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3 Profitable Handball Betting strategies and tips: Ultimate Guide

Without any doubt, the best strategies, tips, and predictions for handball are based on mathematics and a big amount of experience. In this article, you will read about handball strategies that are capable of offering a guaranteed profit in the short and long term too.

Introduction to Handball betting

Handball is not the most popular sport for betting. But in many countries, it is important for sports fans. In smaller European countries, football is taking the first place as the most important team sport. 

But in most cases, these countries don’t stand a chance to win major football championships. 

On the other hand, smaller and less popular sports like handball are making it possible for these countries to get even into the semi-finals and finals. 

This fact made me motivated to share my knowledge and tips about handball betting. Many bettors might follow these strategies only for generating income without being a big sports fan. 

I started my betting journey without caring about who the winner will be. This attitude helped me to make guaranteed long-term profits.

How to bet on handball and win?

I’ve been betting on sports for many years. During my career, I have figured out fast that being a winner is not easy. Like in many fields in life, information is king in sports betting too.

Learning new strategies, finding better bookmakers, and avoiding mistakes take time and experience. The easiest way to shorten your learning curve is to speak with other bettors.

Based on my experience there are three main types of bettors:

  • The ones with deep knowledge and understanding about teams and players. The profitable ones are using money management strategies too.
  • Bettors who are following simple yet very effective betting strategies based on mathematics. You will read about these in this article.
  • Punters who like to place bets without a proper betting or money management strategy. 99.9% of them are losing money in the long run.

If you are here to bet on handball and win in the long run, the easiest route is to learn about betting strategies based on mathematics. Fortunately, if you have a basic knowledge about sports betting in general, these techniques are easy to follow.

How do you win a bet on handball?

Some questions might seem simple, but they can be important ones, asked by many bettors. The answer can be different based on the strategies you are planning to use.

In the following section of this article, you will learn about two profitable betting strategies.

Both of them can be used to win handball either instantly or in the long run. For many bettors, might seem tempting to place bets and win right away.

But keep reading and you will find the advantages and downsides of these strategies.

Handball betting strategies

As I already mentioned, the best and most profitable strategies are based on mathematics. In this article, I will mention only the basics of these strategies.

All of them are already the theme of my other topics with detailed guides and tips.

1. Arbitrage Betting on handball

If you are new to this strategy then you might see this as a gold mine. 

This technique is based on the simple fact that the majority of bookmakers are offering different odds for the same outcome. In the majority of cases, the odds are very similar. But sometimes, some of them are offering overpriced markets and outcomes. 

These mistakes are creating betting opportunities called sure bets or arbitrage bets.

Placing a bet on these wrong odds is making it possible to cover the other outcome at a different bookie with a guaranteed profit no matter who wins.

With a small example: 

  • The home team in handball at Bookmaker A has an odd of 2.10 for winning the match. 
  • This bookie is missing the information that a key player is injured in the away team.
  • The second bookie, let’s call them Bookmaker B, got the information about this missing player.
  • They are correcting the odds for the home team to 1.72 which will result in odds of 2.10 for the other outcome.
  • Place a bet at Bookmaker A on the home team at odds of 2.10.
  • Cover the other outcomes on odds of 2.10 at Bookmaker B.
  • This way no matter who wins, you will make a guaranteed profit of 5% of your total stake.

Handball is a great sport for this betting strategy. If you are planning to place bets only pre-match, then you won’t see a big difference between arbitrage betting on handball or football.

Both of them are offering many opportunities with a great reward.

The number of points and sometimes almost unpredictable outcomes are making the odds move fairly fast. This fact by itself is generating a lot of discrepancies between bookmakers.

Arbitrage betting is the least risky betting strategy for handball betting. If you are following certain rules, you can avoid 99% of the mistakes.

The best method to find these opportunities is by using sites and software. These are scanning the bookmakers and comparing them with each other to find odds differences.

If you can place these bets on proper odds and cover the other outcome you generate profits with every bet.

Unfortunately, bookmakers are aware of these mistakes and overpriced odds. Arbitrage betting as a strategy for handball is a possible way to generate income, but you have to be very careful. 

I have many tips on how to avoid limitations and get your account banned.

But my main tip for handball betting is to focus only on in-play betting if you have enough experience and you are comfortable with the fast-moving odds. 

