Invest in Football and Sports Betting!

Invest in Football and Sports Betting!

Betting techniques based on mathematics are one of the best investment strategies in sports and football betting. They can generate a sustainable profit even for bettors with small capital. For more information keep reading.

Is sports betting considered investing?

If you start a conversation about sports betting with a group of friends or family, almost every time you will get the same reaction.

For a lot of people betting on football, tennis, or any kind of sport, is the same as gambling on roulette, poker, or slot machines without any knowledge.

So, for the big audience sports betting is only a bad activity that will lead to losing all of your money. In my experience younger people tend to have more knowledge about betting based on mathematics.

Most players are using strategies and picks based on their own knowledge and research about current sports events. 98% of the time this betting technique will lead to losing a big part of the whole starting capital.

In their perception sports betting is considered a bad investment and a fast way of losing money.

On the other hand, sports betting based on statistics and mathematics is can guarantee a long-term income.

If your approach to any gambling activity will change and you start thinking as the professionals do, you can consider sports betting and even other gambling activities as investing.

Is sports betting profitable?

Sports betting can be profitable not only for bookmakers but for punters too. Probably you already heard about famous bettors who made fortunes, hundreds of millions of dollars.

You could think about this performance as impossible to replicate. Well, most probably you are right. Their case included a lot of experience, knowledge, and even luck.

But can you be a profitable sports bettor without these? The answer is a strong YES.

I’ve been betting for more than 6 – 7 years with highly profitable strategies. All of them are based on mathematics, and most of them are excluding a big part of the luck factor.

Professional bettors are investing a lot of time in learning and getting experience. This knowledge can guarantee them profits even in the long run.

You could ask now: but how could I make profits from sports betting as a beginner?

A lot of betting strategies are beginner-friendly and easy to learn. On this site, you can learn almost every crucial aspect of these profitable betting techniques.

You can follow the same strategies that professionals do, with the help of some software.

Most common profitable betting strategies:

The first three are based on finding events and overpriced markets. Bookmakers are making mistakes very often, and they are offering odds that are wrong.

Every outcome in sports betting has a real probability. No matter how hard they try, new information about every event can appear so fast that bookies can’t react with the appropriate speed.

Most smart bettors are profitable because they can spot these loopholes and can generate profits on them.

By clicking on the strategies mentioned above, you can learn almost every aspect of them for Free.

How profitable sports betting can be?

For beginners, I would say that it depends on a lot of aspects, but in the first year, you can make between 500 – 2000 euros a month.

This profitability can vary based on your location, knowledge, starting capital, how strict can you follow the rules and a little bit of luck too.

Is betting a good investment?

Sports betting can be a great investment of your time and capital. Following the right strategies made a good income for thousands of bettors.

For a total beginner, betting could seem hard to learn and also a waste of money and time. This is because most punters are losing in the long run even though they could seem football experts.

Sadly, knowing a lot of teams and players is not enough and also not needed for winning and treating betting as a good investment.

Investing your time in learning

If you are motivated to learn and make money from sports betting, you are lucky. Most professions require weeks, months, and even years of learning before you could start earning serious amounts.

Sports betting on the other hand is way easier to learn. Some techniques only require hours to really understand how they work, and you can start using them after setting up your accounts.

These kinds of strategies are matched betting and value betting. I think anyone with a little experience in betting can learn it in 1 – 2 hours.

I think investing 1 – 2 hours and starting to earn hundreds or even thousands right in the first month it worth the effort.

For total beginners who never place a single bet, understanding how this system works could take a little more. But even this way investing 1 day in learning and starting to gain experience is nothing compared to other professions.

Investing your money in betting

Most of us are afraid of new things that require our money right at the start. Even though there is a lot of proof on the internet about these strategies, investing your money in football betting for example could seem like a bad decision.

Almost every gambling activity is considered a bad investment of your money. This is true until the moment you are following a good and proven way.

Depositing money to a bookmaker after you find a strategy based on mathematics is a good investment. To be honest, until this moment, I didn’t find any kind of income source that is can be learned in such a short time and it is not saturated.

A lot of income sources like becoming a YouTuber or offering services on Fiver are fairly easy to learn, but you will face big market competition. In betting, you won’t face this kind of competition.

The only thing you have to be afraid of is getting limited by the bookmakers. But even this scenario can be delayed with several techniques.

For example: if you take betting as an investment, every deposit you make will be the seed for your future winnings.

If you follow the rules strictly, your balance will grow way faster than in a REIT or Index Funds investment. In the long run, those are generating approximately 7% – 9% profit in a year.

With betting strategies based on mathematics, you can triple your starting capital in a single month.

Of course, this is not true if you have 500k of starting capital. But will talk about this in a moment.

What is a good ROI in sports betting?

No matter what kind of business you are in, almost everyone is interested in the return on their investment (ROI). This indicator is showing us how profitable our strategy is.

In sports betting our invested money is our total wager in a time period. So even with a starting balance of 1 – 2K euros, you can wager 20 – 30k in a month.

The ROI for smart betting strategies can change between 2% – 11% depending on multiple things. Soft bookmakers are more likely to limit you, but their betting lines are wrong fairly often.

Most professional bettors can make a ROI of 7% – 11% at these bookies, but they can face limitations in a short time.

On the other hand, using exchanges, sharp bookmakers, and Asian bookies requires more experience and the ROI is lower. With them, your ROI on investments could vary between 1% – 3%.

The biggest advantage of using them is avoiding limitations, so a strategy could last way longer. For a lot of investors, long-term sustainable profits are one of the most important factors.

So, for example, football betting can be a long-term investment of your time and your capital too if you are using exchanges, sharp bookies, and Asian ones.

In my experience, every ROI above 2% -3% with a big volume is a good income.

Is betting on football profitable? Is it an investment?

Football is at the top when speaking about sports betting. A lot of sports are offering good profits and possibilities for professional bettors. Soccer is attracting a lot of investments and attention.

These factors are helping the leagues to get top-performance teams and players.

The number of matches played and the data about them is helping the bookmakers to offer fairly accurate odds and betting lines.

A sharp player can take advantage of this situation by betting on overpriced markets. These wrong odds are appearing before the start and in play too.

Betting techniques based on mathematics will always generate money in the long run.

Football is a very profitable source for smart bettors, because:

  • You can find a lot of wrong odds
  • Football is a famous sport, so smart betting techniques won’t get that much attention from bookmakers. Betting on table tennis for example will lead to faster limitations
  • Maximum stake limits are high
  • The losing streaks are not that long, so you will experience less variance if you place bets on odds between 1.40 – 2.50 for example

It is known that betting on football is very profitable. But can it be an investment? Well, it depends on what kind of investment you are looking for.

Learning about the word if investments will make it clear, that a lot of opportunities are available in the world of the internet.

First of all, most people who speak about investments, are thinking about passive income without too much implication. Sports betting is different from these.

Most techniques require you to stay in front of the PC, analyze possibilities, and take action when the odds and lines are right. If you start this kind of activity, you will invest your time and your money too.

So basically, it will become a job for you, that can be made part-time and full-time too. Some betting strategies like using automated software or bot can offer partially passive income.

These programs are not easy to buy and they require coding knowledge to maintain and run. They can offer a very high ROI with fairly low time investment.

How to Start Investing in Sports Betting?

Almost everyone can start investing in sports betting, there is no easier income source than this. You just have to open your laptop or PC, start learning about the most simple strategies and make money.

The first step you should take if you are new in this industry is to learn about matched betting and arbitrage betting.

These strategies are perfect pairs of each other. Both of them are easy to learn and you can start earning right on the first day.

The next step to start investing in gambling is finding bookmakers that are available in your country or state. Not all of them have a license, so be careful to place bets only at legal bookmakers.

The other aspect you should have in mind is that not every bookmaker is trustworthy. In forums, you can find reviews about the bookies, but the bigger ones won’t get you in trouble.

After registering an account, you can start investing by depositing some money.

Matched betting is the best betting technique for newbies. Bookmakers are offering deposit bonuses and free bets for new customers.

You can take advantage of them by placing bets on slightly bad odds and covering the other outcome at another bookmaker.

Finding arbitrage opportunities with 0% return or slightly under it will make your account last longer. If your main strategy is to withdraw these bonuses, I suggest avoiding bigger % arbs.


In conclusion

Football betting and other smart gambling strategies can be treated as investments. But most of these techniques require not only investing money but your time too.

For those with smaller capital, I think there is no other investment type or income source that can be learned so fast. And besides that, you can almost instantly generate money from them.


Can sports betting be a form of investing?

Yes if you are following the right betting strategies, based on mathematics.

How to invest in sports betting?

Learn profitable strategies that can offer a sustainable income. For example: arbitrage betting, value betting, matched betting.

Is betting a good investment?

If done right, Yes. A lot of bettors can make a living from sport betting.

How to Start Investing in Sports Betting?

Read about the basics: mathematics in sports betting. Learn strategies that can guarantee more profits and higher ROI than normal investments.

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