No Risk Matched Betting In Canada: best software | 2023

The real launch of online sports betting and matched betting in Canada was only in 2022. Many new bookmakers became available eager to get as many clients as possible. Their generous bonus offers are the reason you are reading this article.

No-Risk Matched betting in Canada is the easiest technique to take advantage of betting site bonuses. 

By using the right matched betting software you can harvest those offers without risking your initial deposit.

Are you in a hurry? OddsJam is the best and also almost the only real matched betting software for Canada.

The internet is full of helpful and valuable information about smart betting techniques like matched betting. But it seems, the majority of average bettors still think that these are scams.

I’m making a living from similar strategies since 2013. So, when I say that ignoring this opportunity is like leaving free money on the table, it might be a good idea to accept my advice.

In this article, you can find a short introduction to matched betting in Canada. You can also find out which site is offering the best services for this betting technique.

Best betting sites for matched betting in Canada

32Red, Bet365, BetHard, Bodog, ComeOn, CoolBet, GUTS, MaximBet, Mr Green, Party, Poker, ProLine, SportingBet,, Unibet Canada, 10bet, 888 Canada, BetOnline, Betsson, BetUS, Bwin, Casumo, GTBets, Ladbrokes, Mise o Jeu, Pinnacle, PlayNow, SportsBetting

Please keep in mind that I might have missed some or added 1-2 that don’t already have a license in Canada. You should check the licenses yourself before opening an account.

Betting sites that will be available for Canadians

BetMGM, Caesars, Draftkings, FanDuel, PointsBet, theScore

No-Risk Matched betting software in Canada

OddsBoom: cheap matched betting software for Canada


OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid. By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

OddsBoom is the most affordable yet excellent odds comparison site. Their main focus is covering bookmakers from the US. But when more and more bookies became available, they started scanning the ones for Canada too.

They are covering 27 betting sites that are essential for matched betting in Canada. Additional great bookies will be available in Canada sooner or later. Covering these is a task with high priority at OddsBoom.

oddsboom matched betting software usa and Canada

By displaying the highest odds for the main sports events, they became an important part of Canadian matched betting and smart betting.

OddsBoom summary

OddsBoom is actively scanning over 23 bookmakers that are available for Canadian bettors.

They are offering the following services:

  • Displaying the bookies with the highest odds on the main sports/markets
  • Arbitrage betting service: comparing odds between betting sites available in Canada + international ones too
  • Bonus Cruncher: matched betting service to complete bonus offer requirements without a loss
  • Low Holds: bets with a low-profit margin of the bookies (higher odds)

You have several options using their services: simply waiting until their arbitrage tool displays a new opportunity or choosing a match/market and looking for the bookies with the best odds on these.

For only CAD20/month, you can have full access and start not only matched betting but also finding the bookies with the highest odds on each market. You can also opt-in for a day pass for only CAD5.

You can also check my detailed OddsJam Review.

I’ve tried matched betting without using software for it. I learned several things during these months.

  • Finding betting opportunities manually has become very challenging in the past years.
  • The bookies are updating their odds very fast and these opportunities are disappearing from one minute to another.
  • In the majority of cases, they can adjust the odds in seconds.

The best way to find these overpriced markets is by subscribing to services that are comparing odds and betting lines between bookies.

But if you want to make as much money as possible this matched betting site should be fairly cheap. Making over 1000 dollars with a service that costs 200 is not the ideal strategy.

Matched bettors from Canada don’t have too many options to choose from when looking for matched betting software. But the good news for you is that the one I have experience with is the most ideal from many points of view.

Is no-risk matched betting in Canada possible?

The competition between betting sites is forcing them to offer great bonus offers to get the attention of possible customers and to keep the existing ones active.

With the number of bookies available for Canadian bettors, matched betting is a fairly good income source.

With matched betting, you can convert these free bets and deposit bonuses into withdrawable money.

I already have a guide for matched betting, but in short, I will explain how this works in Canada.

How does matched betting work in Canada?

1. You need to make a hit list with the bookies that are available for you

2. Check If they have any kind of bonus offers for new customers (on sports)

3. Free bets and welcome bonuses are the easiest targets of matched bettors

4. Placing matched bets that have a return close to 0% or simply covering both outcomes with a minimal loss are the best techniques to take the profits from these bonuses without risks.

With these steps, you will complete the rollover requirements on bonuses.

Have you never heard about arbitrage betting? In the following article, you can find more details about how to find arbitrage opportunities.

Matched betting in Canada is not the most profitable betting technique you can use. It can generate a decent income, but because of the limited number of betting sites eventually, you will finish all of the bonuses.

These few bookies are offering so generous welcome bonuses that even with 2-5 bookies you can easily make several thousands of dollars in some days. It takes time and practice but matched betting can generate a fast income at the beginning.

 Matched betting example:

  • You place a bet on Tennis Player A to win the match at the bookmaker with a bonus, on Moneyline of 100
  • And at another bookmaker, you cover the other Tennis player on a Moneyline close to 100
  • No matter who wins, you are not losing money while completing the rollover requirements for your bonus offer.

Of course, this is a very simplified example. Many bonus offers or free bets have different roll-over requirements.

But practising matched betting is based on these simple steps: covering every outcome on a betting market with a minimal or no loss. By this, you will complete the wagering requirements and the bookmaker eventually will allow you to withdraw your funds.

How to do matched betting in Canada?

1. Have a big enough starting capital for matched betting

Betting sites available for Canadian matched betting are offering fairly high bonus offers. The role of this betting technique is to take full advantage of these bonuses.

Matching the whole bonus offer would be the ideal and almost mandatory step in matched betting. Having a bonus of up to 1000 CAD but depositing only 500 CAD would waste half of the offer.

Even if you are planning to start with the smallest bonuses, I think having 2000-3000 CAD is essential for the most appropriate and easy outcome.

2. Make a list of the good Canadian betting sites for matched betting

I would advise starting with the smallest and simplest bonus offer. Most of the time free bets are the easiest you can take advantage of.

3. Use a good matched betting software

I have no doubts about OddsBoom being the best software for matched betting in Canada. 

  • They are covering every essential bookmaker
  • Bonus Cruncher: displaying betting opportunities where you can cover each outcome without losing

4. Cover your initial bets at Pinnacle

  • The first bet you place while matched betting will always be at the bookmaker with the bonus offer. 
  • Using Pinnacle to cover the other outcome in that betting market is the most secure way for hedging a bet
  • They are offering very high betting odds and possible stakes without risking getting your account limited
  • They are the best sharp (most accurate) bookmakers in the market. Smart bettors are welcome here

5. Don’t withdraw your matched betting funds too soon

Every betting account is worth thousands of dollars if you know how to use smart betting strategies. Withdrawing your funds right after finishing a bonus offer can easily get your account flagged. 

It would be a wasted opportunity to get it limited only for this. After finishing matched betting with every bookie, you might get the motivation to try arbitrage betting too.

Matched betting can offer a guaranteed profit from sports betting, no matter which outcome wins. Having a strategy that generates risk-free income can make you think about its legality.

Matched betting is a legal betting technique in every country/stake where sports betting itself is legal with licensed bookmakers. Many bookies are legally available for Canadian bettors, so using them for matched betting is 100% legal.

Getting limited by bookies is normal because no company wants to lose profits. 

You can delay these limitations by:  

  • Using flat stakes at the Canadian bookies, or at least round them up (from 328 to 330)
  • Not placing bets on small tournaments or leagues (ITF in tennis, second or third league in soccer)
  • Not using the maximum stakes. Even if the max is low, I advise using a stake of 75% of it.


Is matched betting in Canada legal?

Matched betting is legal in every country including Canada if the bettors can use bookmakers with a legal license in their state/country. The process of matched betting is not regulated in any country.

Is matched betting in Canada possible?

More and more bookmakers are buying licenses in Canada. Most of them are offering great bonus offers which are making matched betting in Canada possible and very profitable.

What is matched betting Canada?

Matched betting Canada refers to a betting technique used in Canada that involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event, taking advantage of free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers. This ensures a profit regardless of the outcome, as the bets are strategically placed to cover all possibilities.

How do I find matched betting sites in Canada?

To find matched betting sites in Canada, you can search online for Canadian bookmakers that offer free bets and promotions. You may also find matched betting forums or communities that provide information and resources on the best matched betting opportunities in Canada.