Pre-match arbitrage betting on handball is also a possible route, but I would advise using this sport only as an additional possibility to other sports like tennis or football.

Placing bets on handball only on major leagues and championships can help you stay under the radar. But generally speaking, avoiding getting your max stakes limited with pre-match arbitrage betting is almost an art.

If you want to get away with this activity, you might want to take extra time for learning the necessary rules for not getting caught.

Is arbitrage betting on handball the best strategy?

Based on my experience many bettors don’t want to accept that sure betting is only the first step of becoming a professional bettor.

Of course, if you have access to many bookmakers, you can bet on handball, football, and even table tennis betting can be a possible route. 

You can make hundreds and even thousands of euros with this strategy, but in most cases, it won’t be sustainable for a long time.

Not sure if you can afford a service like this? Don’t worry! Check my following article about the free arbitrage betting sites.

Not sure about where to start? Read my article about the best bookmakers for arbitrage betting.

2. Handball betting tipsters, predictions

As you can see, I’m using and promoting betting strategies based on mathematics. But for many bettors opening many accounts at bookies, spending time on learning these strategies and staying in front of the PC for hours is not a viable option.

If you are following the right tipster with enough knowledge, by placing their pick on the same odds (or even higher) you can make profits in the long run.

Finding the right tipster to follow is not a simple task. But Tipstrr is offering a platform for the best bettors who are predictable and trustworthy. 

If you are following the ones with the longest betting history on handball (or any sports) with a decent ROI, you can’t make a big mistake.

I still believe that learning about value and arbitrage betting is the best route if you want to win in sports betting. Every knowledge you gain cannot be taken away and you have 100% control over it.

But if you still prefer to follow tipsters, Tiptrr is the proper platform for it. Try them by opening a free account!

3. Value Betting tips on handball

On the other hand, value betting is a strategy that can be used for a longer period even with the same amounts of bookmakers.

This betting strategy can be applied to handball too. The success in value betting is based on finding outcomes and markets that are overpriced. 

These wrong odds are creating betting opportunities that can generate decent profits in the long run. While at arbitrage betting you are exploiting the odds difference between bookmakers, this strategy is also based on odds differences.

Every outcome of sports events has a statistically proven real probability. Taking a simple example from Tokyo Olympics, the Russian women handball team had around 57% chance to win the finals.

This probability is determined and calculated based on historical data and new information about teams and players. Unfortunately for them, they were not successful even though they had better chances based on these odds. 

Having a 57% chance to win would mean an odd of around 1.70. If they would be able to replay that match, in around 57% of cases the Russian team could be successful.

Value betting is based on finding odds that are higher than the real probability of that outcome. Staying with this example if you would be able to get the odds of 1.90 for the Russian team you would have an advantage over the bookmaker.

These mistakes are appearing on daily basis and in almost every sport/event.

The simplest example to understand value betting:

  • If you toss a coin, you have 50%-50% for each outcome. This probability is equal to an odd of 2.
  • But if you can find someone (a bookmaker) offering an odd over 2, based on statistics you will make profits in the long run.
  • After 100 coin tosses and 100 bets on odds of 2.05, each of them with a stake of 10 euros you will end up like this: 50 tosses lost (500 euros of stake lost) and 50 tosses won (525 euros won – 500 euros of stake = 25 euros of pure profit)

Your only task with value betting on handball or any sports is to find out where the overpriced odds are.

For this, you can use several tools and bookmakers. The majority of bookies are not able to predict the outcome with fair accuracy.

But some of them like Pinnacle sports are using algorithms that are capable of figuring out the odds that are closest to the real probability.

Comparing other bookmakers to their odds is the basis of many betting techniques. My best tip for betting on handball is the same.

If you can find odds that are higher than the ones at Pinnacle Sports (right before the start or in-play) you can be profitable in the long run.

This strategy is offering me enough income even for a living for long years. I’m not the only one who is capable of profiting from almost any sport. 

Thousands of bettors have already made a fortune with value and arbitrage betting. And when I say fortune, I mean it! (hundreds of thousands of euros, some even over a million).

The easiest and most effective way for finding value bets on any sports and on handball too is using bookmaker scanner services. These softwares are comparing the odds between bookies and based on your filters they are displaying every available betting opportunity.

Finding overpriced outcomes manually is almost impossible these days. If you are not very experienced you will miss 99% of them. 

