This is a complete guide which reveals how to bet on football and other sports without losing.

In this guide you will find info about:

I’ve been a full-time bettor since 2013, and I know that:

Betting on football and winning, in the long run, is only possible by combining several strategies based on math and tools.

Below are the top three services I used successfully for football betting.

If you are interested in other strategies keep reading and find some ways that can offer guaranteed returns as well.

#1 Verified Football Tipsters

tipstrr icon


→ Tipstrr offers a platform where tipsters can’t manipulate their football prediction betting history.
→ Each stat is reflecting their real result from previous football predictions.

Free and paid football tips to win every day

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Premium Football Tips

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ZCode System

→ Zcode Scores Predictor uses advanced scores prediction formula that takes analyzes over 80+ parameters

→ It is optimized to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and give football tips to not lose in the long run.

Only $7 – Trial

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Statistic-based football predictions

football bet statistics tools


Displays detailed statistics about future football events based on historical data. It can test your betting strategy.

✅ Stats based on 10.000 matches each year
✅ In-play notifications
✅ Backtesting your strategy

7-day free trial!

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How to never lose a football bet?

To never lose a football bet you need to used one of the following betting strategies: matched betting or arbitrage betting. Both are allowing you to cover each outcome of a sports market with a guaranteed profit.

Below you can find tips, bookies, and sites that can boost your chances in sports betting.

I have also mentioned some betting strategies that can guarantee you a profit each time you place a bet with the help of simple mathematical formulas.

1. Follow only trustworthy tipsters

Following betting tipsters with a good and long betting history can be an excellent way of optimizing your results.

Many bettors gathered an insane amount of:

  • knowledge,
  • database,
  • and experience about certain sports, teams, and betting in general.
Tipstrr best tipster site

Most of these pro bettors won’t give away their secrets and valuable information.

But many skilled and successful bettors share their picks on tipster platforms like Tipstrr.

If you pick the right people to follow (Min tips: over 500; Min odds: over 1.6), you can’t get wrong with the top tipsters.

The most significant advantage of this service is that every individual tipster is forced to offer quality predictions, which is their only way to get subscribers. 

Their displayed results and betting history cannot be manipulated (checked it myself).

The best thing about Tipstrr? – Many successful tipsters can be followed even for free!

You can also check my Tipstrr Review or my article about the best tipster services with the top football tipsters included.

Paying 10-25 euros a month for quality tips is worth a hundred times more than those tipsters from Facebook and Instagram ads.

how to bet without losing with tips

Is following tipsters a zero-risk football strategy?

  • Each tipster on this platform has a betting history
  • They can’t manipulate their results
  • You can see that each of them had ups and downs
  • These predictions are focused on long-term profits
  • The successful predictions are based on mathematics and overpriced odds

Is Tipstrr a trustworthy platform to follow for winning on football betting?

They are definitely one of the best prediction sites if you are looking for football predictions and tipsters with a stable and long betting history.

I have checked/used their platform by opening a tipster account to see if there is any way to manipulate the betting history

I have found no loopholes to cheat the system.

Each profile reflects the real performance of its holders.

2. Use a database of statistics and accurate predictions

I found out this approach for betting without losing only in 2019.

I started using websites/services that can analyze tens of thousands of football matches every year.

zero risk betting strategies based on statistics

They display accurate football predictions in several ways.

But the most common one is offering predictions and outcomes with their real probability shown in percentages.

These stats are displayed for almost every major betting market.

ZCode System has an advanced way of approaching statistical sports betting.

They collect and analyze historical data from each past football betting event.

zcode football bet without losing

Their betting software with Artificial Intelligence is able to:

  • analyze events
  • and make better predictions based on a historical database of tens of thousands of sports events each year.

If you think you have a good strategy for first-half corners, their system is capable of testing it based on historical data and odds.

ZCode System is also offering in-play signals based on your pre-selected filters.

