AI sports betting software are the future of football prediction.

It already helps in better decision-making for successful sports betting.

Best AI for sports betting – top software

This article helps us understand:

  • How AI sports betting is already present and will be the future
  • How it can help our betting decisions.

Below are the two top AI football prediction software I used and can recommend.

These are focusing on a different approach based more on analyzing historical data.

AI for analyzing odds

rebelbetting value betting logo


RebelBetting is the best tool to find overpriced odds:

✓ EU Bookies: 60+;
✓ US bookies: 13+;
✓ Sports: 10+;
✓ Stake calculator included;
✓ Beginner-friendly pricing

14-day free trial!

RebelBetting Review →

AI Score Prediction Algorithm

zcode system icon

ZCode System

✓ Zcode Scores Predictor uses advanced score prediction formula based on 80+ parameters
✓ Performs 10,000 simulations to predict the anticipated scores based on historical data.

Only $7 – Trial


AI football data Analysis & prediction

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✓ Pre-game & live predictions and notifications based on the AI engine;
✓ AI football predictions based on 5 years of historical data;
✓ 95% of live events available;

7-day Free trial

Read more -> Bet statistics predictions

In this guide you will find info about:

-> AI betting tools based on stats & historical data;
-> Sports prediction AI software that I successfully used;
-> How AI sports prediction tools work.

What is the best free AI sports betting software for football prediction?

1. RebelBetting – Best AI for sports betting

Right now, value betting software or positive EV bet finders are the best sports betting AI software.

At the moment RebelBetting is the most effective AI for sports betting tool. It is not the usual AI tool based on machine learning.

But focusing on defining the true probability of an outcome based on odds and sharp bookies.

They are excellent in:

  • Spotting overpriced betting markets
  • Teaching newbies to make the first steps without mistakes.
best ai for sports betting prediction: results screenshot
Profits with RebelBetting Value betting

In my Rebelbetting review, you can find out more about this service. I also included an interview with screenshots of a successful betting history.

The guy made €10.000+ in 3+ months with an average stake of €25.

This tool is capable of:

  • comparing odds between bookies
  • and displaying the overpriced outcomes.

2. Zcode System – AI football prediction software

ZCode System is one of the first and the most advanced football betting prediction service.

They are available available since 1999.

It also started using AI for offering better and more accurate predictions. 

Their AI sports betting software uses a large historical database of football matches.

These are updated daily with data from tens of thousands of football events yearly.

AI sports betting software

Their AI football prediction software analyzes this data with over 10 000 simulations.

Based on this offers a better, more accurate prediction for upcoming football events.

This service has many tools that can support various football betting strategies

Most of their customers use AI-generated betting notifications.

This sports betting analytics tool will support your future betting decisions.

It will also help you to spot new betting opportunities.

Combining their AI sports prediction software with an odds comparison tool will significantly increase your success.

It gives you higher chances of winning and beating the betting lines in the long run.

Value betting is still the best-performing betting strategy. It does not require artificial intelligence, but something similar and less complicated.

Value bet finders are capable of spotting overpriced odds. It succeds by comparing them to the industry standard odds for the same outcome.

artificial intelligence betting predictions

Advantages of the ZCode System:

  • AI-based football prediction software for higher accuracy
  • A welcoming and helpful community
  • One of the best sources for online tipsters who aim for more accurate predictions


  • It requires a little bit of practice to figure out each of their tools (but you will get a guide for their services)

Try them with their $7 trial version!

What is an AI sports betting software?

An AI sports betting software is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms.

The main role of an AI prediction tool is to analyze various aspects of sports.

This way, AI drives predictions of certain outcomes can be more accurate. 

This software typically includes decision-making factors such as team and player performance and statistics from historical data. 

AI betting software can offer even more accurate information about upcoming events.

It is possible with more human input: including data about recent injuries, weather conditions, and other relevant data points.

artificial intelligence betting predictions
Artificial Intelligence betting predictions process

AI sports betting software aims to calculate a more accurate and better-informed betting prediction that can result in long-term profits for their users.

