6 Tips: How to hide gambling transactions from Banks & ISP?

In many cases hiding your gambling transactions and betting online anonymously can become essential. One of these situations is when you are thinking about applying for a mortgage loan.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can avoid the unwanted attention of banks when sports betting.

How to Hide Gambling Transactions From Banks?

Hiding your gambling transactions when applying for a mortgage is an essential step if you don’t want to take additional risks. 

Hiding these sports betting transactions from banks is the easiest by using a mediator between banks and bookmakers. These will allow you to stop them from further investigations of your transaction history.

1. Use Crypto bookmakers for hiding activity

I think crypto bookmakers and casinos are the best solutions you can choose if you want a clear transaction history at your bank. 

Advantages of using crypto betting sites while applying for a mortgage loan:

  • You will send funds to crypto exchanges (which is okay if you are applying for loans)
  • After this step, each of your transactions is anonymous
  • These gambling sites and bookies are trustworthy
  • No third party (government, banks) will know the nature of your transaction history
  • You can use stablecoins like USDC, so you don’t have to worry about the crypto price fluctuations

If you are from a country where not so many crypto bookies are accessible, using a VPN for sports betting is also a wise decision. This way, you can profit from 100% anonymity of activity.

At present, there is no other method that can offer so much anonymity than crypto sites. 

Your transactions are secure because of crypto, and most of these bookies are not regulated by GamStop.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

Check my article about some anonymous betting sites. Some of these betting sites allow betting without verification.

2. Hiding Gambling from ISP with VPN

Everything you do online, each of your payments, visited ISP follows websites. Every time you access a gambling site, your activity is tracked.

Of course, with a simple mortgage loan application, these won’t be accessible. But if you want 100% anonymity hiding your gambling transactions is the easiest by using a simple and cheap and probably one of the best VPN for betting sites like ExpressVPN

They are the best solution for lurking around without leaving any tracks. They encrypt your browsing activity.

Using ExpressVPN for hiding your online activity is easy. 

After signing up for their services and installing their application on your device, your only task is to connect to a VPN server every time you want to use a gambling site.

3. Hide transactions by using PayPal

Using PayPal is the most straightforward solution to hide your deposits from bookmakers. Many gambling sites and bookies allow using PayPal as a deposit method.

PayPal is one of the least suspicious sites to which you can send your money. Gambling with the help of PayPal will help you to have a clean transaction history when applying for a mortgage. 

I know many cases when simple recreational bettors got their mortgage application canceled for sending 20-30 euros each month to a bookie.

I think it’s not normal to punish these kinds of bettors who don’t have gambling problems.

Steps of Hiding Gambling Transactions with PayPal:

1. If you don’t already have one, you need to sign up to PayPal and connect your bank card with their site

2. Deposit money to your PayPal account with your simple credit/debit card

3. Choose PayPal as a deposit method at your bookie or casino

This way, your transaction history won’t include any website related to gambling or sports betting. This method is still not as safe as an Ethereum betting site but at least you are not directly connected to your bank account.

4. Use e-wallets

PayPal is not the only service you can use. Neteller, Skrill, and Stripe are excellent and trustworthy e-wallets, and each of them is accepted at most bookmakers and gambling sites.

You can hide your gambling transactions with the help of these, but some bookies won’t give you bonus offers if you are using one of these deposit methods. And missing out on huge bitcoin betting bonus offers would be a mistake.

Sites like Bovada for example are offering insane offers and accepting bettors from many countries including the US.

Check the terms & conditions of the promotions before using one of these deposit methods.

Another thing you might keep in mind is that PayPal is also under some strict regulations. If your gambling transactions are too high, they might report them to your government.

The amount is different by country, but this number is relatively high (around $10k). If you plan to have more significant transactions, I suggest checking these laws in your country. 

5. Prepaid Credit Card for Gambling

Prepaid credit cards are also a viable solution to avoid unwanted attention from banks. These are not linked to you or your existing bank accounts, so gambling transactions will be hidden.

If you seek a completely anonymous gambling activity, these cards are not your number one solution. While signing up for a card like this, you need to share personal information.

On the other hand, not every bookmaker accepts this payment method.

6. Use Western Union for hiding gambling activity from banks

Western Union transactions might solve your issue with banks. Each gambling site or bookmaker does not accept this deposit method. 

But if your target bookie allows them, they can solve as a possible solution.

Does Gambling Affect Mortgage Application

Unfortunately, not only excessive gambling will be flagged by banks when applying for mortgage loans. As I already mentioned, even smaller transactions can affect your chances at some banks.

Getting your application denied for 1-2 minor transactions is not a common result. But these transactions might cause even increased interest rates and lower mortgage amounts in some cases. 

Many people don’t get loans, even for smaller things, so risking your chances is not worth it.

Why do banks care if I gamble? Why do they deny mortgage applications?

Many people are not active bettors like myself. I’m aware that most banks would not want to give me mortgage loans because of my activity.

But for recreational gamblers and sports bettors, some minor transactions can cause painful moments.

The majority of bookies are spending a lot of money on advertisements. Almost anybody can access online betting and gambling in seconds through a phone or PC. 

But these bookies are not advertising the possible downsides of using their services, and getting your mortgage application denied is one of them. 

Let’s see why can these transactions cause you major problems: 

  • Your chances of getting a mortgage loan will be way lower
  • The banks are might treat you as irresponsible or even addicted to gambling
  • They give you higher mortgage interest rates
  • The amount of the loan you can get will be significantly lower

Other tips for getting loans while gambling?

The most usual background check will cover the last three months of your account statement. 

These simple transaction history checks will show your salary or other types of income, and each of your daily payments like utility bills, buying groceries, etc.

So, if you are planning to apply for a mortgage loan, you don’t have to worry about betting in the last year. 

You can take a more extended break from betting until getting your application is accepted. 

Importance of crypto gambling sites and VPNs in gambling

Many betting strategies, good bookmakers, and gambling sites can make you some decent winnings. But gambling and sports betting are not the only activity you need your bank account to use.

Buying a home with a mortgage loan is the most significant and most important investment in our life. Getting your mortgage application refused because of your gambling activity is the last thing you want to experience.

Each of your online actions is tracked by cookies and transaction histories. Most of the time, your online activity is followed, so privacy is becoming less and less possible. 

If you are actively gambling or simply sports betting, each of your transactions through your bank account can be tracked by your bank, government, or ISP. 

Both crypto gambling sites and VPN services are supporting anonymity in the online world. The less the world knows about your activity the more security you have.

Conclusion: hiding gambling transactions from banks

When applying for a mortgage loan, gambling activity is not welcomed by most banks. Even smaller transactions can cause your application to get denied. Using crypto bookmakers and a VPN service is best to avoid this situation.

Do banks care if you gamble?

Most banks only care about your betting and gambling activity if you are applying for a loan.

Does gambling affect loan applications?

Transactions to gambling sites can affect your chances of getting your loan application accepted. In some cases, you can get higher interest rates and smaller loans.

Does gambling show up on background checks?

Most banks are checking the last 3 months of your transaction activity. You should avoid depositing or withdrawing transactions to gambling sites, at least in this period.

Can a bank refuse a mortgage application due to gambling?

Banks can refuse loan applications due to many reasons. Having transactions to gambling sites can easily affect your chances of getting your application denied.

How much gambling is too much for a mortgage?

Each bank has its own internal rules for gambling transactions and mortgage loan applications. In some countries/banks, even smaller transactions like $20-$30 might affect your chances.

How to hide gambling transactions?

1. Use a VPN
2. Use crypto and crypto bookies to stay anonymous
3. Use Pay-Pal
4. Use gambling friendly E-wallets
5. Deposit with pre-paid cards
6. Western Union is a possible solution