In matched, betting gnoming or on another name multi-accounting has become one of the basic solutions for smart and professional bettors after getting limited or banned from bookmakers.

Gnoming is a controversial topic, some say that it is illegal, and others say that it is 100% acceptable.

But if you are reading this article you probably have an idea about multi-accounting.

Below you can find my step-by-by step guide on how to do it properly.

But before that, you can also check a small opportunity to avoid getting gubbed.

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Gnoming and multi-accounting matched betting guide

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1. Get in touch with friends and family who you trust

This first step is the most important and, unfortunately, the hardest part of matched betting with multiple accounts.

Most people are skeptical or they want too much of your profits.

It’s not uncommon that some people will ask for even 25-30% of your income.

  • Giving a one-time sum for thanking them for their help is the most optimal solution.
  • A monthly small fee is also a viable option, but this way, you can have more problems if they ask for a raise.

You need to get bank and bookie accounts only with their agreement. Don’t even want to mention why this is important.

2. Best tools for matched betting with multi accounting

If you want to practice gnoming, you will need to get rid of the old IP address, cookies, etc.

Possible solutions from the easiest to the most technical:

  1. Reinstall your windows or open a new user account on it + VPN: every cookie and unwanted setting will disappear.

    Hiding your IP is the easiest with a dedicated VPN for sports betting.

    Based on the recommendation of many matched bettors on different forums it seems ExpressVPN is the best choice in pricing and solutions too. Check out their special offer here.
  2. Use a tablet or phone browser, not chrome (never the bookmaker app): the most important thing is to delete cookies and change your IP address by using a new SIM card or getting new IP from the internet provider. Some of them will change it even after restarting the router.
  3. Install Virtual Engine on PC and use a VPN for betting sites: I think this is the most bulletproof solution.

    By installing a VR (windows inside a window with specific settings) you can set up the size of your monitor, RAM, etc.

    You also need to change your IP address by using ExpressVPN, buying new SIM cards and sharing a Wifi hotspot or with a sim router, or having the possibility to change your IP by restarting your router.
expressVPN matched betting multi accounting

3. Use the right bank account for multi accounting

I think it’s obvious, but I want to mention that using your bank card for someone else’s betting account is not a viable option.

It will be declined right from the start if you are lucky. In the worst case, they will deny to pay you out.

  1. Ask them to allow you to use their card (with an online/mobile banking account accessible to you)
  2. Use their PayPal at bookies where it is possible

I think these are the most viable options.

4. Pay the taxes even while matched betting with multiple accounts

This rule is not applicable to everyone. The gambling tax laws are different in each country.

Make your you know your duties to avoid tax related issues down the road.

But in countries where gambling profits should be taxed, you want to make sure everything is paid.

You don’t want to get a call from those family members/friends about being fined for not paying those taxes.

In many countries, bookies are handling this themselves automatically.

What is multi-accounting or gnoming in betting?

Multi accounting or gnoming is the process when the betting accounts in your own name are limited or banned and you open new accounts in other people’s names.

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Betting strategies based on mathematics like matched betting can make you guaranteed profits in the long run. Most bookies are making profits by offering odds with a decent profit margin.

Smart players are beating these margins by finding overpriced odds or taking advantage of the bonuses offered.

These techniques are decreasing the profits of bookmakers. Every smart betting who is looking for dropping odds will face the moment when almost each of its bookmaker accounts is limited or even banned.

A lot of them are getting only gubbed, meaning that bonus offers won’t be available for their accounts.

If you are planning to do matched betting for a long time, and even for a living, you only have a few options.

Multi-accounting or gnoming is one of them. After you get limited or gubbed at most bookmakers, you will need to look for another solution.

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A lot of bettors are taking the next step to long-term profits by creating betting accounts in the name of other people.

This act is called multi-accounting or gnoming. It is a very common tactic to maintain profitability in this betting industry.

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Can I make multiple betting accounts?

Technically speaking there are possible ways to create multiple betting accounts without any consequences.

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One example could be betting anonymously at crypto bookmakers.

Bookmakers have included this technique in their terms and conditions, and if you take a look at it, you will notice that multiple accounting is forbidden.

Bookies like to follow the betting behaviour and identity of their customers. Their profitability is highly influenced by smart betting activity, which makes them vulnerable.

Spotting a professional bettor, or one with a betting strategy like matched betting, value betting stategies, etc. will lead to limitations on their accounts.

This is decreasing their losses in the long run. On the other hand, making new accounts in other people’s names will allow you to carry on with your betting activity.

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Deleting cookies from the browser will not be enough in a lot of situations. Most bookmakers are using advanced techniques to find multiple account users. One of these is called IEsnare.

This IEsnare technology was created by bookmakers to prevent fraud, money laundering, and any kind of dropping odds strategy.

I think the fastest and most secure way of getting rid of any tracking cookie or IEsnare is by reinstalling your operating system. It will take only 20-30 minutes (10-15 if you run the windows on SSD) but the risk of being caught will be highly reduced.

Do bookmakers track IP addresses?

IP addresses are the most simple and fast way of tracking betting accounts.

If you want to proceed with your betting strategy by registering new accounts, this is one of the most important to change. At most internet providers restarting the router will be enough to get a new IP.

Some providers will change it only if you are asking them. Sometimes none of these options are available, so using a VPN service with a dedicated IP address like ExpressVPN will create the anonymity you need.

Another solution for multi-accounting without a VPN service could be buying cheap phones and new sim cards.

expressVPN matched betting multi accounting

Making a wifi hotspot on the phone and sharing mobile internet can be a viable option in the long run.

