This Is How I bet Smart and Win at Sports Betting?

This Is How I bet Smart and Win at Sports Betting?

I have been betting on sports for almost 8 years. In the beginning, I was not a winner bettor at all. My first months of betting were a disaster and after a period of time I started asking myself:

How to bet smart and win at Sports Betting?

The best and smartest way of betting on sports to make a profit is to always search for the best odds possible and bet on them. Searching for the best odds for your market is the smartest way of betting, you are increasing the winnings.

Mathematically speaking, by finding the best odds possible you are increasing the chance of being a profitable sports bettor in the long run.

Diving deeper into smart betting I learned that there are a lot of smart betting strategies that can increase profits in the long run.

In the following I will mention the most common and easy steps and strategies, so you can start your smart betting activity.

Make a difference between gambling and smart betting

If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you are trying to leave the gambler style of betting or you just started to take sports betting seriously.

This step is one of the most important for being profitable in sports betting. Understanding that we have to follow some rules to beat the bookmakers is essential.

Bookmakers are generating odds after a well-defined system in order to make a profit on them.

Gambling, in general, can boost your adrenaline level while you are watching your favorite matches. This kind of feeling can cause gambling addiction for example to a lot of people.

In order to make money from sports betting, we need to make a difference between gambling addiction and smart betting on sports.

Placing bets on sports based on mathematics and statistics means the real difference between gambling and smart betting.

Can you consistently win at sports betting?

It is important to mention that only a little group of bettors are profitable in the long run.

Approximately 2% – 4% of punters can remain profitable and most of their strategies are based on mathematics.

Risk-free betting strategies that are offering consistent wins:

  • Matched Betting  

Is the most basic strategy for taking advantage of betting bonuses and free bets. You can follow the article I’ve written: Step-by-step matched betting guide

  • Arbitrage Betting

It is offering a basis for matched betting by taking advantage of overpriced odds. This technique is also risk-free and can offer a consistent profit.

More info here: Is arbitrage betting possible and worth trying?

  • Betfair trading and scalping

Identifying odds that will drop needs some experience, but if you have the knowledge you can generate a good income from it. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

But if you can correctly predict odds that go on to settle (pre-race or pre-game) at lower odds than you placed in your bet, then what you have is “value” and will offer long-term profits.

You can read more about the topic in the following article.

Betfair scalping and automated bots

  • Value betting

Identifying odds that are overpriced will make money long-term.

This is similar to the above except that you aren’t necessarily predicting a fall in the odds. If you can find odds and lines that are wrong based on mathematics you will end up in profit if you place enough bets 

Bet smart, leave out your feelings, and win

Being profitable in sports betting is not easy. The biggest and most common mistake of mine is that I often let my feelings and anticipations lead me while placing bets.

Losing money on some bets, or winning too much can make you forget to follow your strategy. Betting smart without any feeling is the only way to constantly make money from betting.

As long as you are sure, that your strategy is proved to be good in the long run, stick with it.

Bet smarter, learn and develop your betting strategy

In order to be successful with smart sports betting in the long run you need to learn and develop constantly. I have several working, smart betting strategies.

Even though they are proven to be profitable periodically I am making statistics. In these tables, containing my bets, I am making calculations and forecasts about the profitability of my betting strategy.

Bookmakers are getting smarter, so if you want to stay in the smart betting business and to be a profitable smart bettor you have to do your homework too.

Things I do to get my betting strategy better:

  • Export or copy my betting history
  • Make profitability calculations with different kind of money management strategies
  • Filter every kind of market and odds range to find weak spots that are not profitable

To be profitable in sports betting be the master of a sport

A lot of betting strategies do not require us to fully understand every rule of the sport we are betting on. Arbitrage betting is one of these smart betting strategies.

In order to be confident and profitable in sports betting, we need to know properly most parts of the sport we are betting on.

Learning the rules of a sport from Wikipedia or from any website is the very basic you have to do in order to bet smart and win.

What to learn to be profitable in sports betting?

  • Most of the markets at sports events are easy to learn, like 1×2, over/under goals or corners, next goal or corner. But some markets are not so obvious for everyone. For example, a goal handicap of -0.25 is not so simple to understand. In order to know your chances and bet smart, you need to research and learn every market you may bet on. This way you can avoid some of the beginner mistakes that could cost you a lot.
  • Deep knowledge in smart sports betting needs time and experience. You have to be patient and pay attention to trends. If you are watching enough of a sport and betting on it after a period of time you will notice that you can foresee the dynamic of that player or team. This kind of trend I experienced on tennis or on basketball. If you have enough experience, you can notice when a player is getting tired or getting enraged. These moments are the easiest ones to make smart money on.

A small example of placing smart bets on tennis: I saw a lot of tennis matches where one of the players was tired, nervous.

One of my easiest money on tennis was a sad moment for the player. She got nervous from losing several games and started to cry.

On the stream, I saw it clearly that the eyes of the lady were full of tears. In these moments if you want to make good profits you have to act fast.

I placed bets against that tennis player. Winning those smart bets was not a surprise at all.

Betting smart on dropping odds

Making money from sports betting is getting harder and harder these days. This smart strategy of betting is based on finding matches where the odds dropped significantly at sharp bookmakers.

The smart bettors have to find a bookmaker that is slower to react to these changes and at those bookmakers, you can take the advantage of placing the bets with higher odds.

This kind of smart betting is also called value betting.

Most smart bettors are using Pinnacle bookmaker for defining the sharp odds and lines. A smart bettor should make a profit in the long run if the bets placed were on higher odds than at Pinnacle.

In pre-match betting, the closer the starting time of the match is, the odds are sharper at Pinnacle. Defining the real probability of a market or an outcome of a sporting event gets more accurate as the bookmakers are getting more and more information about the match.

Steps of smart betting on dropping odds:

  • Find a website that scans the bookmakers and has a history of the odds (like Oddsportal)
  • Find bookmakers with sharp odds (like Pinnacle, read my review about them)
  • Follow those bookmakers at the website and if you see significant odds dropping (more than 8% – 10%) at sharp bookmakers ->
  • Check if at you bookmakers the odds are still unchanged, not dropped
  • Bet on them, if the odds are good

Smart betting with the help of bookmaker scanners

This smart betting strategy is similar to the odds-dropping one. You can find several scanner services that are scanning both sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers (they are the ones with the most mistake in defining odds).

How are bookmaker scanners working?

Bookmaker scanners, or in other name arbitrage scanners are getting odds from a lot of bookmakers. They are comparing these odds between bookmakers.

If they find a fair difference between odds, the scanner will display that match and the market.

These scanners are a big base and help for smart bettors like arbitrage bettors, value bettors. Using these arbitrage scanners you can reach faster these smart betting opportunities on the wrong odds.

For beginners, the easiest way of starting arbitrage betting is by subscribing to services, that offer pre-match (before the event starts) arbitrage opportunities.

This is the best way to start getting experience because the odds are moving slowly. You will have more time for calculating stakes and placing the bets.

Want to learn about smart sports betting strategies like arbitrage betting? Click here


Betting smart on dropping odds?

Odds dropping mean an intense betting activity on those markets. With the right strategy you can make profits from these.

Smart betting with the help of bookmaker scanners?

Scanner services can spot overpriced markets. You can take advantage of these opportunities and you can make good profits.

Can you consistently win at sports betting?

With the right strategy and being patient you can generate long-term profits. Techniques based on mathematics are offering this possibility.

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