You can get notified about matches that have many corners, many goals, many dangerous attacks, etc.

Down below, you can see one of the many interfaces of ZcodeSystem.

I was satisfied with both services because:

  • they are offering different approaches to football betting
  • but with the same goal: offering valuable data that can help you compete with bookies and increase your profitability by making better decisions.
zcode system betting software

Do you think it’s promising? Well, this is only 10% of what ZcodeSystem can offer.

Check my detailed review of this football statistics database and their biggest competitor (more info about them below)

hand pointing arbitrage betting

Find out more about this bet statistics prediction tool

Don’t miss the opportunity of trying them right now for free!

You can also check my similar articles about the Best betting tipsters and top sports tipster services.

3. Use football odds comparison sites

Having an account with the best bookmakers is not enough for being profitable and successful in long-term football betting.

If you want to generate profits in the long run, like the pros, you should always focus on spotting the highest odds possible for each outcome you choose.

Using a good betting strategy is important.

zero risk football prediction with odds comparison

But always picking the highest odds is what will help you become profitable.

RebelBetting is the best solution.

You can think about them as an investment tool.

It will tell you which betting offers overpriced odds.

It scans hundreds of bookies to spot significant odds differences between them.

It makes zero-risk betting strategies a possible method for becoming successful and not only lucky.

Bettors who use at least 2-3 bookies should check my article about odds comparison sites.

They are displaying the bookies with the highest odds for each significant betting market.

no lose football betting system

Having an accumulator bet with odds of 2.20 instead of 2.05 sounds way better, right?

Similar odds differences mean the possibility of competing and beating the bookies in the long run.

Besides spotting the highest odds on each event, there are other similar ways to boost your chances for long-term profits.

For example, a simple step like using promo codes for bonus offers can help you end up with a higher bonus for the same deposit.

4. Using bookies with high odds

If you will follow only one piece of advice from this article, it should be the following:

Placing bets always on the highest odds possible will drastically increase your chances in the long run.

Many bookies are offering betting odds with a profit margin of 6-8%.

You will see these with odds pairs like 1.86 – 1.86 on markets with two outcomes.

But if you have accounts at more bookies, you can place bets on higher odds every time.


  1. 100 bets with a flat stake of $10 on average odds of 1.86 -> max winning will be $1860
  2. the same bets but using always the highest odds and getting an average odds of 1.90 -> max winning will be $1900

This difference might not seem too big. But believe me when I say, after placing 1000+ bets you will see a massive difference.

5-6. Matched betting and arbitrage betting: never lose a football bet!

The safest ways of betting and a proven football betting system to beat the bookies are matched betting and using arbitrage betting software (even free ones).

Both of these strategies can guarantee you never lose a football bet in the future.

It’s simple and true: you can’t lose if you are betting on every outcome, right?

zero risk betting strategy based on bonuses

Both of them are based on finding overpriced outcomes and covering the other outcome at another bookmaker.

This betting technique is called arbitrage betting.

The best way of beating the bookmakers is by finding wrong odds or wrong betting lines.

We are lucky enough because bookmakers are in big competition with each other.

This is forcing them to offer better odds, better bonuses and a better user interface for bettors.

A lot of the time, bookmakers have different information about an outcome or a team.

These discrepancies are creating opportunities for smart bettors.

Taking advantage of a wrong odd and covering the other outcome anywhere else will generate a guaranteed profit.

If you click on the following links, you can read my reviews about two affordable arbitrage betting scanner services.

Arbitrage is very profitable, but do you want to know how to win even more?

Well, paired with matched betting your income can be even higher.

Bookmakers are offering welcome bonuses and free bets to keep you active.

If you are placing a bet on the bookmaker with the bonus and you cover the other outcome, no matter who wins you will complete the requirements for the bonus.

This betting technique is also called bonus hunting and it is the most basic way to win in football betting.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

For more information, you can check my matched betting guide.

This strategy also can be applied to casino bonuses.

The casino offers matched betting is not a new thing. It is also based on mathematics and slots with a low profit margin to gain long-term profits.

In the following article, I reviewed one of the best services on the market.

They are providing every essential information and support for succeeding in completing bonuses.

OddsMonkey is offering the blueprint for successful money-making even for those without experience.

You can read my review of their services by clicking on the following button.

How to bet without losing?

In my experience, the best ways of betting without losing any money are matched betting and arbitrage betting.

With these techniques, you will win your bets every time because they are the safest ways and strategies for betting on football or any other sport.

1. Follow a betting strategy based on mathematics

You can find a lot of techniques and strategies that are generating a guaranteed profit.

The most basic and common ones are the ones I already mentioned: arbitrage, matched, and value betting.

These techniques are able to help you bet without losing due to the simple fact that you are beating the betting sites by finding overpriced markets.

Each market has a probability of an outcome.

how to bet without losing in the long run with value betting

A smart bettor who wants to never lose a football bet needs to cover each outcome.

This can be achieved with sure betting or bonus hunting (matched betting).

You can find several articles about these on this blog, but here are some guides that will put you in the right direction on how to win as many bets as possible:

  1. Arbitrage betting
  2. Matched betting
  3. Value betting

Each betting site is making mistakes and offers wrong odds or betting lines due to the simple facts of not getting the right information or being late at reacting to changes.

These mistakes can create thousands of no-risk betting opportunities each day.

zero risk betting strategy sure wins

Most of them appear while the events are in play.

The odds fluctuate so fast, that many bookies can’t keep up with each action.

These small mistakes open a small window for smart players to exploit zero-risk betting strategies such as arbitrage betting.

The odds discrepancy between bookies can be so significant, that a guaranteed profit of 8-10% of your total stake is not uncommon at all.

2. Follow a good staking strategy

Even the most basic strategy (flat stakes – the same stake on every bet) is better than not following a money management system at all.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

In the following article about value betting, you can read about the profitability of different money management strategies in value betting. 

The role of staking plans is not to avoid losing in betting but to optimize the difference between winning and losing bets.

staking strategy for zero risk betting strategies

I have an article about two sports betting bankroll management systems and both of them can help you to win more every day and lose less when facing a longer losing streak.

Winning every time you bet is not easy but a proper staking strategy can put you in the right direction.

My personal favourite is flat staking based on the size of my actual balance.

The decision of following a staking plan for your betting strategy has the role of not only optimizing your possible winnings and reducing the effect of making mistakes.

But it can keep you in the right direction every time you make a mistake.

By strictly following one of these money management strategies, you can avoid increasing your stakes based on emotions when facing a bigger loss.

3. Become experienced in one sport

I followed tennis and basketball matches for years.

I started betting on them with arbitrage betting. 

hand pointing arbitrage betting

Check my article about tennis betting strategies.

By watching the streams, I figured out some new ways and opportunities.

If you have enough experience and knowledge you will see wrong odds and overpriced markets before other bookmakers could.

This way you can find loopholes for almost guaranteed money.

This kind of betting is very similar to value betting.

Winning in soccer betting every day is only possible when you cover each outcome.

But if you can become an expert in one sport or even the market, beating the bookies can become fairly easy.

For example, the moment when I figured out how to bet on football and win was when I was value betting on simple overpriced odds (based on a value betting software).

I noticed that my main bookie is making many mistakes and missing updating the number of corners.

This happened fairly rarely but if you can place some bets on better lines on the same odds, it can offer a huge value.

4. Stop following tipsters without a long history

The biggest reason for losing in sports betting is following bad tipsters. It is hard to figure out how to find a good one.

Tipstrr Review

In the following article, you can read about football prediction sites.

I followed many football and tennis tipsters back when I started betting.

The biggest mistake I made was subscribing to football tipsters who promised 100 percent winning tips.