Take a look at my detailed table about the best arbitrage and value betting software by clicking on the button below.

Handball betting tips

In this part of the article, I would like to share additional tips for those who want to use value betting or follow tipsters. These pieces of advice are useless in arbitrage betting. But in many cases can mean the difference between an unsuccessful and winner bettor.

Research additional info about teams

If you are following tipsters, you might want to check their reasons why they think their pick is the right choice. For both strategies checking the odds at Pinnacle sports is a smart decision. Many tipsters are offering predictions that have lower odds than the ones offered at Pinnacle.

In some cases, you might win these handball bets, but in the long run, you are risking ending up in a loss.

Avoid low odds in handball

Based on my experience odds below 1.40 are representing a big risk of being in loss even though they can hold some value. For the same winnings, you are risking more money on these bets, while the value might be not enough in the long run.

It took me too long and too many bets until I realized that small odds are too dangerous. Of course, if you can take an odd of 1.40 when the real one should be 1.18, you should place that bet.

But these opportunities are not so common and you should be careful placing too high stakes on these.

Think about it, how many times have you seen a handball match turned around and won by the underdog? 

If you are taking these small odds with the proper stakes (and not doubling your original ones) and good value on them, you can be profitable in the long run. But I prefer betting on odds between 1.60-2.50.

Use more bookies for better odds

The more bookies you can use, the more chance you have to find odds that are higher than their real probability. If you are following a tipster this fact is true on more levels. 

Just think about it! 

If the tipster is profitable with an odd of 1.80, you could make more and reduce the risks with an odd of 1.83 for the same outcome.

Is handball easy to bet on?

Handball is not an easy sport to bet on. In-play betting is offering a lot of betting opportunities, but in most cases, you need to pay attention to many things.

Even if you prefer pre-match betting knowing the playstyle of teams and the key players might be necessary in many cases.

Handball is a team sport like football but the dynamic of the playstyle is quite different. The rules in handball are the main reason why you can’t play it slowly. 

In football for example, when the teams are satisfied with the current result, the players start to waste the time with a lot of passes and avoid any risky action.

The majority of good betting opportunities on handball are appearing in-play. The fluctuating performance and the speed of the game is making in-play handball betting important for bettors.

It can mean a very good chance to make money, but for others to lose a fortune.

Keep reading and you will find out how to spot good betting opportunities. You will also find out how to avoid mistakes that could ruin your betting balance.

Handball markets for betting

Similar to other individual and team sports these are my favorite markets. 

Match/half time winner on handball

This market is getting the most attention from the average bettors. As a smart bettor, you need to avoid any unnecessary attention. By placing bets on the same market at the same time as a normal punter would, you can stay under the radar for a longer time.

On the other hand, these markets will offer you the highest maximum stakes on handball and every sport. 

Handball over/under tips and predictions

Over/under markets on handball are moving faster than on football. If the outcome is hard to predict, you will see many lines and odds differences between bookmakers.

These mistakes will open you a door to generate guaranteed profits.

A simple tip for handball betting is to follow the over/under at sharper bookmakers like bet365 and Williamhill. Try finding a bookie that has a better over line for the halftime so you might get a good value bet. 

Placing an over 13.5 on odds of 1.88 instead of over 16.5 on odds of 1.88 is offering you a big opportunity to have the same payout with higher chances to win your handball bet.

Handball Handicap betting

Following the same method, I mentioned above is viable for handicap betting on handball. I’m not saying you will get rich from this strategy, don’t get me wrong. 

Finding a bookie and a championship/league with these mistakes is not easy at all. But in many cases, arbitrage betting software can spot these wrong betting lines. 


How to bet on handball and win?

If you are here to bet on handball and win in the long run, the easiest route is to learn about betting strategies based on mathematics. Fortunately, if you have a basic knowledge about sports betting in general, these techniques are easy to follow.

Is handball easy to bet on?

Handball is not an easy sport to bet on. In-play betting is offering a lot of betting opportunities, but in most cases, you need to pay attention to many things. Even if you prefer pre-match betting knowing the playstyle of teams and the key players might be necessary in many cases.

Handball betting tips and strategies

The best tip for handball a professional bettor can give you is to always find the best odds possible for your bets. Use trustworthy tipsters with a long betting history or learn strategies based on mathematics (the ones I mentioned).

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge.