How to Recover Gambling Losses!

How to Recover Gambling Losses!

Being addicted to gambling represents the same danger to your financial state as drugs to your health. Both of them cause a happy state for a while, but getting rid of them can be one of the hardest things in life. To be clear I would like to answer your biggest question right in the beginning:

How to recover my gambling or sports betting losses?

Most gambling care services advise stopping gambling and starting a new life. But recovering the losses from gambling can start with stopping to use bad gambling or betting strategies. Getting back your money with mathematically proven smart betting strategies is a possible way. Keep reading for a complete guide.

My short story about gambling

I started betting back in 2013 and I’m still actively betting. I hope this article and a part of my betting story can be a way out of gambling addiction for some of you.

Like most of you, I too started with betting on football. One of my roommates was a recreational sports bettor and one day asked me if I wanted to come with him to a street bookie.

That was my first day when I placed a bet on sports events. To be honest it was a very lucky decision because after that moment I started to bet more often.

How is that a lucky decision?

Well for some months it wasn’t. I started following some tipsters and also tried to research on my own, but as we all know most of the time this won’t lead to success.

I started losing money on betting while I was a student so that money was from my parents.

At a certain moment, I realized that I have money left only for food and for a bus ticket to go home.

I was lucky enough not to continue this kind of betting style.

I started to research sure ways of making money from sports betting.

But before getting to them let’s speak about other things too.

Why do I keep losing money gambling?

In this article, I’m going to write mostly about sports betting. But generally speaking, the rules are the same for every kind of gambling.

Slot machines, roulette, and every type of gambling opportunity are built up in a way that the house will win in the long run.

They are not the red cross to offer help and money for everyone.

The first thing we need to understand and accept is that these services will get your money in the long run.

The profit margin on slots, roulette, and sports betting too is developed in a way that in a short period you can win some money.

But if you continue to place bets and wager money, that 3%-12% of their profit margin will drive your balance to 0.

So, the biggest reason for losing money on sports betting and gambling is playing the game by their rules.

These rules are made in a way that you don’t stand any chance of making profits in the long run.

Sometimes winning will make you believe that you can make more money if you don’t stop gambling, and you can recover the previous losses.

Let’s see the possible reasons you keep losing money gambling:

  • Not knowing your real chances against the house or bookmaker
  • You don’t have an acceptable strategy
  • Your money management is not good
  • You can’t accept a loss and start trying to recover the money with increasing stakes or not following the strategy

Why is gambling so addictive?

Gambling and sports betting are based on risking your money in the hope of winning more.

Unfortunately, gambling can cause the same feeling and stimulation to your brain as drugs or alcohol.

The feelings caused by winnings can make you mitigate the fear of losing all of your money.

After losing a bigger amount of capital your motivation can change from winning enough to recovering the losses.

The fear of losing everything is weaker than the greed and need for trying to recover your losses.

Some signs of bad gambling behavior:

  • Thinking too much about winning more on gambling
  • Avoiding the real risk of losing all of your money
  • Gambling more and more to reach that big euphoric feeling when winning
  • Trying to recover the money lost increasing your stakes and continuing the same bad strategy
  • Lying to others about your activity and borrowing money from them

How do you quit gambling?

I’m not a psychologist or any kind of expert in this field, but I would like to share some ideas to help you quit gambling.

I think if you are reading this article, or anything similar to this, you are already on the right path.

I don’t think I have to tell you why you should quit gambling you probably already know that.

On the other hand, if you really want to quit and you know that you can do it, you just have to ask for some help.

Specialized websites can offer more proper information about this, but I’m here to offer an alternative solution to your problem.

I think gambling and sports betting are not harmful in every situation. They only have a negative effect on your life if you are losing money on them.

The sad truth is that most of the gamblers are losing money because they are following the rules of the house and bookmakers.

Following strategies that have the only future to make you lose, makes a lot of gamblers addicted and poor in the end.

In this article, I would like to offer sports betting strategies based on mathematics.

These techniques can help you to prevent you from losing on gambling but without the hard way of stopping the activity itself.

I know that a lot of people want to stop gambling because they already know that this activity can destroy their social life and finances.

But quitting is not easy, you have to face the same feelings that drug or alcohol addicts do.

To be honest, I can’t help you to quit gambling, but I can offer some techniques that will offer you the possibility of not losing money on it.

Here I’m not speaking about poker, blackjack, slots, or anything like this.

If you can replace these activities with the sports betting strategies I will mention, then you can step on a better path without negative effects on your life.

To quit the general gambling activity and start making money with better strategies you have to:

  • Accept that gambling and betting services are built up in a way that you will lose in the long run
  • Start researching strategies that are really working. They are hard to find because a lot of scammers on the internet are offering nothing valuable as winning strategies
  • You have to accept that the only way of winning in gambling and sports betting is based on mathematics
  • Following a smart gambling or betting strategy can generate money, but you have to accept that it won’t recover your loss in a day or a week
  • You have to follow strict rules that can offer you an edge over the bookmakers or gambling services
  • If you are thinking about placing bets that are not related to the betting strategies I will mention, I think it is better to stop reading this article and asking for help from experts

How to get back the money lost on gambling?