You might also want to check my article on how to predict football matches correctly.

Here I write about tools and strategies that can allow you to beat the bookies with math.

Compared to traditional betting methods that rely on intuition, human analysis, and gut feeling, these betting AI tools and software can offer a better understanding of sports events.

sports betting ai sports predictions software

This type of AI betting software can be used by sports bettors who want at least long-term profitability.

They can achieve this by making better-informed betting decisions and giving the ability to spot overpriced odds.

AI sports betting software may include:

  • Additional features such as automated betting and risk management
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Custom betting models.

Based on my experience: no AI betting prediction tool combines each type of data and methodology to offer tips that are perfect from all points of view. 

How can we use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for sports betting?

1. Predictive modelling:

AI can run machine learning-based sports analyses based on various factors related to a game or match.

This kind of AI sports prediction can include factors such as player and team performance, historical data, and current events.

requirements for artificial intelligence betting predictions

These AI betting models can then be used to make predictions about the outcome of the game.

It can be used to optimize betting decisions for possible long-term returns.

But the other approach mentioned above, by finding +EV bets, is an even better-developed model.

RebelBetting won’t use any statistics to predict the outcomes of future football events.

They let bookmakers do this hard part of the job…

Then wait for one of them to make a mistake and offer mistaken odds that will generate long-term returns for wise bettors.

2. Data analysis:

AI algorithms can analyze an insanely large amount of sports historical data.

These can be:

player statistics and performance, to identify patterns and trends that can later be used to spot bookies’ mistakes and overpriced outcomes.

3. Automated betting:

AI sports betting algorithms can automate the betting process, making it easier and faster for bettors to place bets on multiple games and matches.

AI sports betting prediction software automation

Automated AI betting based on machine learning can also help to manage risk, by allowing bettors to set rules and parameters for their betting strategies and goals.

4. Real-time updates:

AI-based betting tools can provide real-time updates and alerts about the status of games and matches.

The most common similar tools focus on odds changes, displaying opportunities for a dropping odds strategy, and some even on in-play statistics.

This type of match/odds checker will support bettors in spotting hot events and avoiding pitfalls like placing bets on the wrong odds.

real time odds scanning with AI sports betting software

Betting strategies such as arbitrage betting are based on covering every possible outcome in a sports market.

It is profitable every time when there is a significant odds discrepancy between bookies.

With the help of arbitrage betting finder tools (that are also the closest to AI sports betting software), you can spot major odds differences between bookies in real-time.

5. Value trap detection:

AI betting software can be used to detect and prevent value betting traps.

For example:

AI algorithms can be used to monitor betting odds and signs of manipulation or insider trading, and to detect unusual or suspicious activity.

These odds comparison sites can be set up in a way that will display overpriced odds but in fact, they are a trap.

It’s an advanced way of the use of these AI tools.

But it’s not uncommon for bookies to have insider info about an event, and they boost the odds of outcomes that will be lost.

With the right settings of an AI betting algorithm, you might spot these bets (but not every time).

How is artificial intelligence changing sports betting?

Artificial intelligence is changing sports betting by enabling more accurate predictions and analysis of data.

This can lead to more betting automation and better decision-making.

AI in sports betting can be used to analyze large amounts of football historical data, generate more accurate predictions and spot betting odds that are overpriced. 

Additionally, AI can be used in sports betting to monitor in-play events and spot overpriced odds in real-time.

This will provide a loophole and an opportunity to beat the betting lines.

Will AI ruin or help sports betting activity?

AI can change sports betting significantly, but whether it “ruins” or helps it is a matter of perspective. 

On the one hand, AI can provide more accurate predictions, analysis, and an opportunity to spot excellent betting opportunities.

If used by only bettors, these AI betting tools can offer an insane advantage against bookies and also other bettors. 

AI-powered betting platforms and even bookies are also using these technologies to offer better-researched and more accurate odds.

This can have a slightly positive impact on average bettors because of higher odds.

But smart bettors will struggle more to spot overpriced odds, resulting in fewer betting opportunities.

Can machine learning be used for sports betting?