The need to change the device you are betting on is fairly rare. But you need to know that the bookmakers will make any effort to spot smart bettors.

They can access a lot of information about your device. So, if you have a PC, monitor, or phone that is not so common it can be a big red flag for your betting activity.

Can you do matched betting with multiple accounts?

Matched betting with multi-accounting is a very popular solution after you get limited or “gubbed” at every bookmaker.

Matched betting generates guaranteed profits by taking advantage of bonuses offered by the bookies.

Every kind of bonus that can be exploited with smart techniques will make you profits and will decrease the income of bookmakers.

These days bookmakers are very smart and fast in catching most bettors who practice strategies based on mathematics.

For many bettors, matched betting with multiple accounts remained the last hope to make money in gambling.

Matched betting is one of the most well-known strategies, making bookmakers actively search for these accounts and bettors.

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A lot of bettors are betting for a living in the hope that they won’t need to find a job in the future.

For them, multi accounting is the easiest way to make profits from matched betting even in the long run. If you are lucky enough to have access to a lot of bookies, it might seem a good income source.

A lot of bettors can maintain their profits for even a year or a little bit more. Bonus hunting is getting harder because bookies can easily spot smart actions.

So, using multiple accounts is some kind of counterattack from bettors. If you have close relatives who are okay with sharing personal information and you have trust in them, you can extend your years in the betting industry.

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Is matched betting with multiple accounts or gnoming illegal?

This topic is also controversial. But I have to warn you that anything I share is only for informational purposes.

I’m not a legal advisor so anything you learn here about multi-accounting should be used with caution and your own responsibility.

Most smart bettors are using this method for continuing their activity. Matched bettors are also heavily limited or gubbed by bookmakers, so this topic is also an evergreen one.

First of all, I would like to mention that multi-accounting with fake or stolen identities is completely illegal.

A lot of bettors got in serious trouble for this. Unfortunately, these days buying fake or stolen identities is getting very easy.

Black markets are full of those who want to make profits by sharing these kinds of documents. I seriously believe that any person included in a shady transaction like this should get punishment.

Using these kinds of documents, no matter for what reason is illegal and should remain that.

When I’m writing about multi-accounting and matched betting, I’m referring to using data only from friends and family with their permission.

Multi-accounting is falling into a grey area. Bookmakers are banning accounts that could be part of this activity without asking anything.

The money used on those accounts will be lost and blocked. Most of the time you can get away with multi accounting and bookmakers won’t notice it if you are not making big mistakes.

This topic should get more attention to exactly know what are the legal limits and possibilities of it.

But unfortunately, it is so controversial that even some betting forums are banning articles about using multiple accounts.

It is important to mention that even though bookmakers are having strict rules about it, they don’t take another step forward in punishing these players.

They are banning accounts caught with gnoming, but further steps are not taken.

Multi-accounting, or by other names, gnoming is taking part in an extremely grey area. As I already mentioned, I’m not sharing this information as legal advice.

So, take it and use it responsibly. As I know, after researching, there is no law controlling this activity. A lot of bettors are signing contracts over these accounts with the help of lawyers.

expressVPN matched betting multi accounting

These contracts might include that people should know the nature of how their accounts will be used and they agree with it.

Larger matched betting groups or firms are taking this to another level by searching for people even from foreign countries.

They are making serious contracts about their multi accounting activity and their level of profits is almost incredible.

Matched betting using your own account is 100% legal and can’t have any legal consequences.

Gnoming is the best route and for most people the only way to make money from betting after getting your accounts limited.

My personal opinion is that legally speaking it is acceptable to place bets on account of friends and family who agree with that. But your income should not depend only on new accounts.

Is it bad to have multiple betting accounts?

From the bookmakers’ viewpoint, we already know that multiple betting accounts are not allowed, and they think it is bad to use this loophole.

Betting, in general, is very controversial, because a lot of people lost insane amounts of money. It can ruin a life and a family too.

I think that any kind of gambling activity is bad if you are losing money in the long run. But in this topic, we are discussing profitable betting techniques like matched betting and multi accounting.

The bookies are limiting and banning any kind of smart activity because are losing money on them.

My personal opinion is that no betting strategy is bad simply because bookmakers don’t like them. Most bettors are using their services in the hope of winning more money.

If they are stopped from being profitable, the simplest way to continue betting is using multiple accounts. I think it is acceptable if you are following the rules mentioned above.

Arbitrage betting might be a good solution for a lot of gubbed players. Matched betting vs arbitrage betting! What do you think, which is better?


Is making multiple betting accounts illegal?

Multi-accounting is a controversial topic. In some cases, it is illegal, while in some it is not punished.

Do bookmakers track IP addresses?

Yes, bookmakers often track IP addresses to identify users with multiple accounts. It’s essential to change your IP address if you plan on multi-accounting.

What is multi-accounting or gnoming in betting?

Multi-accounting or gnoming is the process of using multiple betting accounts, often under different names, after your own accounts have been limited or banned by bookmakers.

Can I make multiple betting accounts at betting sites?

While it is technically possible to create multiple betting accounts, it is usually against the terms and conditions of bookmakers. You may face account closure or loss of funds if caught.

Can you do matched betting with multiple accounts?

Yes, you can do matched betting with multiple accounts, but it’s crucial to be cautious and follow the necessary steps to avoid being detected by bookmakers.

Is it bad to have multiple betting accounts?

From the bookmakers’ perspective, multiple betting accounts are considered bad, and they may take action against such accounts. However, using profitable betting strategies is not inherently bad as long as you follow ethical guidelines and use the accounts of friends or family with their consent.