetter
  • Trustly
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • ecoPayz
deposit options pinnacle sports

Withdrawal Methods at Pinnacle

For withdrawal, you can find the following options. Unfortunately, the USDT crypto withdrawal is no longer available.

withdraw options pinnacle sports

Is Pinnacle the best sportsbook?

For smart betting activities like arbing or matched betting Pinnacle Sports is one of the best if not the best bookies. You will have access to high odds without the risk of getting limited.

Is Pinnacle Sports a good bookie?

Pinnacle Sports is the best bookmaker for many bettors who are looking for sharp and high odds. They are focusing on figuring out the real possibility of an outcome with the lowest possible margin of error.

Pinnacle Sports is a good bookie for bettors who:

  • Are actively arbitrage betting
  • Matched bettors who are looking for a trustworthy bookmaker for hedging bets
  • Are looking for a bookie with high maximum stakes and don’t limit winning players

Is Pinnacle Sports allowed in the USA?

Unfortunately, Pinnacle Sports is not available in any state of the US. The best and almost only alternative to a sharp bookmaker for US bettors is

Is Pinnacle Sports allowed in the UK?

Even though hundreds of bookies are available in the UK, Pinnacle Sports is still not accessible for bettors from this country. On the other hand, a great alternative way to use them is by opening an account at a betting agent that can give you access to Pinnacle Sports odds.

Pinnacle Sports Alternatives and Competitors

Pinnacle Sports is definitely the best sharp bookmaker at the moment. Unfortunately, they are not available in many countries, which puts even more emphasis on Pinnacle Sports alternatives.

Bettors who are looking for Pinnacle Sports alternatives and competitors can take advantage of betting brokers who offer access to their odds.

These betting agents or sports betting aggregators have the excellent service of offering odds from several bookies (mostly Asian ones) and exchanges.

The best alternative to Pinnacle Sports will always be Pinnacle Sports itself. They are offering the most accurate odds with the lowest housed edge. The biggest reason why you would look for a competitor or alternative is if you can’t access them from your country.

If you are not looking for a similar solution a competitor of Pinnacle Sports and one of their best alternative is

Is Pinnacle Sports the most accurate sportsbook?

Pinnacle Sports is accepted as the most accurate and sharp bookmaker. But I experienced their other side too. 

I have used Pinnacle for over 6-7 years and I noticed that even they are making many mistakes.

Pinnacle Sports is the most accurate bookmaker in the following cases:

  • Pre-match with closing lines (right before the start of the match)
  • Handicap, total points, and winner markets on pre-match and live tennis
  • Goals, handicaps, and possible outcomes on football (soccer)

They are not so accurate on smaller sports and smaller markets like corner handicaps while the football matches are In-play. I noticed that many times they are not considering some important changes.

Is Pinnacle a sharp book?

I just mentioned that Pinnacle is also making some mistakes in some markets. Does this mean they are not sharp books?

No, I’m of the same opinion as others that Pinnacle Sports is a sharp book. I’m almost certain that they are the sharpest ones in this betting industry.

They are still one of the best options for smart bettors. By having very low-profit margins they can offer very high odds in general.

This fact is making them almost an essential part of every bettor who is practicing strategies like arbitrage or matched betting.

Why is Pinnacle the best sportsbook?

If you are active on smart betting forums you probably noticed that the majority of bettors recommend Pinnacle as the best bookmaker. 

Here are the top reasons why I also think that Pinnacle is the best Sportsbook:

  • Offering the highest odds on almost every market (except the ones that are overpriced at other bookies)
  • Very high maximum stakes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast reaction to changes in sports events (on the majority of sports)
  • Accepting bets fast while in-play betting
  • Fast KYC verification process
  • Straightforward deposit methods

Pinnacle Sports Review: Conclusion

Pinnacle Sports is the best bookmaker for smart bettors. They are offering the sharpest odds, closest to real probability. They are the best arbitrage-friendly bookmakers, so you don’t have to be afraid of getting limited.

Before registering an account make sure to check the local laws about bookmakers with licenses in your country/state.