No-Risk Matched betting USA: software & best states (2023)

Matched betting is one of the simplest and the least risky ways of smart betting strategies. Have you ever thought about sports betting without risks? This is your best shot!

No-Risk Matched betting in the USA is the most beginner-friendly and guaranteed technique for earning a healthy profit from sports betting without risking losing your initial deposit.

Are you in a hurry? OddsJam is the only viable tool for matched betting in the USA (after acquiring OddsBoom, which is no longer available). Need more info? Check my OddsJam review.

Many people might think that guaranteed profits from sports betting are scams or not legal. But from my own experience (making a living from it for more than 8 years) I can say that ignoring this opportunity is like leaving free money on the table.

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After a little introduction to matched betting in the USA, you can find out which sites are offering the best services for this betting technique.

No-Risk Matched betting software in the USA

1. OddsJam: the most advanced matched betting software in the USA

Based on my experience of many years I can say that matched betting is only sustainable by using bookmaker scanner software.

  • Finding betting opportunities manually has become very challenging in the past years.
  • The bookies are updating their odds very fast and these opportunities are disappearing from one minute to another.
  • In the majority of cases, they can adjust the odds in seconds.

The best way to find these overpriced markets is by subscribing to services that are comparing odds and betting lines between bookies.

Matched bettors from the USA don’t have too many options to choose from when looking for a matched betting software. But here are the top options.

Matched betting in the USA became more simple in 2021 when OddsJam launched its arbitrage betting tool. Their main focus is on arbitrage and value betting but even matched bettors can take advantage of their services.

Oddsjam value betting

Matched betting software in the USA

  • OddsJam is the fastest real-time bookmaker scanner for the US & Canadian bookmakers.
  • With their services, bettors from these countries are able to take advantage of overpriced odds and bookmaker bonuses
  • They are almost an essential tool for matched betting by displaying betting opportunities where some or more bookies are offering at least slightly overpriced markets
  • At the moment they are scanning every essential bookmaker for matched betting int he USA

You can try them with the 7-day Free Trial! – subscribe to their newsletter and you will get 3 daily sure bets for free in the e-mail!

Need more information? Check my OddsJam Review

2. OddsBoom: cheap matched betting software in the USA


OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid. By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

OddsBoom is the most affordable yet very professional matched betting and sure betting software that focuses on bookies from the US. They are covering over 50 US bookies and some international ones too.

By displaying the highest odds for the main sports events, they became important for many smart betting strategies including matched betting in the US.

oddsboom matched betting software usa

OddsBoom short summary

OddsBoom is actively scanning over 50 bookmakers from the US.

They are offering the following services:

  • Displaying the bookies with the highest odds on the main sports/markets
  • Arbitrage betting service: comparing odds between US bookies + international ones too
  • Bonus Cruncher: matched betting service to complete bonus offer requirements without a loss
  • Low Holds: bets with a low profit margin of the bookies (higher odds)

You have several options using their services: simply waiting until their arbitrage tool displays a new opportunity or choosing a match/market and looking for the bookies with the best odds on these.

For only $15/month, you can have full access and start arbitrage betting. You can opt-in for a day pass for only $5.

You can also check my detailed OddsJam Review.

Is no-risk matched betting in the USA possible?

The competition between bookmakers is the biggest reason for marketing tactics like offering welcome bonuses and free bets.

The goal of these bookies is to get new customers and to keep the existing ones active.

Matched betting is the sports betting technique that is allowing you to complete the rollover requirements on these bonuses without taking risks.

With matched betting, you can convert these free bets and deposit bonuses into withdrawable money.

I already have a guide for matched betting, but in short, I will explain how this betting strategy works.

First steps for matched betting in the USA

  1. You need to check if sports betting, in general, is legal in your state or not (you can find more info down below)
  2. Check the list of bookies that have a license to operate in your state.
  3. If they have any kind of bonus offers for new customers (on sports), you can take advantage of them with matched betting
  4. Placing arbitrage bets that have a return close to 0% or simply covering both outcomes with a minimal loss are the best techniques to take the profits from these bonuses without risks.

With these steps, you will complete the rollover requirements on bonuses.

Have you never heard about arbitrage betting? In the following article, you can find more details about how to find arbitrage opportunities.

Matched betting in the USA is not offering too many opportunities because of the limited number of bookmakers.

oddsjam arbitrage betting software usa

But these few bookies are offering so generous welcome bonuses that even with 2-5 bookies you can easily make several thousands of dollars in some days.
Matched betting example:

  • You place a bet on Tennis Player A to win the match at the bookmaker with a bonus, on a money line of 100
  • And at another bookmaker, you cover the other Tennis player on a money line close to 100
  • No matter who wins, you are not losing money while completing the rollover requirements for your bonus offer.

Of course, this is a very simplified example. Many bonus offers or free bets have different requirements for withdrawing the bonus + funds.

But the main idea behind no risk matched betting is always the same: covering every outcome on a market with a minimal or no loss. This way you can complete the roll-over requirements for your bonus offer.

Matches betting in the USA itself as a smart betting strategy is legal in every country, and every state of the US where sports betting itself is legal. In the US sports betting is not regulated at the level of the country.

Each state has its own gambling regulation. Some states are allowing gambling activity on certain websites, some of them have their regulations in progress and some of them are still restricting this activity.

Matched betting is a viable income source in the long run if you have access to a big number of bookmakers.

Down below you can see a map of the stage of gambling regulations in the US by state. In 21 states + DC sports betting is legalized and you can practice matched betting. In the other 6 states of the US sports betting is legal, but the laws are not yet put into action.

How to do matched betting in the USA?

The answer to this question is not so obvious. To do matched betting in the USA, you have to check if you have enough bookmakers available in your state. With only 1-2 bookmakers available your possibilities are fairly limited.

