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OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid. By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

  • OddsBoom compares odds from over 50 US bookmakers (continuously growing nr)
  • The highest odds are displayed on each significant sports event/market
  • The Arbitrage and Bonus Cruncher tools display sure betting opportunities that can generate guaranteed profits

$5 / 1 day

$15 / 1 month – Plus membership

$150 / 1 year – save 2 months’ worth of subscription

oddsboom highest odds user interface

I still have the Plus Membership at OddsBoom, so I’m actively testing each tool of this bookmaker scanner service. 

What OddsBoom can offer you?

  • Bonus cruncher: for taking advantage of bookie offers without risks (matched betting)
  • Arbitrage: displaying sure bets between the selected bookies
  • Low Holds: high odds where the profit margin of the bookie is 0 or very low
  • Value betting: spots overpriced odds by comparing US bookies to sharp betting sites
  • Bookies with the highest odds by sports event/market
  • The chance for making guaranteed profits from betting

Benefits of OddsBoom

  • Over 50 US-based bookies are covered
  • International one too: Pinnacle, Bovada, and some Bovada competitors like BetOnline
  • you can compare bookies with Pinnacle for value betting
  • Accurate and fast scanner with a low monthly fee
  • Displaying some betting opportunities for free
  • Excellent user interface
  • You can recover the subscription fee with 1 arbitrage bet
  • You will place your bets on the highest odds possible
  • OddsBoom is helping bettors to beat the bookmakers and make even several thousands of dollars each month.

CONS of OddsBoom

  • Some bookies still need to be implemented

OddsBoom Arbitrage tool Review

Arbitrage betting is based on odds differences between bookmakers. Many times, the opinion/data the bookmakers have about a match or outcome can be different. 

If the difference between bookmakers is big enough, you can make a guaranteed profit by covering every outcome in that market. 

OddsBoom is displaying these sure bets and so each overpriced betting market at US bookmakers can be exploited.

oddsboom arbitrage betting US bookmakers


It’s not uncommon that a bookmaker is offering a Moneyline of +110 for an outcome, and at the same time, another bookie gives the same price of +110 for the other outcome.

In this case, if you cover each of them with the same stake of $500, no matter who/which outcome wins, you can make a guaranteed profit of $50. 

This profit could seem very low, but you can place more of these bets every day. In certain periods I succeeded placing more than 30-40 arbitrage bets on a single day (with smaller stakes, of course).

Why is OddsBoom legit and useful for every bettor?

Every bettor has a different budget and possibilities for sports betting. But the main goal is the same: placing bets and winning as much money as possible. 

Even if you have a low budget and wager only $400-$600 a month, if you are from the US, OddsBoom should be the first service you subscribe for. 


Their monthly Plus Membership costs only $15, and it can save you hundreds of dollars even if you are not following smart betting strategies. You can also opt-in for a one-day pass for $5 only.

I can prove it with a simple example: 

  • You are using only one bookmaker and your total stakes in a month are $600 on 10+ different bets.
  • No matter what kind of bets you place (single or combinations), your average odd will be +100
  • You place 10 bets each with $60 on odds of +100
  • If you win 6 of them: your final balance is $720
  • If you lose 6 of them: the final balance is $480

What would happen if you used OddsBoom?

oddsboom highest odds on nfl

They are scanning the majority of US bookmakers which is making the most affordable tool for odds comparison and arbitrage betting in the USA. If you subscribe to their Plus Membership for only $15 you can get the highest odds on every major sports event.

Staying with the previous example:

  • You start using more bookies and placing bets only on the highest odds.
  • Your average odds compared to the previous case would be +110
  • If you win 6 of your bets: your final balance is: $756
  • You lose 6 of your bets: $504

Final Results

Even if you wager only $600 in a month, with OddsBoom, you could win an additional $21. In case of a loss, your balance would be significantly higher. 

Many bettors don’t follow mathematical betting strategies, but they can still wager 10k-100k $ in a single month. 

A difference of 10% in odds would mean a major difference for them. 

It is not the same winning $1200 instead of $1000 or losing $800 instead of $1000.

Is OddsBoom the best odds comparison site in the US?

Betting Odds comparison sites like OddsBoom should be obligatory for every bettor. No matter what kind of strategy you are practising, finding the highest odds for an outcome will always increase your winnings.

Even an average bettor should subscribe to a betting service like this. Comparing odds between bookies will give you an edge, an opportunity to beat the bookies in the long run.

Betting on the highest odds possible will always be the best chance for a bettor for long-term profits. Every bookmaker focuses on calculating/figuring out the true probability of an outcome of every sports event.

Some of them are better at generating sharp odds. So, they are offering higher odds because of their lower profit margin (even lower than 2% per betting market).

But the majority of bookies need to offer lower odds because of their higher profit margin (some of them up to 8-9%).

Odds Comparison Filters

Having the right filters at an odds comparison site can make you faster and more accurate choices.

They are offering the following filters:

  • Choosing the state/country you are from: the site will display only the bookies that are available for you
  • Odds Format: decimal or US
  • Available sports, teams, and even players
  • Bookies you want odds from (you can select only 1-3 if you want)
  • Low Holds Settings: the profit margin of the bookie (the house edge), sports events, bookmakers, and even required markets
  • Arbitrage: time scale (the time until the event), threshold (minimum arb %), notifications, and you can exclude opportunities based on bookie, market, or even competition
  • Comparing odds on different sports: you can select specific markets, events, etc.

Sports scanned by OddsBoom

OddsBoom is focused on sports – leagues that are famous in the US, but they are also scanning many major leagues from Europe.

Major sports:

  • American football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • UFC
  • Auto Racing

Betting markets

  • Moneyline
  • Asian Handicap
  • Match winner
  • Alternate total
  • Both teams to score
  • Total rounds
  • Correct score

Oddsboom Bookmakers with the highest odds

OddsBoom is scanning the majority of bookmakers available in the US. They are scanning the following 54 bookies:

oddsboomoddsboom review USA bookmaker scanner bookies with highest odds

The number of bookies scanned is constantly changing. They are adding new ones almost every day.

OddsBoom Bonus Cruncher – matched betting

Their Bonus Cruncher tool is the perfect tool for matched betting in the USA. They are displaying betting opportunities where you can cover both outcomes with a minimal loss.


bonus cruncher OddsBoom

Football lines -9.5 on Moneyline odds of +400 at BetMGM and the other outcome of +9.5 on odds of -400 at Barstool. 

The outcome of the sports event does not matter and you won’t lose a single cent. But you complete a big part of the roll-over requirements on the actual bonus offer.

Matched betting is based on completing the roll-over requirements for a bonus offer without losing your initial deposit and the bonus itself. 

While covering both outcomes with zero or minimal losses, you can complete these requirements. Many bettors are making a living only with this betting technique.

If you have access to enough bookies, you can withdraw bonuses without risking losing them.

User Interface

I have used more than 7 bookmaker scanner services during my betting career. Based on my experience, I can say that they have a user-friendly interface. 

If you have any experience in sports betting, you can figure out every one of their tools in 10-15 minutes. Even someone with no experience will easily navigate through the interface of OddsBoom because of their short description of each page.

OddsBoom has a mobile-friendly interface which is a fair solution if you want to follow betting opportunities while not using a PC or Laptop.

OddsBoom Plus membership Cost

By paying only a monthly fee of $15 you will get access to unlimited arbitrage betting, the bonus cruncher tool for matched betting, advanced filters for bookies, sports, leagues, markets, etc.

With these tools, you can make thousands of dollars of guaranteed profits each month. I can’t emphasize how much value this software holds for a monthly fee of $15.

The Plus membership of OddsBoom will give you access to each of their tools and odds from international betting sites as well.

OddsBoom forum

They are running a little forum which is focusing on different topics like improvements in their system, user questions, etc.

OddsBoom alternative

At the moment, their only real alternative is OddsJam. They launched their services in the first part of 2021. Oddsjam is scanning almost every bookmaker available in the US.

They have two main services: Arbitrage and value betting. Their business model is focused on smart betting strategies, so the number of sure bets they can display is significantly higher than you will find at OddsBoom.

Visit my OddsJam Review

From this fact comes their monthly fee which is 7-15x higher than the one you can find at OddsBoom.

Both services have their advantages and downsides too.

OddsBoom Review Summary

Bonus CruncherMatched betting tool
Low holdsOdds comparison tool
ArbitrageSure betting software
Value betsOverpriced markets
Payment methodPayPal
Focus MarketUS & Canada
DevicesPC, Mobile, Tablet
Table of OddsBoom Review Summary