I’ve been betting on NBA and basketball for over three years. In this article, you will find out why the majority of NBA betting systems that you read are useless.

The internet contains valuable information about sports betting and betting algorithms, even for NBA.

But most blogs and websites write about NBA betting systems that will help you make a better decision without beating the bookies in the long run.

This article aims to open your eyes and give you a chance to beat the bookies with these mathematically proven NBA betting systems and algorithms.

Best NBA betting algorithms

Below you can find the main NBA betting algorithms I used. 

Most focus on finding overpriced odds or wrong betting lines on many sports and leagues, including the NBA.

1. OddsJam

OddsJam is focused on scanning betting sites from the USA and Canada. 

They are covering many betting sites from other parts of the world.

You can use their betting algorithm to find NBA matches where one or more bookie offers wrong odds.

oddsjam NBA betting algorithm

Pros of OddsJam for NBA betting

  • They cover the main betting markets on NBA
  • Display betting opportunities with a positive expected value
  • NBA betting algorithm for sure betting and value betting as well
  • 7-day free trial

Cons of OddsJam for NBA

  • The majority of good betting opportunities appear while the matches are in-play. Their in-play odds scanner might seem expensive for beginners.
  • Might get overwhelmed by the amount of info they offer

OddsJam is a great NBA betting algorithm if you are from the USA or Canada. 

But recently, many other services started focusing on these countries, like the next 2.

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2. RebelBetting

RebelBetting is well known for offering a simple yet very effective odds comparison service.

With their algorithm, you can spot overpriced outcomes on various NBA betting markets.

You will take advantage of very similar services to what OddsJam is offering. 

rebelbetting NBA betting algorithm

But when looking for an NBA betting algorithm, RebelBetting takes the lead with its many years of experience in this field.

Pros of RebelBetting for NBA

  • Fast pre-match odds scanner
  • Displays each NBA betting opportunity from bookies all around the world
  • Easy to use, one-click bet tracker to analyze your betting history
  • 2-weeks free trial

Cons of RebelBetting for NBA

  • Does not cover in-play sports events (where you can find the most betting opportunities)

RebelBetting is an excellent NBA betting algorithm for bets before the event.

They offer a wide range of guides on how to use their services and earn the most you can with their services.

Need more info? Check my RebelBetting review.

3. BetBurger

BetBurger is the big player, the best NBA betting algorithm. 

They are very similar to the services mentioned above. 

Besides NBA, they cover each sport and league you can think about.

betburger NBA betting algorithm

One of their strengths is the in-play scanner, the fastest betting algorithm for NBA and every other sport.

They display odds discrepancies between bookies in a matter of seconds (2-3 sec on average).

Pros of Betburger for NBA

  • Fastest scanning NBA betting algorithm
  • Best value for $ for in-play NBA betting
  • A wide range of filtering options to exclude unnecessary betting markets and even odds ranges
  • Advanced and easy filters to include only the bookies you need (they cover over 300 betting sites)

Cons of BetBurger for NBA

  • Requires a little time investment to understand their tools
  • It might seem complicated without knowledge about value betting or sure betting

Overall, after using BetBurger for over 5 years (as my main NBA betting software), I advise using their services as your main guide.

Need more info? Check my BetBurger review.

4. Surebet.com

Surebet.com is one of the best NBA betting algorithms to start with. 

At the moment, they are scanning over 400 betting sites to find every overpriced odd on each relevant sports event.

surebet NBA betting algorithm

You can take advantage of their services by spotting NBA outcomes with a positive expected value.

Unfortunately, you will be able to use their services only pre-match.

Pros of Surebet.com for NBA

Pros of Surebet.com for NBA

  • Scans events only for pre-match
  • Advanced filtering (to display only NBA matches) is not available yet

Overall, as I said earlier, Surebet is an excellent beginner-friendly tool. 

The accent is beginner friendly. 

If you are looking for more gains and a more accurate, faster algorithm for NBA betting, the above-mentioned tools are better.

Need more info? Check my surebet review.

What is the best NBA betting system?

The best NBA betting systems are based on mathematics only and on finding overpriced odds or wrong betting lines.

Betting systems taking advantage of bookie mistakes have proven their long-term profitability.

These betting systems can be applied to NBA as well.

NBA betting system method

NBA betting systems based on overpriced odds

Betting sites are making mistakes all the time. 

There is no bookie capable of figuring out the true probability of an outcome for every NBA event and market.

They offer wrong odds and betting lines even before the match has started.

You can take advantage of these NBA betting systems and make significantly more profits while the events are in-play.

The odds and betting lines are shifting so fast that even the best/sharpest bookies can miss crucial information.

NBA betting system method2

These moments offer an entry point for bettors who are using these NBA betting methods.

The window to place your bets is pretty small. 

In some cases, even pro bettors fail to place the necessary bets in a matter of seconds.

NBA value betting

Positive EV betting on basketball is by far the most profitable betting system.

Finding these wrong odds will give you an unfair advantage against bookies.

By this, you will gain serious profits in the long run.

In my basketball betting course you can find a detailed step by step strategy. It will give you the blueprint for successful NBA betting.

What are the basics of this NBA betting system?

Bookies are changing odds pretty fast. 

If they make a mistake, the odds are corrected in a matter of seconds in most cases.

But sometimes (many times on each event), these betting opportunities stay live for even 20-30 seconds.

Placing a bet on odds of +120 while the true odds should be -110 is a massive advantage.

If you want to find these betting opportunities, opting in for a paid service is almost non-negotiable.

Every basketball fan is looking for a working, proven NBA betting system.

You will need to have an edge not only against betting sites but these bettors as well.

To achieve this advantage, you will need to use the fastest value betting software.

Still not sure what value betting is?

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NBA sure betting

Sure betting is the least risky NBA betting system that you can use.

It is also based on bookie mistakes. 

But in this case, smart bettors are looking for odds discrepancies between betting sites.

When the odds difference is significant enough, bettors can harvest a guaranteed profit by covering both outcomes at different bookies.

This strategy became pretty popular, which made bookies more vulnerable.

NBA betting system method arb

Sure betting as an NBA betting system is still possible, but you will need to keep in mind the following facts:

  • Betting on significant odds discrepancies can easily get your betting account limited (lowering your maximum stakes to $1 or even 0)
  • The odds might change pretty fast, and you will be unable to cover each outcome.

There are other significant downsides of sure betting. 

But if you have access to many betting accounts, making $1000 or even $3000 with hard work is more than possible.

If your risk tolerance is higher, value betting is the „guaranteed” way and the best NBA betting system in the long run.

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NBA spread betting system

Spread betting systems are strategies or approaches that bettors use to increase their chances of winning. 

Here are a few common spread betting systems used in NBA:

1. The Fade the Public System: 

This NBA betting system involves betting against the majority opinion or popular sentiment. 

The idea is that the public often overvalues or undervalues certain teams, leading to favourable odds. 

By going against the public consensus, bettors aim to take advantage of these perceived biases.

Combining this NBA betting method with positive EV betting will offer large value bets. 

It’s well known that the higher the odds, the more value it can hold, which results in more profits in the long run.

2. The Home Underdog System: 

This NBA betting system focuses on betting on underdog teams playing at home. 

The reasoning behind this strategy is that underdogs at home tend to perform better than expected due to factors such as crowd support, familiarity with the home court, and reduced travel fatigue.

Of course, you can’t place bets based on this single factor. 

Finding overpriced odds (compared to sharp bookies) will offer you an advantage against bookies

3. The Zig-Zag System: 

This NBA betting method involves betting on the team that lost the previous game in a series. 

The idea is that teams will often make adjustments and put in extra effort to bounce back after a loss, leading to improved performance in the next game.

Unfortunately, most bookies take these kinds of factors into consideration right when they release the opening odds.

A value betting software will help you spot bookies that are missing this key info.

4. The Statistical Analysis System: 

Some bettors rely on statistical analysis and advanced metrics to make informed decisions. 

They analyze factors such as team performance, player statistics, offensive and defensive efficiency, injuries, and historical data to identify trends and value bets.

This kind of NBA betting approach requires more time investment.

Down the road, it will result in fewer bets placed and many value bets missed.

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1. What is the best betting system for NBA?

The best NBA betting systems are those based on mathematics and focused on finding overpriced odds or wrong betting lines. These systems take advantage of bookmakers’ mistakes and have proven to be profitable in the long run.

2. What is a proven NBA betting system?

A proven NBA betting system is one that has demonstrated consistent profitability over time. Such systems are based on identifying betting opportunities with a positive expected value (EV) and exploiting bookmakers’ errors in setting odds and betting lines.

3. Which is the best NBA betting algorithm?

a. OddsJam: Focused on scanning betting sites from the USA and Canada, offering positive EV betting opportunities.
b. RebelBetting: Known for its fast pre-match odds scanner and coverage of bookies worldwide.
c. BetBurger: Considered one of the best NBA betting algorithms, known for its in-play scanner and wide coverage of sports and leagues.
d. Surebet.com: An affordable sure bet finder service scanning over 400 betting sites for overpriced odds.
The choice of the best NBA betting algorithm depends on individual preferences, location, and betting strategies.

7. What are some common NBA spread betting systems?

a. Fade the Public System: Betting against the majority opinion or popular sentiment, taking advantage of perceived biases.
b. Home Underdog System: Betting on underdog teams playing at home, as they often perform better due to crowd support and familiarity.
c. Zig-Zag System: Betting on the team that lost the previous game in a series, as they may bounce back with adjustments.
d. Statistical Analysis System: Relying on statistical analysis and advanced metrics to make informed betting decisions.