How much money can you make with arbitrage betting?

I think it does not matter if you are a beginner or have been in the industry of arbitrage betting for a while, sometimes you might be asking yourself the following question:

How much money can you make with arbitrage betting?

In a short answer: with arbitrage betting, you can make approximately 1% – 5% of the money you rolled over with bets.

Here is a tool to find out how much you can make with arbitrage betting:

  • You need to insert the average profit % you earn/expect on each arbitrage bet. You get this easily when you insert 100 as a total stake in a sure bet stake calculator
  • Total stake/arb: you insert the average total stake you plan to place on each sure bet.
  • Arbitrage bets placed/day: the number of bets you expect to place in a sigle day, in average.
  • Hit calculate.

If the tool does not display anything, refresh the site and wait 2-3 sec after the page is fully loaded then you can hit calculate.

This means, that for every 100 euros of stake you placed on arbitrage bets, you can make 1 to 5 euros in profits. This amount of profit on arbs can change depending on your strategy, possibilities, and the arbitrage bet finder you are using.

How much can you make with pre-match arbitrage betting?

Pre-match arbitrage betting is one of the easiest ways of getting experience with sure bets or arbitrage bets. This way the odds are moving a lot slower than in live betting.

In pre-match betting, your bet is placed instantly (at most of the bookmakers) after you click on the place bet button. In pre-match arbitrage betting, you have the time for every step you need for placing a bet.

The amount you can make depends on the country you are from. For example, if you are arbitrage betting in the USA you can make significantly more even though the number of good bookies is not so high. While arbitrage betting in the UK is way easier, bookies tend to limit faster and have lower bonus offers.

The biggest weakness of pre-match arbing is the fact that it is hard to stay under the radar. Bookmakers can flag you way faster than the live arbitrage bettors.

This means that your accounts won’t last long enough to make a large amount of profit with them. In pre-match arbitrage betting, it is advised to place bets on arbs with profitability under 3%.tipstrr banner

  • Bookmakers are getting smarter year by year. They are monitoring exchange market lines, odds from sharp bookmakers (check my Pinnacle Sports Review for more info), opening and closing lines too.
  • The bigger mistake they make in defining odds, the faster they will find out.
  • In pre-match the odds and lines are not moving so fast, so most bookmakers are getting relatively fast in correcting overpriced odds.

On the other hand, flagging smart bettors like arbers is a fairly easy task for them in pre-match betting.

In order to maintain your income through sure bets, the most simple way is to use as many bookmakers as possible. Using betting agents if you don’t have access to many bookies is also a viable option.

It’s a general rule that the more bookies you are using, and the bigger capital you have, the more profits you can make from any kind of smart betting technique.

Your accounts will live longer, and that will boost your profits too. A lot of bettors who were punters back in the past gained a lot of experience.

They have enough knowledge to make an insane amount of profit from sure betting and with other betting techniques too, like matched betting or value betting.

With a starting bankroll like 15,000 euros, a lot of them could easily make 5000-10000 euros in a month with new accounts and without the fear of being limited at all of them.

Most smart bettors started to search for more viable and sustainable betting techniques and sources of income that can offer similar profits.

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Generally speaking, with pre-match arbitrage betting the realistic profit is 1%-3% of your total stakes.

Down below you can see a table with possible monthly profits with pre-match arbitrage betting. For every bet, I used a total stake of 100 euros.

Average Arb %Nr. Of betsMonthly Profit

As you can see, if you place only 100 euros of stake on a single arb you can make between 1000-1500 euros of profit the percentage football statistics database

This can be realized if you place at least 350-500 arbs in a month.
After getting some experience with pre-match arbitrage betting it would be a wise decision to start practising it on In-play matches too.

How much can you make with live arbitrage betting?

Live arbitrage betting has some great advantages over pre-match arbing:

  • The volume of arb opportunities is way bigger. At in-play events, bookmakers are making mistakes way often
  • The maximum stakes on every arbitrage bet are higher than at pre-match bets
  • Bigger % of profits on in-play arbitrages (3%-7% are common possibilities)
  • Bookmakers are slower at filtering out arbitrage bettors if:
    you are placing arbs on fast-moving markets,
    you are avoiding obvious big mistakes like arbs over 8%-10%
  • Accounts are lasting way longer, so you have more time to make more profits
  • The events are finished way faster, you do not have to wait long hours like at pre-match betting. This way your money is rolling faster, your bank is growing faster.

You have more capital to place bets. The snowball effect is way stronger in live arbitrage betting.

Most arbitrage bettors think that the business will last several more years. They are planning to continue arbitrage betting for at least 2 more years.

how long u plan arbitrage betting

Down below you can see a table with possible monthly profits with live arbitrage betting.

For every bet, I used the same total stake of 100 euros as in the pre-match arbing.

Average Arb %Nr. Of betsMonthly Profit

Your monthly profit with live arbitrage betting could vary a lot. It depends on how much you are willing to work and how big your capital is.

But it is known, that the average profit % on live arbitrage bets is bigger than on pre-match and the volume too.

In-play betting will offer way more profits, and the big reward of being limited/gubbed or even blocked way later.

To maximize your profits from sure bets, it is wise to avoid leagues that can be suspicious for bookmakers.

  • Sure bets on major football, tennis, and basketball events will offer you enough opportunities without the risk of too much attention.
  • The other big advantage of in-play smart betting no matter what kind of technique you use is the higher maximum stakes.

Bookmakers can define the odds better. If they know that the odds offered are sharper, they get more comfortable in offering higher stakes.

You can increase your stakes and by this, your profits are increasing too without the risk of touching maximum limits.

This table could give you some ideas about the realistic income from In-play arbing.

But keep in mind that the more experience a bettor gets in any field, the more profits they can make with the same account in the same amount of time.

A beginner arber can make 300-500 euros in a month with a capital of 3000-5000 euros. On the other hand, a professional can triple that profits at the same time, because of the knowledge possessed.

If you have the possibility, use Asian handicap betting sites and fast markets in tennis sets, basketball quarters, football half.

Your arbitrage bets will be finished faster, so your capital will be available faster for new bets.

Arbitrage betting as a living can be sustainable only if you make sure that your accounts are lasting as much as possible.

Influencing factors for possible income from arbing

The economy of your country:

This factor has a big impact on your possibilities in arbitrage betting. If you are from a country with a good economy like Sweden, the United Kingdom, or Germany you have better chances of making good money from arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage bettors from less-developed countries are facing more barriers.

For example:

Lower maximum stakes, if you accumulate too much money on an account, they are limiting you faster.

Another problem can appear when an arbitrage bettor has to deposit too much money at a bookmaker to cover the bets.

For bookmakers, it can be suspicious if the average salary in your country is 200-250 euros per month, but you had the capital to deposit 6000-8000 euros in a short period.

This kind of situation can cause bookmakers to ask for proof of income. For an arber this can cause serious problems.

  • Number of bookmakers available in your country

Some countries have strict laws regarding gambling services. In a lot of countries, bookmakers are forced to buy licenses to be able to accept bettors from that country.

With this kind of law, the number of bookmakers is limited and the local bookmakers are dominating the market. Most of the time those local bookmakers most of the time are not included in the arbitrage scanner services.

Some offshore bookmakers in the USA, local bookmakers, or crypto betting sites might offer good opportunities.

  • Taxes on gambling are low in most countries, but before you start arbitrage betting you should check to be sure about it.

Read the following article for more useful tips on avoiding getting banned for arbitrage betting.

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How much do you need to start arbitrage betting?

A lot of experts say that you need more than 2000 euros for starting your arbitrage betting activity.

It is true that the bigger starting capital you have, the faster you can make profits that are worth your time.

In my experience, it is achievable to start betting even with a significantly lower amount of bankroll.

For example, I started betting with only 100 euros. For me, it took like 1 – 2 months to get to a level where I was comfortable taking any bonus at any bookie or arbitrage opportunity.

But for those who are not able to invest 2000 – 2500 euros in sports betting, but have the time to build up their bankroll, even 100- 200 euros are enough.


How much can you make with pre-match arbitrage betting?

300 – 1500 euros a month is an average profit that most arbitrage bettors report. My income from pre-match arbitrage betting was very similar to this.

How much can you make with live arbitrage betting?

500 – 1900 euros a month is achievable even at the beginning when you are a beginner arbitrage bettor. Someone with more experience can make several times more with in-play arbitrage betting.

How much money do you need to start arbitrage betting?

It is advised to start arbitrage betting with the biggest capital possible even with over 2000 euros. But starting arbitrage betting with a smaller starting capital is also possible by building it up from even 100 – 200 euros.