Make $100 a Day Sports Betting: Strategies I used (2023)

Making $100 a day sports betting is not just a myth, it is possible with strategies based on odds comparison services. In this article, I’ll share the top ways I practiced and succeeded even making $100 a day.

The skills needed for becoming a successful and professional sports bettor are available for free on the internet. The only thing you need to know is the right keywords to search in google.

How can you make $100 a day sports betting?

Most professional sports bettors are placing bets on overpriced markets. A lot of their betting strategies are based on wrong odds which can offer an edge over bookmakers.

With the betting techniques called sure betting, matched betting, and value betting, you can make $100 a day with sports betting at the beginning of your betting activity.

In the long run, you can make 1500-2000 dollars a month in a realistic scenario.

Betting sites won’t let you use them as a long-term income source so having access to more bookies is an essential part of making money from sports betting.

One of the simplest ways to profit is using an odds comparison tool such as OddsJam for US bettors. These services scan the majority of betting sites and display each betting outcome with overpriced odds.

These services support betting strategies such as:

  • Arbitrage betting – you simultaneously cover each outcome of an event at different bookies -> guaranteed profit
  • Value betting – find outcomes with overpriced odds that have a positive expected value odds compared to the chance of winning it
  • Matched betting – take advantage of sports betting offers by completing the rollover requirement without losing the bonus itself

If you are from the USA or UK, making money and even $100 a day with these strategies is possible for a shorter period.

Proven strategies to make $100 a day from sports betting

In my experience, if you want to be profitable in sports betting, your only realistic chance of making money is by following strategies based on mathematics.

Don’t be afraid, they are relatively easy to learn. I will help you to understand how they work. These strategies will help you earn a decent income from almost any sport. Football, tennis, and basketball are one of the bests to practice on.

1. Arbitrage betting

Bookmakers are offering wrong odds more times than you would imagine. On a daily basis, you can find thousands of bets with outcomes that are overpriced.

Mathematically these opportunities can offer an advantage against bookmakers.

If a bookmaker is offering an odd of 2.20 while the true odds would be 1.90 for example, you can take advantage of this mistake.

  • For this, the basic and most simple betting technique is called arbitrage betting or sure betting.

When you find a sure bet like this, you can cover the other outcome at another bookmaker.

If you are calculating the right stake with an arbitrage calculator you will end up in profit no matter which outcome wins.

Making $100 a day only with arbitrage betting itself is a very challenging task.

Most bookmakers have developed sensitive algorithms to catch smart bettors.

Smart betting activities will decrease the profitability of bookmakers. They are very kind, offering bonuses up until the moment you are no longer a profitable bettor.

If you start betting on wrong odds with bigger stakes, in the long run, you will be noted as a smart gambler.

Your stakes will be limited in a very short time if you are flagged as a winner. Sure betting is one of the easiest to detect, so this betting technique is getting harder and harder to practice.

But if you have access to enough bookmakers (20-40) you can still make a decent profit from it.

  • A monthly profit of $1000 can be a very realistic target alone with arbitrage betting.

But in the long run, you will experience that most of your accounts are restricted.

To learn more about arbitrage betting you can read the following articles:

2. Matched betting

Matched betting is very similar to arbitrage betting. You probably noticed that most bookmakers are offering decent welcome bonuses or free bets.

With the betting technique of matched betting, you can convert these bonuses to withdrawable real money.

The basic idea for converting these bonuses is placing a bet at the bookie with the bonus and with a second bet at another bookmaker you can cover the other outcome.

We don’t want to lose too much from these bonuses by placing these pairs of bets on bad odds.

Basically, the best practice is searching for sure bet opportunities that are close to 0%.

This way you can complete the rollover requirements on every free bet or welcome bonus without losing it.

  • With matched betting, you can make approximately 50-80 dollars a day in the first year if you have access to enough bookmakers.

A lot of the bettors made a living from this strategy by hunting bonuses on a lot of accounts.

For a deeper guide about the possibilities and possible income from matched betting, you can read the following articles:

3. Value betting

In my experience value betting is the best sports betting strategy.

  • Making $100 a day as a professional sports bettor is most possible with this strategy.

Please don’t misunderstand me, it is not guaranteed that every motivated bettor who starts value betting will make $100 or even more a day.

This strategy needs more experience and patience. Value betting is based on the same principle as the strategies already mentioned.

Finding overpriced outcomes that are higher than the true possibility of winning them will generate you profits in the long run.

The biggest difference between value betting and the others is that you are placing bets only on the wrong odds. You will not cover the other outcomes, so you will take some risks too.

These bets won’t be the easiest to win, and you won’t make money on every bet you place.

