How to become a paid tipster? How do tipsters make money?

There are several methods to become a paid tipster. In this short article, you will find out the easiest and most straightforward way to make money as a tipster.

Here is the short answer to your question.

To become a paid tipster you need traffic (players who are looking for betting predictions) and a platform where you can post your picks.

Tipstrr is offering both. They are a well-known and trustworthy company both by tipsters and bettors who are looking for predictions.

A site to become a paid tipster – get paid to be a tipster

Based on my experience the majority of platforms won’t offer you enough subscribers and income for your betting predictions without too much effort.

However, there is an exception. The best way to become a paid tipster is by opening a free tipster account at Tipstrr.

They are offering a platform with access to odds from some selected bookies. You (as a tipster) can pick the predictions from the available betting markets (only a few, such as winner, BTTS, over/under, etc.)

To become a successful, paid tipster you need to have a decent profit and a fairly long betting history.

Tipsters on this platform can’t manipulate betting history, so if you lose in the long run, you can expect not to get too many subscribers.

How to get paid to be a tipster?

  1. Open a free tipster account at Tipstrr
  2. Offer quality predictions that can generate long-term profits
  3. Have a decent description of your betting strategy
  4. Post at least 15-20 predictions each week
  5. Focus on Horse racing or football (most bettors are using Tipstrr for finding tips for these)
  6. Be reliable without too big breaks
  7. Have a subscription price that mirrors your performance

How do betting tipsters make money?

In this article, I would like to mention three possible ways of making money as a tipster.

The most common ways are subscriptions, affiliate programs with bookmakers, and their betting activity.

1. Tipster income from subscriptions

Tipsters are starting their activity with free picks. If you want to get paying clients, the first thing you have to offer is credibility.

Only a few people are willing to pay for a service that has no good social proof or any kind of history that makes the service authentic.

Betting tipsters can achieve this credibility by displaying a big number of picks for a longer period of time.

Searching tipsters and correct football predictions are getting more and more popular. The platforms for tipsters are getting advanced in proving credibility and profitability.

After a period of offering free picks, most of the betting tipsters are switching for a monthly paying subscription plan.

If you can prove that your picks will generate money for the end consumer (sports bettor) you will get subscribers.

The biggest advantage of using these kinds of betting tipsters is their high-level motivation.

When a tipster has a lot of subscribers the motivation of being profitable can highly increase.

The only real way of getting subscribers is by being profitable in the long run too, so looking for this kind of betting tipster might be the best idea.

2. Tipsters getting paid by the bookmakers

A lot of tipsters are offering free picks on their websites or social media.

For a short time offering free predictions is the best route to really increase the potential follower group.

But at a certain point, every tipster gets to the point where the time investment is not worth it without any kind of income.

Displaying affiliate links to bookmakers is one of the most simple and easy ways of generating money.

These links are driving users to bookmakers and if the bettors are creating an account. The affiliate partner gets some reward.

If the bettor starts losing money, the partner gets a share from the bookmakers.

Most of the time this share is 30% of the money lost by the customer.

The number of followers won’t decrease, because they are not forced to pay for something unknown.

Most tipsters are pushing these bettors to the bookmaker for the reason of catching the same odds as them.

This paying system has some downsides too:

  • If the tipster is getting more followers, the punters will face the problem of dropping odds. In case all of them are using the same bookmaker, the odds of that outcome will move significantly. If the followers are not fast enough, the odds will drop too much so even a good value will disappear.
  • I hope you will not meet a tipster like this: some of them may intentionally fake history data and will offer odds and picks with a very low value. These picks will guarantee that the followers will lose in the long run. The strategy itself will generate more income for the tipster, but in the long run, may hurt their business.

3. Tipsters making money from bets

From my experience, a lot of the tipsters are not basing their income on subscribers or from bookmakers.

Their basic income is the profit from bets. Being profitable as a tipster without any misleading techniques like manipulation of bets or stakes is not an easy task.

One of the possibilities to make money as a tipster is by placing value bets.

These picks are based on overpriced outcomes, on odds that are wrong and are higher than the true possibility to win them.

Value betting is one of the most profitable smart betting strategies. If a betting tipster strategy is based on it, in the long run, it can be truly profitable without any scammy action.

The downside of following this kind of tipster is that the chance of placing the bets on the same odds is low.

Even without the followers of a tipster, these overpriced outcomes will get much attention from the smart bettors.

Here is a good example where the tipster is profitable, but even with auto betting, the follower cannot gain any profits.

A lot of odds scanner services can display these wrong odds and most bookmakers are correcting the odds in a short time.

Do bookies let you follow tipsters?

Bookies generally do not have any restrictions on whether you can follow tipsters or not.

However, they are not fond of bettors who consistently win, as this may affect their profits.

If you follow successful tipsters and win consistently, you may find that your bookie starts limiting your bet sizes or even closes your account.

But who does not want to win that much as a bookie would want to see you leave? Right?

It’s essential to remember that bookies are businesses, and their primary goal is to make a profit.

If they identify you as a sharp bettor who follows professional tipsters and consistently wins, they might take action against your account.