Down below you can see the map of the US states that are already allowing gambling and laws that are already applied.

sports betting usa legal

1. Check the available bookies for matched betting

Each state has a different nr. of available betting sites. The most important thing when you start matched betting in the USA is to use bookies which have a legal license in your state.

Bonus hunting is an excellent income source if you don’t have to face fines for not doing it in the right way.

2. Spot the best bonus offers

A big welcome bonus is not always the best opportunity for matched betting. Many betting sites are offering thousands of dollars for new customers.

Getting a welcome bonus of up to $2000 might seem an excellent opportunity. Checking the roll-over requirements is as important as the amount of the bonus.

If the bookie asks you to roll over the bonus + deposit amount 12-15 times, it can be very time-consuming. In the beginning, I advise focusing on offers that are easier to withdraw.

3. Use an affordable matched betting software

This betting technique is less profitable than value betting. It also requires a less performant and fast bookmaker scanner or odds comparison tool.

Saving money on a subscription to an affordable tool such as OddsJam can increase your long-term profits.

Matched betting in the USA: States with sports betting legalized

Kindly notice that the list of available bookmakers can change fairly often. I advise you to check them on the official websites.

Sports betting and matched betting in New Jersey

New Jersey is the leader in sports betting in the US. You can find 14 bookmakers available online for every person aged 21 or above.

The number of bookmakers and the massive bonuses are making New Jersey a paradise for the matched bettor. You can make a lot of money here with matched betting, and it’s 100% legal.

oddsjam arbitrage value matched betting USApromo code2

Right now, a smart bettor can have access to 8000$ worth of bonuses. With matched betting, you can withdraw approximately $6500 – $7000 from these bonuses depending on your experience.

Sports betting and matched betting in Pennsylvania

If you are in Pennsylvania you can have access to 7 bookmakers. Customers aged 21+ have access to $4000 worth of bonuses.

With the legal, risk-free matched betting strategy you can withdraw at least $3300-$3500 from these bonuses.

Sports betting and matched betting in West Virginia

You can bet legally in West Virginia from the year 2018. Matched bettors in this state do not have too many possibilities because of the small number of bookmakers. Only 4 of them have licenses here with approximately $3100 worth of bonuses.

Sports betting and matched betting in Virginia

Sports betting in Virginia was launched only in 2021, but the possibilities for matched betting are getting better and better each day.

Matched bettors have access to 6 bookmakers and $4350 worth of bonuses. Since gambling is legal, smart betting activities like arbitrage betting matched betting, or value betting can generate guaranteed income for bettors from this US state.

Sports betting and matched betting in Tennesse

Sports betting in Tennesse was legalized in 2019, but it took almost a year for bookmakers to get the licenses.

Thus bookmakers are available only from November 1, 2020. Matched betting here can be practiced at only 4 bookmakers with the total available bonus of $3100.

Sports betting and matched betting in Indiana

Another great state from the US for matched bettors is Indiana. The gambling industry here is growing quite fast.

Smart bettors with matched betting strategies can have access to 8 bookmakers. In total, they are offering $6850 worth of bonuses. With a little bit of experience in betting, a matched bettor can withdraw $6000 from these bonuses.

Sports betting and matched betting in Michigan

Sports betting in Michigan was only launched only in January 2021 and only with a slow start of 6 bookmakers.

Hopefully, another bookmaker will appear as well, but these are offering only $3600 worth of bonuses for new customers.

Matched betting in Michigan can guarantee you approximately a decent $3000.

oddsjam arbitrage value matched betting USApromo code2

Sports betting and matched betting in Illinois

Bettors from Illinois have access to 5 online bookmakers, but hopefully, this number will grow.

With matched betting, smart gamblers can get $4550 worth of bonuses, which can be converted to $4000.

Sports betting and matched betting in Iowa

Online sports betting in Iowa has a trend of growth. Bettors have access to 7 bookmakers.

For new customers above the age of 21, these bookmakers are offering a total amount of $7100 in bonuses.

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A wise customer with matched betting can convert these bonuses into approximately $6300 of withdrawable money.

Sports betting and matched betting in Colorado

Sports betting in Colorado was launched on May 1, 2020. Since then, 10 bookmakers have got the license. In this US state, you can get legally $7100 worth of bonuses from these bookmakers.

With matched betting, approximately $6500 worth can be converted to withdrawable money. I think that amount is truly worth a try for every citizen above the age of 21.

Matched betting in the other USA states that were not mentioned

The other states that were not mentioned above and are marked with red on the map do not have access to online bookmakers. In these states only retail sports betting is available.

The states colored pink have already accepted gambling regulations but there are no online platforms, nor other kinds of facilities for sports betting.

Most guides are based around Betfair. Is matched betting without exchanges possible? Find out now!

Conclusion: Best matched betting software in the USA

No-risk matched betting in the USA is worth trying in almost every state. With the right matched betting software/site maximizing your profits is easy.

There are several matched betting software in the USA. They are scanning and displaying arbitrage, matched betting, and value betting opportunities from almost every bookmaker that has a license in the US.

You can also check my article about DraftKings tips and strategies.


What is no-risk matched betting in the USA?

No-risk matched betting in the USA is a sports betting technique that is allowing you to complete the rollover requirements on bookie bonus offers without risking losing the initial deposit or the bonus itself.

Can you do matched betting in the USA?

No-risk matched betting in the USA is possible and very profitable in many states. Many betting sites in the USA have bonus offers and with matched betting, you can take advantage of them.

Why is no-risk matched betting legal in the USA?

Matched betting as a strategy is legal in every country and every state, where sports betting itself is legal. Matched betting is a simple act of sports betting.


Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.