The biggest advantage of this betting technique is that you won’t lose the money and the value on the covering bets.

Mathematically speaking, in the long run, value betting is the most profitable betting strategy.

For a more detailed guide about the possibilities and downsides of this smart betting technique, you can read the following articles:

4. Following tipsters

In the end, I would like to share my opinion about making money by following tipsters.

In my experience trusting in tipster predictions is definitely not the best way of making a sustainable income.

A lot of the best tipsters are legit, and they can offer real value with their service. You can trust some of them in the long run too and they can generate a decent income for you.

  • The chance of making $100 a day by following these kinds of services is very low after my experience.

The biggest advantage of following someone else is that you don’t have to invest your time in researching, learning, or finding good opportunities.

If you find a good tipster, your only task is to place the picks as fast as possible before the odds start dropping.

After this, you will wait and hope that the tipster has offered this pick with his best knowledge.

Tipstrr Review

The biggest drawback of following tipsters is that most of the time you can’t be sure about the credibility of the person behind the username.

A lot of them are manipulating the history of their picks which will end up with a higher ROI than the realistic one.

More information about tipsters you can read in this article. I think finding betting opportunities by yourself can offer a more stable and sustainable income.

  • Learning these betting strategies won’t make you a millionaire in the first month and probably you won’t make $100 right from the first day.

But if you are willing to learn and gain experience in the long run you will have the chance to become a professional bettor.

How many sports bettors can make $100 a day?

We can find a lot of bettors and tipster services on the internet who are telling you that they are profitable and they can offer the knowledge for it.

I’m sure that a lot of them can really teach you how to make money from betting, but most tipsters and coaches only want your money without really offering valuable information.

If you are following the best tipsters on platforms such as Tipstrr, you can have a chance to beat the bookies in the long run.

play the percentage football statistics database

Most successful sports bettors and gamblers are not bragging about their strategies.

In this industry the less people who know your technique the longer you can make money from it.

It is hard to really know how many bettors are profitable in the long run, but it is estimated that only 2%-4% of bettors can make a sustainable income from betting.

If you want to be in that 2%-4%, your only task is to learn a strategy that is successful.

After my experience, most professional gamblers are not willing to share useful information about their technique.

Being successful in this industry means that you know something that can offer an edge over the bookmakers.

Most of the time this means that bookmakers are making mistakes in defining the true odds or correct betting lines.

Professional bettors are taking advantage of these loopholes and mistakes that can guarantee a decent profit in the long run.

The more people start making money on these mistakes, the faster the bookmakers will find out.

So, the only real way of being profitable in the long run is to stay under the radar if you know a profitable strategy.

How much do professional sports bettors make?

  • Most professional bettors are making a profit of 4%-7% of the money invested.

This is called ROI – return on investment. The amount you can make as a professional sports bettor depends on your experience, capital, strategy, money management, and the amount of risk you take.

  • It is estimated that most sports bettors with the right strategy can make above 1000 dollars monthly in the first year.

After that, it depends on your skill and the possibility to access more bookmaker accounts.

  • With the right strategy and knowledge, a professional bettor can make 3000-5000 dollars in a month which would mean approximately 100 – 150 dollars a day.

I can’t guarantee that you will make this amount in the long run, because it takes time to learn and you need to develop or find good betting strategies that work in the long run too.

And on the other hand, most bookmakers don’t like smart bettors. Your accounts will be limited or even banned after you start making a decent profit.

If you are planning on making a decent income from sports betting, check out the following techniques.

How much can you make a month from sports betting?

If you are following the first three betting strategies, I mentioned you can make around $1000-$3000 a month in the first year.

  • The amount depends on a lot of factors as I already said, but most bettors who are following these techniques are making that amount of profit.

I think arbitrage betting and matched betting are the best and easiest ways of making quick cash without knowing too much about sports.

Bookmaker bonuses and wrong odds are free money on the table. Your only task is to make an account and place those sure bets.

With these betting strategies, you can start making cash fast, almost in an hour.

A lot of the bonuses are easy to complete, with 10-20 minutes of work you can make even 20-50 dollars.

Conclusion: How to make $100 a day in sports betting?

Placing bets on overpriced markets with strategies like arbitrage or value betting are the best ways to make $100 a day in sports betting. 

Who will give you free money this easily?

I think you will have to research for a long time to get better opportunities that will pay you faster like arbitrage and matched betting.


How many sports bettors are profitable?

It is estimated that only 2%-4% of bettors can make a sustainable income from betting.

How much do professional sports bettors make?

Most professional bettors are making a profit of 4%-7% of the money invested.

How much can you make a month from sports betting?

If you are following the first three betting strategies, I mentioned you can make around $1000-$3000 a month in the first year.


Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.