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Betburger vs Rebelbetting vs OddStorm vs ArbMate vs Breaking

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Best sites to start profitable smart betting on sports!

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Premium arbitrage betting software

  • Bookies: 80+ 230 clone
  • Sports: 36+
  • Pre-match: Yes
  • Live: Yes
  • Price: €129/€229
  • Free: Unlimited Access
  • 60 sec delay
  • Profit up to 1%


BetBurger Review

breaking bet review

Breaking Bet

Not free but very cheap arbitrage betting software

  • Bookies: 49
  • Sports: 12
  • Pre-match: Yes
  • Live: Yes
  • Price/month: €18.99
best arbitrage scanner services

Arbitrage Betting Software

Best free & paying arbitrage bet finders

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Cheap subscriptions
  • Bookies from all around the world
betwasp automated arbitrage and value betting software


Semi-automated arbitrage/value betting

  • Semi-Automated Arb and Value betting
  • 41 bookies: US and Canada
  • 46 sports
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Matched betting software

  • Affordable price
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The first step to profiting from betting
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Pinnacle Sports

Best Sharp Bookmaker for arbing

  • High Odds
  • High Max Stakes
  • No limitations

What is a smart bet?

Smart betting is the way of sports wagering you will read on this website.

Smart bets are based on well-informed decisions, considering factors such as overpriced odds, ways of staying under the radar and spotting new betting opportunities that can highly succeed and generate long-term profits.

In sports betting, smart betting may involve spotting overpriced markets and using statistics, recent news about player performance, injuries, and other factors that could affect the outcome of each bet you place.

Generally, smart betting and how I teach it on this site are based on careful analysis and research rather than impulsive gambling based on emotions.

Additionally, smart betting techniques and articles on this site emphasize the need for understanding the risks involved with some strategies.

In summary, smart betting takes the most important factors into consideration, such as statistics and stake management, to earn a guaranteed but small profit each time or focus on long-term mathematical strategies and guaranteed profits.

What is smart money in betting?

Generally, smart money in betting is the stake bettors are willing to risk on strategies based on simple mathematical or statistical strategies.

This smart money in betting can be treated as an investment. Some smart betting strategies have a very low, almost zero risk.

The most common similar strategies for smart money are arbitrage and matched betting. Both of them exclude the risks of losing your initial stakes.

Other smart betting strategies, such as value betting, can also be treated as using stakes as start money because bettors are earning long-term profits by beating the betting sites on overpriced outcomes.