I think the best way of recovering the money lost on gambling is possible with income sources that are guaranteed, stable. On the other hand, it can’t make you lose money.

Getting back the money you lost is possible with smart betting strategies. You can find strategies to make money on poker and on blackjack too, but those I don’t know well enough to share my knowledge.

On the other hand, I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years so I would like to share techniques that will generate guaranteed profit.

Sports betting is based on determining the chance of an outcome on a sports event.

Bookmakers are trying to offer odds that are reflecting the true probability of an outcome.

The sad fact is that all odds you see and place bets on are lower than the true chance of winning it. Those odds are containing the edge, the profit margin of the bookmaker.

Most of the time these are 3% – 9% lower than the real chance of winning them. If you are placing bets on these odds, in the long run, the more you wager the more money you will lose.

Every time you wager 100 dollars, for example, you will lose 3%-9% of it in the long run. So, if you place bets in a total of 1000 dollars, for example, you will lose 30-90 dollars from your capital.

How to recover my money on sports betting?

I said bookmakers are trying to determine these odds. But they are trying only because they can’t have it right every time. Sometimes they are missing crucial information about the team, player, or anything else.

This missing information will lead them to offer overpriced outcomes, wrong odds that are not representing the chance of winning.

A short example:

FC Barcelona will play against Real Madrid.

The bookmaker is offering an odd of 1.80 for Barcelona to win.

The lineups will be officially announced, and you find out that key players from Real Madrid are missing.

In a situation like this Barcelona will have higher chances to win, so the odds of 1.80 would be overpriced.

Some bookmakers are slower than others in adjusting the odds, so you can take advantage of these wrong odds.

This betting strategy is called value betting.

Arbitrage betting

You might think that finding these opportunities needs a lot of experience.

I can say that a lot of bookmakers are better at defining odds and being fast in adjusting them, than the others.

If you know that a bookmaker is sharper in offering odds, you can compare odds between these bookies and your slower bookmakers.

Fortunately, a lot of services are already doing this. It would be a very big task to find these wrong odds by ourselves.

In these articles I wrote, you can learn how to find wrong odds:

  1. Where can I find arbitrage bets
  2. Free arbitrage scanner services

Arbitrage betting is one of the most basic and easy strategies to recover your gambling losses.

This technique is based on finding these wrong odds and covering, hedging the other outcomes of the event at another bookmaker.

No matter who wins you will make a profit. I know this betting strategy is not offering the adrenaline you get from gambling because the risk is almost zero to lose money.

But I think if you want to stop losing money on gambling but still continue it somehow, this could be a solution.

If you click on the following links, you can read my review about two cheap/accessible Arbitrage scanner services.

ArbMate review Breaking Bet review

Matched betting

Bookmakers and casinos are “kind” in offering bonuses for new and existing customers.

But we all know that these bonuses are just some hooks to get new customers and to keep them active.

The good news for you is that you can complete the rollover requirements without losing any of your money and bonus.

With the betting technique called matched betting you will have the chance to get back a lot of your money.

Placing arbitrage bets with 0% return or even under that will complete the requirements to withdraw those bonuses.

This betting strategy is very famous in the UK because a lot of bookmakers are available for bettors and most of them are offering some kind of bonus.

For a deeper guide, you can read the following article I wrote about this strategy. Is it still worth learning? Find out!

The following review I have written is about one of the most efficient services for matched betting.

OddsMonkey is listing every available bonus and a step-by-step tutorial on how to get them.

Value betting

As I already mentioned value betting is based on finding overpriced outcomes at your bookmakers.

Betting on these opportunities will guarantee a profit in the long run, but this betting strategy requires a lot of patience and following the rules.

This betting strategy can recover your gambling losses way faster than arbitrage or value betting.

But the risk you take is higher because the other outcomes are not covered.

Sometimes you can experience a streak of even 8-12 bets lost which is called variance.

Find the best arbitrage/value betting scanner for your needs!

Check my Comparison Table of the best services by clicking on the following button!

 Let me see!

In these situations, the only difference between a gambler and a smart bettor is the way of handling the loss.

Sticking to the strategy and stake management will generate you a decent income.

One of the best services you can find out there is RebelBetting. On this link you can find my detailed review about their sure bet (arbitrage betting) and value betting services.

For bettors from the US or Canada I suggest taking a look at my review about OddsJam. A lot of their users are making thousands a month.

My relevant articles to read:

  1. Value betting in sports betting
  2. Value betting strategies and tips

In conclusion

The smart betting strategies I mentioned are working and they are profitable.

You can make between 800-3000 dollars in a month in the first year depending on your experience and access to bookmakers.

I advise that if you feel that you can’t follow the strict rules for these strategies then avoid them and try to stop gambling as fast as possible.

I wrote this article to offer an alternative for those who can’t quit gambling but they can follow rules and have clear goals on how to stop losing money on gambling.


Why do I keep losing money gambling?

Slot machines, roulette, and every type of gambling opportunity are built up in a way that makes the house win in the long run.

Why is gambling so addictive?

Gambling and sports betting are based on risking your money in the hope of winning more. This is causing adrenaline rushes.

How do you quit gambling?

Changing the way you think and practice gambling can change your life.

How to recover my money on sports betting?

Smart betting strategies based on mathematics can help you to recover your losses.

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