However, this varies from bookie to bookie, and some are more tolerant than others.

If you want to follow tipsters without worrying about potential limitations or account closures, you can consider using betting brokers or betting exchanges.

These platforms allow you to access various bookmakers and bet against other bettors, making them more likely to accommodate winning bettors without restrictions.

What is a tipster?

A tipster is a person who is offering predictions for outcomes on sports events that are worth risking your money and placing bets on them.

Basically, they are analyzing matches and trying to pick the winner based on their experience and opinion.

Tipsters are posting their predictions on different interfaces like tipster sites, social media, or their own websites. Displaying the picks is in the hope of gaining subscribers who will pay for a subscription.

Why would you start following a tipster?

Sometimes you might get interested in a particular sport, team, or players.

Your next thought could be that sports betting might be a good way of boosting your adrenaline while watching these sports the percentage football statistics database

Or on the other hand, you might get the idea to actually make money on sports betting.

You can start looking around online for some useful information about your possibilities.

You start checking why you should choose a certain team, player, or horse if you like horse racing, for placing bets.

Everyone wants to do some research about the choice. Otherwise, you can feel the guilt that you are just a simple gambler and most probably you will lose all of your money.

So researching is one of the first steps of becoming a sports bettor.

Do following betting tipsters work?

Tipstrr Review

The first thing you do is to start searching in google. Social media and search engines also are directing you to the most popular search results.

Most of the time these results are some kind of betting tipster service, website, or platform for tipsters.

These services are built up to offer lots of kinds of validations to convince you why that tipster should be followed.

Most of these proofs could seem well explained and valid with track records for even several years that will suggest how expert the tipster is.

But the sad fact is they are focusing only on a very simple thing: you don’t have enough information about sports betting.

Tipsters might say that they know something that you know, like some insider secrets, information about certain players, or the fact that they are some kind of experts.

The next step in backing up a pick:

  • trying to prove their chance of winning with statistics, their own thoughts, and experience.

Some tipsters are suggesting you open betting accounts at the same bookmaker they are using.

This way you might catch the same odds they are betting on.

But in reality, most of the time you won’t have the chance to catch the outcome on the same odds.

Even if the tips are very good, in the long run, your profitability will be way lower than theirs.

How many tipsters should I follow?

Following more than one tipster has advantages and downsides too. You should follow more than one betting tipster if the service is offered for free.

Read my article about the best basketball tipster site and find out how to follow tipsters who are successful in the long run too.

Tipstrr Review

The more tipsters you follow the more value you can get. Following more than one prediction service will reduce the risk of being at a loss at every one of them.

Generally speaking, you are increasing the chance that one of them will run into a negative streak.

But if you chose more than one tipster it will offer a lot of advantages:

  • You can place more bets because they offer more opportunities
  • A larger volume means more profit if the ROI remains the same
  • Less time without any bets (a lot of tipsters are offering bets only every 2-3 days)
  • If one of them seems to offer weak tips, you will already have other familiar tipsters

think following more than one paying service will have the same advantages, but you need to decide if it is worthwhile.

Are tipsters really worth it?

If you can find predictable tipsters offering odds that won’t drop very fast, then I think it is worth a try.

The trustworthiness and profitability of a tipster can be checked. Based on proper historical data and recommendations on specialized forums and blogs with high authority, you can make the decision easier.

If you can place the bets in a short time on the same odds you can generate a decent profit. But their success is not guaranteed in the long run either.

In my opinion, finding this kind of tipster is a challenging task.

A lot of people think that without knowing insider information about the match, team, or player it is not possible to win on sports betting.

This website was created to prove that anyone can be a successful sports bettor even without any experience and knowledge in sports.

Following tipsters is not the only way of generating side income from sports betting, but most certainly it is the easiest route to follow.

If you are willing to put a little time to learn these betting strategies I suggest, I can GUARANTEE you that you will make more by yourself than by following a tipster.

You can find several articles here on the following betting strategies that are proven to be profitable.

I was/am making money with all of them:


Do following betting tipsters work?

In some cases, you can be profitable by following betting tipsters. But not every tipster can offer a long-term income source for you.

How many tipsters should I follow?

You should follow more than one betting tipster if the service is offered for free.

How do betting tipsters make money?

The most common ways are subscriptions, affiliate programs with bookmakers, and their betting activity.

Are tipsters really worth it?

If you can find predictable tipsters offering odds that won’t drop very fast, then I think it is worth a try.

How do tipsters make money?

Firstly, some tipsters charge subscription fees for access to their tips, often providing tiered packages with varying levels of service and detail. Bettors pay a monthly or annual fee to receive exclusive betting advice, which they then use to inform their own wagers.
Secondly, tipsters can make money through affiliate marketing, partnering with bookmakers to earn commissions for driving new customers or bettors to their platforms. This is typically based on a percentage of the losses incurred by the bettors referred by the tipster or a flat fee for each new sign-up.

Do Bookies Let You Follow Tipsters?

Yes, bookies generally do not have any restrictions on whether you can follow tipsters or not when placing bets. However, following successful tipsters can mean serious winnings in the long run, which will get your accounts limited at most betting sites.