It cost me some time and money until I realized that the majority of these can’t offer any value.

The safest way of following tipsters and winning in football betting is when you open an account on platforms where tipsters can’t manipulate their betting history.

Unfortunately, these are not the best sources to place football bets and win every time.

But the right tipster can help you avoid obvious mistakes, underpriced outcomes, and long losing streaks.

They are not offering zero-risk betting strategies but a way to be profitable in the long run due to picking outcomes with overpriced odds.

5. Stop betting after a big loss

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are guaranteed techniques for betting without losing.

But if you choose to take some risks and way higher profits (with value betting) sometimes you can face longer losing streaks.

Even for me (with 8+ years of experience) it is inevitable to lose 10 – 12 bets in a row.

In these moments, taking a short (even one or two days) break is a good solution.

It can mean the difference between losing your whole betting balance or waiting for a little and recovering the losses with a clear mind.

Bettors who want to win every day no matter what will win less than others who are patient.

Sports betting requires you to make rational and smart decisions.

The fewer emotions you have when betting the more you can win.

6. Forget placing parlay bets

After placing bets on bad odds, they are the biggest reason why most players are losing in the long run. 

Accumulator bets were created to decrease your chance of becoming profitable in the long run.

Based on mathematics, you will lose all of your money if you place enough bets.

The only real and guaranteed way to win from football betting every time without losing your parlay bets is hedging your accumulator bets.

The best parlay betting strategy is arbitrage or value betting with accumulators.

I have a dedicated article on how to practice this.

7. Use a database of statistics 

By following the proper statistics, you can make better decisions, and with a good strategy, you can beat the bookmakers even in the long run.

I have used and tested a football statistics and prediction site (a cheap one) that offers an insanely profitable long-term betting strategy too.

These statistics are displayed in percentages and based on tens of thousands of matches from the past years.

Betting based on simple statistics is not the safest way and definitely the best strategy to bet without losing your bets.

But if you are not following other value bet finders, a proper database of historical data is your best chance to win.

A little bit off-topic but you might also be interested in my article about European gambling statistics.

It seems sports betting won’t disappear in the upcoming years.

What is the safest way to bet on sports without losing?

Generally speaking, the safest way of betting without losing needs to be based on a mathematically proven strategy to be profitable at least in the long run.

A lot of the betting techniques offer an edge over bookmakers. Some of these strategies are not offering a 100% guarantee that you won’t lose any of your bets.

For example, value betting is one of the most profitable strategies, but it will generate profits most of the time only in the long run.

The following article is a detailed RebelBetting Review.

They are scanning bookmakers for overpriced markets.

Their sure betting and value betting service helped thousands of bettors to generate a lot of profits.

In the following link, you can read my Betburger vs Rebelbetting review with a detailed table. Both of them are leaders in arbitrage scanning.

For matched betting in the US or Canada, I suggest taking a look at my review about OddsJam as the only real player in the US smart betting industry after acquiring OddsBoom. They are also the best tool for matched betting in Canada.

Are you from Nigeria? Find out which is the best arbitrage betting usoftware in Nigeria!

This could be your first step toward making thousands a month from sports betting.

This could be your first step toward making thousands a month from sports betting.

The safest betting strategy is matched betting.

Taking advantage of bonuses will guarantee you a decent income from betting.

The biggest risk and drawback of arbitrage betting is that bookmakers are getting very smart in catching arbers.

If you are covering the bets with arbitrage opportunities under 0% (where the guaranteed return is under 0, so basically, you will lose a very small portion of your stake), you are reducing the risk of getting your account limited.

Here you can find my review about the best free arbitrage finders.

By using them, you can start your profitable betting journey.

After getting comfortable, you can opt-in for a paying subscription for way more profits.

With matched betting, you will win, and you will generate money with every one of your bets.

The only possible case when you can lose a part of your balance is human error.

arbitrage betting software

Placing bets on different markets or wrong outcomes can lead you to lose a part of your profits.

Matched betting offered the safest income for a lot of bettors.

Not losing money on your bets can be the best solution to any gambling addiction.

You can continue sports betting, but without risking any money.

Want to make Big profits without risk? BetBurger is the perfect premium service for your needs!

I’ve been an active user of their services for years. Read my review and try them for a day with at least 3-4 bookies they are covering.

Never lose football betting tips and systems

From time to time most sports bettors have the feeling that no matter what kind of bets they are placing on any kind of odds, they are still losing most of them.

Never losing a football bet is possible by following some basic tips and systems you will find below:

1. Follow a proven winning staking plan

Even the best NFL betting strategy can be ruined by bad money management.

Following a good staking strategy will help you reduce losses during bad streaks.

On the other hand, you can experience more stable growth of your balance if you are respecting the staking strategy.

In my experience placing bets with 3%-5% of your actual balance will offer an acceptable profit.

And besides that, your chance of losing your whole bank will be lower.

I have a dedicated article about the best bankroll management strategies.

Make sure to follow one or a combination of them, so you can fix your betting habit and become a bettor who never loses in football betting (or at least not in the long run).

2. Spot trustworthy football tipsters

Also, based on my experience, almost every betting strategy not based on mathematics will make you lose a lot of money.

A lot of smart bettors have gained enough experience in a sport that is helping them to stay profitable.

This kind of knowledge can be based on instinct and experience, not necessarily mathematics but it requires a lot of learning and time.

The internet is full of people who are promising and offering bulletproof strategies and tips.

If those strategies are not mentioning any kind of relation with mathematics, I become very skeptical.

On the other hand, the most popular betting strategy is following football prediction sites.

If you want to place bets based on tipster advice you don’t need to be an expert in a sport, you just have to place your picks on the same odds.

Following tipsters could seem a comfortable solution and the easiest way of sports betting, but it has a lot of downsides too.

Not choosing the right guy to follow can destroy your balance.

3. Treat variance in betting well

Even a good strategy can be hit by a long losing streak.

No matter how good your selections are, most betting strategies can’t guarantee you to win every time.

Sometimes you can have really bad luck even with a good value betting strategy. A losing streak of 10-14 bets can be even “normal”.

In my experience, the best way of reducing the risk of big variances is choosing the right staking strategy.

I already mentioned the importance of a staking plan.

There are some strategies that do not require a strict plan, such as sure betting.

As I already mentioned, it is the best technique if you are looking for a no-lose betting system.

4. Stop taking football bets on low odds

Most bookmakers are working with a profit margin of 3%-8%.

If the bettors are placing balanced stakes on every outcome, the bookie will get 3%-8% of total bets as a profit.

Using Bovada or some of the alternative sites to Bovada will guarantee high odds for bettors from the US. You can read more about these Bovada competitors in my article.

If you are betting on normal odds that are not wrong or overpriced, in the long run, you will lose money.

This happens because you are placing bets on odds that are lower than their true probability of winning to be won.

5. Stop chasing losses

After running into a losing streak, most bettors can get make bad decisions.

Most of us will think about trying to recover the losses by increasing the stakes or by placing bets without any value.

This betting behaviour is very dangerous because it can lead to even bigger losses.

If we are increasing the stakes, even a value bet will increase the risks of losing a bigger portion of your balance.

Following zero-risk American football betting system is not a guarantee for not making mistakes and losing even bigger amounts.

In these moments, no matter if you really want to win in football betting every day or not, taking a break will offer you peace of mind and optimized betting behaviour.

6. Placing bets when the odds are not right

Even if we are following a good betting strategy, we can make mistakes.

Sometimes intentionally and sometimes by bad luck, we are placing bets on odds that are not right.

For example, while value betting I often take odds or betting lines that I know it’s not necessarily good choices, but I hope that I have enough experience and it will be a winning bet.

On the other hand, we all met the situation when the bookmaker is accepting our bets on lower odds than it was supposed to.

Both situations can easily lead to losing a part of our balance in the long run.

7. Placing parlay bets

Parlay bets contain multiple betting selections.

The main role of this betting technique is increasing the payout by multiplying the odds of the selection.

The biggest downside of this betting strategy is that not only the payout will be higher, but the risk of losing it too.

A single bet by itself too is holding a decent risk of losing it.

But combining more selections will lower the chance of winning the bet substantially.

Parlay bets can be profitably combined with smart betting techniques.

But without a deep understanding and experience of how value bets work, they will keep you losing most of your bets.

How to win a bet every day?

Many bettors are looking for ways, techniques, hacks, and cheats to win on football betting every day.

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are the most secure strategies to win bets and profit every day. Both of these techniques are based on mathematics and cover each outcome on overpriced betting odds for a guaranteed win.

Betting systems to win a bet every day

  • Matched betting: cover each outcome on a market to complete the roll-over requirements of a bonus
  • Sure betting: find odds differences between betting sites and cover each outcome
  • Sports trading: learn the tactics to spot in-play events when odds-dropping is almost guaranteed

Winning a bet every day is like a dream for each sports bettor.

Many people are looking for strategies that can generate profits and help them become full-time bettors.

Both of the above-mentioned strategies are capable of making profits and winning bets every day.

But each of them has some downsides as well.

Matched betting, for instance, is not easy to detect but you will run out of bonus offers sooner or later.

Arbitrage betting, on the other hand, can generate profits every day from betting, as long as the bookies don’t flag your account and limit your stakes.

What do you do when you lose a big bet?

Sometimes every bettor will take a higher risk with a bigger stake to recover some losses or to win a bigger amount.

Chasing these kinds of big bets can lead to losing a bigger part of your balance.

After this loss, your state of mind can easily change and might lead you to making bad decisions.

In my experience, the best thing you can do in this case is to take a break and calm down.

Even a short break of 20-30 minutes can get your mind clear.

Later you can continue betting without risking placing bets not corresponding to your smart betting strategy.

You can also take a look at my articles about:

Find out how to register to 1xbet by phone & get your 1xbet promo code for a boosted bonus offer.


Which is the best no lose football betting system?

Sure betting is proven to be the most profitable no lose football betting system. It is based on finding odds differences between bookies and taking advantage of them by covering each possible outcome to generate a guaranteed profit.

How to make money in betting without losing?

To make money in betting without losing the best strategies are matched betting and sure betting. Both of these strategies are focusing on covering each outcome to exclude the chance of losing. These strategies require bettors to find overpriced betting markets.

How do you win a bet every day or every time?

To win bets and profit every day and every time no matter the outcome of that market matched betting and arbitrage betting are the most secure strategies. Both of these techniques are based on mathematics and cover each outcome on overpriced betting odds for a guaranteed win.

How to win a soccer bet every day?

To win soccer bets and profit every day matched betting and arbitrage betting are the most secure strategies. Both of these techniques are based on mathematics and cover each outcome on overpriced betting odds for a guaranteed win.

How to never lose a football bet tips?

The secret to never losing a football bet is covering each outcome every time. The most simple and profitable mathematical strategies to never lose a football bet are matched betting and arbitrage betting. Both of them are based on odds discrepancies between betting sites.

Where to find football tips to never lose?

The best football tips for never losing a bet again are based on overpriced odds and covering each outcome on a market. These football tips are displayed by odds comparison services and can offer a decent profit without losing, no matter which outcome wins.

Are there no-lose, zero-risk betting tips or strategies?

Both matched betting and arbitrage betting are the best strategies that can offer zero-risk bets. They are no-lose betting strategies because of covering each outcome of a market on overpriced odds. This can generate guaranteed profits every time.