The best scenario for using machine learning for smart betting:

Is analyzing data and making predictions about outcomes with higher and higher accuracy with each new prediction.

But the accuracy depends on the quality and quantity of data.

It also depends on the complexity of the machine learning algorithm you use for sports betting.

It is important to note that even the most successful soccer betting strategies involve a degree of uncertainty and a fair amount of intuition in many cases.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Betting software with machine learning won’t be able to offer perfect predictions.

Therefore, while machine learning can be useful in sports betting, it is not a foolproof method for making accurate predictions.

I’m sure you have already experienced this with several tools.

Based on my 9+ years of experience, I always want to emphasize that the only real way to win is by combining different tools and strategies.

My advice is to combine AI sports betting software with value betting software.

These can spot overpriced markets in a different way.

But they are also sports betting tools with machine learning (with less freedom).

Do bookies use machine learning algorithms?

Yes, bookies may use machine learning software to help figure out the most accurate betting odds and manage their risk of offering overpriced markets.

By analyzing large amounts of data:

  • Team or player statistics,
  • injury reports,
  • and weather conditions

Machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and predict the possible outcomes and their statistical probability.

Bookies can then adjust their odds and betting lines to balance the bets on either side and minimize risk.

Due to many incoming bets, they are forced to use each available technology to remain profitable in the long run.

Bettors will take advantage of each available sports betting algorithms software to increase their chances of winning.

Bookies can’t allow themselves to ignore machine learning and new technology.

For them, it would mean massive losses against smart bettors.

However, the extent to which bookies use machine learning may vary.

Based on my experience, some offer betting lines and odds that may surprise even average bettors.

Can ChatGPT AI predict sports betting outcomes?

As an AI language model based on machine learning, ChatGPT has access to a large amount of historical sports data and can analyze patterns to make betting predictions.


Predicting sports betting outcomes with AI and ChatGPT is a complex task that depends on a large number of factors.

These can be such as (and not only) team performance, player injuries, weather conditions, and many other variables.

While ChatGPT can analyze historical data and identify trends, it cannot guarantee that the predictions will always be accurate or even close to reality.

It’s important to note that sports betting involves a degree of risk.

There is no foolproof way to predict the outcome of a game with 100% accuracy.

The only true way to win in sports betting with significantly low risk is not simply getting artificial intelligence predictions.

It’s by learning about strategies such as arbitrage betting or value betting.

Advantages of sports betting with ChatGPT

  • You can learn about mathematical betting strategies by simply asking about this AI tool.
  • It will reveal and teach sports betting money management strategies.
  • ChatGPT can teach football betting strategies that are not so popular but can generate guaranteed profits.
  • Learning sports betting with ChatGPT is faster than looking for the best resources on Google or Youtube.
  • ChatGPT provides more accurate answers about sports betting than many blog writers motivated by only making people click on their betting site links.

Downsides of sports betting with ChatGPT

  • While ChatGPT has a decent database about sports betting, you need to be careful about the data it provides.
  • ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence betting predictions are based on data only until 2021. It won’t be accurate.
  • Sports betting strategies reached by ChatGPT can easily be outdated. This industry is changing fast. Even the ways of finding arbitrage bets change from one year to another.
  • ChatGPT’s AI can easily convince beginners about the accuracy of its knowledge of certain strategies and methods. We need to accept that this AI tool is incapable of accurate betting predictions.

Summary: AI – Artificial Intelligence sports betting prediction

ChatGPT and other similar language models cannot offer accurate sports betting predictions. Currently, AI sports betting software based on odds comparison and defining the true possibility of an outcome are the best and proven ways for winning in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more about these AI sports betting software and strategies, take a look at the following articles:


Can Artificial Intelligence predict sports results?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) betting software can accurately predict sports results. Bookmakers use similar prediction tools to generate as accurate odds as possible. AI can use historical data, and with the right algorithms, it can calculate the statistical possibility of sports results.

What is AI sports betting software?

An AI sports betting software is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to analyze various aspects of sports. This way, AI drives predictions of certain outcomes can be more accurate.